Summer Camp Programs


Unpack Your Adventure

Join us for a unique, play-filled summer camp experience that helps girls build confidence, self esteem and achieve success!

Swimming Programs

Open Water Swimming

Girls of all levels can see an increase in their endurance, stroke rate, rhythm and mental fortitude by swimming in the open water.

Rapid Swim Skill Development

Our certified swimming coaches are dedicated to making swimming fun and accessible for all swimmers, including beginners, helping them to build their swim skills and confidence in the water.

Beautiful Sandy Beach

Bask in the summer sunlight while brushing up on your swimming skills in the pools built right into Ahmic Lake.

Camper swimming

Paddling Programs

Traditional Canoeing Instruction

Go on fun lake excursions with detailed and professional instructions by our coaches!

Introduction To Paddling

Good news for swimmers! Our camp gives Ak-O-Makkers the perfect opportunity to dip their toes into the water and try out sprint canoes, kayaks and even regatta!

Fun Team Sport

Paddling is a fun way to participate in a team sport, and campers have the chance to race against other clubs in a regatta.

Triathlon Programs

Ideal For First-timers

We make training fun with a variety of practice events such as aquathons, duathalons, transition events and mountain bike obstacle courses.

Optional Competitive Events

Each year we encourage our Ak-O-Makkers to sign up for various Triathlon events throughout the summer to experience the thrill of competition.

Rapid Improvement

Our expert coaches teach girls of all ages the fundamentals of triathlon and train experienced triathletes for improved performance.

Biking Programs

Expert Instruction

Our coaches give your girl access to introductory and experienced instruction in both mountain biking and road biking.

Quality Road Bikes​

Enjoy both short and long cross-country trails through the woodland trails in the rugged Canadian wilderness.

Out-trips & Road Bike Rides

Experienced bikers will have an opportunity to go on out-trips and road rides for a more adventurous journey!

Land Sports Programs

Various Open Sports Courts

Sweat your heart out on our open courts for land sports such as tennis, beach volleyball and baseball!

Multisport Pavilion

Ak-O-Makkers can try indoor activities like yoga, spin bike classes, weight training, and much more under the pavilion built by our volunteers.

Spacious Playing Sports Field

Ideal for a variety of field sports such as soccer, lacrosse, archery, and golf, our playing field allows campers to run around and move freely!

Adult Camps

Perfect End- of -Summer Getaway

Enjoy a fun time with like-minded individuals who love fine food and the beauty of Ahmic Lake while you relax and recharge your mind and body

Nourishing Meals

Enjoy home-cooked, family-style meals prepared by our professional chef, and a wide variety of snacks, fruit, or hot beverages throughout the day

Personalized Experience

All activities are optional - our camp facility is at everyone's disposal and our experienced Ak-O-Mak staff will be there to help campers achieve their goals.

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.