22 August, 2014

August 22nd

August 22nd


Today there was no early bird as the girls were getting ready to race the Knoephfli mile followed Chikopi field day! The morning started out a little wet with a light "British Isles" drizzle but the girls pulled through and all swam a fantastic race! Between the Ak-O-Mak girls and the Chikopi boys there were 87 swimmers in the race! We are very proud of Olivia A from Cabin 1 who came first overall with a time of 20:04 (A NEW Knoephfli mile swim record for the Ak-O-Mak girls!).

Five girls make the top 10 overall:  Olivia A, Vanessa G, Alexis B, Kate A, and Madeleine M! Fantastic! The Ak-O-Mak girls then enjoyed a Chikopi lunch before being assigned to mixed teams for the zaney Field Day activities.

Soon it was time for us to paddle home just in time for candy store and rest hour.

Many thanks to Chefs  Peter and Samson who prepared a delicious Chinese- food dinner tonight after which  we were re-energized for evening activities!

22 August, 2014

Knoefphi Mile Swim

Knoefphli Mile Swim


Friday 22nd August 2014

Girls 10 and under

1st place              Alaina O.                              27:42

Girls 11 and 12

1st place              Renne L.                              24:18

2nd place             Emma S.                               24:20

3rd place              Evelyn H.S.                           25:56

4th place              Abby H.                                 26:18

5th place              Elke O.                                  26:41

6th place              Katya T.Y.                            26:44

7th place              Emma L.                               27:01

8th place              Antonia G.                            27:27

9th place              Jordan S.                              27:34

10th place           Caroline M.                           27:53

11th place           Carly A.                                 29:33

12th place           Sarah W.                              30:16

13th place           Marit K.                                  32:25

14th place           Lola C.                                   35:12

Girls 13 and 14

1st place              Madeleine M.                     22:09

2nd place             Hailey N.                             23:08

3rd place              Haley S.                              23:20

4th place              Anna D.                               23:27

5th place              Jessica C.                            23:46

6th place              Olivia O.                               23:47

7th place              Marion D.                             24:05

8th place              Liana Grace                         24:55

9th place              Reagan M.                           25:04

10th place           Emily S.                                 25:05

11th place           Marni G.                                25:38

12th place           Annie R.                                25:46

13th place           Alicia C.                                 26:15

14th place           Olivia L.                                 26:16

15th place           Sarah M.                              26:21

16th place           Chiara D.                              26:23

17th place           Kathryn A.                            26:34

18th place           Carmina C.                           26:37

19th place           Olivia H.                                27:43

20th place           Reaghan G.                         27:54

21st place            Morgan B.                           28:52

22nd place          Mary M.                               28:55

Girls 15-17

1st place              Olivia A.                                20:04

2nd place             Vanessa G.                          20:45

3rd place              Alexis B.                               21:49

4th place              Kate A.                                 21:53

5th place              Lauren S.                             23:00

6th place              Adelle Y.B.                           23:14

7th place              Dana S.                               24:50

8th place              Mary Kate J.                        24:58

9th place              Erin A.                                 25:01

10th place           Ashlynn M.                           25:02

11th place           Alex W.                                 25:03

12th place           Alicia G.                               25:43

13th place           Emily M.                               27:44

21 August, 2014

August 21st

August 21st 2014

Our day started with early bird! It was a perfect day for a run or swim! After breakfast, the girls had morning classes! Lots of fun classes were offered including swimming, aerobic yogalaties, ultimate frisbee, lacrosse, self defense, basketball and tennis! After lunch, it was raining and pouring over Ak-O-Mak.

The girls had rest hour and prepared lip syncs for evening activity. The girls dressed up and put on their dancing shoes! Everyone had amazing performances, some good laughs and great times! The counsellors even had a lip sync number! What a show! After all of the performances, it was early bed time for everyone as the girls prepare for the Knoephfli mile swim and Chikopi field day!

20 August, 2014

August 20th

August 20th 2014

Our day started out with a nice drizzle but the sun eventually came out for a good part of the morning! The girls had the choice to swim, run or bike for early bird! What a perfect way to start off the morning! Morning classes today included: fencing, bootcamp, basketball, kayaking, zumba and swimming!

