Ahmic Harbour Swim - Monday 25th August


1st place              Alanna O.                           1:14:21

2nd place             Clarke M.                            1:54:14

3rd place             Abigail O.                            2:15:33


11-12 Girls

1st place              Abby H.                               1:00:02

2nd place             Emma S.                             1:00:03

3rd place             Renee L.                             1:02:39

4th place             Evelyn H.S.                         1:02:40

5th place             Emma L.                             1:07:10

6th place             Katya T.Y.                           1:08:16

7th place             Antonia G.                          1:12:25

8th place             Caroline M.                        1:14:28

9th place             Carly A.                               1:14:40

10th place           Sarah W.                             1:15:04

11th place           Elke O.                                1:18:28

12th place           Ashley M.                           1:25:46

13th place           Lola C.                                 1:26:11

14th place           Aleksandra K.                     1:26:13

15th place           Marit K.                               1:30:26


13-14 Girls

1st place              Madeleine M.                    54:18

2nd place             Hailey N.                             56:16

3rd place             Anna D.                               56:23

4th place             Lianna G.                            57:37

5th place             Marion D.                           58:53

6th place             Jessica C.                            59:58

7th place             Emily S.                               1:00:32

8th place             Olivia O.                              1:00:53

9th place             Kathryn A.                          1:02:17

10th place           Sarah M.                             1:02:21

11th place           Marni G.                             1:02:38

12th place           Reagan M.                         1:02:45

13th place           Chiara D.                            1:03:27

14th place           Annie R.                              1:03:47

15th place           Carmina C.                         1:04:48

16th place           Maya G.                              1:07:43

17th place           Olivia L.                               1:09:37

18th place           Olivia H.                              1:12:20

19th place           Mary M.                              1;13:40

20th place           Morgan B.                          1:13:41

21st place            Alicia C.                               1:14:15

22nd place          Reaghan G.                        1:14:29


15-17 Girls

1st place              Olivia A.               48:08

2nd place             Vanessa G.          50:14

3rd place             Kate A.                 54:17

4th place             Alexis B.               55:17

5th place             Lauren S.             56:02

6th place             Mary-Kate J.       58:59

7th place             Ashlynn M.          1:02:34

8th place             Erin A.                  1:02:49

9th place             Dana S.                1:00:03

10th place           Adelle Y.B.           1:03:02

11th place           Emily M.              1:07:40

Let The Games Begin!

Camp AkOMak
Camp AkOMak

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