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22 July, 2014

Camp Ak-O-Mak a Good Neighbour to Ontario Ornge

There was lunch time excitement today when the Ontario Air Ambulance used Ak-O-Mak's field as a landing pad.  Our open field and sturdy docksprovided a safe access for the EMS to transfer a patient who was injured at the other end of the lake.  

While awaiting the arrival of the EMS boat, the air ambulance crew showed the girls the magnificent air craft while the Chef packed them chicken salad sandwiches.  We all gathered at a safe distance on the hill to watch the big orange bird take off.

Our wishes to this unknown patient and family for a speedy recovery.


22 July, 2014

July 22nd

It has been a beautiful day here at camp so far!  The girls all got a great sleep last night after our four week banquet and everyone was excited for an early bird of swimming, running, cycling, and mountain biking this morning.

Once we finished early bird and breakfast we had a big camp clean up and gave the campers leaving a chance to pack and then as the four weekers left the rest of the camp headed down to the waterfront for swim practice.  After swim practice everyone got to choose their favourite water activity to do until lunch.  Girls went paddle-boarding, gunnel bobbing, canoeing, kayaking, and diving.

After a delicious lunch everyone headed down to the cabins for a quick rest hour before paddling and biking over to Ahmic Lake Lodge to take advantage of the gorgeous day with an afternoon filled with ice cream and playing in the rapids.

This evening all of the seven-week campers are looking forward to having a movie night cuddled up in the mainhouse with our favourite movie treats.  We cannot wait for the new session to start tomorrow and all of the new campers to arrive!



17 July, 2014

July 15

It is hard to believe that our four-week session only has one week left!  Today we awoke to overcast clouds and a little rain, however that did not stop the girls from having an exciting day! After early bird and a delicious breakfast most of the cabins enjoyed classes of Zumba, self-defense, softball and of course swimming … YAY!  

This afternoon after lunch and rest hour the cabins got together and created their own lip-syncs! Thankfully once each of the cabins presented their dances the sun began to shine! The softball team had a practice while the rest of the camp had a choice between a period of mountain biking or water polo! After dinner the softball team got together again for another quick practice and the other campers had a diving lesson or went for a mountain bike ride.


July 16

This morning we had a surprise sleep-in courtesy of Cabin 1 taping the bell! After a breakfast of poached eggs on English muffins and fresh fruit the girls enjoyed morning classes of fencing, rugby, softball, and swimming. 

After a delicious pierogi lunch everyone headed down to the cabins for rest hour.  Once rest hour was over we played a team competition game called Flabbergaster.  It was a crazy game with flour and buttons flying everywhere!  Everyone had an awesome time!  After the game, the campers faced off against the counsellors in the camper versus counsellor softball game.  In the end the camper team came out on top.  We are very excited to try and beat the boys tomorrow in our softball match at Chikopi. 

Once the game was over everyone headed up to the mainhouse for a yummy dinner.  After dinner we all went down to the boathouse for an evening of war canoe practice for the regatta this weekend.   


15 July, 2014

A Celebration of the Life of Jan Moldenhauer

Please join us at Camp Ak-O-Mak as we celebrate the life of our friend and coach, Jan Moldenhauer.

Saturday, July 26th, 2014 at 11:00 am in the Ak-O-Mak Main House.

Lakeside at 12:15 pm:  Commitment of the Ashes to the Lake

Buffet Luncheon will follow the service at 1:00 pm. (Due to the potential number of guests expected, please RSVP and a discretionary meal donation of $10.00 per person would be appreciated).

After lunch, we invite our alumni and visitors to enjoy and participate with our campers in a variety of activities until 4:00 pm....War Canoe, Kayaking, Swimming at Sandy Beach, Tennis, Beach Volley Ball, Pleasure Canoeing, a jump off the tower, etc.



14 July, 2014

July 14th


It was a great day with perfect weather for us here at Ak-O-Mak!  Our morning started out with an early breakfast so that we could all war canoe and C4 over to Chikopi for the Chikopi triathlon.

Once we arrived on Chikopi’s beach the cheering began and soon the race was underway.  Everyone swam, ran, and solo paddled as fast as they could in order to beat the boys.  It was a great race by all and a fun way to spend the morning.

After all of the racers had returned both camps gathered in front of Chikopi’s mainhouse for awards and then lunch.  It was then time for all of us to paddle back over to Ak-O-Mak for a well-deserved rest hour.

Once rest hour was over the softball team headed down to the baseball diamond for a practice while everyone else went to sandy beach for an afternoon of surfboard races and beach fun.

We had a delicious dinner of beef stew, potatoes, tomato salad, and a yummy apple crumble for dessert.  After dinner the softball team continued practicing and everyone else either had a diving lesson or went for a mountain bike ride for evening activity.  Everyone is now in bed getting ready for another awesome camp day tomorrow!




1st place                     Amanda J.                   1:07:12

2nd place                   Abigail G.                    1:12:53

3rd place                    Jolie M.                        1:14:36

4th place                    Keegan D.                   1:55:01


GIRLS 11 - 12

1st place                     Claire S.                      56:21

2nd place                   Elana G.                      58:28

3rd place                    Lucy M.                       59:01

4th place                    Robin C.                      59:54

5th place                    Madeleine Y.              1:05:00

6th place                    Alessandra A.             1:07:13

7th place                    Teagan D.                   1:07:30

8th place                    Sarah S.                      1:08:00

9th place                    Felicity C.                    1:16:00

10th place                  Olivia K.                      1:27:50



GIRLS 13 -14

1st place                     Indianna S.                 55:08

2nd place                   Isabella A.                   55:21

3rd place                    Jessica R.                    56:10

4th place                    MacKenzie O.             57:07

5th place                    Paola M.                      59:59

6th place                    Samantha H.               1:00:12

7th place                    Arianne C.                  1:03:32

8th place                    Marion D.                   1:03:37

9th place                    Maya G.                       1:04:05

10th place                  Carly M.                      1:05:01

11th place                  Ana Sofia D.               1:13:18

12th place                  Amelia C.                    1:13:58

13th place                  Abby H.                       1:16:40


GIRLS 15-17

1st place                     Abby H.                       54:03

2nd place                   Elizabeth W.               54:33

3rd place                    Natasha L.                  59:40

4th place                    Samantha G.               1:02:13

5th place                    Ashley S.                     1:06:59

6th place                    Gillian K.                     1:08:00

7th place                    Erin M.                        1:18:47



1st place                     Jocelyn S.                    49:56



13 July, 2014

July 13th

The girls woke up this morning to the breakfast bell, hooray for sleeping in! We all enjoyed toasted bagels, cream cheese, and fried eggs for breakfast.  The morning began a little overcast but it turned out to be a beautiful day as the girls practiced their small boats, enjoyed swim practice, played ultimate Frisbee, went mountain biking, and stretched their legs on a hiking adventure!

This afternoon after lunch and rest hour the camp gathered for a team competition favorite “CHALLENGIA”.  After the completion of the game, we all had another paddling practice. The war canoes, C4’s and other small boats are looking great and we can’t wait to show off our skills next weekend!

We had wonderful weather for our cookout and campfire tonight.  After eating some delicious burgers, hotdogs, and salad we had Colleen Shields describe her adventures regarding her time at camp and her experiences with open water swimming and crossing Lake Ontario.  The girls then went to bed early so that everyone is well rested for our race against the boys tomorrow in the Chikopi Triathlon.  


12 July, 2014

July 12th

It was another beautiful and sunny day here at Ak-O-Mak.  This morning the girls took advantage of the nice weather with an early bird of small boats, running, and swimming. 

After breakfast and inspection everyone enjoyed their classes of kayaking, lacrosse, hiking, bootcamp, and of course swimming.  It was then time for a yummy lunch of chicken Caesar wraps before a much needed rest hour.

Everyone then headed down to the boathouse to take advantage of the sun and continue practicing in our small boats and war canoes for the regatta that is now just one week away!  Everyone enjoyed practicing their strokes and starts and of course cheers!

After paddling the softball team had a quick practice and everyone else headed over to the main dock for a quick dip in the lake and jump off the tower before dinner.  It was a delicious pasta dinner and then we had the privilege of having Pete M., a wrestling Olympian speak to us about his experiences wrestling and at camp.  It was then off to bed for all of the girls.  We can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring! 


11 July, 2014

July 11th


This morning was a little different here at camp because our early bird was a light breakfast before the 10km run against Chikopi.  The boys showed up nice and early so that we could run the race before it got too hot.  After a few stretches and cheers the race began and everyone was off running to Ahmic Harbour and back. 

It was a tight race with Brett S. from Chikopi coming in first followed closely by his mom and our Athletic Director, Jocelyn who came second.  All of our Ak-O-Mak girls did a great job and many girls were in the top ten. 

After an awesome morning of running the boys joined us for a delicious lunch and some singing before padding back to Chikopi.  The girls then all went down to their cabins for a well deserved rest hour.

Once rest hour was over we all headed down to the boathouse to take advantage of the gorgeous weather with an afternoon of paddling practice.  Everyone had an awesome time practicing in their small boats and war canoes for the upcoming regatta.

It was then time for a dinner of roast beef, mashed potatoes, corn, and salad.  The softball team then had an evening practice and everyone else went for a mountain bike or played a few different backfield games.  After such a tiring but fun day everyone is now ready for bed and looking forward to another awesome camp day tomorrow!



1ST place                   Amanda J.                   48:51

2nd place                   Noelle Y.                     58:49

3rd place                    Abigail G.                    59:15

4th place                    Keagan D.                   59:37

5th place                    Jolie M.                        1:14:53

6th place                    Aitziber F.                   1:40:43

7th place                    Jenna S.                       1:44:09



11-12 GIRLS

1ST Place                   Claire S.                      44:25

2nd place                   Elana G.                      54:07

3rd place                    Felicity C.                    55:12

4th place                    Kosi L.                         57:56

5th place                    Maddie Y.                   59:34

6th place                    Alessandra A.             1:01:27

7th place                    Teagan D.                   1:06:41

8th place                    Lucy M.                       1:11:37

9th place                    Robin C                       1:19:05

10th place                  Itziar  F.                      1:27:08

11th place                  Olivia K.                      1:43:52


13 -14 Girls

1st place                     Isabella A.                   48:53

2nd place                   Mackenzie O.              52:44

3rd place                    Jessica R.                    53:16

4th place                    Carly M.                      57:22

5th place                    Indie S.                        57:66

6th place                    Paola M.                      1:04:08

7th place                    Samantha H.               1:10:03

8th place                    Amelia C.                    1:11:33

9th place                    Sarah S.                      1:13:08

10th place                  Ana Sofia D.               1:13:31

11th place                  Maya G.                       1:20:32

12th place                  Arianne C.                  1:20:43

13th place                  Abby H.                       1:44:29


15-17 GIRLS

1st place                     Natasha L.                  53:32

2nd place                   Samantha G.               57:16

3rd place                    Alexa M.                      58:06

4th place                    Gillian K.                     58:37

5th place                    Abby H.                       1:00:04

6th place                    Elizabeth W.               1:00:56

7th place                    Ashley S.                     1:00:57

8th place                    Ursula M.                    1:11:19

9th place                    Monica C.                    1:28:40




1st place                     Jocelyn S.                    43:13

2nd place                   Emily C.                       47:09

3rd place                    Monica D.                   49:05

4th place                    Molly L.                       49:08

5th place                    Martha D.                   50:29

6th place                    Brigette C.                  53:55

7th place                    Rosie T.                      54:13

8th place                    MJ C.                            54:50

9th place                    Jessica C.                     57:42

10th place                  Colette D.                    1:03:05

11th place                  Lily E.                          1:11:19



July 10th


What started out as a very foggy morning turned into a beautiful day for us here at Ak-O-Mak.  The girls who swam for early bird swam triangles in the bay because of the fog and the rest of the campers went for a run or a road bike. 

