25 August, 2017

August 25th 2017

We enjoyed a nice sleep in before breakfast due to the 3 mile Ahmic Harbour swim this morning! After breakfast we met at the main dock ready to swim and paddle. All of the swimmers did an amazing job and we had some very fast times this year! The paddlers also did a wonderful job of keeping the swimmers safe and on course. We got back to camp in time for a yummy lunch of perogies and salad. The campers enjoyed a nice rest hour before heading out for classes this afternoon. Some of the classes we had included sailing, ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, soccer and synchro. We also started the tennis tournament this afternoon! After a delicious dinner of fish and chips with peas and salad we met on the soccer field for the counsellor vs camper soccer game! The counsellors came out dressed in wild clothes, and the campers rotated on and off the field. It was an awesome game and the counsellors came out victorious this year! The campers had a chance to cool off in the lake before heading for their cabins for bedtime.




24 August, 2017

August 24th 2017

Another beautiful day on Ahmic Lake! We started off our day with a choice of swimming, running, road or mountain biking for earlybird. We all met up at the mainhouse for a delicious breakfast of scones with strawberries and cream and banana muffins. After tidying the cabins for inspection everyone headed to their morning classes. Some of the classes include sailing, softball, tennis, yoga, badminton, paddle boarding and swimming. Our afternoon started off with a fun team comp game! Everyone gathered down on the main dock and each team was given 3 spoons and a tea cup. They had to use the spoons to bring water from the lake up to the mainhouse to fill up their tea cup. It was a blast to watch all of their concentration so they wouldn’t spill the water! After team comp a group of campers headed out to the Parry Sound bike time trial! Everyone else at camp had 2 choice periods of soccer, kickball, ultimate Frisbee, diving and basketball. After enjoying pork chops, cous cous and salad for dinner we played Barbarians for evening activity! Barbarians is played on the volleyball court, and each team tries to steal tennis balls from the other teams. It is very intense, and everyone had a chance to jump in the lake and clean up before bed.



23 August, 2017

August 23rd 2017

The bell went off bright and early at 7am for a fantastic early bird this morning! The campers had the choice between road biking, mountain biking, swimming and running. Instead of morning classes today we had a twist and all met at the main dock for the 1 mile monster rock swim! The campers jumped in the water and swam the full mile while the counsellors paddled. Once the campers were finished they jumped in the canoes and paddled while the counsellors got the chance to swim! For lunch we enjoyed yummy tacos with a healthy green salad. This afternoon we got back into canoes and paddled over to Ahmic Lake Lodge for some ice cream and a swim at the water playground! We paddled back to camp in time for a delicious dinner of steak, roasted potatoes and zucchini with brownies for dessert! For tonights evening activity we all met back up at the mainhouse for some fireside yoga. It was great to stretch our shoulders out from our big day of paddling.



21 August, 2017

August 21st 2017

Dear Parents,

Please know that we will be keeping the camp indoors during today's Eclipses.

Thank you,

21 August, 2017

August 21st 2017

The sun was shining brightly for another fantastic day at Ak-O-Mak! We started our day with a choice of swimming, running, or mountain biking for earlybird. After fueling up for the day with croissants and eggs for breakfast we met back up at the mainhouse for a special solar eclipse Colour Run! We divided the camp into the sun team and the moon team. The suns and moons started the colour run in opposite directions and met at the middle, just like the solar eclipse! The campers all had a wonderful time getting colour thrown at them, and then we finished off the morning with open waterfront to clean up before lunch. For the safety of our campers we stayed inside during the hours of the solar eclipse. We had candy store and rest hour before having a camp-wide yoga class in the mainhouse! For the rest of the afternoon we had different classes for each cabin. Some of the sports included canoeing, kayaking, netball, volleyball and swimming. We finished off the day with open waterfront for evening activity to enjoy the sun and warm water! Everyone is definitely ready for bed after a busy day.



