12 July, 2017

July 12th 2017

As a special last early bird for our 2 weekers we had a switch this morning. The campers had the choice to paddle for the morning and the counsellors had the option to swim! It was a lot of fun to try something different out. After a filling breakfast of eggs, croissants and fruit the campers all headed down to their cabins to start cleaning for inspection. We also sadly had to say goodbye to our 2 week friends this morning. After inspection we all loaded onto a bus headed to North Bay to see Wonder Woman! It is an inspiring movie all about girl power! The girls loved getting a chance to do something different for the day, and they loved the popcorn too. We got back to camp in time for a delicious dinner of roasted chicken, rice and vegetables. After dinner we all gathered in the main house again for a game of Team Comp Jeopardy! Everyones knowledge of camp, space and counsellor trivia was tested. It was a great end to a busy day.



11 July, 2017

July 11th 2017

Today half of our camp headed to North Bay Canoe Club to paddle there for the day! They left early and arrived back in time for dinner. They got in lots of practice time for the regatta on Saturday and most campers paddled around 15 km! Back at camp we had a regular morning with an early bird of swimming and running, and breakfast followed by inspection. Our morning classes consisted of diving, softball, basketball, synchro and swimming. After a delicious lunch of ravioli and caesar salad we all headed down to the canoe docks to paddle over for an afternoon at Ahmic Lake Lodge! The campers all enjoyed their ice cream and a swim before paddling back to camp in time for dinner. For evening activity tonight we had open waterfront! Everyone is tired from such a busy day so we had lights out a bit early tonight.



10 July, 2017

July 10th 2017

Another beautiful day here at Ak-O-Mak! There was a bit of rain in the early morning but that didn’t stop the campers from enjoying early bird! After breakfast and inspection the campers got ready for an exciting morning of classes. Today’s classes included softball, paddle-boarding, self defense, pickle ball, Zumba and swimming. After a well deserved rest hour the campers put on their camper uniform and got ready to take camp pictures for this session! We all gathered on the main dock for a camp-wide photo, and then the campers dispersed for cabin photos. After pictures were taken the campers had the choice of heading to paddling or choice periods. Our choice periods included hiking, adventure, diving, synchro, volleyball and softball. The North Bay Regatta is coming up so we have been paddling to prepare and everyone has improved significantly already! After dinner we all raced out to the tennis courts for the tennis tournament finals. We had two special visitors, Professor McPhee and Sam the Lavatory Man! The campers had a lot of fun singing and cheering for the tennis finalists and it was a great end to the day.



08 July, 2017

July 8th 2017

Today we had a twist for early bird! We swam to Cherokee Point instead of Rocky Reef because of the wind and the campers had a great time. There was also running, road biking and mountain biking. For breakfast we had bagels, scrambled eggs and fruit. Once everyone was nice and full we headed out for morning classes! This morning we had pilates, sailing, gymnastics, boxing and of course swimming! Cabin 3 and 4 also played each other in an intense match of soccer. After lunch we all dressed up in our white t-shirts and crazy hair styles for the Colour Run! Chikopi joined us for the run and everyone had an amazing time getting colorful. After the Colour Run we had a much needed open waterfront to bathe and get ready for dinner. For evening activity the campers had a choice between yoga, war canoe or softball! It was a fun-filled day and everyone was ready for bed.




07 July, 2017

July 7th 2017

Another great day at Camp Ak-O-Mak! We started off our day with a swim, run or mountain bike for early bird. After sausages and scones with whipped cream and strawberries for breakfast everyone headed down to their cabins to start cleaning for inspection. Our morning classes were lots of fun, and campers participated in swimming, spikeball, sailing, diving, kayaking and soccer. After candy store and rest hour everyone headed to Easter Island Head Rock for a fun afternoon of Team Comp! We played a game called Flabbergasters, where you have to run around and find the counsellors with buttons but avoid being tagged by the other counsellors. If you are tagged then you are given a small mission you have to complete before you collect more buttons! The team that collects the most buttons wins the game. After dinner everyone headed down to their cabins to dress their counsellors up in the wackiest outfits you could think of for Counsellor Dress Up! It was a hilarious way to end a fantastic day.