After early bird and breakfast the sun was out and all of the girls enjoyed their morning classes of swimming, mountain biking, kayaking, small boats, tennis, and felid hockey.

Once we had a yummy lunch and a relaxing rest hour everyone headed over to Ahmic Lake Lodge by war canoe, bike, or pleasure canoe.  A few campers even elected to swim over to the lodge.  Once at the lodge everyone enjoyed an afternoon of ice cream and playing in the rapids.

We all made our way back to camp for dinner and then had open waterfront until heading for bed to rest up to beat the boys in the 10km running race against Chikopi Friday morning. 



9 July, 2014

July 8th

Yesterday was a bit of a rainy day but that didn’t stop us from making the best of it.   The girls were all troopers and did early bird in the rain before coming up for a hot breakfast of waffles, bacon, oatmeal, and fruit to warm everyone up.

After a long inspection of cleaning and sorting laundry the girls headed to their morning classes.   Due to the rain the classes ended up being swimming, small boats, and a camp wide Zumba class in the mainhouse.

Once our Zumba session was over and everyone was all danced out we had a delicious lunch of homemade pizza and salad.  The girls then all headed to their cabins for a rest hour out of the rain. 

After rest hour everyone put on comfy, cozy clothes and settled down in the mainhouse for some team competition counsellor trivia.  We had so much fun learning things like counsellor Lily tried out for her stepping team in high school.  And none of the girls guessed that Georgia was the counsellor with over fifty first cousins!  Once we had finished counsellor trivia, our coach Jocelyn put in an Ironman Kona video.  It was an inspiring video about both the pros and amateurs who completed the 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run.  We then had an opportunity for Jocelyn to speak about her experience completing 24 Ironman races, both as a pro and an amateur. 

We then had a yummy dinner and everyone went down to the cabins to prepare lip sync’s that will be performed today!  



7 July, 2014

July 6th


What a busy day for us at Camp Ak-O-Mak!  All of the girls competing in the Huronia Triathlon in Midland had an early wake up and loaded the bus so we could be on our way to the triathlon nice and early.  Once we got there everyone got ready for an awesome day of racing!   We started with the youngest age groups and our 8-9 year olds kicked off the day followed by all of the other age groups in the Kids of Steal race.  After everyone 15 and under had finished racing the girls and counselors cheering got ready for their own races.  The oldest campers and counselors that competed in the Try-A-Tri and the Sprint Triathlon all raced their hearts out while all of the younger campers cheered them on. 

After a great day of racing the Ak-O-Mak crew even got to go up on the stage and do a few camp cheers into the microphone.  All in all, it was an awesome day of racing in Midland.  On the way home we even stopped for some ice cream to end off the day. 

The group of campers back at camp for the day had a fantastic time hiking, learning about the history of camp, doing surfboard relays, and playing the favourite Rocktagon in Cabin 7.

Once everyone was back together at camp we had a delicious cookout dinner of hamburgers and hotdogs for dinner followed by story time where everyone told their favourite parts of the day by the fire in the mainhouse.

It was yet another awesome day for everyone and we are all excited to beat the boys in the Kneopfli mile swim tomorrow!



July 7th


The girls all enjoyed a nice sleep in through early bird today after the early morning we all had yesterday.  Everyone rolled out of bed and headed up to a breakfast of croissants, eggs, and oatmeal. 

Although the weather wasn’t too great for us this morning everyone got into canoes and we paddled over to Chikopi for the traditional Knoepfli mile swim.   Once we got to Chikopi the girls raced their hardest against the boys and did an amazing job! 

After paddling and walking back to Chikopi we had lunch with the boys and then awards and we all got into our canoes to paddle back home to Ak-O-Mak.  Once back at camp the girls enjoyed rest hour and then went to a softball practice, soccer, or on a mountain bike ride. 

We then headed up to the mainhouse for a delicious dinner of Greek salad, pork, potatoes, pitas and tzatziki sauce.  We then all went down to the fire pit to roast marshmallows and sing songs around the campfire until bedtime. 

Everyone is looking forward to a few regular camp days now!





1ST PLACE                 Florence M.    32:07

2nd place                   Jolie M.            39:27

3rd place                    Amanda J.       39:28


GIRLS 11-12

1ST PLACE                 Sarah S.          24:24

2nd Place                   Elana G.          24:36

3rd Place                    Emma G.         26:28

4th Place                    Robin C.          26:53

5th place                    Madeleine Y.  27:09

6th Place                    Claire S.          27:40

7th place                    Alessandra A. 30:47

8th Place                    Lucy M.           31:22

9th Place                    Claire W.         31:30

10th Place                  Maddy W.       31:39

11th Place                  Erin K.             32:10 

12th Place                  Teagan D.       39:07

13TH Place                Felicity C.        40:37



GIRLS 13-14

1ST PLace                  Indianna S.     22:35

2nd Place                   Arianne C.      23:23

3rd Place                    Jessica R.        23:24

4th Place                    Sofia S.            24:22

5th Place                    Samantha H.   24:41

6th Place                    Marion D.       25:03

7th Place                    Sarah M.         26:34

8th Place                    Maya G.           27:26

9th Place                    Maddy D.        27:48

10th Place                  Abby H.           28:32

11th Place                  Isabella A.       28:45

12th Place                  Claire P.          28:57

13th Place                  Lilli Ana M.     29:54

14th Place                  MacKenzie O. 30:45

15th Place                  Hunter A.        32:03

16th Place                  Paola M.          32:26

17th Place                  Sofia B.           32:40

18th Place                  Carly M.          42:39

19th Place                  Ana Sofia D.   42:40


GIRLS 15-17

1st Place                     Elizabeth W.   24:29

2nd Place                   Abby H.           26:35

3rd Place                    Cassie C.         30:00

4th Place                    Grace P.          31:23

5th Place                    Samantha G.   31:27

6th Place                    Ursula M.        36:15

7th Place                    Erin M.            45:39

8th Place                    Gillian K.         45:40




5 July, 2014

July 5th


The girls started this refreshingly sunny day with an early bird of swimming and running. After a delicious breakfast, the girls enjoyed a busy morning of swimming, mountain biking, Zumba, field hockey, ultimate Frisbee, and volleyball.

For lunch, we had fajitas followed by rest hour! This afternoon, we took advantage of the sunny weather and took our camp photos.  After saying “cheese” and smiling for the camera some of the girls prepared for the Huronia Triathlon tomorrow by getting their bikes and practicing transitions. The rest of camp enjoyed the nice weather by playing games in the backfields.

We ended the day with open waterfront and an early bedtime so everyone can rest up for the big day tomorrow!  


5 July, 2014

 Wondering about calling your daughter?

Phone calling starts on Monday July 7th

Just a few reminders:

Each camper is only permitted one telephone call, if you would like to have further contact sign up for BunkNotes or send some snail-mail. Remember, if you send them 3 pieces of mail they get to sing a song in front of the Main House and 5 pieces of mail meeeaaaans….IN THE LAKE!

Phone calls are limited to 5 minutes. We have lots of campers who are anxiously waiting to hear from their loved ones as well, so in order to give everyone a chance at the telephone we ask that phone calls are kept to 5 minutes.

Calls are only taken during meal-times:

Breakfast: 8:30 am – 9:15 am

Lunch: 1:00 pm – 1:45 pm

Dinner: 6:00 pm – 6:45 pm

If we do not answer the telephone it is because we are out of camp for that meal, try again the following meal. On Sunday evenings we are not in the Main House for dinner because we have a barbeque on Sandy Beach.

We are also not in the Main House for special events like events with Chikopi.


The Camper telephone line is 705-387-1919


This is the only line that you will be able to reach your camper on so please do not call our business line.
If no one answers that is because there is currently a camper on the line, please be patient and call back again. We are in the woods with old phone lines so the phone may ring on your end even if a camper is on the line, please keep trying.



4 July, 2014


Happy July 4th to all of our American friends!  We sang the Star-Spangled Banner today just for you! 

This morning everyone was excited to wake up to a beautiful sunny day!  We enjoyed a normal camp morning with a regular early bird of swimming and running followed by breakfast and inspection.  After inspection everyone went to their morning classes of small boats, volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, tennis and of course swimming.  A few of the counsellors even spent part of the morning continuing to bushwack our newest trail that we are calling “Fun Cross”.

We then all filed into the mainhouse for a delicious lunch of tilapia, couscous, grilled zucchini and salad followed by a relaxing rest hour in the shade.  We then had our second softball tryout and those not trying out played volleyball and newcomb ball on the beach volleyball courts, soccer, or went mountain biking.

After a great dinner everyone headed to the boathouse for a paddling practice.  The girls headed out in all of our racing boats and we took two war canoes out in preparation for the upcoming regatta that Ak-O-Mak will be competing in.   It was another tiring but great day here at camp!  


4 July, 2014

Racoon Song.  (To the Tune of "Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda")..


Hello Mother.

Hello Father.

I don' t want to

be a bother.

Thanks for the package

Full of care.

But don't be mad about the mess made everywhere.


A racoon

Got in our our bunk.

We were scared stiff

When Syd yelled, "SKUNK!"

All the kids ran

For their lives

Me and Riley stayed 'cause we both had our jack-knives.


The racoon

At my Camp

Ate a roll of

Jenna's stamps!

Encouraged by the

Minty taste

Racoon suckedatube of Georgia'swhite art paste!


Soon he found Lil's

Candy stash.

Lined up on the

Window sash.

Gummie Bears and

Pull'n peel,

The masked bandit scarfed it down with racoonzeal.


There were wrappers

On the floor

White art paste

On the door

Sticky sugar

On each bunk

racoon pooped on the floor

And, boy it STUNK!


So dear Mother

And dear Father

Now they tell us

Please don't bother

Sending boxes

Full of care

'Cause we'll have racoonsandsquirrelsEVERYWHERE!



4 July, 2014

July 2nd


Today was a busy day for everyone as we all headed off camp for an afternoon of ice cream, swimming in the rapids, and looking at the animals at Ahmic Lake Lodge.  The girls paddled in canoes, biked or war canoed over to the lodge and back.


After a yummy dinner of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and salad everyone headed down to the canoe docks for a canoeing time trial.  Cabin by cabin the girls lined up by the 100-meter buoy and then solo paddled the canoe as fast as they could past the diving tower.  It was an awesome evening of paddling and cheering.  We are all looking forward to seeing what tomorrow will bring.


July 3rd


We awoke this morning to rain, but here at Ak-O-Mak we are TOUGH ENOUGH and the girls all challenged themselves swimming, running, biking, and paddling for early bird.  After warming up with a breakfast of blueberry pancakes, hot chocolate, sausages, and oatmeal everyone headed down to inspection.  After inspection the girls went down to the waterfront for some dryland and swim practice.  Once practice was over everyone put on cozy PJ’s and brought their blankets and pillows up to the mainhouse to warm up by the fire and watch Disney’s Frozen together before lunch. 


The rain subsided for a bit this afternoon and we took the opportunity to play softball and tennis, go for a trail run, and even got out paddling in some of our small boats. 


Tonight the girls are looking forward to dinner and a counsellor fashion show after dinner since the rain has begun once again.  We are hoping for some sun tomorrow!



2 July, 2014

July 1st


What a great camp day!  We all woke up thinking it would be a rainy and stormy day and were pleasantly surprised when the weather stayed nice and sunny for us!  After early bird and breakfast the girls enjoyed their morning classes of swimming, war canoe, small boats, self defense and Zumba.


