15 July, 2016

Knoefli Mile swim

Knoefli Mile swim

Friday 15th July


Girls Under 10

1st        Lindsay Jaffe                                  48:42


Girls 11-12

1st        Florence Millet                               26:00

2nd       Elise Kim                                        26:54

3rd       Lexi Stewart                                    27:47

4th        Jolie Mosack                                  30:12

5th        Gillian Marshall                              30:13 (not AKOMAK)

6th         Amanda Jaffe                               30:15

7th        Abi Greenberg                               30:44

8th        Jenna Serotta                                44:00

9th        Veronica Simon                             46:54

10th     Jackie Coutts                                 48:18

11th     Lila Meflah                                       51:17


GIRLS 13-14


1st        Robin Cruz Abrams                         22:19

2nd       Marit Kershaw                                 25:08

3rd       Lucy Mitnick                                     25:31

4th        Jordyn Hunter                                  25:52 (non-AKOMAK)

5th       Sarah Shearer                                  26:01

6th        Claire Witting                                    26:58

7th        Willa Royce Roll                               27:02

8th        Trinity Zdunich                                 27:09

9th        Angelica Gordon                              27:10

10th     Kadia Bielecki                                  27:35

11th     Aberdene Marshall                           29:15 (Non AKOMAK)

12th        Claire Steciuk                                29:45

13th        Frankie Dahinten                           30:09

14th     Lauren Carroll                                 30:57

15th     Amrita Karia                                     33:10

16th     Teagan Duenkel                             33:43 (Chikopi)

17th      Olivia Kopeschney                         45:17

18th     Mika Halinski                                   47:11

19th     Kosi Lewis                                       47:18


GIRLS 15-17


1st        Erin Brown                                      23:15

2nd       Jessica Reibel                               23:17

3rd       Cailyn Eley                                      23:28 (non AKOMAK)

4th        Anna Warwick                                25:05

5th        Elise Legault                                   25:25

6th        Arianne Cole                                  25:26

7TH      Ellery Procter                                 26:46

8th        Wynn Maloney                                27:26

9th        Maya Grantz                                   28:30

10th     Isabella Casasanta                        30:04

11th     Paola Mendoza                              32:14

12th     Mackenzie Oliver                             32:37

13th     Abby Hunt                                       35:27


14th     Andrea Blanes                               38:07

15th     Mariana Vega                                43:11


18 +

1st        Erin Lee                                  24:26

2nd       Alexa Murray                          29:30

3rd       Vanessa Watt                          30:50

4th        Pam Rubio                             36:59                                                 

14 July, 2016

July 14, 2016

July 14, 2016

Yesterday was a busy day at Niagara Falls for most of our campers. After visiting the Falls and going on the Hornblower we drove to Vaughn Mills for some shopping. We headed back to camp just in time for a dip in the lake before bed. Today started out a bit cloudy but turned out to be beautiful. We had an early bird of running and swimming before breakfast. Instead of morning classes we switched it up and did paddling and swim practice. After lunch and rest hour our team comp leaders had planned a great afternoon for us. It was a sports tournament of soccer, basketball and kickball and everyone had a ton of fun! After a delicious dinner of chicken, potatoes and caeser salad we had a choice for evening activity. The campers chose between sailing, yoga and mountain biking. Everyone headed to bed after that to rest up for tomorrow!


12 July, 2016

July 12, 2016

July 12, 2016

It was an early start for the group of campers heading to North Bay for paddling. They had breakfast at 6:30 before heading off, and they spent the day training with the North Bay paddlers as well as taking some soccer breaks. They had a fantastic day and everyone learned a lot. They arrived back at camp just in time for dinner. The group of campers that stayed at camp enjoyed an early bird of running and swimming before breakfast. Afterwards they had a longer inspection so the 2 weekers had some time to pack before their departure tomorrow. We had morning classes of swimming, rugby, paddle boarding and a competitive game of soccer between cabins 3 and 4. In the afternoon after rest hour everyone participated in a camp wide obstacle course! It was a ton of fun to climb under benches, hula hoop, somersault and much more! It was a very warm day so the campers had a chance to jump in the lake before a relaxing yoga class. We opened up the waterfront for the campers before dinner to cool off. It was an eventful day for everyone, and this evening we gave the campers a chance to pack and bond with their campers on some of their last nights. Tomorrow a large group heads out to Niagara Falls for the day! 


