The sun was shining brightly for another fantastic day at Ak-O-Mak! We started our day with a choice of swimming, running, or mountain biking for earlybird. After fueling up for the day with croissants and eggs for breakfast we met back up at the mainhouse for a special solar eclipse Colour Run! We divided the camp into the sun team and the moon team. The suns and moons started the colour run in opposite directions and met at the middle, just like the solar eclipse! The campers all had a wonderful time getting colour thrown at them, and then we finished off the morning with open waterfront to clean up before lunch. For the safety of our campers we stayed inside during the hours of the solar eclipse. We had candy store and rest hour before having a camp-wide yoga class in the mainhouse! For the rest of the afternoon we had different classes for each cabin. Some of the sports included canoeing, kayaking, netball, volleyball and swimming. We finished off the day with open waterfront for evening activity to enjoy the sun and warm water! Everyone is definitely ready for bed after a busy day.



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Camp AkOMak


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