Benefits of Summer Camp

If you’re a parent who went to camp as a child, you’ve already experienced the benefits of summer camp yourself. From the social aspects to learning valuable life skills, the life lessons and memories from going away to camp often last for a lifetime.

Whether you’re a former camp kid and you know what we’re going to say, or you want to give your children an experience you never had, here are some of the top reasons to send your kids to an overnight summer camp and just a few of the many lessons they’ll learn there.

1. Experience an unplugged summer

As smartphones are progressively making it easier to stay in touch, sending your kids to camp is a great way to get them to disconnect from the world of Snapchat and Instagram (or whatever kids these days are using!).

Being surrounded by nature and living in cabins with no electricity can remind campers how important it is to appreciate the simple things in life. After a summer away from their phone, you might even find they use it a little bit less once they’re back home.

If you’re worried about staying in touch with your kids over the summer, there is still the opportunity to give them a call or send letters.

2. How to set and accomplish goals

By setting goals such as swimming or running certain distances, campers are encouraged to meet or exceed their goals. This helps boost their confidence and self-esteem. Doing this gives your child a “can do” attitude and encourages them to be an achiever.

The feeling of pride your child gets from meeting their goals at camp can translate into stronger confidence when it comes to accomplishing goals outside of camp, from academics to athletics and beyond.

Set Goals at Summer Camp


3. Develop greater responsibility and independence

Going to a sleepaway camp can also help your kids feel more responsible and independent. Keeping a clean cabin and sorting dirty laundry are two responsibilities that campers must partake in while at camp. When assigned these tasks, campers learn to cooperate together as a team.

If you’re worried that your child might struggle with these tasks, have no fear, that’s what counsellors and friends are for!

Campers are able to make their own decisions with the guidance of their counsellors and trainers, such as activities they wish to participate in or what food they want to eat, without the pressures of parents or teachers.

4. Make new friends from around the world

With campers coming from all over Ontario, Canada and even the world, campers have the chance to forge relationships with other campers from various communities and cultures and create lasting cross-cultural friendships and memories.

The routine of being around the same group every day can help shy campers make friends and become more outgoing. When surrounded by a new group of friends, campers will often step out of their comfort zone and try new activities they normally wouldn’t participate in.

Campers often return year after year to be reunited with their friends again and keep in touch once camp wraps up for the summer.

Make Friends at Summer Camp

5. A structured daily schedule

During the school year, most kids get used to the structure of going to school, followed by extra-curricular activities. Once summer vacation arrives, they might be a bit lost without the structure of their regular routine to fill up their time.

Going to camp is the perfect mix of new activities and a refreshing break from their usual routine, while still providing a daily structure and schedule that most kids thrive on.

6. An opportunity for self-discovery

A sleepaway summer camp also provides the opportunity for youth to discover elements of their true personality. While at school, they may feel pressured to fit in with a specific social circle or stick with the same group they’ve known since they were young. The class they’re in, the street they live on or who their parents are friends with can also have an influence on their social group.

Upon arrival at camp, the new scenery and people establish a new environment with endless possibilities. Counsellors are there to encourage camper bonding and ensure that all campers are being treated with kindness and respect. With the chance to connect with like-minded peers who share the same interests, your camper will become more confident in who they really are.

Sleepaway summer camps are one of the best ways for kids to learn valuable life skills, make new friends, become more independent and stay physically active.

At Camp Ak-O-Mak, the days fly by with sports, activities, and camper bonding time. Counsellors provide leadership and mentorship to their campers. Most of all, campers are given the opportunity to enjoy themselves, have fun with new and old friends, while making memories that last a lifetime.

Register your daughter today for our all girls swimming and sports camp in Ontario, Canada and get ready to see all of the above benefits come to life!