After a delicious lunch and rest hour the team comp teams then got together for a kickball and soccer tournament.  In the end the MAK Flurries team cheered and kicked their way to victory!   Once the tournament was over everyone headed to their choice of a trail run, small boats, mountain biking, or softball.


We then all headed up the mainhouse for a dinner of pasta and Caesar salad and of course singing!  Once we got through all of our favourite camp songs everyone went down to the waterfront to bathe and jump off the tower before bed.     



1 July, 2014

Nature Sightings at Camp Ak-O-Mak

One of the best things about summer camp is living close to the wilderness and experiencing some of the wonderful gifts Mother Nature has to offer.

We have all come to know the regular critters with whom we share our campus:  the little red squirrels, the adorable chipmunk ("chippie") who so conveniently resides near the back kitchen door, the beautiful velveteen hare down by the Green Guest House, "Umpire" the groundhog with his burrow under the baseball shed, "Randal-the-Vandal-Racoon" who repeatedly digs up Catherine's flowers looking for tastey grubs, Doe-A-Deer with her gentlel eyes....These little creatures are familiar furry faces at camp.

Our list of nature sightings continues to grow as we venture along our woodland trails and shoreline during Early Bird:  loons, herons, the pair of hawks nesting behind Hop 1.  More deer. A yearling bear. The flickas, blue jays and wood peckers who have a flight path to and from the Main House.  And some yet-to-be-identified bird with the most musical, tubular song one can imagine!  What IS that bird that we hear echoing throughout the forest every morning and evening??

As Madison W. said excitedly this morning, "It was a once in a lifetime thing to see a bear!"...

Now THAT is the joy of a summer living close to nature!


1 July, 2014

June 30th

The girls awoke to the bell this morning and everyone had a great early bird with many going best times!  After a breakfast of eggs, hashbrowns, oatmeal and fruit the girls headed down to their cabins for inspection.  Inspection was followed by classes of Quiddich, softball, swimming, soccer and Zumba.

After lunch and rest hour everyone headed down to the waterfront for small boats and war canoe.   When the girls were finished on the water we headed to Easter Island Head rock for the start of this sessions team competition.  The girls then split into four teams to help Olaf from Disney’s Frozen find his stolen flurry before he melts.  Olaf and Elsa sang the girls a beautiful rendition of “Let It Go” to explain their mission.

The sun shines bright on Olaf tonight,

Not a flurry to be seen.

A snowman in desperation,

And it looks like you’re the team.


The sun is pounding, and the snow is melting fast.

Hans is on the run, better hope I last.


Don’t let him win, don’t let him free,

Be the winners you’re always meant to be.

Retrieve the snow, don’t let him go.

And don’t be slow.


Get the snow. Get the snow.

Can’t let Olaf melt alone.

Get the snow.  Get the snow.

He’s melting down to the bone.


Hans can run, but you’ll find a way.

Let the teams compete.

Hans never had a chance anyway.


The girls presented their team names, skits and cheers after dinner and we are all looking forward to competing for the team competition title and seeing what happens to Olaf this summer.


30 June, 2014

June 28th


Today was quite a busy day for all of the Ak-O-Makkers.  We started off our morning with an early breakfast so that all of the girls heading off to the North Bay Triathlon could load the bus.  It was a great day of racing for everyone!   Many of our campers placed in the top three for their age group and a few campers successfully completed their first triathlon!


Meanwhile, the campers back at camp enjoyed the sunny day with a swim practice and a fitness relay in the morning.  They then had a great afternoon learning a dance, practicing their self-defense and jumping off the diving tower.


By dinner the camp was all back together for a delicious meal of pasta, salad and garlic bread.   After dinner everyone had a chance to enjoy the waterfront and cool down before bed.  We are all looking forward to tomorrow’s Canada Day celebration adventures in Magnetewan. 


June 29th


Today was Canada Day for Camp Ak-O-Mak as we celebrated in Magnetewan.  After an early bird of swimming, running, and biking the girls had breakfast and then we loaded the buses and were off to the celebration.  Once in Magnetewan the girls all proudly held their nations flag as we paraded through the town. 


After the parade the girls all had a great time dancing to the live band and even learned to line dance!  Then it was time for lunch and an ice cream break to beat the heat.  We then all headed down to the beach to cheer on Abby G. and Florence M. in the annual cardboard boat race.


Once the festivities were over we all headed back to camp where the girls had a full camp swim practice until dinner.  Now it’s time for the first campfire of the summer and we can’t wait!


27 June, 2014

June 27th

We awoke this morning to another bright, beautiful, sunny day and the girls were off for their first all camp early bird of swimming and running!  There were even a few best times!  After early bird, the girls headed up to the mainhouse for a delicious breakfast of fresh fruit, yogurt, egg McMuffins, hashbrowns and oatmeal.


It was then time for the girls to tidy their cabins for inspection and get ready for their morning classes.  Everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather while swimming, canoeing, practicing self-defense, playing tennis, basketball and beach volleyball.  A few of the cabins even got the chance to start practicing in the racing canoes and kayaks for the regatta at the end of the session.   


After lunch the girls spent rest hour in their cabins relaxing out of the sun before spending the afternoon in boats on the water and cycling to get ready for the triathlon.


We enjoyed a great dinner and even had ice cream sundaes for dessert! This evening we hosted the annual paddle picking ceremony, where all the girls introduced themselves and picked their paddle, which they will use for canoeing this summer. Now the girls are off to bed early tonight in preparation for the North Bay Triathlon tomorrow!   


26 June, 2014

June 25th and 26th


With the safe arrival of all our campers, Camp Ak-O-Mak has been brought back to life after a long winter.  With all of the campers here we had a delicious dinner of pasta, garlic bread and ceasar salad last night.  After dinner the girls had a chance to take a quick dip in the lake before settling into their cabins before bed. 


This morning the girls awoke with the bell and the camp was immediately filled with the sound of laughter as they began an early bird of swimming and running and those new to camp were led on a full camp tour.   Breakfast was great meal filled with blueberry pancakes, oatmeal, sausage, fresh fruit and tons of singing!  It’s great to hear the mainhouse full of song again!  This morning the girls all had fun in their morning classes of tennis, lacrosse, kayaking, canoeing and of course SWIMMING … YAY!


This afternoon the girls were busy getting their bikes all fitted for the triathlon and playing an intense game of kickball.  After which they all had a running clinic with our coach Jocelyn followed by open waterfront to cool off until dinner!  We’re all looking forward to dinner and to see what the evening has in store.   


View our counselor staff in the section below


26 June, 2014

Arrival Summer 2014

"They're Heeeeeeere!!!!"

The bus is here!  The bus is here!...The excited shouts echoed down the cabin line and everyone already at camp ran to the Main House to welcome the coach with the rest of our campers.

Joyful reunions all round...Hugs, screams of delight and suprise that can only errupt from the hearts of happy young girls.  Yes, arrival day is exciting indeed!

Please know that EVERYONE arrived safely and soundly.

Let the games begin!


21 June, 2014

Counsellors Staff Summer 2014

My name is Lily, and this is my tenth summer at Ak-O-Mak. In the fall, I'll be a senior at Hillsdale College, where I'm studying Spanish and German. This is my fifth year on staff, and my favorite things about camp are Early Bird and Sunday night cookouts. 











My name is Riley and this is my 5th year at Camp Ak-O-Mak!  I have participated on my high school varsity Swim, Ski and Waterpolo teams for all four years of high school. I just graduated and I am excited to be attending the University of Denver in the fall. I loves camp because it gives girls a place to be themselves and opportunities to grow into beautiful young women. I am so lucky and grateful to be apart of such an amazing experience and I hope my campers feel the joy I did as a camper!






Jessica Clark is going to be a second year Ak-O-Makker this year. She had never gone to summer camp until her first year as camp counsellor last summer. Like swimming in new waters, not knowing what to expect was a little scary. Despite this, the experience she got out of it was life changing. 

Jessica enjoys team sports, such as soccer, basketball and volleyball; she’s more of a land mammal. All throughout high school Jessica was on the school’s basketball team and even became team captain in her last year on the team. In grade 11 she joined the curling team. She also played soccer on a recreational team for 2 years during her high school years.  

Jessica is studying Nursing at the University of Ottawa in French and is going in her third year of university but her second in her current program.  


Hello! My name is Denise and I am from Hong Kong, but I currently go to school in the beautiful state of Maine. My first summer at Ak-o-Mak was back in 2004, and this will be my third summer on staff. Some of my favorite things to do are swimming, canoeing, singing (badly), beating boys in a race, and hanging out with awesome people - which is why Ak-o-Mak is the perfect place to spend my summer! I also love breakfast, disney and marvel movies, and puppies. I hope you're all as excited for camp as I am, and I look forward to seeing you all very soon!




Georgia Wolfe has recently graduated from Etobicoke School of the Arts, having majored in Visual Art. She has been involved in music theatre and voice productions since the age of 6 and took lyrical, tap and hip hop dance on weeknights. She enjoys running, biking, and swimming. Georgia has played four years of piano and flute which have helped to better her ear-training. She has performed with her school’s Women’s Choir, a group that won gold in the National Vocal Competition two years ago. She has enthusiasm for new challenges and continues to pursue multiple forms of art and enjoys academic subjects such as Law, English, and Math. Georgia has worked with the companies Girls Respect Groups and Bullying Epidemic, which both focus on girls’ self-esteem, self-respect and respect for others. She was also junior and then senior representative for her school’s Equity group, which worked to promote kindness and awareness through hosting shows, seminars, discussions, etc. She has enjoyed working as a camp counsellor in the past and is really excited to be at Camp Ak-O-Mak this summer.  Georgia plans to continue her schooling at the University of Guelph in the fall, majoring in Psychology.


Mónica Delgado Salgado

Mexican, born and raised in Celaya, Gto. 17 years-old, high English level with Cambridge ESOL Preliminary English test Certification (PET) and Cambridge ESOL First Certification (FC). Finished elementary and junior high at “Instituto Bilingue Andersen”, studying 5th semester of high school at “Tecnológico de Monterrey”. Selected for triathlon nationals in 2012. Member of the soccer representative team in of ITESM (Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores Monterrey). First year as a CIT, 3rd year at camp.


My name is Larissa and I am from Mexico City. This is my 7th year at camp and my first year as a staff member. I love doing sports, especially at camp, and swimming in that beautiful lake! I'm a very outgoing person and I love to have fun. Camp has helped me  become the friendly person I am today and it has helped me overcome many obstacles throughout the years. My past counselors have been such great role models and have inspired me to be one this year!







My name is Erin Avis, I'm 21 and am from Southampton in England. I am a Sports Therapist graduate and currently a Lifeguard. I am Assistant Cub Scout Leader and an Assistant Karate Instructor. My hobbies and interests include Karate, Archery, Hiking, Camping and being in the outdoors. 


Hello! I’m Kiran from Mamaroneck, NY, and I will be the Waterfront Director this summer! This will be my tenth summer at Ak-O-Mak and fourth year on staff. This fall, I will be entering my senior year at Bowdoin College in Maine, where I major in Environmental Studies and Earth and Oceanographic Science. I play water polo, enjoy running, and am currently training for my first half-marathon! I love everything about camp and can’t wait for this summer! 





Hi! My name is Alexa Murray and I am from the state of Delaware in the United States. This will be my eighth year at camp, but my first year as a member of the staff and I am so excited to work with all the campers. I first came to camp when I was eight years old and I am so thankful that I came. Camp has taught me so many things and has made me into the person I am today. I hope to instill all of the values other counselors have taught me into the girls and pass down my love for this amazing place. Currently, I am a rising senior in high school and am aiming at graduating in the top 10 of my class of 236 students. I have been swimming for sixteen years and I know from experience that there is no better place to swim than camp. I hope to make everyone’s experience at camp the best it can possibly be and I hope that all the girls leave camp feeling empowered and self-confident. There is truly no greater place on earth than Camp Akomak. 


