Enjoying Camp – July 28+29 updates and recap!

July 28th was a beautiful sunny day here at camp! Cabin One enjoyed a double period of sailing in the morning. Cabin Two completed the preliminary rounds in the tennis tournament, they had some heated matches and are eager to play in the finals. Cabin Three enjoyed some time hiking in the woods and participated in some nature-based mindfulness activities. They learned about the tree species around them and practised engaging with their senses as they mindfully wandered around the forest. Cabin Four was especially excited to get into the racing kayaks. They learned about proper paddling form and engaged their cores as they attempted to stay upright in the boats. That afternoon we gathered in our team comp teams for some spirited canoe races. One team flew through the course while the other faced some difficulties as they tipped at orange rock. Once they righted the boats they were back in the race. The creative element of this challenge took the form of a sandcastle competition! The creations were very thoughtfully designed and well-engineered. The day ended with a spirited game of speedball on the back fields! What a wonderful day at camp.

July 29th started as a rainy day. The whole camp enjoyed sleeping in instead of participating in early bird. While we were eating our breakfast sandwiches in the main house the sun came out! We were able to resume our normal morning activities which consisted of swim practice, spikeball, yoga, and Zumba! After candy store and rest hour, the campers took part in a running clinic. Many of our campers have been participating in our walk to run program for early bird. The running clinic provided those who are looking to improve their running with helpful instruction on proper form and technique. We spent the rest of the afternoon on the waterfront utilizing the racing boats, the canoes, and making up synchro routines. After our delicious dinner of deconstructed shepherds pie, we went to the Pavilion for a spirited game of Quidditch! Another beautiful camping day!

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