Today, more than ever, the benefits of an all girls sports camp are evident – and best of all, girls of all ages can take part. Above and beyond the obvious benefits of athletics, girls are much less worried about how they might look trying a sport, and much more focused on doing and enjoying the sport.

The all girls environment allows for numerous experiences and rewards such as:

  • an opportunity to build self-esteem and personal confidence
  • a supportive environment that is positive and encouraging
  • an ideal setting to explore issues that are sensitive to young women
  • a camp experience that encompasses inspiring positive role models

Camp Ak-O-Mak, an all-girls sports camp based in Ontario, Canada, incorporates all of the above in an effort to build individual empowerment and personal character. We promote leadership skills through sports, while our campers build meaningful friendships for years to come. Most importantly, our girls cultivate their talents in an empowering atmosphere.

At Camp Ak-O-Mak, campers learn the fundamentals of their chosen sport, with an element of the competitive spirit. Our girls are trained by the very best professional coaches and retired athletes, who know how to inspire young women, they understand what it takes to be a champion and they appreciate the essence of good sportsmanship.

Our campers enjoy the fullness of Ontario’s amazing wilderness. We strongly believe that nature can inspire. There’s no electricity at camp; we have beautiful rustic cabins with traditional bunk beds.

Camp Ak-O-Mak offers all the most popular sports, as well as more specialized activities like mountain biking, archery, fencing, and lacrosse. We also incorporate traditional fun-filled camp activities into the mix, and inspire the girls to nurture their creativity and enrich their talents.

Camp Ak-O-Makkers enjoy a style of home-cooked food that is both healthy and flavorful. Our professional chef is well known for preparing food dishes from scratch. We do our best to accommodate dietary restrictions, and to focus on nutrition throughout the camp day.

Our philosophy at Camp Ak-O-Mak is that a competitive sports environment builds character. We focus on goal setting, on leadership skill building, and on personal empowerment. It’s something quite unique amongst summer camps, and a good reason to choose an all-girls camp.

With amazing staff and magnificent campgrounds, our sports camp is ideal for those who are looking for an all girls environment. Without today’s electronic “distractions”, and with a total focus on sports and competition, the body and mind experience a different kind of growth.

The lifeblood of an all girls environment is the supportive energy of the whole. It’s an ideal setting for both children and teens, supported by appropriate role models, where they can flourish without the distractions and anxiety of impressing the opposite sex. Our girls feel liberated to address important issues that face women, and our staff is an integral part of the entire process. It’s just another reason for choosing an all girls overnight camp for your special camper.