August 26, 2016

Today started out a little bit different than the rest of the days so far at camp. Instead of waking up to the ringing of the bell at 7:00, there was silence. Campers and counsellors all got a sleep-in and then headed straight to the Main House for breakfast. 
After breakfast today campers went back to their cabins, got their suits, caps, and goggles on, and counsellors filed out one by one in our signature green and orange canoes. Today was a PERFECT day for the 3 mile open water swimming race to Ahmic Harbour. The water was lovely, the sun shone brightly, and the energy through the swimmers was electric! All the swimmers were cheering and dancing with each other before jumping into the water for the start. The route makes for a beautiful swim. Swimmers made their way out past Cherokee Point, around the corner and through the channel of lily pads. After the lily pads they swim straight for a while and then find their quickest route over a small rock obstacle, straight for a while longer and left into a fun pass, then right into the final channel to the finish line. Campers were told to sight for Coach Lou who was wearing a fluorescent orange shirt. Everyone was so proud of their own accomplishments and routed their fellow campers on! When our youngest camper to complete the swim - Mazie (9 years old) - swam toward the end of the race the entire camp cheered for her together. Chants of, "Mazie! Mazie! Mazie!" could be heard through all of Ahmic Harbour I'm sure. 
Once everyone had finished some campers and counsellors chose to swim back, while other campers and counsellors ran/walked back 5 km to camp, and others paddled in canoes. 
Once back at camp everyone was ready for lunch and rest hour. After rest hour our tennis tournament began with the U 10 bracket, and the 11 - 12 bracket. When campers weren't playing tennis they had the choice between diving, sailing, mountain biking, or intro to road biking. Campers could choose two classes to attend and then went down to the lake for open waterfront. 
After dinner the U 10 tennis bracket played their semifinal matches and we all headed to Easter Island Head Rock for awards from this mornings swim. Many campers had significantly beaten their time from the year before!
Once all of the awards were presented the whole camp went up to the tennis court to watch Bailey and Violet battle it out in the U10 tennis finals! It was a very evenly matched game but in the end, Bailey was our champion! 

Let The Games Begin!

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Camp AkOMak

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