Although this will only be my second year at Ak-O-Mak, after only a few days at camp, it felt like home.  I love spending time outdoors, especially swimming, running and biking.  During the school year I study Public Health and Sociology at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts, and compete for the Tufts swim team.  This spring I ran my first half-marathon, and am already looking ahead to the next one!  A highlight of this past year was teaching health workshops in high schools around Boston.  In high school I was a captain of my swim and water polo teams, and was a prefect to the younger students in my dormitory.  Growing up, I went to many sleep-away camps in the United States, and those times make up some of my best memories. I cannot wait to spend another summer with all of the campers who come to Ak-O-Mak! 


13 June, 2014

Matt Mann, a native of Ann Arbor, MI, and the son of the late Matt and Lea Mann, was born on October 3, 1927. He passed away peacefully at his home in Lansing, MI, surrounded by his family, on June 11, 2014.

Matt earned both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the University of Michigan. While at school, Matt served as captain of the swim team, and was a four-time All American. The highlight of his swimming career at Michigan was not only as a member of the 1948 National Championship Swimming Team, but also his continued friendship and association with its team members. From 1946-1947, Matt served in the United States Army in Hawaii.

After graduating from U of M, Matt came to Lansing to teach at West Junior High School, and to coach the Sexton High School Swim Team. In later years, he taught social studies, and coached diving. He loved teaching in the classroom as much as coaching in the pool.

Matt spent the first forty-six summers of his life at Camp Chikopi in Magnetawan, Ontario. There, he touched many lives as an administrator, a coach, and an example to hundreds of young athletes. It was, “up at camp” – a staple phrase in the Mann household and for many years to come – where he met the love of his life, Buffy (Evelyn Mary Stone Mann). Matt and Buffy were married on June 11, 1955 in Ann Arbor, MI. She will miss him very much.

In 1971, his fellow Michigan coaches awarded him the Bruce Harlan Award for coaching diving. For ten years in a row, a Sexton diver had qualified for the State Championships. In 1981, he was also awarded theMatt Mann Award, which was named for his father, for his outstanding contribution to high school swimming in Michigan.

Matt retired from Sexton High School in 1986; however, he remained quite active in the Lansing community as a cross country and track coach for the Sexton Girls’ team, and as a supporter of Habitat for Humanity. Matt assisted in the construction of over eighty homes in both Michigan and Florida.

He very much enjoyed winters in Florida with his friends. At 84, Matt still sailboarded on the inland waterway and played competitive tennis – both at Court One in Lansing, and in Florida.

Matt will be missed by his sisters-in-law: Liz Hathway (Nick, deceased), Margaret Austin (Allen, deceased), Lois Stone (Bob, deceased), and Lola Stone (George, deceased). He was predeceased by his sisters: Connie Green and RoseMary Dawson (Buck, deceased).

He will be lovingly missed, with knowing smiles, by his five daughters and their families: MaryLea and Edward Benson; Katie and Bob Korroch; Maureen Nauss and Charlie Swieringa, Michael Nauss and Bob Hoffman; Polly and David Middleton; Peggy and Dennis Fennema.

Matt’s grandchildren: Michelle Benson, Kate Korroch, Chad Jewsbury, (Christopher, deceased), and Molly Korroch; Matthew Nauss; Abby, Matt and Carly Middleton; Allie, Silas and Samantha Fennema, will miss his stories, bear hugs, big sneezes, and sly smile.

Matt shared many good times and laughs with his cousins, nieces, and nephews on both sides of the family including Chick, Bob, and Kurt Muller, Connie Corson, and Marilyn Whitney.

Matt was a longtime member of St Paul’s Episcopal Church in Lansing, and very much enjoyed supporting the community there.

A memorial service will be held at 1:00 p.m. Saturday, June 21, 2014, at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 218 W. Ottawa Street, in Lansing, MI. The family will receive friends from 3-5 and 6-8 p.m. on Friday at the Estes-Leadley Greater Lansing Chapel. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church’s Music Program, The Michigan Cancer Society or Hospice of Lansing, Inc. whose staff cared for him with such grace.


8 June, 2014

Ak-O-Makkers, please join us as we send our prayers and best wishes to Denise "Dickless" Israels. (nee Denise Dickie).
Denise is a dear friend and faithful support to Dianne and Catherine, a long-time Ak-O-Makker, fantastic athlete  and the best water-polo coach ever!  Denise:  How Tough?  Tough Enough!  You can do it, Denise!


27 May, 2014


2014 Work Weekend At Camp Ak-O-Mak

"The May Long Weekend"..."The May 2-4 Weekend"..."The Victoria Day Weekend"...Whatever you call it, it's the time of year when Ontarians traditionally head north for their first trip to open cottages and hook up water systems that have been dormant all winter.


...For us, it's the "Annual Ak-O-Mak Volunteer Work Weekend!"  Hooray!


It was road trip #3 for Dianne and Catherineand we were thrilled to be joined this time by a hearty group of volunteers and good friends who all share a fondness for Camp Ak-O-Mak.


Aaron Biggs hauled his tools and ATV all the way from Tweed (a 5 hour drive) and promptly got to work readying the lawn mowers for a summer of mucho grass cutting.


Sandy Tod and Herb Denny beat the highway from Ancaster and put their backs into helping Jim Fraser with the launching ofthe floating docks andsetting up the 25 m pool. 


Rosemarie "Rosie" Thomas inspected the pump house in preparation for "shocking"the water system and then tackled the cleaning of all seven cabins.  Dusty business!


"Team Puckering" was again well represented this year.  Our programme director, Megan, andher beau, Nathan, tag-teamedthe "parental units", Cheryl and Michael,on a variety of jobs.This uber-athletic clan started their day with a 1 hour run and then transitioned to a non-traditional"boot camp training" on the beach:  heaving piles of old cribs and logs into the trailer for disposal.   It was weight-lifting for sure...But wait!...There is always more!..


Everyone joined forces for the yearly "manual extraction of the canoe fleet" from the Main House.  I swear those canoesget heavier with each passing year, forcing this middle-aged work crew towork smarter.  Aaron hitched up his ATV to thebig trailer which we loaded with 4 canoesat a time fora smooth delivery to the water's edge.  (MUCH easier on old joints I might add!)  Before we knew it, it was "presto finito" for one of the heaviest jobs around camp.


We aregrateful that we had Sandy Wilder (aka "Counsellor Wilder") and daughter, Elle, at our Work Weekend. They pitched in with the schlepping of canoes and then jumped right into hauling the adirondack chairs onto the porch....surprise!...more heavy lifting!  Then, to maintain that "burn" of the muscles, we hauled the tables and benches down from the library to set up the dining room in time for the arrival of our first guests!


Speaking of Guests...


Although the first session of camp is only a month away, Ak-O-Mak is proud to be hosting the Ontario Paddling Association next weekend for their annual Spring Training Camp.  The boys and girls who will be attending this intensive 3 day camp are the paddlers that you see when we compete in regattas at North Bay and Welland. What a sight to see such talented paddlers hone their skills right here on Ahmic Lake! 


We (Dianne and Catherine) are so grateful to each of the individuals who participated in the Ak-O-Mak Work Weekend. Life is very busy andwe realize thatyour time is precious.  Please know that we appreciate your friendship and your gifts of time and energy to help us get Camp Ak-O-Mak ready for her annual debut!


Thank you!




5 May, 2014

First Trip to Camp 2014


This weekend Dianne and Catherine (and Winnie the Schnauzer) made their first trip to Camp Ak-O-Mak for 2014.


Spring is about a month late in Ontario, thanks to an unusually long winter that had temperatures in the deep freeze for the better part of the new year.  In fact, can you believe that a week ago Ahmic Lake was still frozen to the shore?  It just goes to show you how quickly things heat up at camp, because in a few short daysthe ice has disappeared liketime-lapsed photography.


With Winnie in the lead, her nose to the ground, we took our annual "walk-a-bout" camp to see how things have wintered.  It's the first time in a long while that we'veseen so many remnant chunks of snow, paying homageto the large loads that wereshucked from the roofs.  The frost is thawing from deep within the groundand as it does it heaves the earth upward like a big stretch after a long,winter'snap.  For this reason, the baseball shed looks like it has struck a pose, perched unnaturally on one corner.  All will be well, however, whenthe earth finally "sighs" and the ground levels once again.


Although it is May 4th, the forests remain barren....a monochrome of browns and greys, a landscape more typical of November.   As we hiked the Rocky Reef trail on a carpet of dead leaves, the only colour to emerge weretinges of emerald greenfrom themosses and hearty shoots eruptingas the first indications of new life.  The forest is silent save for thevigourous babbling of the seasonalbrooks carrying the winter run off to the lake. 


As we walked, our footfalls and voices stirred the rabbits close by.  Their coats are now a mangey patch work of white as they lose their snowy locks and don the brownish coats so familliar to us in summer.  The deer have left the soccer field and cabin line and retreated deep into the forests to give birth to their young.  I wonder how many fawns we will see in the upcoming weeks?


I LOVEcamp in

 spring and being reminded of what it is all about:   A fresh start...renewal...a preparation for new experiences.  Spring alsoencourages and invigorates us into action to preparethis 86 year old 'grande dame' ready foryourarrival!

Even though our first visit to camp is damp and rainy, we are once again awed by the singular beauty of this place and how privileged we are to experience the changing of the seasons here.  The smell of the fresh, pine-scented air and wet, loamy earth.  The birds filling the bare forests with a symphony of morning song, a call, a "revellie", for us and all of nature to wake up, bloom and celebrate life!


So, please, turn YOUR minds to camp.  Start planing your escape from the concrete and noise of urban life. Pack your trunk and all of your expectations for a great summer in a beautiful place and we'll be waiting for you here at Camp Ak-O-Mak!


11 April, 2014

Ak-O-Mak's New Canoe


Ak-O-Mak’s new canoe will soon be on Ahmic Lake with our campers and counsellors, thank you to Peter our master boat builder.


25 March, 2014

Save the Date

On Saturday July 26th, 2014 Camp Ak-O-Mak will be hosting a Celebration of Life for our beloved friend and coach, Jan Moldenhauer.  Jan loved,  loved Camp Ak-O-Mak and was a perennial favourite with the girls for more than 4 decades!  Jan chose to spend her last days at Ak-O-Mak surrounded by her camp friends before peacefully passing away last year.


Ak-O-Mak alumni, friends and families are invited to join us at camp to celebrate Jan's life followed by lunch.  Further details will follow as we get closer to July, but please "save the date" in your calendars and RSVP if you know you'll be attending.RSVP to


24 March, 2014

Spring Break Visit

Good Ak-O-Mak and Chikopi visit. Dianne, Catherine, Jocelyn, Herb and Marion were all down in Florida visiting Bob, Colette and Tegan.


14 February, 2014

Wishing all Ak-O-Makkers a Happy Valentine's Day


2 February, 2014

Camp Ak-O-Mak represented at the 2014 OCA Conference

 Rosie, Catherine, Dianne and Megan spent the last 3 days of January at the annual Ontario Camps Association Conference in Toronto.

This annual event draws hundreds of camp directors, owners and their affiliates from  Canada and the eastern USAto learn about the current trends and new developments relevant to the world of camping, be it residential, day camp, special needs, or a "niche" camp such as Ak-O-Mak.

 It is a wonderful opportunity to hear expertsfroma variety of professional fields such asfamily and child psychology, mental health,government regulators, informationtechnology and communication (the good and the bad), the Arts, Law,and facility maintenance!  This is the myriad of "stuff" that we need to be informed about BEHINDthe scenes in order to deliver a terrific camp experience "out front" to our camp clients.

