22 August, 2015

August 22nd, 2015

August 22nd, 2015

Here at Ak-O-Mak, every day's a great day! And today was no exception!

Today's morning classes included; baseball, road cycling,  fencing, triathlon transitions, and fencing!

The campers and counselors also all had a special self-defense course with another black belt and member of Rosie's martial arts school - Ashlynn. The girls were taught very quick and practical methods for defending and standing up for themselves. They were taught to be assertive, and that they shouldn't be afraid to say, "NO". They also watched a demonstration between 4th degree black belt, Rosie, and second degree black belt, Ashlynn. It was very impressive and certainly made a mark on the girls - both campers and counselors.

And of course they had swimming! Yay!

This afternoon we had a mountain biking race at camp on the aptly named, Fun Cross! Every camper participated riding up and down hills, zig zagging through the woods and back onto camp where the rest of camp was waiting, ringing cowbells ringing and cheering loudly. When all of the heats had completed the race everyone went down to the bike shed to inspect their bike for tomorrows triathlon. They made sure their tires were pumped and their seats were just right, and most importantly they put their name on it and packed it into the truck. After dinner was open waterfront. A refreshing cool down before an early bedtime.


21 August, 2015

August 21st, 2015

August 21st,

Today's Early Bird was...a sleep in! All of the campers and counselors had a few extra minutes of sleep and then came into the Main House for some yummy, pre-race blueberry pancakes.

After breakfast it was time to get ready to make our way over to Camp Chikopi to beat the boys in the Knoepfli 1 mile swim. Nothing quite compares to the cheers of campers and staff before a big race. "A-K, A-K, A-K-O-M, O-M, O-M, O-M-A-K, Ak-O-Mak, Ak-O-Mak WHOOO!" I'm sure our cheering could be heard all across Ahmic Lake.

Then the Ak-O-Mak and Chikopi campers all got into the water at the starting line, eyeing down the fastest route through the channel to Knoepfli. Some campers like to aim for a specific cottage, while others swear that if you stay in the middle of the channel it's the fastest route. Either way, "BANG" and they were off toward the finish line 1 mile away.

Counsellors at both camps paddled along side the campers, cheering them on and directing them toward the fastest route. It was a great race! The girls swam hard and some really challenged themselves by striving for new personal bests or swimming the Knoepfli Mile for the very first time.

Once campers finished the race they all headed back to Chikopi for some lunch and the afternoons events - Field Day.

All of the campers from both camps were divided into teams and competed against each other in various competitions and relays. At the end it was the annual Tug-of-war competition between Camp Chikopi and Camp Ak-O-Mak. This year we were surprised with a fun twist of it being only staff vs. staff. The counselors grabbed the rope for the first tug of war and on the horn dug their heels into the ground and heaved and hoed as hard as they possibly could. After what seemed like minutes the rope started to inch in the direction of the boys camp and the first victory went to the boys. Campers on both sides demanded a rematch and Dianne, Catherine, Jocelyn, Rosie and Hayley joined in to support the counselors. The Chikopi counselors pulled in some reinforcements of their own and this time it was winner take all (pride that is).

The horn sounded and Camp Ak-O-Mak stood their ground firm, slowly trying to gain the momentum to creep our way backwards and pull the boys over the line. Another "HEAVE" and we didn't seem to budge, "HEAVE" again and suddenly we're able to take 1/2 a step backwards...then we're tugged forward by the Chikopi counselors. 1, 2, 3 "PULL" and slowly but surely we're pulling the boys over our direction. The Ak-O-Mak staff wins the tug-of war and the camp erupts with cheers and screams! It was then time to head back to camp for a bit of a rest, some open waterfront, and dinner. It's been another packed day here at Ak-O-Mak and the girls have gone to bed ready to take on their next adventures.




