09 August, 2015

August 8th and 9th

August 8th and 9th

Yesterday morning the girls woke up and had a fantastic early bird.  The water was flat and a gorgeous temperature, and many went best times.  After breakfast and a longer inspection, everyone headed down to the bike shed and helped pack the bikes into the U-Haul.  The bikes were packed and the girls dove into the water for a quick swim practice and early lunch.  The busses arrived and the girls piled in with their game faces on, ready to take on the Barrie Triathlon! We arrived in Barrie, walked through the course with our triathlon coach extraordinaire, Jocelyn, and headed to the Market buffet for dinner.  The girls carb loaded and then we checked into the hotel so that the girls could get a good sleep before the race.

This morning the wake up call came bright and early at 5:30am.  We all met in the lobby of the hotel and ate a quick breakfast before heading to Barrie.  The girls set up their transition areas and grabbed their cap and goggles.  All of Ak-O-Mak wore their bright green, orange and pink caps so it was easy to spot each girl swimming through Kempenfelt Bay.  The girls all did an amazing job and represented Ak-O-Mak with great sportsmanship, grace and athleticism.  We couldn’t be prouder of their performance today! After everyone finished their races, we ate lunch and then headed to awards.  Once awards finished off and we sang a few more camp cheers we loaded the buses to head back to camp, after a well deserved Dairy Queen stop. Once we got home it was time for cookout and our last campfire of the seven week session.  We are all looking forward to enjoying our two final days at camp.

06 August, 2015

August 6th 2015

August 6th

What a great morning here at camp, after an early bird of running, swimming and biking the girls headed up to the mainhouse for a delicious breakfast of blueberry pancakes and fresh fruit.  It was then time for inspection followed by our annual mountain bike race.  After the girls were fitted for their bikes, Blair led groups on a warm up ride of the racecourse.  The girls then raced in their age groups and had three chances to race the course.  Alina A. was the fastest rider of the day with a time of 4 minutes and 29 seconds.   It was an awesome morning of bike riding to practice our skills before the Barrie triathlon this weekend.  We are all looking forward to an afternoon of team comp and then for the counsellors to play against our camper softball team tonight after dinner in preparation for the game against the boys tomorrow.  

04 August, 2015

August 4th 2015

August 4th

It was a bit of a rainy day but we didn’t let that stop us from having a great time.  The morning began with an early bird of running, swimming, mountain biking and road biking.  After early bird, breakfast, and inspection the campers enjoyed classes of yoga, tennis, swimming, badminton, and wrestling, taught by our favourite wrestling coach the Commonweath Champion, Pete Michenzie. 

We then had lunch and rest hour before heading up to the main house for Ak-O-Mak style Jeopardy for team comp.  It was a fun game full of Disney, fairy tale, camp and counsellor trivia.  After Jeopardy everyone grabbed their blankets and settled in the main house to watch the Ironman World Championships video from the 2014 race and then listened to our coach Jocelyn speak about her Ironman experiences.  It was such an inspiring video that it left most of our campers wanting to start their Ironman training.  After dinner the rain subsided and the girls headed outside for their choice of softball, archery, partner tag, or a mountain bike ride.   We are sad to see our two-weekers leave tomorrow but everyone staying is looking forward to heading to Ahmic Lake Lodge for the day.        

02 August, 2015

August 2nd, 2015

August 2nd

It was a bit of a rainy and low-key day for us here at Ak-O-Mak to rest up after the busy week that we had.  It was a typical morning with the normal early bird, breakfast, inspection and then morning classes.  The morning was followed by lunch and then a long mandatory rest hour to allow everyone to catch up on some sleep.  By the end of rest hour the rain had started and everyone put on their rain boots and rain jackets to head up to the mainhouse where we were fortunate enough to have Laura Young, the author of “Solo but Never Alone, Swimming the Great Lakes”, here to talk to us about her book.  Laura gave a fantastic talk about her experiences writing her book and interviewing numerous famous swimmers who have completed crossings of the Great Lakes, many of them Ak-O-Makkers, including our very own Jocelyn Saunders.  After the talk everyone enjoyed a “cookout” in the mainhouse due to the rain before heading down to the cabins to prepare lip syncs.  We are all looking forward to campfire tomorrow when we will get to see all of the dances performed.  

