Jocelyn Saunders

Athletic Director / Coach

Jocelyn was the 1982 World Champion in Marathon Swimming. In 1981, she became the youngest swimmer to swim the 32 miles across Lake Ontario. In 1987, Jocelyn swam the 521 nautical miles around Lake Ontario in support of Multiple Sclerosis. Swimming 7 hours a day, Jocelyn accomplished this feat in 60 days raising more than $250,000 for Multiple Sclerosis.

In addition to setting Swimming World Records, Jocelyn had raised the largest charitable contribution in a long distance solo swim. Jocelyn also swam for Indian River Junior College for 2 years, serving the team as the team captain in her second year. Both years the team won NCJAA’s. Then Jocelyn swam 3 years for the University of Toronto. In 2001, Jocelyn was inducted into the Ontario Aquatic Hall of Fame for her distinguished contribution in the sport of swimming.

After retiring from swimming, Jocelyn pursued the sport of Triathlon. She was a member of the Canadian National Team and competed in short course and long course World Championships 7 times. Jocelyn was the USA Amateur Sprint National Champion and the 2000 Great Floridian Ironman winner. Then, in 2001 she was struck by a car while training. Fortunately Jocelyn survived the crash and, after 3 surgeries and 2 years of therapy, she returned to racing.

Jocelyn has coached swimming for many years. She currently coaches for the Delaware Swim Team and she is Head Coach for the Three Little Bakers Swim club in the summer. She graduated from Indian River Junior College with an Honours Associate in Arts and a Bachelor of Science from University of Toronto. Her success all began with her 10 years as an Ak-O-Mak camper and later as camp counsellor.

Jocelyn lives with her husband, Blair Saunders and two children, Brooke and Brett Saunders in Delaware.

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