11 July, 2015

July 11th, 2015

July 11th

Today the girls woke up for an 8:30am breakfast after a sleep in for early bird.  We then loaded the buses to head off to North Bay for our first paddling regatta of the summer!  What a successful day we had!  Our races all went smoothly and the girls paddled their hearts out!  We had a bunch of boats place first, second and third and everyone seemed to have an awesome time both paddling and cheering on their teammates.  We could not have asked for a better day with the sun shining and not a cloud in the sky. 

After all of our races wrapped up we ordered pizza, went for a swim and loaded the boats before having our dinner.  After dinner we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and headed to our favourite ice cream shop in North Bay to end off our fantastic day with ice cream at the marina.  It was an amazing first regatta and the girls are all looking forward to continuing to practice in their boats this week so that we can be just as prepared for our Ottawa regatta next weekend.  After our exciting day in the sun everyone is sure to sleep well tonight!    

10 July, 2015

July 9th, 2015

July 9th


Yet another beautiful day here at Ak-O-Mak!  The sun was shining and the girls had a fantastic day!  The morning started out with an early bird of swimming, biking and running and then we had a delicious breakfast of egg mcmuffins.  After inspection everyone headed down for swim practice followed by a practice in our small boats.

That afternoon after rest hour Hogomak took over camp once again and the girls spent a few hours playing “Whistler”, where the houses were split into teams and had to follow the sounds of whistles from hidden counsellors to find them and collect a series of letters.  The houses then raced to unscramble the saying and then solve two riddles to regain their counsellors.  It was an awesome afternoon of swimming, running and paddling around camp and after the Golden Snitches succeeded everyone enjoyed open waterfront to cool off until dinner. 

We are excited to see what games the counsellors have planned for after dinner and are looking forward to another beautiful day tomorrow! 


08 July, 2015

Knoephfli Mile Swim Results

Knoephfli Mile Swim Results



Amanda J.                1st                   30:05

Gillian M.                 2nd                  32:31            (not AKOMAK)

Ella L.                       3rd                  32:44          (not AKOMAK)

Bailey K.                   4th                   32:44            (not AKOMAK)

Jolie M.                     5th                   33:53

Abigail G.                 6th                     38:40

Sophie W.                7th                   40:30

Naila K.                     8th                     50:27


GIRLS 11-12

Lucy M.                    1st                   25:42

Claire W.                  2nd                  27:33

Florence M.             3rd                  28:11

Lexi S.                       4th                   31:07

Abby M.                    5th                   31:13 (not AKOMAK)

Gabriela C.               6th                   38:45

Itziar F.                     7th                   44:37

Olivia K.                    8th                   51:01


GIRLS 13-14

Erin B.                      1st                   23:45

Robin C.                   2nd                  23:51

Jessica R.                 3rd                  24:27

Marion D.                4th                   24:42

Chloe S.                   5th                   25:09

Sarah S.                   6th                   25:25

Kendra L.                 7th                   25:43 (not AKOMAK)

Holly K.                    8th                   25:44 (not AKOMAK)

Abby H.                    9th                   25:57 (not AKOMAK)

Sarah M.                  10th                25:58 (not AKOMAK)

Ella R.                      11th                25:59 (not AKOMAK)

Samantha H.           12th                26:10

Kadia B.                    13th                26:47

Ellery P.                   14th                27:55

Claire S.                    15th                28:15

Maya G.                    16th                28:48

Eva S.                       17th                29:27

Alessandra A.           18th                29:31

Abby H.                    19th                30:13

Mya F.                      20th                31:15

Natalie W.                 21st                33:58

Hunter A.                  22nd               34:57

Teagan D.                23rd                38:42 (not AKOMAK)

Kate K.                      24th                38:43

Atira G.                     25th                45:26

Kosi L.                       26th                45:37

Mika H.                     27th                51:02


GIRLS 15 TO 17

Caitlin T.                  1st                   24:11 (not AKOMAK)

Arianne C.               2nd                  25:03

Elese T.                    3rd                  25:20 (not AKOMAK)

Wynn M.                  4th                   26:41

Abby H.                    5th                   27:39

Madeleine D.           6th                   29:11

Cassie C.                  7th                   31:23

Samantha G.            8th                   33:59

Paola M.                   9th                   34:08

Hana H.                    10th                34:34

Carly M.                   11th                39:47

08 July, 2015

July 8th, 2015

July 8th

What a fantastic day spent in the sun!  After an early bird of paddling, swimming, running and mountain biking everyone headed into the main house for a breakfast of pancakes and fresh fruit. 