Our  'camp clients", by the way,are not limited tothe campers who paddleour canoes. Behind every camper is a family unit of varying description, a family who makes it possible for that girl to attend Camp Ak-O-Mak.  Although we endeavour to give girls a wonderful camp experience, we remain mindful of the many concerns that you parents, grand-parents, step-parents and guardians share as you send your little Happy Camper away, often for the first time.

The OCA conference always get us fired up and excited for the upcoming summer!  More importantly, however, it reminds us of the critical role summer camp plays in the lives of children and how privileged we are to  be a part of "growing up" great kids at Ak-O-Mak!



12 January, 2014

Hello from Camp Ak-O-Mak,

Wishing all our Ak-O-Mak families a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Remind all of our Preferred Clients there is approximately two weeks left on our Early Bird Special. Our Early Bird Special is, if you sign up for camp and pay in full by January 31, 2014 you will receive 10% off the base tuition price. Please find the Registration Form and the Early Bird Special pricing on our website under the Register tab.

Hope to see you on Ahmic Lake this summer!

Happy Camping, Dianne Young


24 December, 2013

It’s the night before Christmas

Make a wish

Close your eyes

Dream again of sparkling Ahmic

Under sunny, summer skies

Remember laughter in the Cabin line

Fireside singing late at night

Mirror-like water at Early Bird

The silent heron taking flight

“I wish I may, I wish I might

I wish upon this star tonight…”

To return again to Ak-O-Mak’s shore

And find myself, my friends once more

To hear the Main House thunder in song

With beautiful voices

One Hundred Girls Strong!


Camp Ak-O-Mak wishes you and your family all the joy and peace of the holiday season.

Dianne & Catherine



12 October, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

One of the greatest things about living on the 45th parallel is watching the changing of the seasons and Camp Ak-O-Mak has to be one of the most beautiful places to witness this spectacle of nature. 

This weekend Canadians celebrated their Thanksgiving holiday we would like to wish all our Canadian alumni and family's a Happy Thanksgiving


7 October, 2013

"Camp is Short So Make Every Day Count!"


 This is an important saying we have around Camp Ak-O-Mak.  With so much to experience in such a short time, we encourage our campers to "make the most of every day" because, before you know it, it's time to head home.  

This is also very true for those of us who work at Ak-O-Mak all summer. 

It seems like yesterday that we were filled with that PRE-season energy and excitement..."We can hardly wait to see our campers again!".  Grateful for the longer days, the chore list ran til dark as we rushed to make everything "just right" for our girls.  Here we are twelve SHORT weeks later, PACKING UP the 'accoutrements' of a summer of adventure, laughter and play! The days are now shorter and the nights are much cooler.  The thermometer has frosted over a few times, silencing the symphony of crickets so characteristic of late summer. 

Living on the 45th parallel has given me a perpetual longing for the glory days of summer.   Nevertheless, I remain awed by Mother Nature's  "art show" every September, her dramatic kohl skies, fire-y sunsets and, of course, the autumn colours around the lake.   I wish that you, our wonderful campers, could see how beautiful Ak-O-Mak looks in her finale of colour...  her last "hurrah" before a long winter's rest.

My gaze drifts from the forest to the soccer field where dozens of Canada geese have assembled.  Their low, muffled honks belie the victorious cacophony that eruptedone special night in July.  Do those geese not know they are standing on sacred ground?  I find myself smiling as I remember the screams of pure joy and excitement, the embraces shared by the entire camp when the Ak-O-Mak girls' soccer team BEAT THE BOYS.  Their victory warms me in spite of the cold rain that has begun to fall.

To me, summer is really over when the canoes are finally placed in the Main House for safe-keeping, nestled against each other as though cozying up for a long nap.  The water pipes are drained, cabins and HOPs, cleaned.  The docks have been pulled into shore for protection from the miles of unforgiving lake ice yet to form.  The kitchen that so fragrantly hustled and bustled all summer to produce delicious meals is now silent, cold and the pots on the shelves.

Although the "stuff" of camp is packed up and stowed way for another season, the wonderful memories we made this summer remain instantly accessible, keeping us  close though separated by miles and oceans.

...Until we meet summer!

Catherine & Dianne



20 September, 2013

Western Mustangs and Silver Otters

Dianne and Catherine had no sooner said "goodbye" to our final session of campers when it was time to welcome the University of Western Ontario Kinesiology students to Camp Ak-O-Mak.  This group of Co-Eds attended camp for a week of intensive canoe instruction earning a partial credit along the way.  Now that is our kind of classroom!


 Sunny days prevailed so the lake remained unseasonably warm, a welcomed bonus to the brave Early Bird swimmers who ventured to Orange Rock each morning.  Two of those Early Birders included Sydney H. an Ak-O-Mak alumna now attending Western and Catherine's 11 year old daughter, Marion.  It is always wonderful to see how the bonds made at camp extend beyond age as these gals buddied up each morning to swim triangles side by side.


As everyone knows, one week at camp seems to fly by and before we knew it all 50 of us started the process of pulling in the heavy docks on Western's last day.  We are very grateful for the annual participation of our strong Kinesiology students!  It is literally "all hands on deck!"...and with a "one, two, three, LIFT!"  we are able to raise and stack even the heaviest canoe docks.  Thank you once again to our friends in purple and white!


As Western pulled away from camp in their enormous Mustangs Team coach, preparations were well under way to receive our last visitors of the season, the ever-hardy Silver Otter Swim Club (of William Ross MacDonald Swimming).  Coached by Mike Finch and supported by a fun-loving parent group, this troupe of boys and girls ranging in age from 8-20 filled the Main House with laughter and song for one last weekend!  It was wonderful to see not only the team spirit of this group, but genuine caring and mentoring of the young ones by their older peers.  Well done, Otters!


13 September, 2013

Jocelyn at Worlds in London

I finished 5th in my age group and 1st American at Sprint Worlds today. I swam well coming out of the water with the 2012 American National Sprint Champion, then held a good position on the bike in spite of my dreadfully slow corners due to the most people crashing that I have ever seen, some right in front or behind me, once I skidded across the toad avoiding another competitor going down. I came in to transition with all the top contenders and had a great run missing 1st by less than a minute, that was Brigite McMahon the former Olympic gold medalist and I was 9 seconds from 3rd. A sprint finish with 4th ended in her beating me by 4 seconds. It was a rainy, dangerous course and so much fun!


2 September, 2013

Congratulation DIANA NYAD

Ak-O-Mak Alum, Diana Nyad, conquers Cuba to Florida Swim!

"Put on your loud loud loud bang bang paddles!!  Make a lot of noise!!..."

On behalf of all Camp Ak-O-Makkers, 7-100, we congratulate 64 year old DIANA NYAD on completing her awe-inspiring swim from Cuba to Florida!  Diana, you are the epitome of perseverance and courage.  We have been following all of your swims and cheering for you from the shores of Camp Ak-O-Mak!  Thank you for inspiring us all to dream BIG!  Well done!


2 September, 2013

Good Bye Campers

Saturday was a morning of tearful good byes among friends and happy reunions with families.  It was the end of the final camp session.  Trunks stuffed-to-bursting with dirty laundry and wet towels...(I mean, who packs neatly to go home?!) everyone piled their luggage at the back porch of the Main House to await their parents' arrival.

These last  two weeks of August were wonderfully hot and sunny which kept the lake temperatures perfect for early bird swims, lots of "open waterfront" and of course, swim practise.  Yeah!  We enjoyed a "cracker" of a thunderstorm Monday night, the kind that thunders throughout the bay and rattles the windows and walls of the Main House.  When the power suddenly went off during the Lip-Sync skits, dozens of flashlights and headlamps held by the audience clicked on to illuminate the "stage" and the show carried on!  It was a great night and will be one of my favourite memories of camp.

It is always a little sad to see our camp friends leave for the season.  It is never more apparent than in the stillness of the bay and the quiet of the Main House once everyone is gone.  The Main House seems to "sleep", its soul or personality hollow without the girls' lively laughter and chatter that brought it to life for the summer.

 Sunday morning Dianne and I enjoyed a quiet coffee together on the dock.  It was the first morning without the Early Bird bell and no one stirred on camp.  The new found calm at the waterfront had attracted a solitary loon near the 50 yard pool and its soulful call echoed throughout the bay.  Was she, too, lamenting the departure of her "mermaid" friends??..."Where did they all go?...Will they be back?"...

Thank you, Girls of Ak-O-Mak, for the summer-time memories you have given us, Dianne and Catherine.  Thank you for inspiring us with your determination and for making us laugh with your never-ending antics!

 It is in your joy that we find our purpose and see that Buck and Rosemary's legacy, indeed, continues.


2 September, 2013

Western University Arrives

Our camper have all left for another season, we miss all the singing in the main house..... but camp is still active. Western University arrived on Sunday for a week for an intense paddling program.


28 August, 2013

August 28th

This morning the fog was rolling off the water, making the small island across the lake look like a pirate ship looming in the distance. Luckily, it was clear enough that the girls could still do their usual swim to Rocky Reef. There were many best times announced at breakfast afterwards, some dropping more than three minutes on their one mile! Other highlights included one of our youngest, Gracey, who swam her first two mile this morning in just 50 minutes! It’s always great to see our girls out there challenging themselves and improving every day.

This morning the girls had their I.M. meet followed by their choice of canoeing, diving, sailing, small boats or aerobics and yoga. After lunch the girls will head down to their cabins to pack their towels, bathing suits and sunscreen for a fun filled afternoon of playing in the rapids and ice cream at Ahmic Lake Lodge. Another great day of fun in the sun here on Ahmic Lake!


27 August, 2013

August 27th

Yesterday morning, we awoke to thick fog that covered the whole lake. It was quite beautiful, but just to be safe, we stayed in the bay for our morning swim. The girls then headed up to the main house for a breakfast of French toast, ham and fresh strawberries. After inspection, the girls enjoyed their classes of swimming, self defense, tennis, paddle boarding, biking, yoga, hiking and volleyball.

In the afternoon, the girls assembled in their team comp teams for the ultimate scavenger hunt adventure. Each team started in canoes at the diving tower, from where they paddled to Campbell’s Island, half a mile from camp. They then beached their canoes on the island and set off in search of four counselors, each in possession of a different Lucky Charm. After the girls collected all the Lucky Charms, they got back in their boats, paddled around to the far side of the island, where they each collected a pot of gold, and then raced back to camp.

After dinner, the girls had a relaxing evening activity of open waterfront and headed to bed. Just another fun-filled day here at Camp Ak-O-Mak!


27 August, 2013

Ahmic Harbour Swim

Although the weather was cloudy and rainy , it didn’t dampen our spirits for Water Day and the Ahmic Harbour Swim. With a quick flip in the schedule everything still ran smooth with Water Day in the morning and the swim in the afternoon. The girls and boys were split up into teams and competed in matches of balloon volleyball in the Mainhouse, various relays, water balloon tosses and team skits. After awards and a delicious lunch, everyone headed down to the main dock for the start of the race, as the sun began to break through the clouds overhead. It turned into a perfect day for the swim—the air was warm and the water was like glass. In under an hour and placing in the top ten overall were Alexis B., Vanessa G., Keira M. and Kate A. in 3rd, 5th, 7th and 10th.  Ak-O-Mak was well represented in the top ten campers as well with the addition of Gillian T. and Anna D.—way to beat those boys! Fantastic job to all of our swimmers, we are so proud of you!





