26 July, 2016

July 26, 2016

July 26, 2016


We sadly had to say goodbye to our 4 week campers today. For everyone who is staying we had a regular early bird and breakfast. After inspection we all headed down to swim practice. Today was a special day, after inspection we had an early lunch before heading to North Bay to see Finding Dory! It was a fantastic way to end team comp and everyone enjoyed some treats at the movie theatre. Once we got back to camp we had open waterfront to cool down before dinner. For evening activity we alternated between games of ultimate frisbee and soccer. Everyone is getting excited for the arrival of new campers tomorrow!

25 July, 2016

Ottawa Regatta

Ottawa Regatta

What a successful weekend in Ottawa! We left Friday morning after early bird and breakfast, and arrived in Ottawa at around 5:30pm. Everyone got settled in the hotel before heading out to dinner. We had a delicious buffet dinner and afterwards everyone had some downtime to walk around Ottawa and shop. We headed back to the hotel for an early bed time before the regatta. In the morning we woke up for breakfast at 7am and left for the regatta after that. Everyone had a fantastic day of racing and cheering on their fellow campers! The girls did amazing, especially for only practicing for about 3 weeks. After the regatta we had pizza for dinner, and headed back to the hotel to rest up for the light show that night! We headed to Parliament Hill to watch the light show about Canadian history. We had a sleep in on Sunday morning until 8am, before breakfast and shopping for a couple hours. We arrived back to camp in time for cook out and camp fire! It was busy but great weekend! 

25 July, 2016

July 25, 2016

July 25, 2016

Time flies here at camp! Today was the last day of the 4 week session, and we are very sad to say goodbye to some of our campers tomorrow. Today we had a regular day at camp, starting with early bird of swimming, running and mountain biking. After breakfast we had inspection, and those leaving started to pack. For morning classes we had lacrosse, diving, paddle boarding and swimming. We also had our tennis doubles tournament this morning! After lunch and rest hour everyone headed to the waterfront for team comp. We played a great game that involved getting your entire team to orange rock on a canoe, on a paddle board and by foot. After the game we had the tennis finals before dinner. Our chef prepared a fantastic meal for banquet of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and carrots. We presented all the awards and then watched the slideshow. After banquet everyone headed down to the main dock to sing some songs and send our wish boats into the water. It was a busy day and night at Ak-O-Mak! 

20 July, 2016

July 20, 2016

July 20, 2016

Today was a busy day full of paddling to prepare for the Ottawa Regatta this weekend! For early bird we had some campers practicing their small boats, as well as mountain biking, swimming and running. After breakfast we had a visit from an Olympian Alex! He was in the 2012 London Olympics for open water swimming. He paddled with us a bit in the morning and then he coached swim practice. He taught everyone about drafting and gave us tips for open water swimming. It was great to have him here at camp to coach! After lunch we paddled over to Ahmic Lake Lodge for ice cream and some swimming in the rapids. We took war canoes as well as pleasure canoes over to practice. For evening activity we had the finals of our tennis tournament! It was a ton of fun to watch the different age groups compete to win. Everyone headed to bed afterwards, tired from a great day! 

19 July, 2016

July 19, 2016

July 19, 2016

It was a beautiful day on Ahmic Lake for the Sailing Regatta practice! After an early bird of swimming, running and small boats everyone headed to breakfast. The campers that were going to the Sailing Regatta had one class before an early lunch and then they were off. They all did amazing, and learned a lot from the sailers on the lake. Everyone else at camp had morning classes of swimming, self defence, zumba and diving. After lunch everyone caught up on sleep during rest hour before heading to the counsellor-camper kickball game! The counsellors dressed up and managed to beat the campers, but it was a close game! Before dinner all the cabins posed for the camp picture. After a fantastic dinner of chicken and fried rice the girls had a paddling practice! The wind calmed down and it was a beautiful night to be on the water.

17 July, 2016

July 17, 2016

July 17, 2016


After a busy day at the North Bay Regatta it was great to have a normal day here at camp. We started with early bird, and the campers chose between mountain biking, swimming and running. After a delicious breakfast of pancakes everyone headed back to their cabins to clean up for inspection. A few of the morning classes we had were diving, tennis, water polo, synchro, archery and rugby. After lunch and rest hour everyone headed to the team comp activity! We had a gold rush on camp, and the teams had to find all the coloured rocks around camp to get points for their team. We also had a paddling practice before dinner. Sunday nights are campfire and cookout, so everyone headed to Sandy Beach for delicious burgers and sausages before roasting marshmallows. Jocelyn and Rosie talked to everyone about advice they wish they knew when they were campers, and then we finished off with some songs before heading to bed. 