01 August, 2015

August 1st, 2015

August 1st

It was an early morning for us here at Ak-O-Mak, with a 6:15am breakfast before we loaded the buses and were on the road to Barrie for the Kempenfest swim by 7am.  Once we got to Barrie all of our swimmers got ready for the race.  We had an impressive group of 82 swimmers and everyone had a fantastic race!  The water was a little colder than usual but the girls all handled it well and swam fast to beat the cold!  It was a fast race and all of our swimmers finished it with a smile on their face. 

After the race and awards everyone got money for lunch and headed out with their counsellors to explore Kempenfest.  Once everyone had finished exploring we loaded the buses and headed back to camp.  On our way back we made a quick stop at Dairy Queen to end off our day with some ice cream. 

Once we got back to camp we ate dinner and then headed down to the waterfront to bathe before an early bed.  Meanwhile, some of the campers staying at camp for longer sessions went into Magnetewan for some square dancing before bed.  It was an exciting day for everyone and the girls are all nice and tired, ready for a good sleep before a normal camp day tomorrow!   


31 July, 2015

July 31, 2015

July 31st

What an exciting day to be at Ak-O-Mak as it was our first annual Colour Run with Chikopi!  After lunch and a short rest hour Chikopi paddled over to Ak-O-Mak and we began the Colour Run.  Everyone was looking good in their white shirts, sunglasses, colourful accessories and painted faces as they took off for the 5km run where they got coloured powder thrown at them.  As the campers arrived back at camp for a dance party everyone was covered in blue, pink, yellow, orange, and purple paint from head to toe.  Once everyone had finished the run each person got a cup of powdered paint to throw up in the air all at once!   It was a very exciting afternoon, filled with tons of laughter, paint throwing and dancing. 

Once all of the paint had been thrown the group headed down to the waterfront to clean off before dinner.  It was then time for a delicious dinner before starting the annual soccer game.  In the end the Chikopi boys pulled ahead and won the game but it wasn’t without a fight from the girls.  It was a great game and our cheer section did a fantastic job encouraging our players.  Now it’s time to get a good sleep before we head to Barrie tomorrow morning for the Kempenfest swim!

30 July, 2015

The Invasion of

The Invasion of "Castle-Mak"

'Twas a full moon that night.  All was quiet  at Castle-Mak as its inhabitants were lost to a deep and abiding slumber.

The moon illumined the naked branches of the aged spruce tree which reached out like the gnarly fingers of an old crone.  'Twas an eerie omen of impending villainy against noble Castle-Mak.  The stillness of the night was disturbed by neither wind nor breeze and the humid air hung heavily over the inhabitants' huts. 

Cloaked in the shadows, a stealthy approach was made to the Main House...

The maleficent band systematically scaled the West Wall and secured their position on the 'Table of the Lost and Found'.  As The Novice kept watch, the largest and most experienced of the marauders went to work, deftly slashing screens, breaching the long-standing defenses of Castle-Mak.  The evil-doers hustled through the opening one by one, as disciplined and quiet as a group of Navy Seals. 

It was The Novice that inadvertently raised the alarm.

As the careless criminal crossed the sill of the window, a wooden artifact was knocked to the ground.  The din awakened Princess Rosemarie who had been slumbering in her upper chamber.  The princess hurried down to the Great Hall to investigate and was filled with horror at the sight that lay before her.

The "Masked Bandits of the Clan Raccoon" were plundering the treasure chest of Castle-Mak!  The feeding frenzy was frightening!   Hissing and snarling and gnashing of teeth filled the air.  Teeth were bared against each other as the looters fought over the choicest plunder, their blood-shot eyes filled with greed.  The sight confirmed what Princess Rosemarie feared most:  the masked villains were looting the childrens' treasure trove of skittles, popcorn, cheese-its and crunchy-ee-o's.  It was a veritable blood bath of red licorice.  'Air-Heads' were decapitated.  Lollies lay popped and dens of gummie bears were devoured en masse. 

