30 July, 2013

Jan Moldenhauer

Beloved Sailing Coach Passes

Beloved Sailing Coach Passes

Everyone who knew Jan Moldenhauer knew that Jan ALWAYS did things her way!

Jan lived her entire life exactly the way she wanted including her last days on Ahmic Lake where she passed away peacefully on July 29th surrounded by friends who loved her at her favourite place in the world, Camp Ak-O-Mak. 

 Jan's determination, humour and love for those around her made her a long time favourite coach and friend to Camp Ak-O-Mak.   Jan made the annual drive from her home in Oshkosh WI to Ahmic Lake every July for the last 40 years to be at Ak-O-Mak.

Jan met Buck and Rosemary Dawson in 1972 on an airplane returning from the Mexico Olympics where Jan had been judging diving.  That chance meeting forged a deep friendship with the Dawsons and Jan became Ak-O-Mak's all round coach in sailing, diving, tennis and gymnastics.

Chants of "Music Jan!!" by the campers in the Main House would herald Jan to the "stage" to lead the girls in riotous song!  She regularly corrected the groups' manners, annually reminded us on the Fourth of July how our freedom was earned and gave us sage advice at camp fire vespers.

Jan knew that her life was nearing its end.  She knew that she would not be returning to Wisconsin.  She was determined that her last days would be spent enjoying the beautiful view from the Green House porch, sipping her beer in the company of "other crazy camp friends", sharing funny stories, grateful for the time to just be together.

And that is exactly what she did.

Jan always did things her way.

We love you, Jan.  We are all better for having known you.

Our thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends in Wisconsin


30 July, 2013

July 30 Sailing Regatta

July 30th

We woke up this morning to a beautiful mist over the lake up to the tops of the trees.  Even orange rock could not be seen.  Due to the fog we decided to change the swim route for early bird.  The girls who wanted to swim swam along the shore to Cherokee Point and back to camp while the others ran or paddled as per usual.  After the slightly modified early bird everyone headed down for a breakfast of eggs and sausages.


Our morning then consisted of classes, including lacrosse, mountain biking in preparation for our upcoming race against the boys, volleyball, tennis, kickball and of course SWIMMING …  YAY!  During morning classes however our sailing team got themselves and their boats all ready for the regatta, ate an early lunch and sailed over to Chikopi for the start of the race.


The girls arrived at Chikopi ready for a fast paced race of wit and sailing smarts against the boys. After a slow sail over, everyone was excited when the wind began to pick up as Dave and Bob explained the course and rules for the annual Chikopi Sunfish Sailing Regatta. Following the meeting the girls headed down to the beach and sailed out to the start line. And what a sight it was! Thirty brightly coloured sails gliding toward the start line, the sun high in the sky and a gentle but steady breeze from across the channel.

Although the wind may have had a mind of its own, the girls sailed beautifully and in true Ak-O-Mak fashion! First in for the girls were the scurvy crew of Elizabeth M. and Erin L., taking 3rd Place overall and only 5 seconds behind the second place boat! Also finishing in the top ten overall were the dynamic sister duo Sarabeth H. and Abby H., who secured 9th place. After awards at Chikopi, the girls headed home to camp in high spirits and with great stories with which to regale their cabin mates. Great job, Mateys, you did Jan proud!




Boat Name










John Lawson







Elizabeth M.

Erin L.


Tom Hussey










Pat Hayhurst





Neil Dolman





Bob Foxcroft







Sarabeth H.

Abby H.


Buck Dawson


Jose Ra



Jack Hollard







Ashley S.

Sam F.


Dave MacNeil





Jack Crossman







Monica C.

Marina D.




Grace P.

Elizabeth W.


Dale Petranach





Barney Boys










Ray Fisher





Steve Accardi







Alexa M.

Erin M.


Old Man Barlow





Cliff Keen







Sam G.

Natasha L.


29 July, 2013

July 28th Ahmic Harbour

July 28th, Ahmic Harbour

What a great day of racing we had on Sunday even despite the cooler weather.  The girls all enjoyed a sleep in until breakfast on Sunday morning in preparation for the 3 mile Ahmic Harbour race against our brother camp, Camp Chikopi.  After a delicious waffle and sausage breakfast the girls who were racing changed into their bathing suits and headed down to the dock for some cheers before joining the boys in the water for the start of the race.  The girls who were not racing helped to cheer on those swimming by paddling in canoes with the counselors alongside the swimmers.  It was an excellent race with many girls coming out in front, six of the top ten camper finishers were girls!  We had a large number of swimmers complete the race with great times even despite the cooler weather and windy conditions.  Once we got to Ahmic Harbour everyone bundled up in sweaters and towels and sipped hot chocolate to warm themselves up.  The girls and the boys all enjoyed a yummy lasagna lunch before a quick awards ceremony and then the paddle or run back to camp.