16 July, 2016

July 16, 2016

July 16, 2016

Camp Ak-O-Mak had a very busy and successful day at the North Bay Regatta! We woke up at 7am to load the boats onto the trailer and have one final paddling practice before heading to North Bay after breakfast. We started with the U13 war canoe race first, followed by the small boat races and the U15 war canoe races. Everyone had a fantastic day, and our hard work definitely paid off. We love seeing the other canoe clubs, and racing against them. All of the girls did amazing in their races, especially for the short time that we have had to practice. We finished up with dinner in North Bay, before heading to get some ice cream before the bus ride back to camp. We got back to camp just in time for bed, to rest up for early bird tomorrow. 



15 July, 2016

July 15, 2016

July 15, 2016

Everyone was up bright and early this morning for breakfast at 7:15 before we paddled over to Chikopi for the 1 mile Knoepfli swim! We took pleasure canoes as well as two war canoes out to practice for the regatta tomorrow. The weather wasn't the greatest, but the water was nice and warm for the swimmers. The campers walked or paddled back to Chikopi for lunch, and after that we canoed back to Ak-O-Mak. When we got back the girls had a chance to go to store and then we had rest hour. It was still raining in the afternoon so everyone headed to the mainhouse to watch Finding Nemo! It was the perfect relaxing afternoon to prepare for the regatta tomorrow. After dinner we played Scuttlebugs in the mainhouse. It's a really fun game where everyone has to sneak outside without being heard. The campers had an early bed time tonight so everyone is well rested for paddling tomorrow!


15 July, 2016

Knoefli Mile swim

Knoefli Mile swim

Friday 15th July


Girls Under 10

1st        Lindsay Jaffe                                  48:42


Girls 11-12

1st        Florence Millet                               26:00

2nd       Elise Kim                                        26:54

3rd       Lexi Stewart                                    27:47

4th        Jolie Mosack                                  30:12

5th        Gillian Marshall                              30:13 (not AKOMAK)

6th         Amanda Jaffe                               30:15

7th        Abi Greenberg                               30:44

8th        Jenna Serotta                                44:00

9th        Veronica Simon                             46:54

10th     Jackie Coutts                                 48:18

11th     Lila Meflah                                       51:17


GIRLS 13-14


1st        Robin Cruz Abrams                         22:19

2nd       Marit Kershaw                                 25:08

3rd       Lucy Mitnick                                     25:31

4th        Jordyn Hunter                                  25:52 (non-AKOMAK)

5th       Sarah Shearer                                  26:01

6th        Claire Witting                                    26:58

7th        Willa Royce Roll                               27:02

8th        Trinity Zdunich                                 27:09

9th        Angelica Gordon                              27:10

10th     Kadia Bielecki                                  27:35

11th     Aberdene Marshall                           29:15 (Non AKOMAK)

12th        Claire Steciuk                                29:45

13th        Frankie Dahinten                           30:09

14th     Lauren Carroll                                 30:57

15th     Amrita Karia                                     33:10

16th     Teagan Duenkel                             33:43 (Chikopi)

17th      Olivia Kopeschney                         45:17

18th     Mika Halinski                                   47:11

19th     Kosi Lewis                                       47:18


GIRLS 15-17


1st        Erin Brown                                      23:15

2nd       Jessica Reibel                               23:17

3rd       Cailyn Eley                                      23:28 (non AKOMAK)

4th        Anna Warwick                                25:05

5th        Elise Legault                                   25:25

6th        Arianne Cole                                  25:26

7TH      Ellery Procter                                 26:46

8th        Wynn Maloney                                27:26

9th        Maya Grantz                                   28:30

10th     Isabella Casasanta                        30:04

11th     Paola Mendoza                              32:14

12th     Mackenzie Oliver                             32:37

13th     Abby Hunt                                       35:27


14th     Andrea Blanes                               38:07

15th     Mariana Vega                                43:11


18 +

1st        Erin Lee                                  24:26

2nd       Alexa Murray                          29:30

3rd       Vanessa Watt                          30:50

4th        Pam Rubio                             36:59                                                 

14 July, 2016

July 14, 2016

July 14, 2016

Yesterday was a busy day at Niagara Falls for most of our campers. After visiting the Falls and going on the Hornblower we drove to Vaughn Mills for some shopping. We headed back to camp just in time for a dip in the lake before bed. Today started out a bit cloudy but turned out to be beautiful. We had an early bird of running and swimming before breakfast. Instead of morning classes we switched it up and did paddling and swim practice. After lunch and rest hour our team comp leaders had planned a great afternoon for us. It was a sports tournament of soccer, basketball and kickball and everyone had a ton of fun! After a delicious dinner of chicken, potatoes and caeser salad we had a choice for evening activity. The campers chose between sailing, yoga and mountain biking. Everyone headed to bed after that to rest up for tomorrow!



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