The carnage was devastating.  Yet, Princess Rosemarie, caring more for the childrens' happiness than her own well-being, sprung into action, suppressing her own terror.  She grabbed the royal broom that stood in the corner.   With a "broom-chick-a-broom" she broom-broomed the evil entity from the Main House.

Forever banished, the Masked Bandits of Clan Raccoon retreated to the dark forest from whence they came, never to be seen again.

At daybreak, the noble children of Castle-Mak stoically accepted the news that their treasure trove had been forever fouled by the beasts.  In celebration of Princess Rosemarie's bravery in the face of overwhelming danger, they hoisted the lovely princess on their shoulders and shouted, "Let us give a Castle-Mak toast!"




Dear Well-Meaning Parents and Friends,

Please do not send candy and food packages to Camp Ak-O-Mak.  We simply do NOT have the ability to securely store the ENORMOUS volume of loot sent to campers. As a result, the racoons have become a nuisance, forcing us to prohibit all food-containing packages. 


30 July, 2015

July 30th, 2015

July 30th

The water has been so nice and warm lately that we decided today was a perfect day for our Monster Rock swim!  Plenty of campers decided to do the mile swim and it was a very fast swim even despite the water being a little more choppy than usual.  After the campers swam, most hopped into canoes to paddle and cheer on their counsellors who then completed the swim.  It was a great morning with fast swimming and lots of cheers while laying out in the sun!

Monster Rock Results

Erin B.                   22:02

Marion D.            22:41

Robin C.               23:01

Sarah S.                 23:05

Elana G.                23:08

Cassie G.              23:18

Charlotte B.        24:06

Emma G.              24:19

Anushri P.           24:27

Isabella C.            24:51

Neve V.                 24:54

Lauren A.             25:03

Lucy M.                 25:08

Victoria B.            25:13

Madeleine Y.     25:21

Gracey S.             25:23

Dianna P.             25:31

Marina D.            25:45

Grace P.               25:50

Aislinn M.            25:50

Ayden R.              26:07

Samuelle F.         26:20

Natalie K.             26:28

Mackenna A.     26:37

Frankie D.            26:45

Rachel P.              26:52

McKenna M.      26:59

Maya G.               26:59

Gabby E.              26:59

Emma C.              26:59

Gabby C.              27:36

Noelle Y.              27:36

Amanda M.        28:18

Catrice B.             29:05

Sangavi M.         29:23

Cameron P.        29:40

Kiera M.               29:40

Paola M.              30:00

Alina A.                 30:04

Calla T.                  30:05

Natasha L.           30:09

Charlotte R.        31:08

Elyse T.                 32:09

Maggie M.          33:35

Elisha P.                33:40

Rebecca R.          35:28

Carly M.               36:08

Casey M.             36:14

Carmella Y.          36:14

Marianna V.       36:59

Mia R.                   36:59

Isabella B.            38:01

Amrita K.             38:05

Effie L.                  38:22

Itziar F.                 40:21

Sydney C.            40:22

Jenna S.               42:10

Aitziber F.            48:23

Annika W.           50:32

29 July, 2015

July 29th 2015

July 29th

Our morning started out with an early bird of biking, running and swimming on a perfectly flat lake.   It was a very fast morning and many of the swimmers and runners went best times.  After early bird, breakfast and inspection, the sailing team headed back up to the main house for a sailing meeting and then an early lunch.  Once their lunch was finished they headed down to get their boats ready before heading out onto the course for a little practice.  Eventually the boats all headed to Chikopi to begin the race.  It was an awesome race with a perfect amount of wind!  The girls were fantastic and did a great job racing against the experienced Chikopi boats.  After the race we all gathered on shore for awards and cookies before sailing back to Ak-O-Mak for dinner.

Meanwhile back at camp the girls enjoyed regular morning classes of swimming, diving, synchronized swimming, volleyball and lacrosse.  After classes, lunch and rest hour the girls all headed down to the boathouse for an afternoon of paddling.  Everyone got to both war canoe and practice in a small boat.  It was a new experience for many of our 3 weekers and everyone seemed to enjoy learning a new skill. 

