As kids get older and summer approaches, several questions begin to emerge. How do you know if your child is ready for summer camp? Will they fit into the summer camp environment?

The important thing is to have some good answers – answers that come together along with the child’s input. Needless to say, every child is different, depending on their age, interests and even birth order. Here are some questions to ask yourself and your daughter to see if she’s ready to attend a sports camp this summer:

Is your daughter interested in summer camp?

The very best situation is when summer camp is your child’s idea. It could be the influence of a neighbourhood friend or a schoolmate, but whatever the case, it shows a sense of enthusiasm and excitement about the prospect of going to camp. Kids who only go to camp because their parents forced them or because they needed childcare often don’t have as good of a time. Looking forward to summer camp will definitely lead to a successful camp experience.

Has your daughter ever been away from home?

Girls who are comfortable being away from home overnight are more likely to have a positive summer camp experience. As such, sleepover camp will be an easy transition for a child who has previously done overnighters with family members or school friends. Even for a new camper, the camaraderie of camp will be of benefit.

Is your daughter eager to try new things?

At summer camp, particularly one that specializes in sports, every day and night is filled with a new experience. Campers do best when they are ready to try something different and are eager to take up new challenges. With a good summer camp experience, even a somewhat shy child will blossom and thrive during the summer.

Is your daughter self-sufficient?

Even with supportive counsellors, sleepaway summer camps can be demanding, especially when it comes to personal responsibilities. Self-reliant girls will adapt quickly to the day-to-day routines and the responsibility that comes without mom and dad being there every day.

Taking care of their personal hygiene, being responsible for their belongings, and even respect for others in a communal environment is an important part of personal development at summer camp.

Does your daughter follow directions well?

Children who are relatively well adjusted in a structured school environment will find summer camp to be much the same. This too is very much a learning experience, where rules, restrictions, and structure apply to everyone equally. Additionally, summer camp is also where respect for others is developed and enhanced.

Is your daughter keen about a sports camp?

While summer camps all have things in common, a specialized sports camp is going to present some unique differences for a camper. The challenges are designed to be empowering, and the focus is continuously on character building. Competitive skills development is intended to nurture additional life skills. Along with all the fun and games, this is a summer camp experience that will make every child yearn to return every summer.

Do you find yourself nodding your head “yes” to most or all of these questions? Does your daughter feel the same way? Register for Camp Ak-O-Mak today!