Session A/B/C Only

  • Dear Parents and Campers:

    The North Bay Triathlon is a fun-filled day trip for campers interested in Triathlons. Due to the fact that this triathlon falls early in the summer schedule, interested competitors will require Coach Jocelyn’s final approval for bike safety reasons.

    Registration fee many change.

    Kids of Steel on Saturday & Tri-A-Tri and Sprint on Sunday

    North Bay Triathlon: June 27th & June 28th 2020

    $55.00—$75.00 Kids of Steel

    Registration Fee: Tri-A-Tri and Duathlon (Includes BBQ Lunch & Triathlon T-Shirt)


    To avoid disappointment we urge you to complete this form so we may register your daughter as soon as possible! Registration fee may change.

    Feel free to bring your own road bike if you have one, otherwise we use our Ak-O-Mak mountain bikes and selection of road bikes.


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