Rosemarie Thomas

Office Manager

Rosemarie Thomas is a 4th degree black belt, avid marathon runner and returns to camp as Office Manager and self defense instructor.

Rosemarie has been a martial arts student for over 21 years and a professional instructor for six.  In her own words, she feels ‘most alive’ when she is working with young people and using her skills to help them develop confidence and self-assurance.  She especially loves working with girls and teenagers, a passion which has lead her to volunteer with the YWCA in Hamilton as a self defense instructor and become a mentor with the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Burlington and Hamilton.     

With a 15 year background in office administration and tourism marketing in the Caribbean and UK, Rosemarie has a keen love for travel and relishes the change and adventure that comes with working in new places and with different people.

Her athletic nature also led her to embrace the challenge of marathon running, which she took up in 2001. She has since completed 26 full marathons.   One of her enjoyable activities at camp last year was waking up to do the early bird run with the campers every morning.

According to Rosemarie, working at Camp Ak-O-Mak has been a ‘match made in heaven.’   It is a true Canadian camping experience that brings together all the things she loves doing most – working with young people, teaching self defence, being active in sports every day, and being an administrator.

In addition to working at camp, Rosemarie is currently pursuing a career in social work and youth counselling.

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