Swimming Camp for Girls

At Camp Ak-O-Mak, we’ve built our long-standing reputation on our many successes.  We were the world’s first all girls swimming and sports camp. We stand behind our promise that there’s no better camp, institute or facility in Canada for girls to advance and improve their swimming skills. We cater to girls and young women of all ages, from novice to competitive swimmers.

No need to worry about smelling like chlorine at Camp Ak-O-Mak! We have a 50-meter pool and a 25-meter pool which are built right into our lake. Both pools are specially designed and equipped for organized swim practices, as well as programming that fosters the technical skills that are necessary for competitive swimming.

As for our lake, it’s truly a joy to swim in beautiful Canadian lake water under the warm summer sun. What better way to spend the summer before heading back to the pool for your fall swim meets?

When it comes to summer swimming camps for girls, you can make comparisons, but there really is no competition. Camp Ak-O-Mak has top-level trainers, instructors, and coaches. Our professional Level 4 Certified Swim Coaches teach and train young women at every swim level. At the conclusion of each session, every swimmer receives written feedback, including positive reinforcement for the next steps.

Open Water Swimming Program

This is considered race training, and takes place in a large body of water with a prescribed and defined distance. Unlike conventional pool swimming (which is a controlled environment), an open water format is a timed event, but challenged by all of nature’s elements: wind, waves, water currents and water temperature.

Open water swim training increases endurance, stroke rate/rhythm, and mental resilience. There’s no shortages for open swimming opportunities at Camp Ak-O-Mak, our girls love the change of environment or the chance to cheer the swimmers on from a canoe!

Girls Open Water Swimming

Competitive Swim Meets and Races

Camp Ak-O-Mak swimmers who are in the competitive stream participate in swim meets and competitions whenever possible.  Certain swim meets take place “in house” and in direct competition with our brother camp (for boys) – Camp Chikopi. 

There are other open water competitions held throughout Ontario, and these take place depending on scheduling, location and logistics.

Daily Swimming and Training Schedule

The first activity of the day is mandatory – this is the “early bird” swim, run, paddle or bike. Our competitive swimmers can choose from the 1.5 km or 3 km open water swim – the so-called “one-milers” then convert to running shoes and run back to camp, while the “two-milers” complete the swim course, and head home. For safety and security, a canoe accompanies the swimmers.

Campers who are not in the competitive stream choose either canoeing (where they accompany the competitive swimmers) or running the trails. Those campers in the “Learn to Swim” program, as well as the girls 12 and under, have a swimming option with a shorter course in our protected bay. These campers can also choose to canoe, run, or engage in a combination workout.

Camp Ak-O-Mak is the premier swimming camp for girls in Ontario. Although we offer a broad overall camp program, swimming is at the core of our program – composed of either technical training for competitive swimmers or instruction-based classes for learners. Best of all, our small classes allow for coaches and coaching assistants to deliver personal attention that attends to personal goals.

Register today and get ready to blow your teammates out of the water in the fall!