22 July, 2014

July 22nd

July 22nd

It has been a beautiful day here at camp so far!  The girls all got a great sleep last night after our four week banquet and everyone was excited for an early bird of swimming, running, cycling, and mountain biking this morning.

Once we finished early bird and breakfast we had a big camp clean up and gave the campers leaving a chance to pack and then as the four weekers left the rest of the camp headed down to the waterfront for swim practice.  After swim practice everyone got to choose their favourite water activity to do until lunch.  Girls went paddle-boarding, gunnel bobbing, canoeing, kayaking, and diving.

After a delicious lunch everyone headed down to the cabins for a quick rest hour before paddling and biking over to Ahmic Lake Lodge to take advantage of the gorgeous day with an afternoon filled with ice cream and playing in the rapids.

This evening all of the seven-week campers are looking forward to having a movie night cuddled up in the mainhouse with our favourite movie treats.  We cannot wait for the new session to start tomorrow and all of the new campers to arrive!


17 July, 2014

July 15th & July 16th

July 15

It is hard to believe that our four-week session only has one week left!  Today we awoke to overcast clouds and a little rain, however that did not stop the girls from having an exciting day! After early bird and a delicious breakfast most of the cabins enjoyed classes of Zumba, self-defense, softball and of course swimming … YAY!  

This afternoon after lunch and rest hour the cabins got together and created their own lip-syncs! Thankfully once each of the cabins presented their dances the sun began to shine! The softball team had a practice while the rest of the camp had a choice between a period of mountain biking or water polo! After dinner the softball team got together again for another quick practice and the other campers had a diving lesson or went for a mountain bike ride.


July 16

This morning we had a surprise sleep-in courtesy of Cabin 1 taping the bell! After a breakfast of poached eggs on English muffins and fresh fruit the girls enjoyed morning classes of fencing, rugby, softball, and swimming. 

After a delicious pierogi lunch everyone headed down to the cabins for rest hour.  Once rest hour was over we played a team competition game called Flabbergaster.  It was a crazy game with flour and buttons flying everywhere!  Everyone had an awesome time!  After the game, the campers faced off against the counsellors in the camper versus counsellor softball game.  In the end the camper team came out on top.  We are very excited to try and beat the boys tomorrow in our softball match at Chikopi. 

Once the game was over everyone headed up to the mainhouse for a yummy dinner.  After dinner we all went down to the boathouse for an evening of war canoe practice for the regatta this weekend.   

15 July, 2014

A Celebration of the Life of Jan Moldenhauer

A Celebration of the Life of Jan Moldenhauer

Please join us at Camp Ak-O-Mak as we celebrate the life of our friend and coach, Jan Moldenhauer.

Saturday, July 26th, 2014 at 11:00 am in the Ak-O-Mak Main House.

Lakeside at 12:15 pm:  Commitment of the Ashes to the Lake

Buffet Luncheon will follow the service at 1:00 pm. (Due to the potential number of guests expected, please RSVP and a discretionary meal donation of $10.00 per person would be appreciated).

After lunch, we invite our alumni and visitors to enjoy and participate with our campers in a variety of activities until 4:00 pm....War Canoe, Kayaking, Swimming at Sandy Beach, Tennis, Beach Volley Ball, Pleasure Canoeing, a jump off the tower, etc.


14 July, 2014

July 14th

July 14th


It was a great day with perfect weather for us here at Ak-O-Mak!  Our morning started out with an early breakfast so that we could all war canoe and C4 over to Chikopi for the Chikopi triathlon.

Once we arrived on Chikopi’s beach the cheering began and soon the race was underway.  Everyone swam, ran, and solo paddled as fast as they could in order to beat the boys.  It was a great race by all and a fun way to spend the morning.

After all of the racers had returned both camps gathered in front of Chikopi’s mainhouse for awards and then lunch.  It was then time for all of us to paddle back over to Ak-O-Mak for a well-deserved rest hour.

Once rest hour was over the softball team headed down to the baseball diamond for a practice while everyone else went to sandy beach for an afternoon of surfboard races and beach fun.

We had a delicious dinner of beef stew, potatoes, tomato salad, and a yummy apple crumble for dessert.  After dinner the softball team continued practicing and everyone else either had a diving lesson or went for a mountain bike ride for evening activity.  Everyone is now in bed getting ready for another awesome camp day tomorrow!