With our two week campers leaving this morning the campers remaining at camp said their goodbyes before everyone loaded the boats to paddle over to Ahmic Lake Lodge for the day.  Once we arrived the girls all had a swim practice and enjoyed using the water slides and trampolines at the lodge after swim practice finished.  Afterwards everyone ate lunch that the kitchen packed up for us and then enjoyed an afternoon eating ice cream and playing in the rapids.

Once back at camp we ate a delicious dinner before an evening of small boats practice for the regatta this Saturday and paddle boarding and gunnel bobbing.  It was a wonderful day in the sun and we are all hoping for some more beautiful weather this week!    

07 July, 2015

July 6th & July 7th

July 6

Great camp day at Ak-O-Mak, full day of archery, self defense, softball, mountain biking, swimming & our annual rode bike ride to the Cornball Store.

July 7

Today we are at Chikopi for our open water Knoephfi swim so we will not be in the main house until dinner, Go Ak-O-Mak Go!!

07 July, 2015

July 7th, 2015


It was an adventurous day here at Ak-O-Mak!  The day began with breakfast at 7:30am before loading the war canoes and pleasure canoes to head over to Chikopi for the Knoepfli race.  Once at Chikopi everyone did a few camp cheers before getting into the water for the one-mile swim race.  It was a great race and the girls all had an awesome swim and walked back to Chikopi just before the rain began.  We then ate lunch and had awards before a rainy paddle back home to camp.  Even the paddle was fun with the girls all singing some of their favourite pop songs while heading home.


Once back at camp everyone enjoyed rest hour and then we all headed up to the main house to watch the movie Bedtime Stories and warm up by the fire out of the rain.  After dinner everyone got dressed up in their craziest outfits and headed up to the main house for a dance party.  We all sang and danced our hearts out and had a fantastic time!  It was a bit of a different day here at camp but still tons of fun!   Everyone is looking forward to the sun coming out tomorrow for a day at Ahmic Lake Lodge.      

05 July, 2015

July 5th 2015

July 5th

Most of the girls woke up nice and early this morning to load the bus and head on our way to Niagara.  Once in Niagara a group of us headed down to the Maid of the Mist to take the boat trip under the falls.  Meanwhile everyone else spent time looking at the falls and grabbing some chocolate from the Hershey store.  After spending a while in Niagara we all loaded back on to the bus to head to everyone’s favourite destination … the Vaughn Mills mall!   The girls then had a fantastic afternoon shopping with all of their cabinmates.  After a dinner at the mall and armed with all of our purchases we loaded the bus one last time to head back to camp.  While on the bus the girls all had a great time, sharing everything they bought and had a mini fashion show from their seats.  It was a very long but fun day for us and we are all going to sleep well tonight!

Meanwhile, back at camp the girls who did not go to Niagara enjoyed a nice quiet day with a small camp group.   They all got to sleep in and then choose their own classes of badminton, volleyball and paddle boarding in the morning.  Then after lunch the girls paddled over to Ahmic Lake Lodge for ice cream and a swim in the rapids.   After dinner everyone was excited to be reunited when the buses returned to camp, and after catching up we all headed down for bed!  Everyone is looking forward to an early bird full of swimming and running tomorrow morning!   

04 July, 2015

July 4th, 2015

July 4th

"Oh Say Can You See!"

Happy 4th of July to all of our American friends!

It was a beautiful, sunny day here Ak-O-Mak and our American campers showed their "spirit" by donning their red-white and blue "swag".  Funky glasses, sparkling boas, and stars'n stripes spandex accessorized many a camp uniform at breakfast and dinner.

A variety of activities were enjoyed such as soccer, volleyball and zumba and Molly's class in "Competitive Croquet" was a definite crowd pleaser!

In the afternoon we had our entire fleet of racing canoes and kayaks on the water.  The girls are practising their skills and drills in preparation for the upcoming North Bay Regatta on July 11th, a short week away!  With two cabins of 10 & Unders, we have discovered some impressive new paddling talent!

A cook out on Sandy Beach rounded out the day where we enjoyed home made burgers, sausages, salads and veggies.  The kitchen baked a fantastic chocolate-brownie cake and Chef Samson decorated it with spangled stars and stripes!

Happy Independence Day, USA!! 

