13 August, 2017

August 13th 2017


A very successful day for Camp Ak-O-Mak at the Barrie Triathlon! We had almost all of our campers and counsellors racing, and everyone did an amazing job! Whether it was their first or their 10th triathlon they cheered on all of their friends and other people in the race as well. We woke up bright and early at 5am at the hotel to make it to Barrie on time to get everyone settled in transition. After the races were over we enjoyed lunch at the triathlon and then stayed for awards. On the way back to camp we stopped for an ice cream or a treat from Tim Hortons. We got back to camp in time for some open waterfront before campfire! Sadly it is our last campfire and cookout of the 7 week session so we enjoyed roasting marshmallows, sharing stories from the triathlon today and singing camp songs. It was a fantastic day and everyone is definitely ready for bed!

For the Barrie Triathlon Result please check  https://www.sportstats.ca

For photo please check the Barrie Triathlon website http://www.barrietri.com/



11 August, 2017

August 11th 2017

We had a very busy day today getting ready for Sunday’s Barrie Triathlon! We started out bright and early with a full earlybird of swimming, running, road biking and mountain biking. After a tasty breakfast of toast, eggs and fruit everyone went down to the cabins to clean for inspection. For morning activities today we had the mountain bike races! Campers compete against others in their age groups on a short mountain bike course through the trails. It was a ton of fun, and afterwards they got to cool down in the lake with swim practice. After a delicious lunch of bruschetta and Caesar salad we had an extended rest hour to get ready and pack for Barrie. For today’s afternoon activity we started off with a visit from Pete from Camp Chikopi. He taught the girls some awesome wrestling and self-defense moves! After burning some energy at wrestling we had a bike repair lesson from Blair. He taught us how to care for our bikes and how to change a flat tire. To finish off the afternoon Jocelyn led everyone in a stretching and massage class. For evening activity we escaped the rain by playing Scuttlebugs in the mainhouse! It was a great way to end a busy day.



10 August, 2017

August 10th, 2017

We had an early breakfast this morning instead of earlybird to prepare for the 9 mile swim today! Instead of the usual swim and paddle to Magnetawan we tried something different this year and swam 4.5 miles out to Beaver Lake and then swam back! We got to see a different view of camp then normal, and it was wonderful to explore the Narrows and see beautiful cottages along the way. We brought our lunch with us on the canoes for a picnic on the water. All of the swimmers did an amazing job, even with the cooler water this year. The paddlers had a blast as well, singing along to music and sharing camp stories with their friends. When we arrived back to camp we had an extended rest hour to recuperate from the swim and paddle, and then a relaxing yoga class before dinner. We enjoyed delicious pork roast and potatoes with carrots and salad for dinner, and then headed out to finish the soccer tournament from yesterday for evening activity. It was a fun-filled day, and everyone is ready for bed to rest up for tomorrow!



09 August, 2017

Phone Calling

Phone calling start Thursday August 10th

Just a few reminders:

Each camper is only permitted one telephone call, if you would like to have further contact sign up for BunkNotes or send some snail-mail. Remember, if you send them 3 pieces of mail they get to sing a song in front of the Main House and 5 pieces of mail meeeaaaans….IN THE LAKE!

Phone calls are limited to 5 minutes. We have lots of campers who are anxiously waiting to hear from their loved ones as well, so in order to give everyone a chance at the telephone we ask that phone calls are kept to 5 minutes.

Calls are only taken during meal-times:

Breakfast: 8:30 am – 9:10 am

Lunch: 1:00 pm – 1:40 pm

Dinner: 6:00 pm – 6:40 pm

If we do not answer the telephone it is because we are out of camp for that meal, try again the following meal. On Sunday evenings we are not in the Main House for dinner because we have a barbeque on Sandy Beach.

We are also not in the Main House for special events.

We will be out of Camp from Saturday August 12th Lunch until Monday  August 14th Breakfast.


The Camper telephone line is 705-387-1919


This is the only line that you will be able to reach your daughter on so please do not call our business line.
If no one answers or you get a busy signal that is because there is currently a camper on the line, please be patient and call back again. We are in the woods with old phone lines so the phone may ring on your end even if a camper is on the line, please keep trying.


