02 July, 2013

July 2nd

July 2nd

After an awesome fun filled day of paddling, swimming, biking, war canoe and softball the girls were all excited to see what we were going to do for evening activity.  They were then divided into four different “Houses”, each given a different colour and were told to meet up on the soccer pitch.  Once everyone was there they found out that Harry Potter had come to camp to challenge the girls to a quidditch match!  It was quite the match as the girls raced to catch the golden snitch and score as many goals as possible all the while flying on their broomsticks!  In the end the Water House prevailed and the golden snitch was caught!   What an excellent day at camp!


01 July, 2013

July 1st, Happy Birthday Canada!

July 1st, Happy Birthday Canada!

Today was quite an exciting day for the girls as it was Canada Day!  After our routine early bird and a delicious breakfast a group of girls cycled to Magnetawan while the remainder of the camp loaded the bus and headed to the Mag for the Canada Day parade.  What an honour to participate in the parade carrying of course our Canadian Flag and the flags of all the countries that we have represented at camp this summer- United States, France, Mexico, Spain, China, Ireland and the United Kingdom.  Everyone looked amazing decked out with with maple leaves and Canada painted on their faces.   You could hear our favourite Ak-O-Mak cheers all along the parade route. Such fun!


After the parade we enjoyed lunch.  Canada Day festivities wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the ice cream store for a cold treat.  Once we had our fill of every flavor under the sun, we headed down to the Magnetawan waterfront where four of our youngest campers, Olivia K., Amanda J., Jolie M., and Carly A. raced in the cardboard box boat race. They represented Ak-O-Mak very well even though both boats were quite water logged forcing the girls to kick them in to the finish.  The girls then had the opportunity to swim for a while and check out all of the Canada Day festivities in the park before heading back to camp.


Once back at camp the girls had a much needed rest hour after such an exciting day away from camp.  Before dinner Coach Jocelyn lead the girls in a running clinic to help prepare them for the next triathlon we are racing in this coming weekend.  After dinner the girls had a chance to finish preparing their skits before heading to bed.  Everyone is excited to see what tomorrow has in store for us!

30 June, 2013

Team Comp June 30

Team Comp June 30th

Today has been a fun-filled day so far at camp.  The day began with early bird where the girls ran, paddled and swam.  There were some new best times and many girls pushed their limits to run and swim farther than they had have so far this summer.  After breakfast and inspection the girls headed to their morning classes which included cabin versus cabin volleyball matches, small boat practice, basketball and self-defense. 


This afternoon team competition began as the Ahmic Lake Goat Tribe paid camp a little visit to see just how tough the Ak-O-Mak girls are.  Just like that the girls were split into four tribes and set off to make up tribe names, a flag, cheers and a skit for the Survivor themed team competition this session.


Everyone is looking forward to a cookout for dinner, followed by a campfire of course with rousing verses of our favourite campfire songs.  Not to forget of course the mandatory marshmallows to roast over the fire.


29 June, 2013

North Bay Triathlon

June 29th North Bay Triathlon

What a great day we all had yesterday!  The bell rang at 7:15 and we changed things up a bit, instead of heading down to the water for early bird we all made our way up to the main house for an early breakfast.  Yummy waffles hit the spot for breakfast and then the thirty-five campers competing in the North Bay triathlon grabbed all their gear and loaded the bus.  The Kids of Steel race was first so the older campers worked with the younger girls to get their transition zones set up and after a few Ak-O-Mak cheers the race was on its way.  The girls swam, biked and ran their hearts out while the others cheered them on.  After the Kids of Steel triathlon was over we all enjoyed lunch and then the older campers and counselors who were competing in the Try-A-Tri pre-rode the course and got ready for their own race.  Before the race our cheers, “AK-AK-AKOM-OM-OM-OM-AK, AK-O-MAK, AK-O-MAK, WOO!” echoed all over the course.  The cheering did not stop there though, and once the Try-A-Tri had begun the younger campers could be heard cheering on every section of the course.  After an amazing race from everyone who participated we headed off to the awards ceremony. Followed closely by loading the bikes and the bus and headed for some well deserved ice cream at a nearby ice cream shop!  What a treat after a busy race and cheering day!  Once back at camp we enjoyed a late dinner and headed down to the cabins for an early bed time!


