29 August, 2016

August 29, 2016

August 29, 2016

This morning our oldest cabin took our youngest cabin out sailing for a double period! Other cabins had war canoe, solftball, Zumba and tried their hand at net ball - a new sport introduced by our British counsellors! And as a twist, all of the cabins had swim practice together. 
After Rest Hour today the whole camp had colour run! Chikopi came over for the colour run! It was a 5km run where coloured powder was thrown on you as you ran. Everyone came out looking very colourful and we had a dance party at the end. We all jumped into the water to clean off before dinner. It was a such a blast!
Tonight we had the finals in our tennis tournament and then off to the cabins for some cabin time before bed. 

28 August, 2016

August 28, 2016

August 28, 2016

It was still dark at Camp Ak-O-Mak when the bell rang at 5:30 this morning to wake us for an early breakfast.  It was Parry Sound Triathlon Day!  Before we knew it we were boarding the 2 school buses and following the big U-Hauls carrying camp’s bikes bound for Parry Sound.

Once at the tri, no time was lost donning timing chips and body markings and then all were off to cheer for our counselors and cabin 1 friends competing in the Sprint, Try-a-Tri or duathlon events.  Seeing their counsellors race (some for the first time) not only excited the campers but helped calm some of their nerves as well.

The ‘Kids of Steel’ events unfolded by age group and made for an exciting day!
Ak-O-Mak spirit was high and our team’s energy was infectious. Many people commented on how much they enjoyed the camp’s presence at this triathlon with everyone cheering for each other and singing songs.  Imagine 60 girls on the beach bursting into song with “Eye of the Tiger”… "dun, dun dun dun, dun dun duuuuuuuuun". After that I think we all felt like we could do anything!  The Ak-O-Mak girls were fantastic today and they should all be very proud.

With races finished the bikes were systematically stowed in the U-Hauls and the busses loaded for the return to camp. It wouldn’t be an Ak-O-Mak road trip without ice cream so a “pit stop” at Duck Rock satisfied a lot of tummies!

Tonight was campfire and barbecue cookout, a weekly favourite with campers and staff alike. It’s where the roasting of marshmallows is elevated to an art form. It was a special treat when the culinary staff surprised Rosie with a beautiful chocolate cake decorated as the flag of Trinidad and Tobago in honour of their Independence Day.

The sun was dipping below the trees as the campers shared their individual triathlon stories around the camp fire… stories about overcoming fear, friends helping friends and the pride felt in their accomplishments.

We then sang songs so loud they could probably hear us at across the lake! As the darkness of evening and the fatigue of the day crept in everyone was ready to head back to their cabins and crawl into bed for a well deserved sleep.

27 August, 2016

August 27, 2016

August 27, 2016

It was another exciting day at camp! This morning Early Bird was slightly modified as a thick fog had enveloped camp.  One camper said that it “looked like (she) was still dreaming”.  The swimmers swam in the pools while the runners and mountain bikers were ok to hit the trails!

This weekend we welcomed guest instructor Aisling Lynch, a first degree black belt in a blended style of martial arts called “Don Jitsu Ryu”.  Aisling assisted Sensei Rosie (who is a fourth degree black belt) in teaching outstanding self defense classes and demonstrating their advanced sparring techniques.

The Tennis Tournament wrapped up for the 10& Unders with Bailey O. taking the title!  The younger campers donned their masks and took up their “foils” for fencing while other campers learned a new sport from our British counselors, netball!

The afternoon was filled with a variety of activities: road biking in preparation for the Parry Sound Triathlon, self defense for the youngest cabin then diving or volleyball for the others.

The evening was rounded out with a celebrity guest speaker, Megan Neyer, from Atlanta Georgia.  Google Megan and you’ll quickly learn that she is a highly accomplished diver with myriad gold medals from US Nationals, is a World Champion, an Olympian and inductee to the International Swimming Hall of Fame.  Megan is not only a professional sports psychologist but a motivational speaker/team builder for both athletes and corporations. Megan spoke to camp about managing pre-race nerves, our different types of energy and concrete tips for developing and maintaining a positive mindset.

Camp Ak-O-Mak would like to thank Megan Neyer for taking the time from a busy professional schedule to encourage us with her words and advice…so timely on the eve of the Parry Sound Tri!  

