AK-O-MAK Mountain biking race - Friday 8th August


1st place              Alina A                  5:18

2nd place             Elaina H                7:52

3rd place              Luisa V                  8:14



1st place              Trinity Z                5:34

2nd place             Amrita K               6:04

3rd place              Frankie D             6:05

4th place              Robin C                6:20

5th place              Diana P                7:02

6th place              Angelica G           7:39



1st place              Elisha P                 5:10

2nd place             Maya G                 5:15

3rd place              Siena G                5:16

4th place              Mackenzie O         5:20

5th place              Ana Sofia D           5:34

6th place              Alicia E                  5:43

7th place              Amelia C               5:46

8th place              Samuelle F          5:57

9th place              Sarah S                6:00

10th place           Jessica R              6:30

11th place           Arianne C            6:40

12th place           Isabella C             6:46

13th place           Neve V                 6:52

14th place           Mackenna A         7:16

15th place           Abby S                  7:24

16th place           Sophie W             7:32

17th place           Marianna V           7:57

18th place           Abby H                 8:35



1st place              Vanessa G           5:01

2nd place             Ashley S               5:11

3rd place              Jessica W             5:12

4th place              Grace P               5:17

5th place              Elizabeth W        5:29

6th place              Abby H                 5:45

7th place              Hannah P             6:04

8th place              Natasha L            6:38

9th place              Erin M                   6:58

Let The Games Begin!

Camp AkOMak
Camp AkOMak

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