11 July, 2016

July 11, 2016

July 11, 2016

It was a busy day at camp! The day started off with early bird, and the girls had the options of running, swimming and biking. After breakfast and inspection the girls got ready for morning classes. This morning we had two longer periods of swimming, dryland and paddling! We worked on war canoe as well as small boats to prepare for the regattas. The boats are looking great this year and everyone is improving quickly. After lunch everyone headed down to their cabins for a much needed rest hour before an exciting afternoon! The campers going to the North Bay Regatta had paddling practice, and there was a choice period of diving, synchro, volleyball and rugby for the other campers. Followed by our best run THE COLOUR RUN, great fun!!! After such a busy day everyone was ready for an early bed time and some cabin bonding. 

10 July, 2016

July 10, 2016

July 10th

Today we took a break from early bird and had a sleep in until 7:45 before the 10km run with Chikopi. After breakfast everyone got ready to run. The weather was beautiful and everyone had a fantastic run. Afterwards the runners headed down to enjoy open waterfront and get a chance to jump in and cool off. Before lunch we presented awards. After Chikopi left the girls headed down to their cabins for a well deserved rest hour. In the afternoon we had swim practice and stretching to help with sore muscles from the run. After that we had a  choice period of tennis, softball, diving, kayaking and paddle boarding. This evening was campfire and cookout, and the girls enjoyed burgers and cake before roasting marshmallows. Cabin 1 shared inspiring stories about overcoming obstacles before we got together to sing some camp songs. Everyone was ready for bed after a tiring but exciting day!

10 July, 2016

10k Results

10 KM RACE - JULY 10TH 2016


1st                           Isabelle Grecoff                                1:04:01

2nd                          Jessie Mitnick                                  1:13:07

3rd                           Abigail Odinocki                                1:27:51


