Camp Update: June 29-30, 2022

Camp Ak-o-Mak staff had been anxiously waiting for campers to arrive! The counsellors were practicing their canoeing and bagging copious amounts of candy in preparation for the day. Finally, the long-awaited day arrived and on June 29th our four and two-week campers began to trickle into camp. It warmed our hearts to meet all our wonderful new and returning campers. The campers said their goodbyes to their parents and headed down the cabin line to pick their bunk and get all unpacked and ready to start their summer adventure. Once they were unpacked, the campers headed to the volleyball and tennis courts for their first camp activity of the summer. After all our campers had arrived we headed down to the waterfront for the first open waterfront of the summer. Our lifeguards did a fantastic job explaining the rules of the waterfront and fun was had by all. We even had a few brave and daring campers jump off the diving tower on their very first day at camp!! Finally, it was time for dinner. We had a delicious dinner of chicken, potatoes, salad, and brownies for dessert. After dinner, the campers went back to their cabins and then their counsellors took them on a tour of the grounds before heading back for some cabin bonding before bedtime.

The next day we enjoyed a lovely sleep-in and woke up just in time for another delicious meal that consisted of french toast, bacon, watermelon, grapes, oatmeal, yogurt, and cereal. After breakfast, the campers headed off to their morning activities. Cabins 1,2,& 3 had swim practice first while Cabin 4 had a Zumba class and Cabin 5 had gymnastics! The second activity of the morning was canoeing for Cabin 1, kayak adventure for Cabin 2, soccer for Cabin 3, and swim practice for Cabin’s 4&5. The laughs and splashes could be heard from all around camp. After lunch, the campers enjoyed their very first visit to the camp candy store, a highlight for all. Then they headed back to their cabins for a rest hour. In the afternoon, campers had three choice periods where they got to pick from a selection of sports. Fun was had by all. We are so grateful for camp to be back in session and are looking forward to empowering the campers to be their best selves all summer long.

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.