Bailey O’                              1st place                                32:13

Devon B                               2nd place                               35:39

Ella M                                  3rd place                               38:28

Abigail O                              4th place                               44:16

Madison Mc                        5th place                               44:41

Mikayla Mc                        6th place                               1:03:11


GIRLS 11-12


Elke O                                            1st place                                26:38

Kali M                                            2nd place                               27:52

Alana O                                         3rd place                               28:55

Yayla D                                         4th place                               29:47

Lola C                                           5th place                               30:49

Chelsea M                                    6th place                               32:36

Sarah W                                        7th place                               33:26

Jenna W                                        8th place                               35:45

Rachel T                                        9th place                               38:26


GIRLS 13-15


Haley S                                           1st place                                24:41

Emma S                                         2nd place                               25:19

Sara A                                            3rd place                               26:05

Kathryn A                                       4th place                               26:18

Olivia L                                           5th place                               26:25

Elana G                                          6th place                               26:35

Anna D                                          7th place                               27:02

Marni G                                          8th place                               27:22

Jordan S                                        9th place                               28:47

Hailey C                                       10th place                             29:57

Nikita S                                         11th place                             30:07

Mattie W                                       12th place                             30:12

Caroline M                                    13th place                             30:13

Emma W                                      14th place                             30:14

Alicia C                                        15th place                             30:21


GIRLS  15 +


Jessica C                                          1st place                                24:32

Olivia O                                            2nd place                               25:17

Lauren S                                          3rd place                               25:15

Hailey N                                           4th place                               26:07

Annie R                                            5th place                               27:31

Ashlynn M                                       6th place                               27:59

Lianna G                                         7th place                               29:48

Jodie Mc                                         8th place                               1:03:12




Sabastian P                                     1st place                                20:32

Brett S                                             2nd place                               22:44

Tyler S                                            3rd place                               24:04

Marius C                                         4th place                               24:05

Pablo C                                           5th place                               24:07

Jarod S                                           6th place                               24:18

Rowan H                                        7th place                               24:24

Jessica C                                        8th place                               24:32

Haley S                                          9th place                               24:41

Lauren S                                       10th place                             25:15

20 August, 2015

August 20th, 2015

August 20th

This morning camp seemed to wake up before the sunshine. After shining down on us since the beginning of the session it must have been a bit tired and ready for a sleep-in. The air and water were still warm and beautiful and welcomed everyone for their Early Bird swims and runs.

Breakfast was an exciting time as many of the girls chose to swim one or two miles for the very first time and could barely contain their excitement when sharing with their friends and being recognized by their fellow campers and counselors who were praising their accomplishments.

Once the girls had made their way down to their cabins to get ready for inspection the skies opened up and it began to pour. So instead of their usual morning classes the campers came to the Main House to watch NBC's coverage of the 2013 Ironman World Championships. Before watching the race our swim coach and athletic director Jocelyn Saunders took the opportunity to tell the girls about her experience in swimming, triathlons, and competing in 24 Ironman races.

After lunch the rain has cleared and the girls had swim practice and two other periods of activities including; soccer, kickball, triathlon transitions, zumba. During third period a group of campers and counselors went into Parry Sound for road bike time-trial. It is a 16 km rolling course and the girls had a blast! This gave them the opportunity to experience speed training on the bicycle. The rest of the camp headed to the backfields for evening games!

Tomorrow morning we're off across the lake to Camp Chikopi for the Knopfli 1 mile swim race against the boys!

19 August, 2015

August 19th 2015

August 19th

It was another great day here at Camp Ak-O-Mak. This morning started with a fantastic Early Bird, many girls set new personal best times for the one and two mile swim, and other campers took the opportunity to hone their road or mountain biking skills.

After breakfast it was time for each cabins three morning classes; waterpolo, triathlon transitions, road cycling, zumba, self defense, synchronized swimming, and diving! Our youngest cabin had diving and were determined to learn to dive from the 10-foot diving platform, they hung onto every instruction that their coach gave them, thoroughly practiced the proper approach to the end of the diving board, and carefully executed pencil jumps, pikes, and dives off of the diving board until they were ready to approach the platform. Each of the girls practically perfectly dove from the 10-foot platform! They were all beyond excited and so anxious for the next open waterfront where they could show all of the older campers who have yet to dive from the platform!

In the afternoon we headed across the lake on a paddling adventure to Ahmic Lake Lodge! Everyone from camp filed into our beautiful cedar strip canoes to make the trip to the lodge and some campers chose to swim the 1.5 mile trip. Once we arrived everyone enjoyed a well deserved ice cream cone and spent the rest of the afternoon splashing and playing in the rapids or enjoying the sunshine. The paddle back posed a whole new adventure as there was a strong head-wind roaring across the lake. But not strong enough to  discourage an Ak-O-Mak girl! Once again we filed into our orange and green canoes to head back to camp for dinner. With heads down and music up everyone paddled hard and sang harder, laughing and singing as we rolled over the small waves. With a few minutes until dinner the campers enjoyed the diving board and diving tower before the bell rang for dinner.