11-12 GIRLS

1st                           Amanda Jaffe                       46:00

2nd                          Devon Smith                         54:32

3rd                           Alana Odinocki                     56:09

4th                           Florence Millet                     56:56

5th                           Abigail Greenberg                 59:18

6th                           Jackie Coutts                      1:01:45

7th                           Lexi Stewart                       1:05:32

8th                           Lila Meflah                          1:05:54

9th                           Ayoola Bello                       1:06:20

10th                         Dalya Shaikli                       1:06:36

11th                         Jolie Mosack                      1:10:44

12th                         Elise Kim                             1:17:48

13th                         Jenna Serotta                    1:20:55


13-14 GIRLS

1st                           Robin Cruz Abrams          50:10

2nd                          Jade Saunders                   52:39

3rd                           Kosi Lewis                           57:58

4th                           Abigail Gebrail                   58:00

5th                           Kate Korac                          58:01

6th                           Amrita Karia                       1:02:12

7th                           Teagan Duenkel                  1:02:24

8th                           Molly Trayling                    1:02:27

9th                           Angelica Gordon              1:03:30

10th                         Kadia Bielecki                     1:03:33

11th                         Lucy Mitnick                       1:05:26

12th                         Gabby Chanen                  1:05:44

13th                         Mika Halinski                      1:07:48

14th                         Lauren Carroll                    1:10:29

15th                         Trinity Zdunich                  1:13:41

16th                         Willa Royce-Rolls              1:16:55

17th                         Alex Illman                          1:17:49

18th                         Claire Witting                     1:19:53

19th                         Sarah Shearer                    1:20:32


15-17 GIRLS

1ST                          Brogan MacDougall           36:50

2nd                          Mackenzie Oliver               50:09

3rd                           Jessica Reibel                     57:23

4th                           Erin Brown                          57:24

5th                           Jenna Miller                       59:37

6th                           Sam Bultje                          59:10

7th                           Paola Mendoza                 1:00:15

8th                           Zeena Mansour                 1:03:43

9th                           Marion Denny                   1:13:40

10th                         Maya Grantz                      1:14:47

11th                         Arianne Cole                      1:17:08

12th                         Ellery Proctor                     1:20:13




1st                           Jocelyn Saunders              44:30

2nd                          Marina de la Sierra            44:57

3rd                           Natasha Lane                    45:13

4th                           Emily Clark                         46:20

5th                           Erin Lee                              48:50

6th                           Lily Aguilar                          50:58

7th                           Rosie Thomas                    54:38

8th                           Erin Avis                              57:31

9th                           Catherine McKeough          57:32

10th                         Pam Rubio                         57:33

11th                         Anna Bridgeman              1:04:02

12th                         Vanessa Watt                    1:04:36

13th                         Alexa Murray                     1:06:03

14th                         Ayshen Tuncel                  1:07:39

15th                         Colette Duenkel                 1:12:30

16th                         Monica Cordero               1:27:52  

09 July, 2016

July 9, 2016

July 9th

The girls enjoyed an earlybird of biking and running this morning, before the weather decided not to cooperate. It was mostly rainy all day but that gave everyone time to rest for the 10km run tomorrow! After breakfast and inspection, the girls had a choice between swim practice and dryland. After that everyone headed up to the mainhouse to watch the Kona Ironman documentary! It's a camp favourite and always makes everyone feel inspired. After lunch and rest hour everyone headed back up to the mainhouse to avoid the rain and have a fun team comp activity! When the campers got there Ak-O-Mak's Got Talent was all set up! Everyone had a chance to show off their talents in the form of song, dance, comedy or oddball. It was hilarious at times and so great to learn about everyones hidden talents. For evening activity we continued watching the Ironman movie that we couldn't finish in the morning. After that everyone headed to bed to get some rest for tomorrow! 


07 July, 2016

Postal Disruption

Dear Camp Ak-O-Mak Families & Friends,

Canada Post has given formal notice of an impending disruption of mail delivery beginnng Friday July 10th.  In other words, the letter carriers will be on strike indefinitely.  Please do not put anything in the mail for your daughter at this point as she is unlikely to receive it.

Correspondence via Bunk Notes, Fed Ex or other couriers is recommended during the Postal strike.

A gentle reminder:  Please DO NOT SEND FOOD or CANDY in care packages.  The racoons are too chubby and have become a nuisance.

07 July, 2016

July 7, 2016

July 7, 2016

Today was a great day at Ak-O-Mak! There was a bit of a drizzle during earlybird but that didn’t slow the swimmers or runners down. Many girls are getting best times for running and swimming and trying new running trails to challenge themselves. After breakfast and inspection we started morning classes. A few of the classes the girls had were tennis, biking, softball, lacrosse, boot camp, ultimate Frisbee and swimming! After rest hour we jumped into afternoon activity. The girls had two choice periods that consisted of sailing, paddling, soccer and volleyball, tennis and kayak adventure. After choice periods were finished we opened up the waterfront so everyone could cool off and have some fun in the water. Part of the group headed to Parry Sound for the bike time trials. After dinner, evening activity was Smugglers and Spies! That’s a game played on the backfield, and the camp is divided into 2 teams. One team has to hide buttons on themselves and sneak them over to the other team. It was a fun night! 

05 July, 2016

July 5, 2016

July 5, 2016

Everyone was up bright and early today for a beautiful earlybird. The weather was perfect as the girls swam, ran and biked before breakfast. Our chef made delicious crepes for breakfast with fresh berries to prepare everyone for a busy morning. The girls enjoyed morning classes of softball, canoeing, yoga, sailing, archery and of course swimming! We had a quick rest hour before everyone headed off to Ahmic Lake Lodge for the afternoon! We paddled over in pleasure canoes and war canoes. It was a bit windy but still a lot of fun. Once we got to Ahmic Lake Lodge the girls lined up for ice cream and went down to the rapids to swim. It was a wonderful afternoon, and we headed back to camp in time for dinner. After dinner we had open waterfront for the evening. The girls had a chance to swim, jump off the diving tower, play on the paddle boats and gunnel bob. It was a fantastic day! 


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