1ST     ANGELICA G.              1:24:55

2ND      ELYSE T.                     1:35:50



11- 12 GIRLS


1ST     ABBY H.                      1:06:07

2ND    MARION D.                 1:07:51

3RD     ARIANNE C.                1:07:56

4TH     LAUREN A.                 1:08:24

5TH     TRINITY Z.                 1:08:50

6TH     ROBIN C.                     1:09:42

7TH     ABBY S.                       1:09:52

8TH     MARIE T.                    1:10:52

9TH     SARAH S.                    1:14:43

10TH  MAYA G.                     1:19:45

11TH  SIENA G.                     1:15:07

12TH  SLOANE C.                  1:22:29

13TH  JILLIAN S.                   1:24:20

14TH  NEVE V.                      1:24:32

15TH  CALLA T.                    1:26:40

16TH  MADISON W.              1:32:29


13-14 GIRLS


1ST     WYNN M.                    56:23

2ND    LAUREN S.                  59:41

3RD     ABBY H.                      1:06:15

4TH     EMILY M.                    1:07:05

5TH     BREANNA C.              1:08:08

6TH     MAYA M.                     1:09:18

7TH     ASHLEY S.                  1:09:4

8TH     NATASHA L.               1:09:43

9TH     MCKENNA A.              1:09:51

10TH  ISABELLA C.               1:10:36

11TH  SAMUELLE F.             1:10:59

12TH  JESSICA W.                 1:11:00

13TH  KATE- LYNN H.          1:17:14

14TH  HANNAH P.                1:17:15

15TH  GRACE P.                    1:17:40

16TH  SAMANTHA G            .           1:17:47

17TH  SOPHIA F.                   1:25:41

18TH  GRECIA S.                   1:30:54

19TH  MARIANNA V.            1:36:52


15-17 GIRLS


1ST     BROOKE S.                  54:08

2ND    ELIZABETH W.          58:16

3RD     MOLLY M.                   59:35

4TH     ALEXA M.                   59:46 

5TH     MADELEINE H.          59:55

6TH     ERIN L.                       1:00:18

7TH     ELIZABETH M.           1:02:02

8TH     HAILEY M.                  1:03:52

9TH     EMILY S.                     1:06:11

10TH  SARABETH H.                        1:07:10

11TH  MARINA D.                 1:16:16

12TH  HALEY L.                    1:17:17

13TH  ERIN C.                       1:22:29

14TH  LARISSA D.                 1:23:29

15TH  MARA J.                      1:23:33

26 July, 2013

July 26th Ak-O-Mak

July 26th

It was a great day here at Ak-O-Mak, beautiful and sunny with a nice breeze.  The girls all started off their morning with our first normal early bird of the session.  Campers ran, swam and paddled, working up quite an appetite for the yummy egg breakfast.   After early bird and inspection the girls headed down to their classes.  Some of the classes included sailing, biking, tennis, soccer, kayaking, swimming and self defense with our resident black belt, Rosie.  Everyone had an awesome morning learning new things while getting to know their cabins better.


Right after classes came a delicious pizza lunch, followed by rest hour.  In the afternoon camp had a very special visit from Dorothy, Toto and the Good Witch of the West Glenda!  Turns out a tornado hit Dorothy’s house and she needs our help finding her way back home to Ak-O-Mak from Oz.  The girls were split into four teams and spent the afternoon coming with a team name, cheer, flag and a skit.  The four teams: Rosemary’s Emeralds of Ahmic Lake, The Ak-O-Munchkins, The Flying Monkeys and The Orange Tornados are all ready to use their imagination and strength to get Dorothy back home!  We are all excited to see what the team’s first challenge will be in this Wizard of Oz themed team competition!

24 July, 2013

Arrival at Ak-O-Mak

July 24th Arrival

All our campers have arrive safe and sound and are ready for a great day and time at AK-O-Mak

20 July, 2013

Field Day

July 18th, Field Day


We started the morning with an early bird of swimming, running and paddling.  Many of the girls also took the morning to practice in some of their small boats before the regatta this weekend!  After early bird we all headed up to the main house for a scrumptious meal of breakfast sandwiches, cereal and fruit salad. 


