16 January, 2013

Hello from Camp Ak-O-Mak

Wishing all our Ak-O-Mak families a Happy and Healthy New Year!

A quick reminder about our Early Bird Special, if you sign up and pay in full by January 31, 2013 you will receive 10% off the base tuition.

Please click on the “Register Tab” scroll down to find the Registration Form and the Early Bird Pricing. TO register complete the form on line and submit to take advantage of the Early Bird pricing.

We hope to see you on Ahmic lake this summer!!

Happy Camping,
Dianne Young

19 December, 2012

Happy Holidays from Camp Ak-O-Mak!

Happy Holidays from Camp Ak-O-Mak!

It’s the night before Christmas
Make a wish
Close your eyes
Dream again of sparkling Ahmic
Under sunny, summer skies
Remember laughter in the Cabin line
Fireside singing late at night
Mirror-like water at Early Bird
The silent heron taking flight
“I wish I may, I wish I might
I wish upon this star tonight…”
To return again to Ak-O-Mak’s shore
And find myself, my friends once more
To hear the Main House thunder in song
With beautiful voices
One Hundred Girls Strong!

Camp Ak-O-Mak wishes you and your family all the joy and peace of the holiday season.

12 October, 2012

Campers and Parents

Campers and Parents

Dear Ak O Mak Campers and Parents,

We hope that all our Canadian campers had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration, safe at home with family and friends, enjoying the cosy fall weather!

The last days of our main session in August flew by quickly, filled with fun, laughter and great memories!    On September 1st, the final goodbyes were said and with a tinge of sadness we watched the last of our campers and parents drive away.

However there was no time to relax, as camp had to be cleaned and the staff get ready to receive two more camping groups in the days that followed.   Around the lake cooler temperatures were setting in, and we were able to witness the gradual colour change of the leaves from the vivid green of summer to the riotous red, yellow and orange that herald the approach of autumn.

31 August, 2012

News Updates

News Updates

We would like to thank you for following the new updates and appreciate your patience regarding the recent delays in postings.We have been having some technical difficulties with the website that have been worked on throughout the summer; however some of these issues still persist.

The last news updates had been posted but not updated onto the website. They are there now so you can catch up on all of the fun this week at Ak-O-Mak. Hold tight, because there are still a few more exciting things to come!

Thanks again!

29 August, 2012

Misty Morning at Ak-O-Mak

Misty Morning at Ak-O-Mak

This is the beautiful scene that we woke up to this morning at Ak-O-Mak. It feels like we’re walking through the clouds in a dream. The mist is up to the top of the trees and orange rock can’t be seen.
By the time the girls got down to early bird the mist had cleared so the girls could have a great swim!

Today should be a BEAUTIFUL day at camp. The classes are rugby, tennis, volleyball, cabins are playing eachother in basketball, and of corse everyone has SWIMMING! YAY!

Happy Camping!
Hayley & Yukki

29 August, 2012

Off to the Polo Matches!

Off to the Polo Matches!

Box seats Well we have been having the most random weather up at camp! Hot, hot, hot, days which is making the water almost warmer than a swimming pool, and cool evenings for sleeping. Then we end up with cool rainy days…coincidently whenever “Princess” leaves camp. He must have an internal weather device.

As soon as there’s sunshine the girls hit the water and we can’t get them out!

We have been out in the war canoes and the racing canoes and kayaks, surf boards, paddle boards, and obviously SWIMMING!
Of course with the lake so lovely, swim practices have become a highly anticipated part of each day. Joni, Lou, and James have had the girls in for some great practices, and they have been going through the swimmers 1:1 stroke-correction.
Today we were visited by Prince William and Kate to take a break in the search for the Queen’s crown jewels. They came to Ak-O-Mak for a polo match!

Now of course we do not have horses at Ak-O-Mak so we have had to improvise with a PIGGY-BACK POLO match! As I type the girls are constructing their “box-seats” for the match and getting their game-faces on!

Happy polo!

Hayley & Yukki

27 August, 2012

On Your Mark. Get SetÖ.nevermind

On Your Mark. Get Set….nevermind

Sunday night the girls went to bed after campfire with the anticipation of the 3 mile race ahead of them the next morning. Bedtime on the cabin line was quieter than usual as girls dreamt of the quickest to get through the lily pads en route to Ahmic Harbour.