18 August, 2015

August 18th 2015

August 18th

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding...

The bell was rung this morning - like every morning - at 7:00 am sharp. Time to ring in another amazing day here at Ak-O-Mak.

All of the campers filed out of their cabins and off to their respective choices for Early Bird. We've got camp covered by land, sea, and well...runners that seem to run lighter than air. The mountain bikers head out on the trails and road cyclists venture on a 25 km ride. Swimmers glide into the welcoming water and off on their 1 or 2 mile swims. 

This morning classes included a kayaking adventure, tennis, road cycling, boot camp, archery, and swimming! Some of the cabins got to participate in a self defence class taught by black-belt, Rosie. The campers learned some very valuable skills in protecting and defending themselves, and then at the end of the class got to kick and punch boards in half. HIIIIYA!

At lunch it looked like some storm could were rolling in but we decided to test our luck and had three choice periods including, stroke correction, a mystery adventure, water polo, war canoe, sailing, soccer, cycling, yoga, and volley ball. From all of these awesome choices campers had the hard decision of choosing just three to attend. Testing our luck paid off as the storm never reached camp and we still got the view of a bright rainbow over toward Rosemary's Reflection spot near Orange Rock. Today was another warm, sunny, action packed day!

Tomorrow brings a new set of adventures!


17 August, 2015

August 17th 2015

August 17th

This morning we were greeted by another breath-taking day here at Camp Ak-O-Mak. With the sun shining over camp, the day began with Early Bird as usual.  The girls headed out to challenge themselves open water swimming, road biking, mountain biking or running on the beautiful camp trails.

Most mornings after breakfast and inspection the program includes three periods. Today, the campers had archery, canoeing, mountain biking and tennis. Oh, and how could I have forgotten?...SWIMMING! This morning’s class was full of energy!  With some music pumping, the girls got right to work! We really couldn't have asked for a more gorgeous day.

Team Comp has begun, the theme being a remake of the story of a certain Grinch trying to stop summer from coming to a certain camp! Four teams of campers of all ages will compete throughout the session in a variety of sports, races, and games in hopes of being named the Team Comp Champions

Tonight’s evening activity the campers had a choice to go to tennis, yoga, ultimate frisbee, or stroke correction with Jocelyn and Lou. When Evening Activity ended all the campers went back to their cabins for yet another dip in the lake before bed. It has been so sunny and beautiful the lake seems to feel as warm as a bath on the surface and we're spending nearly every minute we can enjoying the fresh Ahmic Lake water.

16 August, 2015

August 16th 2015

August 16th 2015

Day is done, gone the sun

From the lakes, from the hills, from the sky.

All is well, safely rest.

Good Night.

The sun has set on the first full day of the two-week session. The lake is still and outside my window I can hear nothing but the faint sound of Ahmic Lake splashing against the shore. The air is calm and the cabin line is silent as the girls settle in for a good night's sleep. This is a far cry from the action-packed day today! Today the air was filled with the sounds of camp, the sound of feet and tires against the gravel road as the girls headed out on the path for Early Bird, the splashing sounds of the open water when the campers embarked on their first swim practice, laughing and screaming while trying a new sport like war canoe, the sounds of chitter chatter as new friendships were made, and joyful cheering when they hit the target in archery. The air was electric and the energy was infectious. 

Today was another beautiful day here at Camp Ak-O-Mak. The girls awoke at 7:00 to the ringing sound of the bell (88 times, for the number of years camp has been open) and filed down to swimming, running, road cycling, or mountain biking. With all of the great choices for Early Bird the campers had already begun to set new goals for themselves and really push themselves. The campers who are new to Ak-O-Mak went on a camp tour to get more aquatinted with their two-week home and then cheer on their camp-mates coming in from their Early Bird.

After a delicious breakfast it was time for inspection. Each morning the cabins are inspected to make sure that they are tidy, beds are made, wet clothes are out on the line, floor is swept, and trunks are at least somewhat neat and organized. I also check to ensure that the campers are ready with all the equipment they will need for their three morning classes. Today classes included; swimming (of course), mountain biking, canoeing, and archery.