1st place                     Amanda J.                   1:07:12

2nd place                   Abigail G.                    1:12:53

3rd place                    Jolie M.                        1:14:36

4th place                    Keegan D.                   1:55:01


GIRLS 11 - 12

1st place                     Claire S.                      56:21

2nd place                   Elana G.                      58:28

3rd place                    Lucy M.                       59:01

4th place                    Robin C.                      59:54

5th place                    Madeleine Y.              1:05:00

6th place                    Alessandra A.             1:07:13

7th place                    Teagan D.                   1:07:30

8th place                    Sarah S.                      1:08:00

9th place                    Felicity C.                    1:16:00

10th place                  Olivia K.                      1:27:50



GIRLS 13 -14

1st place                     Indianna S.                 55:08

2nd place                   Isabella A.                   55:21

3rd place                    Jessica R.                    56:10

4th place                    MacKenzie O.             57:07

5th place                    Paola M.                      59:59

6th place                    Samantha H.               1:00:12

7th place                    Arianne C.                  1:03:32

8th place                    Marion D.                   1:03:37

9th place                    Maya G.                       1:04:05

10th place                  Carly M.                      1:05:01

11th place                  Ana Sofia D.               1:13:18

12th place                  Amelia C.                    1:13:58

13th place                  Abby H.                       1:16:40


GIRLS 15-17

1st place                     Abby H.                       54:03

2nd place                   Elizabeth W.               54:33

3rd place                    Natasha L.                  59:40

4th place                    Samantha G.               1:02:13

5th place                    Ashley S.                     1:06:59

6th place                    Gillian K.                     1:08:00

7th place                    Erin M.                        1:18:47



1st place                     Jocelyn S.                    49:56


13 July, 2014

July 13th

July 13th

The girls woke up this morning to the breakfast bell, hooray for sleeping in! We all enjoyed toasted bagels, cream cheese, and fried eggs for breakfast.  The morning began a little overcast but it turned out to be a beautiful day as the girls practiced their small boats, enjoyed swim practice, played ultimate Frisbee, went mountain biking, and stretched their legs on a hiking adventure!

This afternoon after lunch and rest hour the camp gathered for a team competition favorite “CHALLENGIA”.  After the completion of the game, we all had another paddling practice. The war canoes, C4’s and other small boats are looking great and we can’t wait to show off our skills next weekend!

We had wonderful weather for our cookout and campfire tonight.  After eating some delicious burgers, hotdogs, and salad we had Colleen Shields describe her adventures regarding her time at camp and her experiences with open water swimming and crossing Lake Ontario.  The girls then went to bed early so that everyone is well rested for our race against the boys tomorrow in the Chikopi Triathlon.  

12 July, 2014

July 12th

July 12th

It was another beautiful and sunny day here at Ak-O-Mak.  This morning the girls took advantage of the nice weather with an early bird of small boats, running, and swimming. 

After breakfast and inspection everyone enjoyed their classes of kayaking, lacrosse, hiking, bootcamp, and of course swimming.  It was then time for a yummy lunch of chicken Caesar wraps before a much needed rest hour.

Everyone then headed down to the boathouse to take advantage of the sun and continue practicing in our small boats and war canoes for the regatta that is now just one week away!  Everyone enjoyed practicing their strokes and starts and of course cheers!

After paddling the softball team had a quick practice and everyone else headed over to the main dock for a quick dip in the lake and jump off the tower before dinner.  It was a delicious pasta dinner and then we had the privilege of having Pete M., a wrestling Olympian speak to us about his experiences wrestling and at camp.  It was then off to bed for all of the girls.  We can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring! 

11 July, 2014

July 10th & July 11th

July 11th


This morning was a little different here at camp because our early bird was a light breakfast before the 10km run against Chikopi.  The boys showed up nice and early so that we could run the race before it got too hot.  After a few stretches and cheers the race began and everyone was off running to Ahmic Harbour and back. 

It was a tight race with Brett S. from Chikopi coming in first followed closely by his mom and our Athletic Director, Jocelyn who came second.  All of our Ak-O-Mak girls did a great job and many girls were in the top ten. 

After an awesome morning of running the boys joined us for a delicious lunch and some singing before padding back to Chikopi.  The girls then all went down to their cabins for a well deserved rest hour.

Once rest hour was over we all headed down to the boathouse to take advantage of the gorgeous weather with an afternoon of paddling practice.  Everyone had an awesome time practicing in their small boats and war canoes for the upcoming regatta.

It was then time for a dinner of roast beef, mashed potatoes, corn, and salad.  The softball team then had an evening practice and everyone else went for a mountain bike or played a few different backfield games.  After such a tiring but fun day everyone is now ready for bed and looking forward to another awesome camp day tomorrow!



