Even before competitive triathlons became popular in the mainstream, Camp Ak-O-Mak campers were swimming, running, and canoeing in competitive races with their brother camp, Camp Chikopi. Today, our Ontario Triathlon Camp is well established and amongst the best facilities for young women in Ontario, and across Canada.

Although triathlon consists of various competitive levels, it is basically an endurance event that includes swimming, cycling and running in immediate succession and over varying distances. In a competition, triathletes compete for the fastest overall completion time, including the timed “transitions” between swimming, biking and running. Camp Ak-O-Mak emphasizes total performance training: general strength and conditioning, endurance improvement and aerobic development. We focus on consistency and our coaches stress progressive training.

Our objective at Camp Ak-O-Mak is to train young women to become well-rounded and successful athletes. We believe in consistent, progressive training, along with individual coaching to highlight the strengths of each athlete. Engaging in practice events like aquathons, duathlons, transition events and mountain bike courses, the staff at our Ontario Triathlon Camp teach the fundamentals of the sport, with an added element of competition. Campers are coached and supervised by retired Olympians and world-class athletes – sports experts who truly understand what it takes to be a champion.

Our staff and coaches are just amazing! They foster teamwork, promote sportsmanship and engender goal-setting attitudes that empower the individual.  It’s a culture of teamwork and FUN that motivates young women to excel. Camp Ak-O-Mak is also about building character. We thrive in an environment of encouragement as our coaches teach campers how to tackle a triathlon of any distance. The Ontario Triathlon Camp drives campers to improve transition times and enhance performance levels using a variety of training techniques and activities.  We practice aquathons (two-stage races with swimming and running), duathlons (running, cycling, running), mountain bike obstacle courses and road bike instruction to improve the cycling component.

Our triathlon camp is located in the heart of cottage country in central Ontario (3.5 hours north of Toronto, Canada).  The camp experience is all about building character and confidence through sport, all in an atmosphere of leadership development, self-improvement and pure FUN! Young women at Camp Ak-O-Mak build long lasting friendships in an all-girl camp setting – they aspire to true sportsmanship, and are inspired to become leaders.