Camp Ak-O-Mak is well known for its diverse selection of sports programs, and amongst all of those programs, the camp is also recognized as a premier bike camp for girls.

In addition to the pillar sports such as swimming and running, campers will also participate in mountain biking and road biking. The bike camp is equipped with mountain bikes and road bikes, to provide the campers with a well-rounded experience of the sport.

Mountain and road bikes differ in their weight and the way in which they are built, which gives them each a unique purpose and requires a different riding approach. Mountain bikes are designed for the uneven terrain of off-road trails, which place more impact on the rider’s arm and leg muscles, whereas road bikes are designed for smooth, even road surfaces where the riders leg muscles are used for a more steady pedalling pattern.

Mountain Biking at Camp Ak-O-Mak

The mountain bikes in our bike camp give our campers a way to explore new terrain, as it takes them through breathtaking trails along our 400 acres of the beautiful Canadian wilderness. Campers will experience the beauty of nature at its best, biking through miles of picturesque trails that stretch along the lakeside, and wind through the woods, private roads, and open fields of camp Akomak.

This type of scenery as a backdrop will make a lasting impression on the campers, and create special memories of sharing these bike rides with a group of friends. There is no other place to enjoy such an experience other than Camp Ak-O-Mak bike camp.

While mountain biking connects the campers with nature and creates bonds as they share the experience together, it also offers great health benefits and fitness challenges. This activity is a fabulous compound exercise, which means that it simultaneously uses several muscle groups and joint movements, making it a very effective form of exercise.

As the girls enjoy riding through the trails, they will be increasing their cardiovascular endurance, sharpening their reflexes and balance, while strengthening their leg muscles, arm muscles and making themselves stronger and physically fit overall.

Road Biking at Camp Ak-O-Mak

Road biking offers a different dimension to the bike camp experience. Where mountain biking takes place on off-road trails or dirt roads, road biking takes place on smooth, paved open roads. The girls will participate in long distance rides, some as far as 25 kms long, on the peaceful wide open roads of the country. These bike rides focus on building endurance and maintaining a steady and swift pace over long distances, which play a big role in training and preparing the campers for triathlons.

In addition to bike training, the campers practice the transition from swimming to biking to running, which is the order of the three sports that make up a triathlon. The girls learn the most effective techniques to quickly dry off from swimming and put on their cycling shoes, and then switch to running gear after they transition from biking to running.

Benefits of Summer Biking Camp

As with all of our sports programs, our bike camp nurtures the same character building that empowers our campers to prevail no matter what challenges they may be faced with. They gain self-confidence by showing themselves that they can go beyond their previous limits, and accomplish more than what they may have thought they could. The bike camp experience of Camp Ak-O-Mak is a magnificent setting to learn such valuable life lessons.