We also had a Cabin 1 VS Cabin 2 game of ultimate frisbee! What an exciting game! After lunch, we paddled over to Ahmic Lake Lodge for some ice cream and tasty treats. The girls even got to play in the rapids! After dinner, the girls played a game in the backfield for evening activity! Such a fun day for everyone!

19 August, 2014

August 19th

August 19th

Another warm day at Camp Ak-O-Mak! Early Bird was the event to see; lots of best times, first times and a new 2 mile Ak-O-Mak swim record!

Olivia A broke the previous 2 mile record going 30:40! What a swim!

After breakfast, it was off to classes! The girls did biking, canoeing, self defence, field hockey and soccer! Cabin six even went on a kayaking adventure! We had a great afternoon with our NEW Team comp activity: "The Amazing Race!". All of the girls worked together to complete the relays and challenges! Lots of cheering and good times! After dinner, we had evening activity in the backfields! It was a great day!

18 August, 2014

August 18th

August 18th

Another exciting day at camp today full of sunshine!

The girls had the choice to either swim or run for early bird! The day continued with a fun morning schedule including: biking, canoeing, swimming, tennis, self-defence and ultimate frisbee!

After lunch, the girls had rest hour and took advantage of the sunny afternoon through afternoon classes! A variety of classes including kayaking, canoeing, softball, biking, kickball and war canoe! We then had open water front to cool off! We ended our exciting day with a campfire and our Paddle Picking Ceremony! Everyone was in good spirit and cheer with camp songs and marshmallows by the fire! Yum Yum!

Now it's off to bed, to rest up for another beautiful day in the sun!

17 August, 2014

August 17th

August 17th

What a fantastic first day at camp! We started our morning with a walking tour of our beautiful camp and some of the new running trails! The girls then had inspection morning classes including: badminton, tennis, biking, canoeing and swimming! Despite the chilly wind this morning, the bright sun made a great appearance in the afternoon heating up the day!

After lunch, the girls all did a running clinic lead by our speedy marathon runners, Rosie and Emily! We then finish off the afternoon with Team Comp. The girls all worked together, put on their thinking caps and came up with creative team names and skits to represent their teams! There was lots of laughter, cheer and team spirit! Now it's time for bed to prepare for tomorrow's fun activities!

16 August, 2014

Welcome to Camp Everyone

Welcome to Camp Everyone!

It was a wet arrival at Ak-O-Mak today but the dark, grey skies and pouring rain did not dampen the spirits of our campers. Everyone was excited to set up their bunks and begin learning the names of their cabin mates.  As everyone headed down to their cabins for "cabin bonding" the black clouds were giving way to blue skies across the lake, revealing the sun for the first time today!  Yeah!...Tomorrow will be a great day!

14 August, 2014

August 14th

August 14th

Here it is the day after all of our campers and some of our counsellors have gone home.  The weather has definitely turned with Mother Nature giving us a preview of October it seems, so we are very glad to know that you are all in your cozy nests with Mom and Dad!

As the last car drove under the Ak-O-Mak gate headed for home, those of us remaining breathed a collective sigh.  Although sad to see our friends depart, we are comforted by the memories made during these amazing seven (or three) weeks spent together.  My goodnesswe LAUGHED A LOTfrom doing "DUMB STUFF!" just as Jan so eloquently said in her last campfire talk to us last year.

10 August, 2014

August 9th & 10th

August 9th and 10th

What a great weekend we had in Barrie!  On Saturday we ate an early lunch and then loaded the buses.  Once we arrived in Barrie we headed right to Kempenfelt Bay where we picked up our race kits and walked the triathlon course.

After everyone felt confident about transitions, where to rack their bike, and the rest of the race course we headed to dinner at The Market.  It was a delicious all you can eat buffet and the girls had an awesome time!  Once everyone was full we headed to the hotel to get all settled in and have a swim in the pool before bed.

We woke up nice and early on Sunday to have a quick bite to eat for breakfast before heading to the race.  Once there we unloaded all of our bikes and set up our transition areas.  It was then time for our youngest campers to race while the rest of the camp cheered them on.  As the races went on throughout the morning everyone at the race got to know whom Camp Ak-O-Mak was because the cheering never stopped. 

It was an awesome day of racing for us with many of our campers and counsellors placing in the top of their age groups and other campers completing their first ever triathlon!   

Results are on the website www.sportstats.ca click results and Barrie Triathlon


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