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Help us raise $250,000 for the pavilion!


 Camp Ak-O-Mak
GOAL 2: $1MILLION $750,000 $500,000 $215,000 $100,000 $50,000 $25,000 $10,000

Camp needs to raise $250,000. by spring so that the 120+ volunteer tradesmen and women can perform their miracle of construction in the spirit of an old fashioned ‘barn raising’.  By donating their time, Volunteer Builders will save Ak-O-Mak an additional $250,000.00 in labour costs. This is a rare opportunity, not to be lost.


This is a great motto as we tackle the biggest project since Ak-O-Mak’s inception 91 years ago!
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The final design for the Camp Ak-O-Mak Activity Pavillion is posted!

Our sincere thanks to the design team of Volunteer Build who generously donated their time and expertise to interpret camp’s programming needs into a beautiful plan for an Activity Pavillion. The proverbial ball is now in Ak-O-Mak’s court!..Fundraising to buy lumber, pillars and posts.


Recent Donations

$300Ruthie Calvin
$100Brett Saunders 
$200Robert Fortier 
$91Sam Fortier 
$325Becky Ensign Heller 
$200Beth Steel 
$100Reed and Phoebe Errickson 
$100Emily Rice 
$50Libby Culbertson Ernharth 
$100Melanie Sapico 
$150Kavin Miller 
$250Nicole Bures 
$100Lisabeth Ermharth 
$500Karen Caperton Swallen 
$100Richard Kane 
$150Libby Ernharth 
$50Vanessa Dickson 
$50Mary Duffy Morris 
$1000Jane Lawrence 
$50Beverly Walker 
$30Pam Rubio 
$100Mary Beth Fenimore 
$50Beth Shubert 
$100Perry Cohen 
$100Brenda Scott-Wood 
$1000Sue Porter 
$100Lolly Errickson 
$100Lydia Voigt 
$100Karen Stocker 
$25Anne Dal Vera 
$100Susan Mooney 
$250Terri Goldberg 
$100Ellie Leap 
$75Elizabeth Sandler 
$100Lauren Korte 
$50Mark Burchfield 
$100Kay Hill 
$100Patti Huber 
$54Michael Somer 
$20Linda Bodman 
$200Joseph Kapp 
$50Geraldine Cortes Arege 
$25Alessandra Arege 
$25Isabella Arege 
$100Stephanie Schlegel 
$250Leslie Boylan 
$100Patti Balchan 
$20Stephanie Jones 
$500June Smith 
$1000Jeffrey Bank 
$50Michelle Brafman 
$54Risa & Sharon Shaw & Gervasoni 
$200Sandy Welsh 
$100Bobbert Welsh 
$200Carolyn Birdsall Berg 
$180Deliah Rosel 
$50Amy Manson 
$50Emma Kamen 
$100Laura Mercer 
$100Julia Dexter 
$5Janelle Cwik 
$150Delouis Wilson 
$100Jane Cavallaro 
$300Nick Burkholder 
$200Emily Forney 
$100Amy Ensign 
$50Ayden Michaud 
$100Donald Tikkala 
$50Kathi Rogers 
$20Erinn Theodossiou 
$150Rachel Cartwright 
$100Jenna Wall 
$200Heather Martin 
$50Katherine Waddell 
$150Katherine Harrison 
$150Libby Ernharth 
$100Ben Leonard 
$150Vanessa Young-Assel 
$100Sharon Suh 
$100Lauren David 
$100Sabrina O'Keefe 
$100Megan Taylor 
$100Sarah Burke-Hornby 
$25Rob Masson 
$25Brooke Saunders 
$40Krista Sipprell 
$50Shelley Jones 
$45Zuzana Putalova 
$500Jocelyn Saunders 
$100Nicky Duenkel 
$200Jane Stephenson 
$50Yiska Obadia 
$250Josie Sandler 
$200Sarah Rauber 
$50Penny Bowman 
$50Cathy Desgagnes 
$40Hollie Hayes 
$100Doreen Catterson 
$40Emma Thomson 
$500Jessica Clark 
$200Sarah Eubanks 
$500Beth Steel 
$150Kavin Miller 


Ak-O-Mak was selected by the organization “Volunteer Builders” as a worthy, non-profit camp to be the recipient of their 2019 construction project!

  • Volunteer Builders will send about 130 professional trades-people to construct a building and hammer out much needed repairs over a 5 day period in spring of 2019.
  • They provide the technical drawings, obtain the permits & bring their own equipment. The builders live/camp on site and provide their own food/chef.
  • Ak-O-Mak must purchase the building materials… hence the launching of a fundraising campaign.
  • If realized, this opportunity would provide a pavilion with enormous savings on labor and 10-15 years earlier than expected. The additional maintenance jobs done by the group would be a huge bonus.


  • First swimming/sports camp for girls in North America since 1928… 90 years!
  • Empowering girls through the challenge of sports with the support of positive female leadership.
  • One of a kind, small, non-profit camp.
  • Girls can try new things in a safe place without judgment.
  • Only camp that equips girls with skills/training to participate in competitive events.
  • Rustic… unplugged from tech and plugged INTO nature, relationships, activities.
  • International… friendships made all over the world; promotes understanding of different cultures.
  • Caring… fun… supportive environment.
Camp Ak-O-Mak Camp Ak-O-Mak Camp Ak-O-Mak Camp Ak-O-Mak


Hi Dianne, I wanted to share this piece of fun / good news with you, and I hope you can pass it on to Jocelyn. My daughter attended Ak-O-Mak for the final 2 week session last summer and did her school speech on Jocelyn and her very inspiring story.  She won for her grade 7 class, and today won for her whole school.  She now gets to present the speech at the City of Toronto finals.  This is just one example of how Ak-O-Mak and all the wonderful coaches and counselors have such a positive impact on our daughters.  Many thanks to Ak-O-Mak and many thanks to Jocelyn!

Hi Dianne, Thank you for providing Jessica with a wonderful camp experience again this summer. She is looking forward to next summer already.

Hi Dianne, I wanted to tell you how very grateful I am for all you’ve done over the years with the girls, but particularly this year with Anna. She spends most of her time in her sister’s shadow and you guys gave her the opportunity to really shine on her own, while having the comfort of knowing that her sister was still around if she needed her.

Hi Dianne, You’ve all built a truely amazing place for girls to learn values and how to grow into wonderful young women, and for that I can’t thank you enough. There are so many challenges these girls face; it’s really nice to know they can go to camp to have this time and influence from such great role models. Please pass my gratitude to the other counselors, as well as Catherine and Jocelyn. Have a great winter!! See you next year. Lisa

Dear Dianne: By the way, Megan had a great time and RAVED about the food… Though she noted that because the menu is now “healthy “, there were lots of vegetables and no grilled cheese sandwiches etc.. :)… She also said one of the chefs has a Facebook page, but she couldn’t remember the name of the chef… Can you tell me ?? We are always looking for new ideas/recipes .  Thx and all the best until next year.


OK, so it won’t take a “gazillion” but this IS an ambitious fundraising campaign and it is a “first” for Camp Ak-O-Mak. Daunting, maybe… but, Ak-O-Mak was founded on “firsts”. Like those who came before us… and… practicing what we preach… we are stepping out in faith to take on this extraordinary challenge… and trusting in the support and goodwill of our Ak-O-Mak Friends and Alumni all over the world. A small group of Ak-O-Makkers has managed to ensure that Camp has survived against all odds into the 21st Century. It will take ALL of us pulling together (like the War Canoe!) to secure the Ak-O-Mak experience for our daughters and grand- daughters into the future.