TRY-A-TRI GIRLS 15 and under


Alessandra M., 38:46

Elizabeth W., 40:55

Samantha G., 41:35

Grace P., 42:41

Abby H., 43:21

Paola M., 44:02

Ursula M., 44:20

Gillian K., 46:38

Lili-Anna M., 47:05

Wynn M., 55:00


TRY-A-TRI GIRLS 15 and over


Brooke S., 34:26

Madison H., 36:06

Katie P., 36:17

Sarabeth H., 38:13

Solange M., 38:36

Rachel M., 39:13

Catherine G., 39:19

Alexa M., 39:33

Charlotte E., 39:55

Emily C., 43:26

Riley W., 45:09

Molly L., 53:00

27 June, 2013


June 26th and 27th


With the safe arrival of all of our campers it is safe to say that Camp 2013 has officially begun!  Yesterday the staff waited anxiously for all the campers to arrive and move into their cabins.  The girls settled into their cabins, played some games and enjoyed swimming in the lake until dinnertime.   After a delicious dinner of lasagna and ceasar salad the girls had one more chance to take a quick jump in the lake to cool off before heading to bed. 


When the bell rang this morning for early bird the girls sprang out of bed ready to start the first full day of camp!  The new campers went on a full camp tour while the returning campers swam, ran or biked and then headed to the main house for breakfast.  As I type the campers are busy in their morning classes playing tennis, volleyball, soccer and of course SWIMMING … YAY!  We are all excited to see what fun things the afternoon will have in store for us!

18 June, 2013

Triathlon and Biking News

Hey Akomakkers!


We have record numbers of you participating in the various triathlons, at ALL levels, this summer!

Coach Jocelyn has suggested some equipment items you may want to bring with you, IF YOU ALREADY OWN THEM...otherwise, NO WORRIES, Camp Ak-O-Mak will cover the basics.


In order to remember what you will need, think:  "Head and shoulders, Knees and Toes!"...



*Bike Jersey

*Race belt

*Biking shorts


*Triathlon lace-locks

*Your own bike (if you prefer)


We are excited to announce that Camp Ak-O-Mak will be sporting some snazzy new ROAD bikes this summer, perfect for your training and race day!  


Remember, the great thing about camp is that the ONLY thing you MUST bring is YOU!

09 June, 2013

Arielle Returning to Camp Ak-O-Mak

Arielle Joining Program Staff 

 Read on (or sing on) to learn more!...

(sing to tune of "The Little Mermaid's Part of Your World")

Look at this gal!  Isn't she neat?  
She makes the Ak-O-Mak Program complete!
Looking around here you'd think
Wow!...Camp's got everything!

Arielle Fewer has talents untold
How many ideas can one person hold?
And workin' with Megan you'll think,
Wow!...Camp's got everything!


She's got talent and beauty a plenty
She's got brains and humour galore
You want NEW singing songs...She's got twenty!
But so what...No big deal...there is more!

Arielle Fewer, we welcome you 
as Program Director for Session Six,
and Megan's helper for (what's that thing again?) The Schedule!!

As "artist in residence" we'll love your art
And your ideas keep us, singing, laughing,
Planning Team Comp and, what's that other thing?...Treasure Hunt!

Up where we walk, up where we run, up where we play all day in the sun!!
At Camp Ak-O-Mak
So glad she's back!
Part of our world!

07 June, 2013

May Volunteer Weekend

May Volunteer Weekend

If you spent any time anywhere in Ontario this weekend, then you know we were gifted four beautiful spring days for this year's Victoria long weekend.  There was no better place to see how "spring had sprung" than at Camp Ak-O-Mak on the shores of Ahmic Lake. 

The weather was perfect to begin the enormous task of opening camp...an annual undertaking largely accomplished with the help of our wonderful volunteers!   

Spring was in full splendour at Camp Ak-O-Mak and a delight to the senses of everyone who worked.  The forest floor was a resplendent, polka-dotted landscape of delicate, white trilliums while the canopy above echoed with the music of birds chirping and singing their messages to each other.  The perfume from the lilac bushes and the scent from the cedar trees was Mother Nature’s “Febreeze”, wafting through the windows and on the air as we cleaned, raked, mowed and cleared fallen brush.