20 August, 2017

August 20th 2017

A wonderful first day at camp! We started out bright and early this morning for earlybird! The campers chose between swimming, running or both. After working up an appetite we headed to the mainhouse for a yummy breakfast of pancakes and bacon. We had a longer inspection this morning and then headed for morning classes. Our morning classes consisted of yoga, rugby, volleyball, tennis and swimming, yay! After lunch we had candy store and rest hour before afternoon activities. We started off with 1 period of classes, and then we all met at Easter Head Rock to start Team Comp! Our theme for this session is Alice in Wonderland and the girls had a wonderful time making their team name and skits. For dinner we all went to the campfire for our first cookout! Our chef Sam barbequed delicious burgers and sausages with bacon and onions, and we had cake for dessert. After dinner we roasted marshmallows and sang camp songs before heading back to the cabins for bed.



19 August, 2017

August 19th 2017

A warm Ak-O-Mak welcome to all of our new campers! It was so exciting seeing both familiar and new faces arrive today, ready for a fun-filled 2 weeks. We played tennis, badminton and ultimate Frisbee as everyone arrived and luckily the sun came out just in time for open waterfront before dinner. We had a delicious dinner of roasted potatoes, chicken, broccoli and salad with lemon cupcakes for dessert. After the staff introduced themselves everyone headed down to their cabins to get to know one another before bed. We can already tell it is going to be a fantastic 2 weeks!




14 August, 2017

August 14th 2017

Instead of earlybird this morning, we had an early breakfast at 7:30 and then headed out to Buckwallow Cycling Centre! Buckwallow is a collection of mountain bike trails, that range from beginner to expert difficulty. We biked for around 2 hours in the morning, and then took a break for lunch and headed out onto the trails for another hour and a half in the afternoon! We also had a group that biked for either the morning or afternoon, and then hiked and ran through the trails for the rest of the day. It was a ton of fun, and everyone had a blast challenging themselves and trying something new. We got back to camp in time for open waterfront before dinner to cool off. After a delicious dinner of pasta, roasted vegetables and salad we had a choice of paddling or dodgeball for evening activity. It was a wonderful and busy day!




13 August, 2017

August 13th 2017


A very successful day for Camp Ak-O-Mak at the Barrie Triathlon! We had almost all of our campers and counsellors racing, and everyone did an amazing job! Whether it was their first or their 10th triathlon they cheered on all of their friends and other people in the race as well. We woke up bright and early at 5am at the hotel to make it to Barrie on time to get everyone settled in transition. After the races were over we enjoyed lunch at the triathlon and then stayed for awards. On the way back to camp we stopped for an ice cream or a treat from Tim Hortons. We got back to camp in time for some open waterfront before campfire! Sadly it is our last campfire and cookout of the 7 week session so we enjoyed roasting marshmallows, sharing stories from the triathlon today and singing camp songs. It was a fantastic day and everyone is definitely ready for bed!

For the Barrie Triathlon Result please check  https://www.sportstats.ca

For photo please check the Barrie Triathlon website http://www.barrietri.com/



11 August, 2017

August 11th 2017

We had a very busy day today getting ready for Sunday’s Barrie Triathlon! We started out bright and early with a full earlybird of swimming, running, road biking and mountain biking. After a tasty breakfast of toast, eggs and fruit everyone went down to the cabins to clean for inspection. For morning activities today we had the mountain bike races! Campers compete against others in their age groups on a short mountain bike course through the trails. It was a ton of fun, and afterwards they got to cool down in the lake with swim practice. After a delicious lunch of bruschetta and Caesar salad we had an extended rest hour to get ready and pack for Barrie. For today’s afternoon activity we started off with a visit from Pete from Camp Chikopi. He taught the girls some awesome wrestling and self-defense moves! After burning some energy at wrestling we had a bike repair lesson from Blair. He taught us how to care for our bikes and how to change a flat tire. To finish off the afternoon Jocelyn led everyone in a stretching and massage class. For evening activity we escaped the rain by playing Scuttlebugs in the mainhouse! It was a great way to end a busy day.




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