Morning classes consisted of a final softball practice while the other girls paddled in their small boats.  Everyone went to swim practice before heading up to an early lunch.   We quickly ate lunch so we could load up two war canoes and our cedar-strip canoes in order to paddle over to Chikopi for Field Day!


Upon our arrival to Chikopi, the girls and boys were split into seven teams led by our lovely Ak-O-Mak counselors! The seven teams travelled around the field to a variety of activities to earn points in order to be the champions of the afternoon.  All of the campers took a quick dip in the lake before heading up to a cookout dinner!


The softball game after dinner was a success!  Although we lost the girls played amazingly, certainly one of our best games in years!  They played their hearts out and impressed all who watched!  Our cheering section was also quite impressive, creating an entertaining array of cheers.  Once the game was over the girls all paddled back to Ak-O-Mak.  After a long, but fun, day the girls are in bed, getting as much sleep as possible before our weekend of paddling and shopping!


15 July, 2013

Chikopi Ak-O-Mak Triathlon

July 15th, Chikopi Ak-O-Mak Triathlon

What a great race day for all of the Ak-O-Mak girls!  After eating a delicious pasta lunch everyone headed down to the boats with their bags packed for an afternoon filled with swimming, running and paddling over at Chikopi.  Two of our war canoes paddled over to Chikopi to get in some more practice before our upcoming regatta while the others paddled pleasure canoes across the lake. 


Once we got there the 15 and over heat was first and entered the water for the start of the race.  The race was a 0.5 mile swim, followed by a 2.5 mile run and a 1.5 mile solo paddle back over to Chikopi from Ak-O-Mak.  The older girls raced hard while the younger girls cheered them on.  Once the first heat had finished the 14 and under racers headed into the water for their race.  The girls all had amazing races and everyone finished the race on their own.  Ak-O-Mak had yet another awesome showing with 8 girls finishing in the top 10 campers!


After the race we had a yummy cookout meal on Chikopi’s point before the awards ceremony and then a paddle back to camp while watching the sunset.  It was another awesome day here at camp and we cannot wait to see what fun we will have tomorrow!


10 and under girls

1st       Lucy M.           1:01:21

2nd     Amrita K.        1:10:00

3rd      Jolie M.            1:25:17

4th      Ana Sofia S.    1:25:39

5th      Itziar F.           2:08:20


11-12 girls

1st       Imane E.         57:11

2nd     Emma G.         1:01:20

3rd      Jessica R.        1:02:33

4th      Marion D.       1:03:52

5th      McKenzie O.   1:04:14

6th      Elana G.          1:04:58

7th      Robin C.          1:05:32

8th      Eugenia R.      1:08:35

9th      Maya G.           1:11:28

10th    Claire P.          1:12:05

11th    Kosi L.             1:13:06

12th    Isabel R.          1:15:07

13th    Teagan D.       1:18:35

14th    Sarah S.          1:23:33

15th    Abby H.           1:30:16



13-14 girls

1st       Abby H.           52:12

2nd     Emily R.          57:42

3rd      Samantha G.   59:11

4th      Marina D.       59:13

5th      Natasha L.      59:39

6th      Arianne C.      1:00:15

 7th     Paola M.          1:01:49

8th      Grace P.          1:02:15

9th      Rhya E.           1:03:27

10th    Wynn M.         1:10:34


15-17 girls

1st       Alexa M.          55:43

2nd     Charlotte E.    55:50

3rd      Elizabeth W.   56:18

4th      Madison H.     57:24

5th      Sarabeth H.    58:01

6th      Catherine G.   1:00:56

7th      Ursula M.        1:10:20


13 July, 2013

12K Race

July 12th, 12K Race

It was an early morning for us here at Ak-O-Mak as the bell rang for an early light breakfast at 6:45AM so that the girls could get ready and paddle over to Chikopi in time for our 12K run race from Chikopi to Ak-O-Mak.  Once all of the canoes had arrived at Chikopi, our coach, Jocelyn Saunders led the girls in a warm up and a few cheers before the start of the race.  The girls and boys all ran an excellent race, giving it their all and finishing in some of the fastest times that we have seen in a while.  After everyone had completed the run and had a chance to cool off in the lake we had our awards ceremony and then Chikopi stayed at Ak-O-Mak for a delicious pizza lunch.   Everyone was in very high spirits and I’m sure the cheers could be heard from across the lake as the two camps competed in a little impromptu cheer off after lunch.  The boys then paddled back to Chikopi while the girls headed off to their cabins for a much needed rest hour.