At 8:30 when the bell rang, calling the campers for breakfast. Monday being race day obviously called for a much appreciated

When we all poked our heads out of the cabin to see what clothes we would need for after the morning evens our vision was greatly obscured by the golf ball sized raindrops falling from the sky. The race would have to be postponed until Tuesday, we crossed our fingers for great weather.

To keep warm and dry for morning classes they took place indoors or on the porch of the Main House. There were energetic zumba/aerobics classes in the Main House, self-defense classes by Rosie on the porch and deep in the depths of the cabin line, way down in cabin seven there was a royal rumble in the ROCKTAGON! Campers took the form of sumo wrestlers with their lifejackets on as sumo pants and tried to belly bump their way to dominance against their cabin-mates.

This afternoon heralded another team comp event! Simon Cowell, super-model Twiggy, and Harry Styles from One Direction challenged the campers to compete in Ak-O-Mak’s very own round of X-Factor…somehow this would surely bring back the Queen’s crown jewels…maybe they respond to dancing and singing.

Each team put on an amazing performance! It was quite tricky to determine who the winners were. Of course I can’t tell you now or it may give away the rankings in Team Comp. You’ll just have to wait for the results at banquet!

After dinner we played tons of crazy games on the back field. The girls have headed off to their cabins for another restful night, hopefully tomorrow will bring us some sunshine! Cross your fingers and toes for us!

Sweet dreams and happy camping!
Hayley & Yukki

25 August, 2012

Knoepfli Mile Swim

Knoepfli Mile Swim

Yesterday we went across the lake to our brother camp, Camp Chikopi for the 1 mile swim to Knoepfli.
It was an early breakfast so that we could make it over to Chikopi for the start of the race.
When we arrived the girls made their way to the starting line. While waiting the girls burst out in cheers, “AK, AK, AKOM, OM,OM, OMAK, AK-O-MAK, AK-O-MAK, WOOOO!” echoed through Ahmic Lake.
“BANG”, the starters pistols went and the race had begun. From the very start two Chikopi CIT’s looked strong and took the lead, but hot on their heels were two Ak-O-Makkers, Samantha S. and Gillian T. They all stayed together for the entire race and out of nowhere Vanessa G. popped into their wake. The race was great and finishes were tight!
Joni, Lou, and James have had the girls in the lake practicing their open water swimming and it certainly showed in their results. All of Ak-O-Mak completed the race in less than 45 minutes!

After the race we went back to Chikopi for lunch and the afternoon’s events of Field Day. The sun camp out and it was a beautiful afternoon. The field was full of shrieking and laughing as the campers from both camps played traditional field day games like, toss the wellie (it’s exactly what it sounds like…throwing a boot), the plank walk, dizzy-lizzies, and trying to catch soccer balls in bed sheets. Some Chikopi campers may have been missing their bedding last-night. The teams had to try and go to as many stations as possible to accumulate the least amount of points. The winning team gets to pick a mystery prize out of the “dark bag” and obviously earns bragging rights between both camps. At the end of all of the games eveyone headed to the lake to cool off. Then Chikopi presented awards and we headed back to camp for dinner.

Girls 10 and under

1st place Caroline M. 29:47:18
2nd place Trinity Z. 33:53:03
3rd place Coco C. 37:53:03

Girls 11 and 12
1st place Aleska G. 25:10
2nd place Hailey N. 27:12
3rd place Madeleine M. 27:34
4th place Jessica C. 28:40
5th place Miryam G. 29:46
6th place Marni G. 29:49
7th place Annie R. 32:31
8th place Jillian A. 33:14
9th place Marion D. 33:34
10th place Olivia O. 33:57
11th place Kaitlyn H. 37:51
12th place Chloe S. 40:03
13th place Sabrina J. 40:06
14th place Cassie C. 42:03