1ST     DIANA PASCUITA                              1:15:32


11-13 GIRLS

1ST     ANNA DAHLGREN                            59:20

2ND    EMMA SEAWRIGHT                          1:06:24

3RD     MARION DENNY                                1:08:34

4TH     JILLIAN ARMSTRONG                       1:09:56

5TH     JORDAN STORM                                1:10:23

6TH     KATHRYN ATKINSON                       1:14:06

7TH     CAROLINE MARTIN                          1:14:16

8TH     MARNI GRAY                                     1:14:50

9TH     ERICA LEIGHTON                              1:15:23

10TH    NATALIE METZING                                    1:20:34

11TH  EMILY WINSLOW                              1:20:38

12TH  EMMA LAZENBY                               1:21:13

13TH  ALICIA CORBIERE                             1:25:32

14TH  ELLA STOYAN                                   1:25:37

15TH  LEANDRA BUDAU                             1:26:45

16TH  REAGHAN GEIMER                           1:37:22

17TH  KATE CROSBY                                   1:38:58

18TH  SIDNEY MUSSICO                              1:40:47

19TH  JANE MACDONALD                           1:40:50


13-14 GIRLS


1ST     KATE ARMSTRONG                          58:42

2ND    KEELY O'BRIEN                                 1:01:06

3RD     HAILEY NORRIS                                1:04:13

4TH     MARY-KATE JORY                             1:04:41

5TH     JESSICA CODE                                    1:06:21

6TH     OLIVIA OLSON                                   1:06:23

7TH     ASHLYNN MILLER                            1:08:37

8TH     LIANNA GRACE                                 1:09:45

9th      ANNIE RUTHERFORD                       1:16:24

10TH  JODIE MCKIRDY                                1:17:38

11TH  ELISE LEGAULT-WARREN               1:20:17

12TH  ELLA GIACOMELLI                            1:38:38

13TH  KYRA WELLS                                     1:48:23


15-17 GIRLS

1ST     ALEXIS BRAGMAN                            54:48

2ND    VANESSA GOLD                                 54:57


4TH     GILLIAN TATE                                   59:03

5th      REBECCA NIEDBALA                                    1:00:46

6TH     ALLISON MARTIN                             1:01:00

7TH     LEE ANNE LIBERTA                         1:02:35

8TH     ERIN LEE                                            1:02:57

9TH     YVONNE KANG                                  1:14:06

10TH  MEAGAN ADAMS                              1:14:11

11TH  DANA SHERRARD                             1:14:20

12TH  ALEXANDRA WINSLOW                   1:14:23

13TH  SARAH LYCHY                                   1:15:06

14TH  ERINN THEODOSSIOU                      1:15:09

15TH  SAMANTHA WESSON                       1:20:28

16TH  CEEJAY MAERTEN                            1:37:25



25 August, 2013

August 25th

When the bell rang this morning for Early Bird, some of the girls chose the option to try something new. While many were still excited to swim or run, several girls could be seen paddling in our kayaks and canoes all the way down to Rocky Reef. For breakfast, we ate some delicious blueberry waffles and bacon, and afterwards, the girls all headed down to the cabin line for inspection. The girls went to their classes of swimming, soccer, biking, ultimate frisbee, fencing, diving, kayaking, boot camp, kickball and self defense. This afternoon shows signs of rain so the cabins will organize routines to music... we shall see what performance unfold tonight....


23 August, 2013

Wondering about calling your daughter?

Phone calling starts on Tuesday August 27th

Just a few reminders:

Each camper is only permitted one telephone call, if you would like to have further contact sign up for BunkNotes or send some snail-mail. Remember, if you send them 3 pieces of mail they get to sing a song in front of the Main House and 5 pieces of mail meeeaaaans….IN THE LAKE!

Phone calls are limited to 5 minutes. We have lots of campers who are anxiously waiting to hear from their loved ones as well, so in order to give everyone a chance at the telephone we ask that phone calls are kept to 5 minutes.

Calls are only taken during meal-times:

Breakfast: 8:30 am – 9:15 am

Lunch: 1:00 pm – 1:45 pm

Dinner: 6:00 pm – 6:45 pm

If we do not answer the telephone it is because we are out of camp for that meal, try again the following meal. 

The Camper telephone line is 705-387-1919

This is the only line that you will be able to reach your camper on so please do not call our business line.
If no one answers that is because there is currently a camper on the line, please be patient and call back again. We are in the woods with old phone lines so the phone may ring on your end even if a camper is on the line, please keep trying.



25 August, 2013

The Saunders family dominated the Sprint competition

By Jane Bellmyer Cecil Daily

NORTH EAST — Almost 300 triathletes competed Sunday in the North East Triathlon hosted by Piranha Sports, in either the sprint or international competition.

Four of the top finishers in the Sprint are in the same Newark, Del., family.

Under sunny skies, with morning temperatures in the mid-60s, the athletes first dove into the Northeast River. Sprint athletes faced a 750-meter swim, a 17.7-mile bike ride and a 3.1-mile foot race that began and ended at North East Town Park.

The Saunders family dominated the Sprint competition, with father and son taking first and second place. Blair Saunders beat his 15-year-old son, Brett, by just under three minutes. Brett was OK with that.

“I beat him two weeks ago by three minutes,” Brett said. His father finished in one hour, 19 minutes and 41 seconds, while Brett was next across at one hour, 22 minutes and 35 seconds.

Not far behind the men were the Saunders women. Brooke, 17, was the first woman to cross the finish line. Her time was one hour, 27 minutes and 57 seconds, while mother, Jocelyn Saunders, was on her daughter’s heels at one hour, 28 minutes and 17 seconds. Brooke and Jocelyn finished sixth and seventh respectively, overall.


24 August, 2013

August 24th

After our long day at Chikopi, this morning greeted us with perfect conditions for Early Bird. Some girls were excited to take advantage of the running trails, while others stuck to the lake, and many campers achieved their best times of the summer. This morning, they are enjoying their classes of swimming, diving, synchronized swimming, self defense, biking, ultimate frisbee, kayaking, boot camp, softball and fencing.

This afternoon, the girls will join forces again for another fun day of team comp! Halfway through the session, the competition is definitely heating up, but there’s still a week to go, and at this point, it’s anyone’s game. Snap, Crackle and Pop are excited at the prospects they have for their cereal army and can’t wait to see who pulls ahead!


23 August, 2013

August 23rd

Yesterday morning the bell went at 8:15, giving the girls an extra hour to sleep in before a quick breakfast and paddle over to Chikopi for the start of the Knoepfli 1 Mile swim! After beaching their canoes, everyone headed over to the point where the race would begin. Green and orange and green and white canoes floated just off shore ready to guide the swimmers to the big brown boat house at Knoepfli. The gun sounded and they were off! A little wind was no match for our girls as they cut across to the channel where it would be a straight shot right into the finish.  Finishing in the top ten overall after a close battle against the boys were Vanessa G., Keira M., Alexis B. and Kate A.—all finishing 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 9th respectively! Great job to all our girls who swam. Way to beat those boys!


After the race, the girls sipped on hot chocolate and enjoyed a post-race snack before walking or running the mile back to Chikopi for lunch and awards. After lunch, everyone was split into teams for Chikopi Field Day! Teams led by the Ak-O-Mak counselors travelled around to various activities where they competed for points and the coveted prizes from the mysterious Chikopi grab bag—an assortment of various clothing items, swimming accessories and relics from the past 50 years. In the end it was Team 2 who took home the gold, just edging out the other teams by a few points. After Field Day concluded, the girls enjoyed a little beach time at Chikopi before hopping back into our green and orange canoes and paddling back home for dinner. Laughter and stories from the day’s events could be heard across the lake as we travelled home after a fun filled day with the boys. We are all looking forward to our next event with Chikopi on Monday—the Ahmic Harbour 3 Mile swim and Water Day at Ak-O-Mak!



1st      Diana Pascuita                   33:25

2nd    Laura Gutsch                     39:09

3rd     Gracey Smith                     41:16




1st      Anna Dahlgren                  24:31

2nd    Jillian Armstrong              27:27

3rd     Emma Seawright              27:36

4th     Marion Denny                   27:56

5th     Jordan Storm                     30:36

6th     Caroline Martin                31:12

7th     Erica Leighton                   30:51

8th     Marnie Gray                       30:53

9th     Caroline Carutthers        31:12

10th  Kathryn Atkinson                        31:19

11th  Natalie Metzing                 32:39

12th  Emily Winslow                 32:41

13th  Reaghan Geimer               32:47

14th  Emma Lazenby                 33:26

15th  Kate Crosby                        33:33

16th  Jane Mac Donald              36:40

17th  Leandra Budeau               36:42

18th  Ella Stoyan                          36:45

19th  Alicia Corbiere                   36:46

20th  Coco Cockburn                  36:48

21st   Sidney Musicco                 38:55

22nd Waruiru Rionge-Hogan 40:55

23rd  Alison Keith                        41:00

24th  Emma McNight                 43:31


13 - 14 GIRLS

1st      Kate Armstrong                24;25

2nd    Jessica Code                        26:26

3rd     Hailey Norris                     26:36

4th     Ashlynn Miller                  27:08

5th     Olivia Olson                                    27:35

6th     Keely O'Brien                    27:36

7th     Mary Kate Jory                  28:09

8th     Lianna Grace                      28:20

9th     Annie Rutherford                        30:10

10th  Jodie McKirdy                   31:58

11th  Elise Warren Legualt      32:34

12th  Ella Giacomelli                   35:45

13th  Kyra Wells                          44:32

14th  MacKenzie Musicco         45:44



15-17 GIRLS


1st      Vanessa Gold                     23:00

2nd    Kiera Michalloff Russell 23:15

3rd     Alexis Bragman                 23:22

4th     Gillian Tate                         24:43

5th     Allison Martin                   25:43

6th     Lee Ann Liberta                25:46

7th     Rebecca Niedbala             25:48

8th     Yvonne Kang                     26:06

9th     Erin Lee                               26:71

10th  Dana Sherrard                  26:56

11th  Alex Winslow                    29:45

12th  Meagan Adams                 30:35

13th  Sarah Lychy                       31:25

14th  Erinn Theodossiou          31:26

15th  Samantha    Wesson        35:06



22 August, 2013

August 22nd

The day began with a misty morning as the girls headed down to the beach for their Early Bird swims. As the girls reached Rocky Reef, the sun was just starting to peek through the clouds—the beginning of another beautiful, sunny day here on Ahmic Lake! The girls enjoyed a breakfast of egg, ham and cheese sandwiches and fresh fruit before heading down to the cabins for inspection and morning classes of diving, synchro, swimming, tennis and basketball.

Following a delicious lunch and a visit to the candy store, the girls assembled with their caps, goggles, swim suits, running shoes, paddles, life jackets and their game faces for team comp. Today’s event, hosted by Tony the Tiger and his trusty helpers Frosty and Flake, was CHALLENGIA—a fast paced competition of various challenges and trivia and a favourite amongst campers and staff alike. Racing the clock, the four teams battled it out right to the end, neck and neck, with the winner only being decided after a tie-breaking cheer off right before dinner. After the final challenge, the girls went up to the mainhouse for a turkey dinner and chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert. Following announcements, everyone headed down to the cabins for cabin bonding and packing their bags in preparation for the Knoepfli 1 Mile race against Chikopi tomorrow morning! Good luck to all our girls and BEAT THE BOYS!


21 August, 2013

August 21st

Yesterday afternoon, Snap, Crackle and Pop revisited us, this time testing the girls with a surfboard relay. The four teams raced against each other to paddle all 19 of their team members around the bay, while transporting and protecting a bowl of Rice Krispies. The girls on land worked together to build sand castles and write cheers, which they presented to the camp once everyone had finished the race. After a dinner of beef stew, potatoes and salad, the girls played a heated game of Smugglers and Spies in the backfields before heading to bed.