1ST place                   Amanda J.                   48:51

2nd place                   Noelle Y.                     58:49

3rd place                    Abigail G.                    59:15

4th place                    Keagan D.                   59:37

5th place                    Jolie M.                        1:14:53

6th place                    Aitziber F.                   1:40:43

7th place                    Jenna S.                       1:44:09



11-12 GIRLS

1ST Place                   Claire S.                      44:25

2nd place                   Elana G.                      54:07

3rd place                    Felicity C.                    55:12

4th place                    Kosi L.                         57:56

5th place                    Maddie Y.                   59:34

6th place                    Alessandra A.             1:01:27

7th place                    Teagan D.                   1:06:41

8th place                    Lucy M.                       1:11:37

9th place                    Robin C                       1:19:05

10th place                  Itziar  F.                      1:27:08

11th place                  Olivia K.                      1:43:52


13 -14 Girls

1st place                     Isabella A.                   48:53

2nd place                   Mackenzie O.              52:44

3rd place                    Jessica R.                    53:16

4th place                    Carly M.                      57:22

5th place                    Indie S.                        57:66

6th place                    Paola M.                      1:04:08

7th place                    Samantha H.               1:10:03

8th place                    Amelia C.                    1:11:33

9th place                    Sarah S.                      1:13:08

10th place                  Ana Sofia D.               1:13:31

11th place                  Maya G.                       1:20:32

12th place                  Arianne C.                  1:20:43

13th place                  Abby H.                       1:44:29


15-17 GIRLS

1st place                     Natasha L.                  53:32

2nd place                   Samantha G.               57:16

3rd place                    Alexa M.                      58:06

4th place                    Gillian K.                     58:37

5th place                    Abby H.                       1:00:04

6th place                    Elizabeth W.               1:00:56

7th place                    Ashley S.                     1:00:57

8th place                    Ursula M.                    1:11:19

9th place                    Monica C.                    1:28:40




1st place                     Jocelyn S.                    43:13

2nd place                   Emily C.                       47:09

3rd place                    Monica D.                   49:05

4th place                    Molly L.                       49:08

5th place                    Martha D.                   50:29

6th place                    Brigette C.                  53:55

7th place                    Rosie T.                      54:13

8th place                    MJ C.                            54:50

9th place                    Jessica C.                     57:42

10th place                  Colette D.                    1:03:05

11th place                  Lily E.                          1:11:19



July 10th


What started out as a very foggy morning turned into a beautiful day for us here at Ak-O-Mak.  The girls who swam for early bird swam triangles in the bay because of the fog and the rest of the campers went for a run or a road bike. 

After early bird and breakfast the sun was out and all of the girls enjoyed their morning classes of swimming, mountain biking, kayaking, small boats, tennis, and felid hockey.

Once we had a yummy lunch and a relaxing rest hour everyone headed over to Ahmic Lake Lodge by war canoe, bike, or pleasure canoe.  A few campers even elected to swim over to the lodge.  Once at the lodge everyone enjoyed an afternoon of ice cream and playing in the rapids.

We all made our way back to camp for dinner and then had open waterfront until heading for bed to rest up to beat the boys in the 10km running race against Chikopi Friday morning. 


09 July, 2014

July 8th

July 8th

Yesterday was a bit of a rainy day but that didn’t stop us from making the best of it.   The girls were all troopers and did early bird in the rain before coming up for a hot breakfast of waffles, bacon, oatmeal, and fruit to warm everyone up.

After a long inspection of cleaning and sorting laundry the girls headed to their morning classes.   Due to the rain the classes ended up being swimming, small boats, and a camp wide Zumba class in the mainhouse.

Once our Zumba session was over and everyone was all danced out we had a delicious lunch of homemade pizza and salad.  The girls then all headed to their cabins for a rest hour out of the rain. 

After rest hour everyone put on comfy, cozy clothes and settled down in the mainhouse for some team competition counsellor trivia.  We had so much fun learning things like counsellor Lily tried out for her stepping team in high school.  And none of the girls guessed that Georgia was the counsellor with over fifty first cousins!  Once we had finished counsellor trivia, our coach Jocelyn put in an Ironman Kona video.  It was an inspiring video about both the pros and amateurs who completed the 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run.  We then had an opportunity for Jocelyn to speak about her experience completing 24 Ironman races, both as a pro and an amateur. 

We then had a yummy dinner and everyone went down to the cabins to prepare lip sync’s that will be performed today!  