This afternoon the girls were introduced to war canoe (or a C15 - a canoe holding 15 people...14 paddlers and one cox). In a war canoe paddlers only paddle on one side of the boat, and instead of sitting down they kneel on one knee. It's a great sport for swimmers to train in because it strengthens their upper body and core while being fun while learning a new skill. Every camper was trained on the dock to paddle and then went out with a group in one of our war canoes. 

After the tough work-out the waterfront was opened up so the campers could take out the other canoes, kayaks, or paddle boards.

Sunday nights we have a cook-out at the campfire. No cozy campfire sweaters needed tonight as the weather was still so nice and warm. Home-made hamburgers, sausages, salads, veggies and all the fixin's were served for dinner, followed by a necessary camp-fire treat...roasted marshmallows!

After dinner the girls sang songs around the campfire, learning some new songs and singing some Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and other home favourites.

As the sun set beautiful pink and violet over the lake it was time for the girls to head back to their cabins and get some rest. On the walk back to their cabins I could hear the excitement from the campers making their predictions of what tomorrow will bring.

Tomorrow brings on a new set of adventures!

Sweet dreams and happy camping!



15 August, 2015

We Welcome you all to our camp...

We Welcome you all to our camp

We welcome you all to our camp, and we hope you're for our Ak-O-Mak, for we know it's the best of all camps East and West and we're loyal to our Ak-O-mak!
Today has been an arrival day for the record books! 
The air was buzzing with excitement this morning with the anticipation of today's camper arrivals. After a few finishing touches on welcome signs and inspection posters the staff filed up to the Main House to anxiously wait for the girls to arrive and their cabins to be filled.
Once the first campers begun to file into camp the excitement was palpable. Old friends were reunited with big hugs and and warm hellos and new friends were quickly welcomed by counesllors and fellow campers. Each camper was shown the cabin that will serve as their home-away-from-home for the next to weeks and, like Goldy Locks, found a bed that is just right. 
Mother Nature was clearly just as excited as we were about arrival day and the sun shone bright all day! 
Carrying trunks down the cabin line and getting unpacked can build up quite a sweat so many cabins cooled off in the beautiful Ahmic Lake. With the loud ring of the bell it was time for dinner in the Main House, some introductions to the counesllor and staff team, and announcements about many of the exciting programs to come in the next two weeks (a triathlon, colour run, and new and improved early bird...just in case you were wondering).
Tonight the girls enjoyed the waterfront exploring on paddle boards, testing their balance gunnell bobbing singing songs from shore, and jumping off the diving tower. Now the campers are in their cabins spending time getting to know one and other. 
Tomorrow brings on a new set of adventures!
Sweet dreams and happy camping,

13 August, 2015



Bobby Orr Hall of Fame Triathlon, Parry Sound 

Don't Miss Out!!

Ak-O-Mak will be attending the Parry Sound Kids of Steel Triathlon on Sunday, August 23rd during Session 6.  This is an excellent opportunity to "try-a tri" if you have never done one before.  Triathlon distances are quite short and easily achievable by our campers.

Coaches  Jocelyn & Brett Saunders (both U.S.A Triathlon Team members and World Championship competitors) will teach us the fundamentals of triathlon so everyone will be prepared to enjoy a fabulous day!

COST for the event is approximately $80.00 with taxes and bussing included.

Please email Dianne at: dianne@campakomak.com and we will sign you up! 

Come and be part of our Camp Ak-O-Mak Triathlon Team!

13 August, 2015

Goodbye 7 Weeks of Summer

Goodbye 7 Weeks of Summer

Where did the time go?  The last seven weeks of camp have seemingly evaporated into thin air! 

There were many tears on departure day yesterday as our wonderful camp friends from both the 7 and 3 week sessions departed for home. 

Many of you may have arrived as strangers but you left as family.  How lucky we are to have lived together and shared our stories, our early birds, our losses and our wins.  Together, we trained hard for regattas and triathlons then "winged it" for skits and lip-syncs!  We joined in song at every meal and campfire and we laughed everyday until our ribs hurt.  It's what Camp Ak-O-Mak is all about!

So long, Friends!...Until we meet again next year!...


Let The Games Begin!

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