Today, for the fourth morning in a row, the weather was perfect for Early Bird, and many of the girls achieved their best times – both in the water and on the trails. Afterwards, we were treated to a breakfast of French toast, bacon and fresh melon. The girls then headed down to inspection and are now enjoying their classes of tennis, canoeing, basketball, volleyball, self-defense, kayaking, swimming, and a running clinic.

This afternoon, the camp will paddle over to Ahmic Lake Lodge for our first out trip of the session. They will be able to put their canoeing skills to use, and once we arrive, they’ll all be able to enjoy some ice cream and play in the rapids there before paddling back to camp for dinner.



20 August, 2013

August 20th

It is a gorgeous day here at Camp Ak-O-Mak without a cloud in the sky and a subtle breeze coming in across the bay. At the sound of the bell, the girls awoke and headed down to the beach with their caps, goggles and bathing suits for an Early Bird swim—many completing their very first open water miles to Rocky Reef! Following a delicious breakfast of cheese omelets, toast and fresh strawberries and inspection, everyone was ready for an exciting morning of rugby, lacrosse, small boats, basketball, zumba, kayaking and, as always, SWIMMING YAY!


This afternoon after rest hour, the girls will have the choice of sailing out on our fleet of Sunfish sailboats or a running clinic with our very own resident marathoner Rosie followed by this afternoon’s team comp activity.



Yesterday it was brought to our attention that Snap, Crackle and Pop have escaped from the confines of the cereal boxes in the kitchens of Camp Ak-O-Mak to seek out the help of the campers and counselors alike.

Tired of playing second fiddle to the always healthy (but bland) All-Bran and Corn Flakes, the Rice Krispies trio have vowed to band together with other neglected cereal characters in the fight to take back breakfast from the tyrannical tirade of (in their opinion) their less tasty cousins the Corn Flakes Rooster and the All-Bran commercial guy. The Bodacious Brown Cows, Toucan Sam’s Minions, Captain Crunch Comeback Cereal and the Powerful Pebbles have agreed to join their campaign and work together to seek out the help of other cereal characters and banish the Corn Flakes and All-Bran forever. Stay tuned for more.


19 August, 2013

August 19th

This morning the girls awoke to a beautifully flat lake and just enough sunlight streaming through the clouds—perfect conditions for our first normal Early Bird! After choosing to either swim to Rocky Reef or run one of the forest trails, everyone headed up to the Mainhouse for a breakfast of eggs, fruit and toasted bagels. As I type, the girls are out enjoying their morning classes of mountain biking, canoeing, softball and learning how to fence! And of course, swimming YAY!

This afternoon, the girls will be flashing their best smiles as we take our annual camp photos. Afterward, everyone will be meeting up for the much-anticipated reveal of this session’s Team Comp theme! The girls will then be donning their game faces and thinking caps to devise a team name and cheer, which will be presented to the judges before dinner. This evening’s activity will be camp-wide games in the back fields before a quick dip in the lake and bed time. All in all, another exciting day here at Camp Ak-O-Mak!


18 August, 2013

August 18th

The 2013 two-week session is officially underway! Most of the girls made their way up to camp earlier in the day, moving into their cabins and enjoying our brand new diving tower throughout the afternoon. All the girls had arrived in time for dinner, a delicious meal of roast beef, mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables, and after a quick dip in the lake and some cabin bonding, they headed to bed.


This morning for Early Bird, all the girls headed down to the lake, where they completed an initial swimming assessment. The lake was glassy and warm for their first morning in the water – a great start to the session. After a breakfast of blueberry waffles and bacon, everyone finished their unpacking, and headed to classes, where they are currently hiking our new trails, canoeing around the bay, or trying out our fleet of mountain bikes. This afternoon, everyone will have an opportunity to introduce herself at the paddle picking ceremony, followed by classes of volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, and, of course, SWIMMING! YAY! Camp is off to a great start, and we can’t wait to see what the next two weeks have in store for us.



16 August, 2013

August 16th

"Are We Almost There Yet?!"

Saturday is "Arrival Day" at Camp Ak-O-Mak for the final 2 Week camp of the summer!

The counsellors and CIT's have been tidying up camp in eager anticipation of receiving our next group of campers.  We can't wait 'til you get here!  The weather vane on top of the boat house has been twirling madly, a sure prediction of clear skies and warm, sunny days ahead, perfect for all of the activities we have in store for the next two weeks.

So make sure you've packed your sunscreen and we will see you tomorrow!!


12 August, 2013

August 10th

We woke up to a beautiful morning here on Ahmic Lake.  Everyone had an awesome early bird swimming, running or paddling.  We then all headed up to breakfast after early bird for a normal fun filled morning of classes since we got our bikes and bags packed for the triathlon last night after dinner.  The girls enjoyed morning classes of softball, volleyball, kayaking, zumba, yoga and swimming.


After lunch we all loaded the buses and were off on our way to Barrie.  Once we arrived in Barrie our first stop was the race kit pick up for the triathlon. Over sixty of us Ak-O-Makers are competing in tomorrow morning!   Once all of our race bibs and timing chips were picked up we headed to one of our favourite restaurants, The Market.  The all you can eat restaurant was perfect for a large group of athletes and everyone had an awesome time.  Once everyone was full we all headed to our hotel rooms, where the girls had some time to relax, swim and even take a hot shower if they wanted to before heading to bed to get a good sleep before our race tomorrow!


August 11th

It was an early morning for all us with wake up calls at 5:30 so that we could have breakfast and leave the hotel in time to set up our transition spots before the race at 8:30.  All the girls swam, biked and ran their hearts out and represented Ak-O-Mak very well.  After each age group finished more and more campers lined the path to cheer for every participant.  The girls all had outstanding races and had a great time racing.  By the end we had the best cheer team in Barrie!  Before heading back we all walked to Tim Hortons and Dairy Queen for a quick treat.  It was a quiet bus ride home as everyone slept and rested after our tiring day.  A cookout dinner awaited us and we enjoyed our last campfire of the seven-week session by singing some of our favorite songs.  The girls are now tucked up in their beds and sleeping to get ready for one of the most anticipated events at camp … TREASURE HUNT! 


10 August, 2013

We are off to the Barrie Triathlon... Hope to see you there


8 August, 2013

August 7th

It was a rainy and windy day here at camp but we didn’t let that stop us from having a great day!  We started the day with a normal early bird before a delicious breakfast of French toast and bacon.  The rain held off long enough for us to get two periods of morning classes in outside while staying fairly dry.  The girls enjoyed swimming, paddling, softball, gymnastics, and hiking.  For third period the counselors lead classes of yoga, abs and zumba in the cabins for the girls.


After lunch and rest hour we took advantage of the gloomy weather by taking some time to prepare for the upcoming Barrie triathlon by watching the Ironman Hawaii movie.  After the movie our triathlon coach Jocelyn – who is no stranger to Ironman Hawaii herself, after competing in the race eight times – gave everyone some excellent advice for our race on Sunday.  The girls are all inspired and ready to give it their all at the race this weekend!   


4 August, 2013

August 2nd, Water Day


After a fun morning of classes and a delicious pizza lunch the girls all headed down to their cabins for a shortened rest hour while the boys all paddled over to Ak-O-Mak for Water Day.  Once the boys got here we split both camps into eight teams lead by the Chikopi counselors.   The teams then went from station to station competing in different activities on the water in the hopes of winning Water Day.  The teams competed in canoe races, a diving contest, a waterpolo shootout, a war canoe race, and even preformed a synchronized swimming routine.  It was a fun afternoon and in the end it was “The Aquatic Moose” that won it all. 


Shortly after the awards for Water Day had been given out Chikopi ate dinner with us here at Ak-O-Mak, while a Chikopi counselor played the piano, and all the campers sang along.  Meanwhile both soccer teams began to warm up for their upcoming game.  It was quite the exciting game.  Chikopi was the first to score, but it wasn’t too long after that Ak-O-Mak tied up the score.  For the rest of the game the score inched up one by one, with each of Chikopi’s goals followed by an Ak-O-Mak goal.  Finally, with five minutes left Ak-O-Mak was up by one until Chikopi scored to tie the game.  It was an intense game and with two minutes left Ak-O-Mak headed the ball into the top corner of the net scoring a final goal!  All of the girls went wild and we played out the last two minutes, winning the game!  We had finally beaten the boys!  The girls were all ecstatic and I’m sure the cheers could be heard from across the lake.  Our goal scorers were Memae C., Jessica W., Marina D., and Emily S.  A huge congratulation goes out to the entire team, who played a fantastic game!



August 3rd, Kempenfest

It was an early morning for us here at Ak-O-Mak as the first bell rang at 5:45 to wake the girls up for a 6:00 breakfast. The girls had a quick breakfast of eggs, croissants and fruit before loading up the buses and heading to Barrie for Kempenfest.  Once we got to Barrie the girls all got changed into their bathing suits and grabbed their timing chips and caps for the 2km swim race.   After a few Ak-O-Mak cheers for warm up all seventy-seven Ak-O-Mak swimmers entered the water for the swim.  It was a great race and Ak-O-Mak did very well.  Three Ak-O-Makers were in the top ten for the swim and all of the girls finished the race smiling.  We stayed for the awards ceremony where many of our girls finished in the top of their age groups.  After awards the cabins all split up and the headed off with their counselors to eat lunch and shop along the waterfront.  It was such a busy day for everyone that the buses were nice and quiet on the way back to camp.  The girls then had a chance to bathe after a dinner of turkey and stuffing.  An early bedtime ended our exciting day in Barrie!   


1 August, 2013

July 31st

It was quite a busy but fun filled day here at camp!  The day began with a regular early bird for everyone.  Girls ran, biked, swam and paddled.  After breakfast everyone went down for inspection and then headed off to their classes for the morning.  The classes included zumba, transition practice for the upcoming Barrie triathlon, kayaking and swimming.

After classes everyone headed to the mainhouse for lunch.  The girls competing in the mountain bike race later that afternoon over at Chikopi ate quickly before biking or paddling over to the boys camp.  Once at Chikopi everyone went for a few practice rides around the course and then the race began.  Heat after heat the bikers sailed over the course with ease.  They flew over the streams, up and down the hills, around the point and over the rocks.  Everyone looked like experienced mountain bikers by their second time around the course.  It was a great race and everyone had a lot of fun.  Once everyone raced around the short course twice they had the opportunity to try a special longer, challenge course!  It was a great afternoon of racing against the boys.  The girls all did very well, giving it their all and beating many of the boys!

Back at Ak-O-Mak the rest of the girls spent a fun-filled afternoon kayaking, playing beach volleyball and even dressing up their counsellors for a counsellor fashion show!

It was another great day here at camp and we cannot wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us!