07 July, 2014

July 6th & July 7th

July 6th


What a busy day for us at Camp Ak-O-Mak!  All of the girls competing in the Huronia Triathlon in Midland had an early wake up and loaded the bus so we could be on our way to the triathlon nice and early.  Once we got there everyone got ready for an awesome day of racing!   We started with the youngest age groups and our 8-9 year olds kicked off the day followed by all of the other age groups in the Kids of Steal race.  After everyone 15 and under had finished racing the girls and counselors cheering got ready for their own races.  The oldest campers and counselors that competed in the Try-A-Tri and the Sprint Triathlon all raced their hearts out while all of the younger campers cheered them on. 

After a great day of racing the Ak-O-Mak crew even got to go up on the stage and do a few camp cheers into the microphone.  All in all, it was an awesome day of racing in Midland.  On the way home we even stopped for some ice cream to end off the day. 

The group of campers back at camp for the day had a fantastic time hiking, learning about the history of camp, doing surfboard relays, and playing the favourite Rocktagon in Cabin 7.

Once everyone was back together at camp we had a delicious cookout dinner of hamburgers and hotdogs for dinner followed by story time where everyone told their favourite parts of the day by the fire in the mainhouse.

It was yet another awesome day for everyone and we are all excited to beat the boys in the Kneopfli mile swim tomorrow!



July 7th


The girls all enjoyed a nice sleep in through early bird today after the early morning we all had yesterday.  Everyone rolled out of bed and headed up to a breakfast of croissants, eggs, and oatmeal. 

Although the weather wasn’t too great for us this morning everyone got into canoes and we paddled over to Chikopi for the traditional Knoepfli mile swim.   Once we got to Chikopi the girls raced their hardest against the boys and did an amazing job! 

After paddling and walking back to Chikopi we had lunch with the boys and then awards and we all got into our canoes to paddle back home to Ak-O-Mak.  Once back at camp the girls enjoyed rest hour and then went to a softball practice, soccer, or on a mountain bike ride. 

We then headed up to the mainhouse for a delicious dinner of Greek salad, pork, potatoes, pitas and tzatziki sauce.  We then all went down to the fire pit to roast marshmallows and sing songs around the campfire until bedtime. 

Everyone is looking forward to a few regular camp days now!





1ST PLACE                 Florence M.    32:07

2nd place                   Jolie M.            39:27

3rd place                    Amanda J.       39:28


GIRLS 11-12

1ST PLACE                 Sarah S.          24:24

2nd Place                   Elana G.          24:36

3rd Place                    Emma G.         26:28

4th Place                    Robin C.          26:53

5th place                    Madeleine Y.  27:09

6th Place                    Claire S.          27:40

7th place                    Alessandra A. 30:47

8th Place                    Lucy M.           31:22

9th Place                    Claire W.         31:30

10th Place                  Maddy W.       31:39

11th Place                  Erin K.             32:10 

12th Place                  Teagan D.       39:07

13TH Place                Felicity C.        40:37



GIRLS 13-14

1ST PLace                  Indianna S.     22:35

2nd Place                   Arianne C.      23:23

3rd Place                    Jessica R.        23:24

4th Place                    Sofia S.            24:22

5th Place                    Samantha H.   24:41

6th Place                    Marion D.       25:03

7th Place                    Sarah M.         26:34

8th Place                    Maya G.           27:26

9th Place                    Maddy D.        27:48

10th Place                  Abby H.           28:32

11th Place                  Isabella A.       28:45

12th Place                  Claire P.          28:57

13th Place                  Lilli Ana M.     29:54

14th Place                  MacKenzie O. 30:45

15th Place                  Hunter A.        32:03

16th Place                  Paola M.          32:26

17th Place                  Sofia B.           32:40

18th Place                  Carly M.          42:39

19th Place                  Ana Sofia D.   42:40


GIRLS 15-17

1st Place                     Elizabeth W.   24:29

2nd Place                   Abby H.           26:35

3rd Place                    Cassie C.         30:00

4th Place                    Grace P.          31:23

5th Place                    Samantha G.   31:27

6th Place                    Ursula M.        36:15

7th Place                    Erin M.            45:39

8th Place                    Gillian K.         45:40



05 July, 2014

July 5th

July 5th


The girls started this refreshingly sunny day with an early bird of swimming and running. After a delicious breakfast, the girls enjoyed a busy morning of swimming, mountain biking, Zumba, field hockey, ultimate Frisbee, and volleyball.

For lunch, we had fajitas followed by rest hour! This afternoon, we took advantage of the sunny weather and took our camp photos.  After saying “cheese” and smiling for the camera some of the girls prepared for the Huronia Triathlon tomorrow by getting their bikes and practicing transitions. The rest of camp enjoyed the nice weather by playing games in the backfields.

We ended the day with open waterfront and an early bedtime so everyone can rest up for the big day tomorrow!  


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