03 July, 2015

July 3rd 2015

July 3rd

Everyone was excited this morning to hear the bell ring for breakfast after they had a nice sleep in to prepare for the 10km run against the boys.  Chikopi arrived just after breakfast and after some stretching the race began!  Our girls ran there fastest while trying to beat the boys!  It was a perfect day for a run and everyone did a fantastic job and tried their best. 

After the race, the waterfront opened up and everyone enjoyed cooling off in the water and had a great time jumping off the tower.  We then had awards and lunch with Chikopi before they paddled back home. 

This afternoon we took our camp and cabin photos quickly before an afternoon of war canoeing, paddling in the small boats, sea kayaking and paddle boarding.  After dinner the campers got a choice between archery, tennis and small boats.  It was an awesome but tiring day here at camp and everyone is sure to sleep well tonight!


10 km Race Results

Ten and under girls

Amanda J.         1st place                            44:45

Abigail G.          2nd place                          1:00:15

Sophie W.         3rd place                           1:06:26

Jolie M.               4th place                           1:06:34

Jacqueline C.   5th place                           1:06:51

Nailia K.            6th place                           1:09:16

Regina A.          7th place                           1:21:14

Jenna S.              8th place                           1:29:48

Veronica S.      9th place                           1:38:13

Aitziber F.        10th place                         1:38:14

Mariama K.      11th place                         1:40:51

Georgia B.        12th place                         1:48:52



11-12 Girls


Florence M.     1st place                            59:06

Alexi S.               2nd place                           1:04:03

Gabby C.            3rd place                           1:12:37

Itziar F.              4th place                           1:21:18

Hei-Yin G.         5th place                           1:30:21


13-14 Girls

Claire S.             1st place                            47:36

Regina D.          2nd place                           49:37

Natalia W.        3rd place                           49:47

Kate K.                              4th place                           50:43

Chloe S.              5th place                           52:01

Kosi L.                6th place                           52:04

Robin C.             7th place                           52:05

Jessica R.          8th place                           55:43

Erin B.                9th place                           55:46

Alessandra A. 10th place                         1:00:51

Hunter A.          11th place                         1:04:02

Teagan D.         12th place                         1:06:33

Mika H.              13th place                         1:09:26

Atira G.              14th place                         1:10:16

Claire P.             15th place                         1:10:55

Samantha H.   16th place                         1:11:19

Marion D.         17th place                         1:11:31

Sarah S.             18th place                         1:18:01

Ellery P.             19th place                         1:18:02

Eva S.                  20th place                         1:24:18

Abby H.             21st place                         1:43:23


15-17 Girls

Cassandra C.   1st place                            56:50

Madeleine D.   2nd place                           57:01

Abby H.             3rd place                           59:42

Carly M.             4th place                           1:00:12

Samantha G.    5th place                           1:07:10

Hana H.             6th place                           1:07:11

Paola M.            7th place                           1:09:56

Monica C.          8th place                           1:10:56

Wynn M.            9th place                           1:30:22

Hannah P.         10th place         


18 and over

Melissa              1st place                            41:43

Jocelyn S.          2nd place                           44:32

Brooke S.          3rd place                           47:20

Monica D.         4th place                           47:40

Brigette C.        5th place                           48:09

Jessica C.           6th place                           52:10

Lily A.                 7th place                           57:03

Rosie T.             8th place                           57:07

Krista S.            9th place                           57:18

MJ C.                    10th place                         57:21

Catherine M.   11th place                         1:00:11

Collette D.        12th place                         1:10:13

Molly S.              13th place                         1:11:32

Gillian T.           14th place                         1:40:01


01 July, 2015

July 1, 2015

July 1st

Happy Canada Day everyone!  We had such an awesome time today celebrating!  The morning began with a normal early bird of small boats, swimming and running.  After breakfast the campers all had a chance to learn some new stretching techniques taught by Jocelyn. 

After stretching everyone got all decked out in their red and white, grabbed their flags and we headed to Magnetewan.  While in Magnetewan we walked in a parade through the town.  It was an awesome experience as all of the girls got to hold the flag from their country while we paraded and sang all of our favourite camp cheers.  Once the parade was over the girls did a flash mob with our camp dance and we ate lunch and got ice cream!  Finally, before heading back to camp four of our youngest campers represented Ak-O-Mak in the cardboard boat race and took second place!

Back at camp Jocelyn led a running clinic for the campers and then everyone had a quick swim practice before dinner.  After a delicious dinner of roast beef, salad and roasted veggies we are now waiting to begin our counsellor fashion show!  


Let The Games Begin!

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