The only thing more inspiring than the beauty of the nature around us was the spirit of generosity demonstrated by our volunteers.  Just consider that each individual drives 4-5 hours north on a holiday weekend, to give their time, skills and energy to a camp that they themselves may never have attended! 

The Biggs Family, for example,(Aaron, Myles, Joanne and Glen) make the five hour trek all the way from Tweed, Ontario.  They have been great friends to Camp Ak-O-Mak over the years, showing up faithfully for the work weekends with tools, chain saws, winches and goodness- knows- what packed into their pick-up trucks, ready to “git’er done!”  Being a farm family, these guys and gal are handy at everything!...and Dianne and Catherine couldn’t be more grateful or appreciative for what they do.  Anything from repairing the lawn mowers, taking down suspect trees, and (thanks to Joanne) even the preliminary set up of our water treatment plant.

We are also grateful to Sandy Tod (Sunfield Renovations, Dundas, ON for donating his time from a very busy contracting business and horse farm each year to tackle a major project for Ak-O-Mak.   Sandy Tod and helper, Herb Denny (Rocky Reef) spent their weekend putting a new roof on the "lean-to" part of the boat house where our trusty sunfish sailboats live during the winter.

And did we mention the Puckering Clan?  Program Director, Megan and her parents Cheryl and Michael plus friend Nathan muscled out dead trees from the cabin line, cleaned HOPS and then shop-vac'd the Main House until it sparkled!  (Counsellors, you have a hard act to follow in keeping up that counsellor room now!!)

If anyone wants to see the living definition of “work ethic” then you need to see the Ak-O-Mak Volunteer group in action!

Of course ‘all work and no play’ is not healthy, so we always make time for fun!  The best part of the Volunteer Weekends is the time we gather to “eat, drink and be merry”.   There is nothing quite as entertaining as a group of adults with “gladdened” hearts and quick humour sharing great food and laughs at the end of the day!  Ok and maybe an impromptu dance party...and just a little karaoke...(wooden spoons make GREAT microphones!)...

This year the prestigious and coveted award for “First One in the Lake” goes to a brave GROUP of swimmers:  Megan, Nathan, Cheryl and Michael, Rosie and of course, Sandy Tod, who never misses the opportunity for a May plunge.

From Dianne and Catherine:  A heartfelt “THANK YOU” to each and every one of you for playing such an important part in getting this grand old dame, Camp Ak-O-Mak, ready for her 85th debut!

27 May, 2013

Update from Coach Jocelyn

Update from Coach Jocelyn:  Required Swimming EQUIPMENT

Hey Campers!  It is really important that you bring the following equipment to camp so you'll have it for swim practises:

*  Swim Fins  (I prefer Speedo)
*  Pull Bouy
*  Paddles  ("Stroke Maker Paddles"  available in different sizes.)
*  Snorkel   (for stroke work.   I prefer "Finis" )
*  Mesh bag   (keeps your equipment together and aired out)

See you in the pool!

Coach Jocelyn

29 April, 2013

Welcome Megan

Welcome Megan

"Put On Your Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, Bang, Bang Paddles!  Make a Lot of Noise!"
One of the greatest pleasures of running a summer Camp is sharing in the lives of our wonderful campers, counsellors and staff.  We grow so fond of our girls as they "grow up" at camp and then move forward to take on the world!
It is with bittersweet pleasure that we congratulate and bid farewell to our much loved Program Director, Hayley Steward, as she moves on to the next phase of her life...settling down and starting a family of her own!  Camp Ak-O-Mak extends our warmest wishes to Hayley and Daniel as they begin their lives together!
Announcements!  Announcements!  Annou-OW-ncements!
Clouds may have a silver lining....but this one is pure GOLD!
Although Hayley will be sterning a stroller instead of a canoe for the next few years, she passes the "torch" of Program Director to MEGAN PUCKERING for 2013 and beyond!
Congratulations, Megan!  Megan has many camping years under her belt and has been a perennial favourite with campers and staff alike.  We invite you to read Megan's bio under the Staff section of the website.
Welcome aboard, Megan!

Let The Games Begin!

Camp AkOMak
Camp AkOMak

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