Girls 13 – 14

1st place Vanessa G. 22:38:20
2nd place Rebecca N. 23:53:61
3rd place Alexis B. 23:58:03
4th place Allison M. 23:58:93
5th place Katy G. 24:06:68
6th place Jackie D. 25:06:56
7th place Kate A. 25:13:43
8th place Carolyn D. 25:15:25
9th place Sam M. 27:31:27
10th place Zoe M. 27:47:86
11th place Sarah E. 28:06:11
12th place Ashlynn M. 28:31:25
13th place Mary Kate J. 28:46:28
14th place Dana S. 28:50:50
15th place Brooke H. 28:52:25
16th place Jodie M. 29:49:41
17th place Samantha G. 32:48:47
18th place Samantha B. 33:13:68
19th place Kaitlyn L. 33:56:56
20th place CeeJay M. 34:04:21

GIRLS 15-17
1st place Samantha S. 22:27:20
2nd place Gillian T. 22:28:63
3rd place Isabella J. 23:55:86
4th place Yvonne K. 25:08:64
5th place Erin L. 25:19:56
6th place Elspeth C. 25:25:25
7th place Nina V. 25:44:28
8th place Elizabeth M. 26:46:26
9th place Garima K. 26:50:28
10th place Hailey M. 27:26:96
11th place Maggie P. 27:38:72
12th place Ainsley D. 27:40:46
13th place Ryleigh S. 28:05:56
14th place Jocelyn W. 28:21:64
15th place Sarah L. 28:40:18
16th place Paige H. 28:42:03
17th place Erin T. 28:46:53
18th place Celine C. 29:59:18
19th place Sarah W. 30:40:11
20th place Samantha G. 33:54:33

Happy Camping!
Hayley & Yukki

23 August, 2012

The British Invasion!

The British Invasion!

In the wake of the London 2012 Olympics a travesty has occurred! Through all the excitement and chaos in the past few weeks it appears that the Royal Guards became distracted by the commotion. Between protecting their dear Queen and watching all of the swimming finals they neglected to protect the crown jewels and now it appears that they have gone missing!
Some suspect Usain Bolt, 100 meters in 9.63 seconds is fast enough to snatch the jewels undetected. Others are suspecting that Michael Phelps is simply not content with being the most decorated Olympian of all time and wanted to acquire more “decorations” for his collection. The IOC is denying any involvement from any Olympic athlete or coach and have demanded that Scotland Yard be removed from the case! The Queen, very distraught by this news explored every option she had. After exhausting all resources throughout Europe and the Common Wealth she decided she only had one last option.
Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II, her prize winning corgie and her newly hired guards, “Union” and “Jack” ventured across the Atlantic to Camp Ak-O-Mak. She has recruited the help of all of the campers and counselors as well as a mix of British All-Stars to put an end to the mystery of her stolen jewels!
She divided the camp into 4 teams for better investigation efficiency. Each team was required to make a team name, flag, cheer, and – as the Queen is quite the lover of theatre – each team was also required to present all of this in a dramatic performance.
The four teams are, Groovy Baby, H Factor, The Spic(e)y Crumpets (spelling is not their strength, but that is no matter to Her Royal Highness), and Sherlock’s Spicy Mystery…something or other. Their name is so long and with the stress of her missing jewels the Queen simply cannot remember the rest of it. She is also a little shocked at the “Spicy” theme as to her British food has always seemed rather bland and beige to her, like the weather. Nonetheless she is quite certain that these teams will be able to solve the case and find her “bling”.
Happy Team Comp!
Hayley & Yukki

01 January, 1970

August 22nd 2017

We had a sleep in this morning due to the rain and thunder outside, so everyone came up to mainhouse for breakfast feeling nice and rested. After a delicious breakfast of breakfast sandwiches and fruit the campers headed down to their cabins to tidy for inspection. Our morning classes were held inside today, and the cabins rotated between rockin’ body workout, self defense with Rosie and Rocktagon in cabin 7! For rocktagon all the mattresses are placed on the ground and the sides of the bunks, and 2 campers put lifejackets on and wrestle! It is so much fun and the campers love it. After having ravioli and Caesar salad for lunch everyone went to their cabins for a well-deserved rest hour. Afterwards we met back up at the mainhouse for afternoon activity. This afternoon Team Comp led an Alice in Wonderland themed talent show! The teams divided up and presented a song, dance, comedy act and variety show. All the cabins then went to the waterfront for swim practice before dinner. For evening activity we played a camp-wide game of speed ball on the back fields! It was a great way to end the day.



Let The Games Begin!

Camp AkOMak
Camp AkOMak

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