26 August, 2016

Ahmic Harbour Swim





1st                           Jessica Code                     56:21

2nd                          Olivia Luka                         56:29

3rd                           Marni Gray                        56:34

4th                           Emma Seawright               56:45

5th                           Maya Grantz                      58:10

6th                           Kali Metuzals                     58:16

7th                           Kathryn Atkinson               59:31

8th                           Anna Dahlgren                  1:00:04

9th                           Elke Ott                              1:01:17

10th                         Neve VanDaele                 1:02:07


10 and under Girls

1st                           Bailey  O’Regan                 1:09:39

2nd                          Ella Moustgaard                1:14:54

3rd                           Ema  Masic                        1:19:10

4th                           Abigail Odinocki                1:35:31

5th                           Maizi Moustgaard            1:47:08


11-12 GIRLS

1st                           Alana Odinocki                  1:07:47

2nd                          Riley Buckle                      1:08:48

3rd                           Abby Brousseau               1:08:50

4th                           Maddie Glowinski            1:09:40

5th                           Allison Low Ring               1:14:53

6th                           Macy Mullen                     1:14:55

7th                           Abby Sammut                   1:18:04

8th                           Silvie Kinanga                    1:18:42

9th                           Maxeen Mullen                   1:27:50

10th                         Katrina Wang                     1:27:41


13-14 GIRLS

1ST                          Emma Seawright              56:45

2nd                          Kali Metuzals                     58:16

3rd                           Elke Ott                             1:01:17

4th                           Lola Collin                          1:07:51

5th                           Caroline Martin                 1:13:04

6th                           Alexandra Lackovic          1:16:02

7th                           Aislinn Munro                    1:20:08

8th                           Kiera Masterson               1:20:12


15-17 GIRLS

1ST                          Jessica Code                      56:21

2nd                          Olivia Luka                          56:29

3rd                           Marni Gray                         56:34

4th                           Maya Grantz                       58:10

5th                           Kathryn Atkinson                59:31

6th                           Anna Dahlgren                  1:00:04

7th                           Neve Van Daele                 1:02:07

8th                           Annie Rutherford               1:06:20

9th                           Alicia Corbiere                   1:13:14


10th                         Emma Wheler                   1:13:16

26 August, 2016

August 26, 2016

August 26, 2016

Today started out a little bit different than the rest of the days so far at camp. Instead of waking up to the ringing of the bell at 7:00, there was silence. Campers and counsellors all got a sleep-in and then headed straight to the Main House for breakfast. 
After breakfast today campers went back to their cabins, got their suits, caps, and goggles on, and counsellors filed out one by one in our signature green and orange canoes. Today was a PERFECT day for the 3 mile open water swimming race to Ahmic Harbour. The water was lovely, the sun shone brightly, and the energy through the swimmers was electric! All the swimmers were cheering and dancing with each other before jumping into the water for the start. The route makes for a beautiful swim. Swimmers made their way out past Cherokee Point, around the corner and through the channel of lily pads. After the lily pads they swim straight for a while and then find their quickest route over a small rock obstacle, straight for a while longer and left into a fun pass, then right into the final channel to the finish line. Campers were told to sight for Coach Lou who was wearing a fluorescent orange shirt. Everyone was so proud of their own accomplishments and routed their fellow campers on! When our youngest camper to complete the swim - Mazie (9 years old) - swam toward the end of the race the entire camp cheered for her together. Chants of, "Mazie! Mazie! Mazie!" could be heard through all of Ahmic Harbour I'm sure. 
Once everyone had finished some campers and counsellors chose to swim back, while other campers and counsellors ran/walked back 5 km to camp, and others paddled in canoes. 
Once back at camp everyone was ready for lunch and rest hour. After rest hour our tennis tournament began with the U 10 bracket, and the 11 - 12 bracket. When campers weren't playing tennis they had the choice between diving, sailing, mountain biking, or intro to road biking. Campers could choose two classes to attend and then went down to the lake for open waterfront. 
After dinner the U 10 tennis bracket played their semifinal matches and we all headed to Easter Island Head Rock for awards from this mornings swim. Many campers had significantly beaten their time from the year before!
Once all of the awards were presented the whole camp went up to the tennis court to watch Bailey and Violet battle it out in the U10 tennis finals! It was a very evenly matched game but in the end, Bailey was our champion! 

25 August, 2016

August 25, 2016

August 25, 2016

Another great day at camp has come to an end. 
This morning at Early Bird a record number of campers set new personal best times! 
The sun was out and the weather was perfect for being in the water. Classes this morning were diving, small boats, swimming, volleyball, self defence, gymnastics - by cabin request, and fencing. 
The spies(our team comp)had yet another challenge for the campers - to design and create a difficult obstacle course intended to challenge the other squad teams. Squad teams could use anything that they could find at camp to build the course, but they also had to complete the course they designed themselves. Teams would be timed while going through all four of the courses and the team with the shortest combined time would be deemed the winner. Teams did push ups, cartwheels, army crawled, passed medicine balls, and hopped over various things to complete their mission. They then cooled off in the lake before dinner at open waterfront.
Some campers headed into Parry Sound with Jocelyn, every Thursday late afternoon we head into town with the road bikes for a cycling time trial. 
Tonight's evening activity was camp-wide yoga before heading to bed. 

