July 10th, 2013

We are happy to report that everyone enjoyed another adventure filled-fun afternoon at camp yesterday.  The team competition tribes were officially called on by their leaders, “The Great Goatsby Tribe” to find all 50 items needed by the goats in order to survive the remainder of the summer.  The tribes had to use all the creativity, strength, resourcefulness and originality that they could be muster to find or create each and every item on the coveted list.  Imagine… camp filled with found, created and makeshift rafts, tiki torches, SOS signals and countless other survival necessities.  Once all of the tribes had found all their items they were challenged to create a skit using each and every item.    Everyone gathered for a delicious dinner of greek pork, rice, veggies and salad after which each tribe presented their wonderful skits.  As you can imagine camp was filled with squeals of laughter as we enjoyed the creativity and fun that makes Ak-O-Mak the special place it is for us all.  It was such a lovely summer evening, waterfront was opened and enjoyed before campers headed off to bed to get the necessary rest before embarking on yet another exciting day here at Ak-O-Mak.