09 August, 2017

August 9th, 2017

Another wonderful day at camp! We started the day off with earlybird, and the choices were road biking, swimming, running and mountain biking. It’s awesome to see campers try new things and new activities all before breakfast! After breakfast and inspection we all headed down to the waterfront for swim practice! After swimming the campers put on their running shoes and headed to the soccer field for a Team Comp soccer tournament! Everyone had a blast playing against all of the other teams to see who could win the overall championship game! We had delicious perogies and salad for lunch before our special afternoon activity. Today we rode the buses into Parry Sound to see the new Spider-Man movie! The girls enjoyed their popcorn and a nice afternoon in Parry Sound, while getting to watch an awesome movie. We got back in time for dinner of Swedish meatballs with rice and zucchini, and brownies for dessert! To end off a fantastic day we had open waterfront for evening activity to cool down before bedtime.



08 August, 2017

August 8th, 2017

Today was a great last day of the 2 week session! We started off with a beautiful earlybird of mountain biking, swimming, running or road biking.

After getting a good workout in we headed up to the main house for a tasty breakfast of pancakes and bacon. Before morning classes started we all gathered together on the main dock in camper and staff uniforms for camp pictures! We took the group picture and then individual cabin pictures, and then headed out for morning activities. Our classes this morning included war canoe, lacrosse, yoga, Zumba and of course swimming! Our special afternoon activity today was the Colour Run! The campers all put their white t-shirts on and decorated each other with face paint and crazy hair-dos before heading out for the 5km run! There were 5 different colour stations they ran through on their way to the finish line and they all came back looking like a rainbow! It was a ton of fun and we had a chance to jump in and clean off in the lake before dinner. Our delicious dinner consisted of roasted chicken, cous-cous and broccoli with salad. For evening activity we had the tennis tournament finals! The 3 age groups competed for a winner, and then the winners played the special guest stars, the Mexican national tennis team! It was a wonderful way to end off the 2 week session.




07 August, 2017

Triathlon Results



  1.       Reed Errickson                    19:46
  2.       Abby Miller                          24:34
  3.       Kelly Mitchell                       24:48
  4.       Isabella Howes                    24:52
  5.       Marleigh Howes                 25:28
  6.       Gillian Asch                          25:35
  7.       Bailey Ewanchuck              28:11
  8.       Lauren Reeves                     28:36
  9.       Zoe Katona                           29:48
  10.       Phoebe Errickson               36:18
  11.       Adley Grantz                       33:08
  12.       Violet Stark                          33:22
  13.       Rielle MacDougall              39:49


