Summer Camp in Canada Benefits Americans

When you think of sending your child abroad to summer camp, you may think they might accidentally run into their secret twin and switch places like in “The Parent Trap” or “It Takes Two” …at least we can’t help but think of that anyway.

While we’re sure those things only happen in movies (okay, definitely only happens in movies), there are great benefits to American parents sending their children to a summer camp in Canada that doesn’t include a family reunion on the RMS Queen Elizabeth 2.

Money talks, thanks to the exchange rate

As Canadians, it’s no secret that our exchange rate is in the toilet compared to the United States. While this really sucks for us anytime we take a trip south of the border, it’s great for Americans who want to take a trip to the Great White North, since they’ll be paying for everything in Canadian dollars.

Basically, what you actually pay in USD will be significantly cheaper than the prices you see on our website. Click here to take a look at those prices, and save even more with our early bird discounts!

As of the posting of this article, $1USD = $1.30 CAD. So as if you need any other reasons to send your kid to a Canadian summer camp, the “discount” should definitely sway you in the northerly direction.

Canadian wilderness

Paris has the Eiffel Tower, Rome has the Coliseum, and Canada has northern beauty. Home to the Canadian Shield, Ontario has an interesting landscape with exposed rock giving us some ruggedness, while it is softened by the dense vegetation.

Ontario is also home to some unique wildlife such as the moose, black bears, white tailed deer, caribou, and North American’s largest rodent, the beaver.

And did we mention the sheer size!? The expanse of the Canadian wilderness is vast. Boasting the second largest country in the world, there is also a lower population density which means more land for less people. Time to get out of those crowded cities!

From beautiful freshwater lakes to diverse forests, there are activities to appreciate every aspect of our lush backyard. In a time where climate is on the forefront of almost every conversation, appreciating the environment is practically in our kids’ DNA these days. Canada is one of the best places for your daughter to reconnect with nature with a hike, kayak, swim, or bike.

Benefits of Canadian Summer Camp

Canada is the same, but different

Let’s be honest, Canada and the U.S. aren’t that different. Fundamentally a lot of our values, foods and cultural beliefs are similar. Plus for many of us, English is our first language, so your child won’t have to contend with a major language barrier.

These similarities can give your child the comfort of dipping their toes into being a globe trotter without them being completely out of their element or experiencing a culture shock.

But of course, there are some differences your child will experience as well. A lot of our campers speak both French and English and love teaching words and phrases to their new friends south of the border. Sending your child to a summer camp in Canada will give them the opportunity to learn about their neighbours to the north and build friendships abroad.

When they return to school in September they will be able to inform all of their friends that they didn’t have to wear a parka in the summer in Canada, Canadians have cars not dog sleds and they didn’t have to stay in an igloo. We won’t be sorry if they pick up the famous “eh” in their vocabulary though!

But wait, how do we get there?

Great news! Ontario is home to the second most connected airport in North America. That’s right folks, ahead of LAX and behind only Chicago O’Hare is Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.

This means that basically no matter where you are from, you can guarantee that you can get a flight into YYZ. Better yet, you can probably get a direct flight which makes the trip shorter and more convenient, especially if your daughter is travelling as an unaccompanied minor.

The only thing you will need to enter Canada for summer camp is your passport, which you need to travel practically everywhere these days, so whether you get your child their first passport now or later, they’re likely going to need it at some point anyway. In addition, most passports are valid for 10 years so you won’t have to make another trip to the passport office anytime soon. Bon Voyage!

An unforgettable summer camp experience

In case you’re not already packing your bags, here’s one last thing to consider. Giving your child an international summer camp experience gives them a chance to build more confidence and independence than if they were to attend a local day camp. You might miss them, but that’s what care packages are for!

Here at Camp Ak-O-Mak in northern Ontario, we pride ourselves on the ability to bring girls together to not only gain new experiences but also to empower each other and help build confidence. Click here to register your daughter for this summer’s session of Camp Ak-O-Mak today!