After a delicious stir fry dinner we had a soccer practice in preparation for our game against the boys while everyone else played softball, got their strokes corrected by Jocelyn, our fantastic athletic director, or headed out for a mountain bike with Blair.    

27 July, 2015

July 27th 2015

July 27th

It was yet another beautiful, hot, sunny day here at camp!  We started the day off with a sleep in until breakfast and then everyone headed down to the waterfront. The campers then warmed up for the 3 mile Ahmic Harbour race against the Chikopi boys or jumped into canoes with the counsellors to paddle for the swimmers.


The lake was completely flat and very warm – which was awesome for the race and the girls dominated!  8 out of 10 of the top campers were girls!  It was the perfect race to show the boys what Ak-O-Mak girls can do! 


After the race everyone paddled or ran/walked back to camp for open waterfront and then awards, followed by a delicious lunch with Chikopi.  Once we finished lunch Chikopi paddled back home and we had a nice rest hour out of the sun before an afternoon of sailing, road biking, canoeing, kayaking and diving.


It’s now time for the soccer team to practice for their upcoming game against Chikopi while the rest of the camp plays Smugglers and Spies on the backfields before a dip in the lake to cool off before bed.    





10 and under girls

Tori B.                        1st place          1:06:53

Amanda J.       2nd place         1:10:13

Catrice B.        3rd place         1:15:38

Charlotte R.    4th place          1:25:21

Carmella Y.     5th place          1:31:02


11 – 12 Girls

Diana P.          1s t place        1:06:23

Emma C.         2nd place         1:06:55

Alanna C.        3rd place         1:07:13

Gracey S.        4th place          1:08:36

Lucy M.           5th place          1:10:03

Alina A.           6th place          1:10:53

Frankie D.      7th place          1:10:55

Gabby C.         8th place          1:11:27

Camryn P.       9th place          1:11:33

Elyse T.           10th place       1:16:15

Aislinn M.       11th place       1:16:43

Ayden R.         12th place       1:21:54

Lauren C.        13th place       1:22:18

Aditi P.            14th place       1:26:26

Casey M.         15th place       1:26:22

Noelle Y.         16th place       1:30:44

Isabella B.       17th place       1:31:40

Itziar F.           18th place       1:46:21

Sarah L.          19th place       2:12:27


13-14 Girls

Erin B.             1st place          54:56

Trinity Z.        2nd place         57:26

Marion D.       3rd place         57:27

Robin C.          4th place          57:53

Sarah S.          5th place          57:59

Jessica R.        6th place          59:28

Emma G.         7th place          1:01:49

Lauren A.       8th place          1:02:15

Cassie G.         9th place          1:02:26

Charlotte B.    10th place       1:03:46

Anushri P.      11th place       1:03:53

Gabrielle E.     12th place       1:05:18

Amber P.        13th place       1:05:19

Madeleine Y.  14th place       1:06:22

Neve V.           15th place       1:06:43

Eva S.              16th place       1:06:50

Sloanne C.      17th place       1:07:35

Maya G.           18th place       1:09:57

Amanda M.     19th place       1:13:42

Keira M.          20th place       1:16:46

Sangavi M.      21st place        1:17:10

Teagan D.       22nd place       1:30:27


GIRLS 15-17

Arianne C.      1st place          59:29

Wynn M.         2nd place         1:00:06

Abby H.           3rd place         1:04:05

Grace P.          4th place          1:06:18

Samuelle F.     5th place          1:07:09

Marina D.       6th place          1:08:54

Mackenna A.  7th place          1:09:14

Abby H.           8th place          1:12:01

Paola M.          9th place          1:12:18

Olivia D.          10th place       1:13:19

Isabella C.       11th place       1:18:32

Mariana V.      12th place       1:29:24



Erin B.             1st  place         54:56

Trinity Z.        2nd  place        57:26

Marion D.       3rd  place        57:27

Robin C.          4th place          57:53

Sarah S.          5th place          57:59

Jessica R.        6th place          59:28

Arianne C.      7th place          59:29

Kyle S.             8th place          59:49

Wynn M.         9th place          1:00:06

Grier K.           10th place       1:00:50           


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