11 & 12 GIRLS

1st       Cara MacDonald                31:12

2nd       Charlottle Rooney              31:19

3rd       Jeanine Lin                           31:37

4th       Tori Bibler                             32:42

5th       Carmella Yllagan                 33:08

6th       Haley Griffin                            35:00

7th       Devon Feeney                     36:08

8th       Lily Johnson                         36:38

9th       Keegan Dolan                      36:51

10th     Emmeline O’Kelly               37:35

11th     Abigail Odinocki                 38:27

12th     Sofia Zhang                          29:28

13th     Candela Lespada                40:25

14th     Mia Smith                             43:09

15th     Livie Shine                            43:41

16th     Calissa Yllagan                     44:04

17th     Sunny Kaplan                      49:32

18th     Jenna Serotta                      51:18

19th     Amelie Argent                     51:20

20th     Lexi Asch                               51:32

21st     Natalia Valledor                  52:34

22nd    Cate Weatherston              57:47

23rd     Saara Puri                             1:00

24th     Fernanda Torre                  1:02:55         




1st       Florence Millet                    48:40

2nd       Karina Gruson                     48:43

3rd       Marion Denny                     49:10

4th       Jenna Wall                            50:22

5th       Evelyn Cooper                     51:26

6th       Rachel Amber                      53:31

7th       Casey Morris                       54:26

8th       Ann Frederique Pelletier  54:30

9th       Maddie Forbes                    57:22

10th     Alana Casasanta                 57:41

11th     Alanna Odinocki                 59:13

12th     Devon Smith                        59:14

13th     Gabby Casasanta                59:18

14th     Alli Riihiluoma                     1:01:48

15th     Udaya Reddy                       1:07:11

16th     Anna Ostlund                      1:08:44


14, 15 AND 16 –YEARS


1st      Jessical Reibel                      57:06

2nd       Elizabeth Shannon             57:26

3rd       Anna Warwick                    59:07

4th       Amber Patten                      59:10

5th       Frankie Dahinten               1:00:31

6th       Erin Brown                           1:00:47

7th       Elana Greenberg                1:00:49

8th       Calla Truebridge                 1:01:21

9th       Flora Haslem                       1:01:50

10th     Robin Cruz Abrams            1:01:54

11th     Chelsea Moore                    1:01:58

12th     Maya Grantz                       1:02:31

13th     Alicia Eisen                           1:03:19

14th     Ayden Michaud                  1:04:00

15th     Anna Rowe                          1:04:15

16th     Arquelle Stavely                 1:05:39

17th     Gabby Eivers                       1:06:00

18th     Marit Kershaw                    1:07:19

19th     Anjali Tandon                      1:11:45

20th     Claire Witting                      1:13:34

21st     Marie Soleil Dufour           1:13:50

22nd    Sarah Shearer                     1:14:20

23rd     Elyse Truebridge                 1:14:22

24th     Itziar Fernandez                 1:20:55

25th     Mika Halinski                       1:22:01

26th     Lucia Galarza                       1:41:45



07 August, 2017

August 7th 2017

A twist, a twist! Instead of our regular earlybird this morning the counsellors put their suits, caps and goggles on and did the Ak-O-Mak triathlon! Cabin 1 and the rest of the campers helped organize the tri and got a taste of what it takes to plan an event. It was a blast for both campers and counsellors. After earlybird we fueled up for the day with bagels, sausages and fruit for breakfast. Instead of regular morning classes we had 3 choice periods for the morning. Some of the choices include paddling, diving, ultimate Frisbee, netball, waterpolo, archery, tennis and pickleball. We also had a group of paddlers from the North Bay Canoe Club visit us for the day, and they enjoyed going around to the activities with the campers. After a delicious lunch of pasta and salad we had rest hour before afternoon activity. The rain couldn’t stop us from enjoying this afternoon, and everyone stayed in their cabins to make a dance and practice for cabin lip syncs! After dinner we presented the cabin lip syncs and every cabin did an amazing job. In third place we had cabin 6, second place was cabin 4 and first place was cabin 1! It was an awesome day and we can’t wait to see what adventures tomorrow brings.




06 August, 2017

August 6th 2017

We started the day off with a beautiful earlybird of swimming, running, mountain biking and road biking. After a filling breakfast of croissants, bacon and fruit the girls headed to their cabins to clean up for inspection. Our morning today was full of classes! The cabins travelled around to basketball, soccer, lacrosse, self defense, archery and swimming! Cabins 4 and 5 also played each other in an intense game of softball. After the morning we all headed up to the mainhouse for lunch and then had rest hour and a chance to visit the camp store. We had a special afternoon activity today, the Ak-O-Mak triathlon! All of the campers swam, ran and paddled. The race consisted of a swim to Cherokee Point and back, then running long cross and followed by a paddle to Monster Rock and back. The younger campers had a slightly modified race with a shorter swim, run and paddle. We had 4 different heats of the race so the girls had the chance to cheer and help their fellow campers! This evening we all headed to the campfire for cookout. We enjoyed burgers and sausages with chips and salad for dinner, before having cake and roasting marshmallows for dessert. We finished off the day by reading the results from today’s triathlon and singing some camp songs before heading to the cabins for bedtime.



04 August, 2017

August 4th 2017

There was a twist on the schedule today! Due to the rain instead of staying on camp we loaded onto buses and headed to Parry Sound to hang out at the YMCA all day! After swimming or running for early bird we all headed up to breakfast before heading out to Parry Sound. When we got to the YMCA we split the cabins up into different stations of volleyball, floor hockey, bootcamp or weightlifting for the older girls, football, step class and boxing! The cabins rotated around the stations for half of the day and then we joined together as a group again. First one of our counsellors led the group in a rockin’ body workout! Then we had a camp wide basketball tournament and finished off with a round of dodgeball! It was a very busy and fun day, and it was a fantastic way to escape the rain at camp. We arrived back in time for a quick jump in the lake to cool off before dinner. For dinner we had fish and chips, with peas and salad. For evening activity one of Ak-O-Mak’s Alumni Sue Porter gave a talk about the power of positive thinking. The chat was the perfect end to a relaxing evening. Sue also led us in a guided meditation before bed, and everyone was very relaxed and ready for a good nights sleep.





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