06 July, 2017

July 6th 2017

Today was another beautiful camp day in the sun. We started off with a busy early bird as the campers got a choice of running, swimming, mountain biking and road biking. For breakfast we had French toast and bacon, so everyone was fueled and ready for morning classes. Our morning classes included rugby, swimming, paddle boarding, diving, croquet and gymnastics. Cabins 1, 2, and 5 also continued with the first rounds of the annual tennis tournament. After a restful hour the campers headed off towards choice periods of sailing, kayak adventure, pilates, strength training, kickball, paddling and many more. After a delicious dinner of curry chicken, rice and salad, finished with pineapple upside down cake for dessert, we all headed out for an intense game of partner tag in the backfield. A long day in the sun calls for an early bed to rest up for another great day here at camp.



05 July, 2017

July 5th 2017

Our first week at camp has gone by very quickly! Everyone woke up to the bell bright and early and headed out for earlybird. In the morning we had a group of our elite bikers head to Sprucedale for a 10 mile youth ride! Everyone that stayed at camp enjoyed morning classes of diving, Zumba, softball, archery, swimming and more. Cabins 6 and 7 also began the tennis tournament this morning! In the afternoon we all grabbed our paddles and lifejackets and canoed over to Ahmic Lake Lodge for a nice swim and some ice cream! All of the campers enjoyed relaxing beside the rapids and soaking up the sun. We paddled back just in time for a delicious dinner of pork roast, roasted potatoes and broccoli. For evening activity there was a choice between yoga or paddling. It was the perfect way to end off an amazing first week at camp.



04 July, 2017

July 4th 2017

Happy 4th of July to our American friends! We started off our day with a full earlybird of swimming, running, mountain biking or road biking. After a fantastic breakfast of pancakes and fruit we started our morning classes. There was amazing weather for swimming, paddleboard yoga, boxing, tennis, archery and soccer. For the afternoon we all headed out in war canoes and small boats! It was a blast to see some campers try war canoe for the first time ever, and to see our returning campers showing everyone else how it’s done! Before dinner we had a choice period of diving, lacrosse and volleyball and they were all a big hit! After dinner we headed out for some backfield games for evening activity. We played Huckle Buckle and everyone burned off their energy and then headed to rest up for tomorrows activities.



03 July, 2017

July 3rd 2017

Today was the younger campers turn for the North Bay Triathlon! They all did amazing in their races and this was even some of their first triathlons ever. Back at camp we all enjoyed the beautiful sunshine during earlybird and morning classes. Some of our classes included swimming, tennis, croquet, net-ball and small boats. During small boats the campers have a chance to practice the racing canoes and kayaks. After a very busy morning the campers enjoyed rest hour and candy store and then headed out for team comp! During team comp we played a game called Scavenger Hunt, where campers have to gather items all around camp and make a skit and a song about it. Since our theme this session is space the teams also had to make a rocket! After dinner we headed down to Sandy Beach to make up for last nights missed campfire! We roasted marshmallows, sang camp songs and shared fun stories from the triathlons. It was a wonderful day and we can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!



02 July, 2017

July 2nd 2017

Today some of our older campers headed out to swim, bike and run in the North Bay Triathlon! Everyone enjoyed the sunshine and did a great job cheering and racing. Back at camp we had early bird with a choice of running or swimming or both! After breakfast and inspection the campers headed out to morning classes. Our classes today included canoeing, Zumba, paddle boarding, archery and rugby. Most of the campers were tired from classes and the triathlon so after an extended rest hour the whole camp headed to swim practice and paddling! Unfortunately tonight’s campfire got rained out so we had delicious burgers and cake in the Main house and then headed out to the backfield for a game of Smugglers and Spies! The point of the game is to sneak your button over to the other side without the spies guessing where you hid your button. It was an action-packed day and everyone is definitely ready for bed!



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