It was a beautiful, hot and flat afternoon on the lake so we took advantage of the day by getting in a paddling practice for those heading to the Balmy Beach Regatta next week.  Everyone else enjoyed the afternoon canoeing, kayaking and even gunnel bobbing.  After a delicious dinner of fish and chips the campers headed down to the cabin line for a quick game of Smugglers and Spies before heading to bed to get some rest.  We cannot wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us!




1ST     AMRITA K.     1:10:39

2ND    LUCY M.          1:16:49

3RD     MARIA Y.        1:33:45

4TH     JOLIE M.          1:41:35

5TH     ITZIAR F.        1:41:35

6TH     ANA SOFIA A. 2:04:40


11-12 GIRLS


1ST     IMANE E.        1:01:33

2ND    JESSICA R.      1:02:55

3RD     MACKENZIE O.1:02:56

4TH     KOSI L.            1:07:15

5TH     EMMA G.         1:12:15

6TH     ELANA G.        1:15:20

7TH     ROBIN C.         1:16:40

8TH     TEAGAN D.     1:24:57

9TH     POPO H.          1:25:57

10TH  ISABEL R.       1:25:58

11TH  MARION D.     1:29:13

12TH  CLAIRE P.       1:29:14

13TH  MAYA G.         1:40:09

14TH  ATIRA G.         1:49:26

15TH  SARAH S.        1:50:13

16TH  EUGENIA R.    2:04:41

17TH  ABBY H.          2:10:16


13-14 GIRLS


1ST     INDIANNA S.  59:56

2ND    RHYA E.          1:00:45

3RD     SAM G.                        1:03:57

4TH     NATASHA L.   1:04:48

5TH     ABBY H.          1:07:20

6TH     GRACE P.        1:09:54

7TH     ELIZABETH W.1:10:49

8TH     PAOLA M.       1:13:41

9TH     EMILY R.         1:25:55

10TH  LUCY W.         1:25:59

11TH  ELANA W.      1:37:57

12TH  AYODELE L.   1:40:03

13TH  ARIANNE C.    1:40:05

14TH  OLYMPIA C.    1:49:25



15-17 GIRLS


1ST     BROOKE S.      56:05

2ND    MADISON H.   56:33

3RD     CHARLOTTE E.57:27

4TH     MARINA D.     57:29

5TH     MJ C.                1:08:22

6TH     LILLIE W.       1:09:12

7TH     SARABETH H.            1:10:41

8TH     ALEXA M.       1:10:44

9TH     URSULA M.     1:18:03

10TH  JOYCE S.          1:24:59

11TH  RACHEL L.      1:25:56



1ST                 JOCELYN S.     51:50

2ND                EMILY C.         55:22

3RD                 RACHEL M.     59:24

4TH                 BRIGETTE C.  1:03:35

5TH                 ROSIE T.         1:05:07

6TH                 MOLLY L.        1:06:19

7TH                 MEGAN P.       1:18:36

7TH                 ARIELLE F.     1:18:36

12 July, 2013

Ak-O-Mak July 11

July 11th, 2013

It’s not everywhere that would count windy summer days as blessings… but here at camp we do!   We have been able to take advantage of the wind by offering campers the opportunity to participate in sailing classes!  Fun on the water in our sail boats is a favourite for many campers and we are grateful that the weather has cooperated for us.   Some of the other classes the girls spent the morning participating in included fencing, golf, self defense, tennis and of course swimming!  This afternoon should be fun with the entire camp competing in a camper versus counsellor kickball game!

11 July, 2013

July 10th, 2013

July 10th, 2013

We are happy to report that everyone enjoyed another adventure filled-fun afternoon at camp yesterday.  The team competition tribes were officially called on by their leaders, “The Great Goatsby Tribe” to find all 50 items needed by the goats in order to survive the remainder of the summer.  The tribes had to use all the creativity, strength, resourcefulness and originality that they could be muster to find or create each and every item on the coveted list.  Imagine… camp filled with found, created and makeshift rafts, tiki torches, SOS signals and countless other survival necessities.  Once all of the tribes had found all their items they were challenged to create a skit using each and every item.    Everyone gathered for a delicious dinner of greek pork, rice, veggies and salad after which each tribe presented their wonderful skits.  As you can imagine camp was filled with squeals of laughter as we enjoyed the creativity and fun that makes Ak-O-Mak the special place it is for us all.  It was such a lovely summer evening, waterfront was opened and enjoyed before campers headed off to bed to get the necessary rest before embarking on yet another exciting day here at Ak-O-Mak.


Let The Games Begin!

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