24 August, 2016

August 24, 2016

August 24, 2016

Here at Ak-O-Mak, every day's a great day and today was no exception! After a sunny Early Bird of swimming and running campers went for breakfast and then inspection. Inspection is highly competitive and a rather important part of camp life here. Each morning Hayley our Program Director and Dianne or Catherine head down the cabin line to inspect each cabin, we check their trunks to make sure they're neat and there's no wet clothes in them, we check if their beds are made, and if they have all of the things with them for their morning classes. Points are awarded for cleanliness and extra creativity and then a prize is given at banquet to the cleanest cabin. 
Following inspection campers had, swimming, self defence, archery, tennis, basketball, small boats (c4's, c2's, c1's, k1's), and triathlon transition practice. Here campers practiced some helpful skills that will come in handy at the upcoming Parry Sound Triathlon. 
This afternoon we had a shortened Rest Hour and then paddled or swam across the lake to Ahmic Lake Lodge for some ice cream and playing in the rapids. This was the campers first paddling trip out of camp and they paddled hard and strong, perhaps because they knew ice cream was waiting for them. After our afternoon adventure we headed back to camp for dinner and Evening Activity. 
We were visited again by spies, and this time campers had to make their way around the Main House balcony as quiet as possible whilst avoiding lasers. 
Everyone is now in bed and probably humming the Mission Impossible theme song to themselves. 

23 August, 2016

August 23, 2016

August 23, 2016

Tonight is so quiet at camp you can hear each breath from the birds. We had an action packed day today and most of camp seems to have fallen asleep as soon as their heads hit their pillows. 
Today started with a great Early Bird - girls are trying new sports and pushing themselves achieve athletic goals and personal bests. 
Morning classes were busy and exciting! Cabins 3, 4, 5 were divided into teams and played in an intense game of kickball. Cabin 1 and 2 joined up with each other to head out in some war canoes for the first time this session. There was another great swim practice with Coach Jocelyn and Coach Lou! And cabins also had archery and self defence. 
Self defence has become a great part of the Ak-O-Mak program. The girls are not only learning how to punch and kick, but the confidence to stand up for themselves. 
This afternoon some campers headed out on an all afternoon ride to Magnetawan. The rest of the campers had soccer drills and a game, a stretching and yoga session, and then open waterfront. The lake has been so warm, we practically had to pull everyone out when it was time for dinner. 
Tomorrow brings another day full of adventure!

22 August, 2016

August 22, 2016

August 22, 2016

The mist rose off the lake this morning as the whole camp started Early Bird together. Swimmers started off into the warm water strong, as runners feet pounded the paths, and cyclists wove their way through the trails around camp. 
Morning classes today included archery, rugby, tennis, self defence, croquet, and of course SWIMMING YAY! In swimming today the two youngest cabins learned how to draft off of one and other and headed out into the open water to practice their skills.
This afternoon campers had the choice of mountain biking, basketball, or boot camp. Here they had the opportunity to participate in an activity with girls from other cabins. Then, everyone made their way to the tennis courts for some whole camp games. These games were rudely interrupted by secret agents from A.K.O. Headquarters. These spys came to ask the campers for help detecting some undercover agents from M.A.G. that had infiltrated the camp. All of the campers were divided into four agent squads (teams) and needed to design a logo, come up with a code name, and present to the secret agents a cheer for their squad. Team Comp has begun!
After dinner the entire camp played "The Scream Game". A highly skilled game where you stand on a line, take a deep breath, and scream and run at the same time until you need to take a breath. Some of the campers made it longer than the entire length of the soccer field before they needed to take a gasp of air...or burst into laughter. 

21 August, 2016

August 21, 2016

August 21, 2016

Our first full day at camp. 
This morning as the camp slept the wind howled and rain poured down. As it was time to wake up for our first Early Bird the wind blew the rain clouds out of camp clearing the way for a beautiful swim, run, bike, or camp tour for first time Ak-O-Makkers. 
This mornings activities included rugby, archery, self defence, canoeing with our guest super woman Sarah Steel, 
After a full morning everyone was excited for a buffet lunch. With full bellies, it was onto rest hour and a busy, fun filled afternoon. Cabins went sailing, played softball, jumped and tumbled in gymnastics, learned the basics of tennis for our up coming tennis tourney, and a group was driven out past Ahmic Harbour to ride on the smooth road. The rain sprinkled for 5 minutes but everyone danced and played through the water. 
Tonight we had our Sunday night cook out at the campfire. But as we devoured our homemade burgers, veggie sticks, and salad the winds really picked up and threatened to carry our youngest campers to Oz. 
we moved up to the cozy Main House to roast marshmallows in the fireplace, sing along to pop songs, and watch the dances that cabins 4 and 5 came up with this afternoon. 
Right now all of the campers are glued to the amazing stories that Sarah Steel is telling us about fighting fires in Northern Alberta like the fire at Fort McMurry. Everyone is truly mesmerized, hanging on to every word about how these giant fires get started and the unbelievably hard work that goes into fighting and managing them. Many of the girls were inspired to hear that Sarah was the head of a crew! 


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