1ST     ALINA A.                     6:30

2ND    CATRICE B.                7:45



1ST     KRISTEN K.                6:15

2ND    NEVE V.                      6:26

3RD     MCKENZIE O.             6:29

4TH     MAYA G.                     6:48

5TH     ROBIN C.                     6:57

6TH     SARAH S.                    7:53

7TH     MADISON W.              8:55



1ST     KATE-LYNN H.           5:13

2ND    JESSICA W.                 5:43

3RD     MAYA M.                     5:46

4TH     LAUREN S.                  5:51

5TH     SAMUELLE F.             6:43

6TH     MEGAN G.                   6:46

7TH     MARAENA A.              7:06

8TH     HANNAH P.                7:14

9TH     WYNN M.                    8:01


GIRLS 15 TO 17

1ST     BROOKE S.                  5:04

2ND    EMILY S.                     5:27

3RD     MJ C.                            5:33

4TH     ANN T.                        5:42

5TH     HAILEY M.                  6:15

6TH     ALEXA M.                   6:16

7TH     ELIZABETH M.           6:22

8TH     ERIN L.                       6:31

9TH     SARABETH H.                        6:52

10TH  HALEY L.                    7:02

            MARA J.                      7:02

12TH  CONSTANZA A.          7:16

13TH  MADELEINE   H.         7:20

14TH  MONICA CO.               7:30

15TH  LARISSA D.                 8:54




1ST     BROOKE S.                  6:56

2ND    KATE-LYNN H.           7:11

3RD     JESSICA W.                 7:58

4TH     KRISTIN K.                 8:15

5TH     NEVE V.                      8:27

6TH     ELIZABETH M.           8:49

7TH     ALINA A.                     9:10

8TH     MOLLY L.                    9:24

9TH     MJ C.                            9:26

10TH  MAYA M.                     9:44

11TH  ROBIN C.                     10:31

12TH  CATRICE B.                11:57



30 July, 2013

July 30th

We woke up this morning to a beautiful mist over the lake up to the tops of the trees.  Even orange rock could not be seen.  Due to the fog we decided to change the swim route for early bird.  The girls who wanted to swim swam along the shore to Cherokee Point and back to camp while the others ran or paddled as per usual.  After the slightly modified early bird everyone headed down for a breakfast of eggs and sausages.


Our morning then consisted of classes, including lacrosse, mountain biking in preparation for our upcoming race against the boys, volleyball, tennis, kickball and of course SWIMMING …  YAY!  During morning classes however our sailing team got themselves and their boats all ready for the regatta, ate an early lunch and sailed over to Chikopi for the start of the race.


The girls arrived at Chikopi ready for a fast paced race of wit and sailing smarts against the boys. After a slow sail over, everyone was excited when the wind began to pick up as Dave and Bob explained the course and rules for the annual Chikopi Sunfish Sailing Regatta. Following the meeting the girls headed down to the beach and sailed out to the start line. And what a sight it was! Thirty brightly coloured sails gliding toward the start line, the sun high in the sky and a gentle but steady breeze from across the channel.

Although the wind may have had a mind of its own, the girls sailed beautifully and in true Ak-O-Mak fashion! First in for the girls were the scurvy crew of Elizabeth M. and Erin L., taking 3rd Place overall and only 5 seconds behind the second place boat! Also finishing in the top ten overall were the dynamic sister duo Sarabeth H. and Abby H., who secured 9th place. After awards at Chikopi, the girls headed home to camp in high spirits and with great stories with which to regale their cabin mates. Great job, Mateys, you did Jan proud!




Boat Name










John Lawson







Elizabeth M.

Erin L.


Tom Hussey










Pat Hayhurst





Neil Dolman





Bob Foxcroft







Sarabeth H.

Abby H.


Buck Dawson


Jose Ra



Jack Hollard







Ashley S.

Sam F.


Dave MacNeil





Jack Crossman







Monica C.

Marina D.




Grace P.

Elizabeth W.


Dale Petranach





Barney Boys










Ray Fisher





Steve Accardi







Alexa M.

Erin M.


Old Man Barlow





Cliff Keen







Sam G.

Natasha L.



30 July, 2013

Beloved Sailing Coach Passes

Beloved Sailing Coach Passes

Everyone who knew Jan Moldenhauer knew that Jan ALWAYS did things her way!

Jan lived her entire life exactly the way she wanted including her last days on Ahmic Lake where she passed away peacefully on July 29th surrounded by friends who loved her at her favourite place in the world, Camp Ak-O-Mak. 

 Jan's determination, humour and love for those around her made her a long time favourite coach and friend to Camp Ak-O-Mak.   Jan made the annual drive from her home in Oshkosh WI to Ahmic Lake every July for the last 40 years to be at Ak-O-Mak.

Jan met Buck and Rosemary Dawson in 1972 on an airplane returning from the Mexico Olympics where Jan had been judging diving.  That chance meeting forged a deep friendship with the Dawsons and Jan became Ak-O-Mak's all round coach in sailing, diving, tennis and gymnastics.

Chants of "Music Jan!!" by the campers in the Main House would herald Jan to the "stage" to lead the girls in riotous song!  She regularly corrected the groups' manners, annually reminded us on the Fourth of July how our freedom was earned and gave us sage advice at camp fire vespers.

Jan knew that her life was nearing its end.  She knew that she would not be returning to Wisconsin.  She was determined that her last days would be spent enjoying the beautiful view from the Green House porch, sipping her beer in the company of "other crazy camp friends", sharing funny stories, grateful for the time to just be together.

And that is exactly what she did.

Jan always did things her way.

We love you, Jan.  We are all better for having known you.

Our thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends in Wisconsin



29 July, 2013

July 28th, Ahmic Harbour

What a great day of racing we had on Sunday even despite the cooler weather.  The girls all enjoyed a sleep in until breakfast on Sunday morning in preparation for the 3 mile Ahmic Harbour race against our brother camp, Camp Chikopi.  After a delicious waffle and sausage breakfast the girls who were racing changed into their bathing suits and headed down to the dock for some cheers before joining the boys in the water for the start of the race.  The girls who were not racing helped to cheer on those swimming by paddling in canoes with the counselors alongside the swimmers.  It was an excellent race with many girls coming out in front, six of the top ten camper finishers were girls!  We had a large number of swimmers complete the race with great times even despite the cooler weather and windy conditions.  Once we got to Ahmic Harbour everyone bundled up in sweaters and towels and sipped hot chocolate to warm themselves up.  The girls and the boys all enjoyed a yummy lasagna lunch before a quick awards ceremony and then the paddle or run back to camp.




1ST     ANGELICA G.              1:24:55

2ND      ELYSE T.                     1:35:50



11- 12 GIRLS


1ST     ABBY H.                      1:06:07

2ND    MARION D.                 1:07:51

3RD     ARIANNE C.                1:07:56

4TH     LAUREN A.                 1:08:24

5TH     TRINITY Z.                 1:08:50

6TH     ROBIN C.                     1:09:42

7TH     ABBY S.                       1:09:52

8TH     MARIE T.                    1:10:52

9TH     SARAH S.                    1:14:43

10TH  MAYA G.                     1:19:45

11TH  SIENA G.                     1:15:07

12TH  SLOANE C.                  1:22:29

13TH  JILLIAN S.                   1:24:20

14TH  NEVE V.                      1:24:32

15TH  CALLA T.                    1:26:40

16TH  MADISON W.              1:32:29


13-14 GIRLS


1ST     WYNN M.                    56:23

2ND    LAUREN S.                  59:41

3RD     ABBY H.                      1:06:15

4TH     EMILY M.                    1:07:05

5TH     BREANNA C.              1:08:08

6TH     MAYA M.                     1:09:18

7TH     ASHLEY S.                  1:09:4

8TH     NATASHA L.               1:09:43

9TH     MCKENNA A.              1:09:51

10TH  ISABELLA C.               1:10:36

11TH  SAMUELLE F.             1:10:59

12TH  JESSICA W.                 1:11:00

13TH  KATE- LYNN H.          1:17:14

14TH  HANNAH P.                1:17:15

15TH  GRACE P.                    1:17:40

16TH  SAMANTHA G            .           1:17:47

17TH  SOPHIA F.                   1:25:41

18TH  GRECIA S.                   1:30:54

19TH  MARIANNA V.            1:36:52


15-17 GIRLS


1ST     BROOKE S.                  54:08

2ND    ELIZABETH W.          58:16

3RD     MOLLY M.                   59:35

4TH     ALEXA M.                   59:46 

5TH     MADELEINE H.          59:55

6TH     ERIN L.                       1:00:18

7TH     ELIZABETH M.           1:02:02

8TH     HAILEY M.                  1:03:52

9TH     EMILY S.                     1:06:11

10TH  SARABETH H.                        1:07:10

11TH  MARINA D.                 1:16:16

12TH  HALEY L.                    1:17:17

13TH  ERIN C.                       1:22:29

14TH  LARISSA D.                 1:23:29

15TH  MARA J.                      1:23:33


26 July, 2013

July 26th

It was a great day here at Ak-O-Mak, beautiful and sunny with a nice breeze.  The girls all started off their morning with our first normal early bird of the session.  Campers ran, swam and paddled, working up quite an appetite for the yummy egg breakfast.   After early bird and inspection the girls headed down to their classes.  Some of the classes included sailing, biking, tennis, soccer, kayaking, swimming and self defense with our resident black belt, Rosie.  Everyone had an awesome morning learning new things while getting to know their cabins better.


Right after classes came a delicious pizza lunch, followed by rest hour.  In the afternoon camp had a very special visit from Dorothy, Toto and the Good Witch of the West Glenda!  Turns out a tornado hit Dorothy’s house and she needs our help finding her way back home to Ak-O-Mak from Oz.  The girls were split into four teams and spent the afternoon coming with a team name, cheer, flag and a skit.  The four teams: Rosemary’s Emeralds of Ahmic Lake, The Ak-O-Munchkins, The Flying Monkeys and The Orange Tornados are all ready to use their imagination and strength to get Dorothy back home!  We are all excited to see what the team’s first challenge will be in this Wizard of Oz themed team competition!


24 July, 2013

July 24th Arrival

All our campers have arrive safe and sound and are ready for a great day and time at AK-O-Mak


20 July, 2013

July 18th, Field Day


We started the morning with an early bird of swimming, running and paddling.  Many of the girls also took the morning to practice in some of their small boats before the regatta this weekend!  After early bird we all headed up to the main house for a scrumptious meal of breakfast sandwiches, cereal and fruit salad. 


Morning classes consisted of a final softball practice while the other girls paddled in their small boats.  Everyone went to swim practice before heading up to an early lunch.   We quickly ate lunch so we could load up two war canoes and our cedar-strip canoes in order to paddle over to Chikopi for Field Day!


Upon our arrival to Chikopi, the girls and boys were split into seven teams led by our lovely Ak-O-Mak counselors! The seven teams travelled around the field to a variety of activities to earn points in order to be the champions of the afternoon.  All of the campers took a quick dip in the lake before heading up to a cookout dinner!


The softball game after dinner was a success!  Although we lost the girls played amazingly, certainly one of our best games in years!  They played their hearts out and impressed all who watched!  Our cheering section was also quite impressive, creating an entertaining array of cheers.  Once the game was over the girls all paddled back to Ak-O-Mak.  After a long, but fun, day the girls are in bed, getting as much sleep as possible before our weekend of paddling and shopping!



15 July, 2013

July 15th, Chikopi Ak-O-Mak Triathlon

What a great race day for all of the Ak-O-Mak girls!  After eating a delicious pasta lunch everyone headed down to the boats with their bags packed for an afternoon filled with swimming, running and paddling over at Chikopi.  Two of our war canoes paddled over to Chikopi to get in some more practice before our upcoming regatta while the others paddled pleasure canoes across the lake. 


Once we got there the 15 and over heat was first and entered the water for the start of the race.  The race was a 0.5 mile swim, followed by a 2.5 mile run and a 1.5 mile solo paddle back over to Chikopi from Ak-O-Mak.  The older girls raced hard while the younger girls cheered them on.  Once the first heat had finished the 14 and under racers headed into the water for their race.  The girls all had amazing races and everyone finished the race on their own.  Ak-O-Mak had yet another awesome showing with 8 girls finishing in the top 10 campers!


After the race we had a yummy cookout meal on Chikopi’s point before the awards ceremony and then a paddle back to camp while watching the sunset.  It was another awesome day here at camp and we cannot wait to see what fun we will have tomorrow!


10 and under girls

1st       Lucy M.           1:01:21

2nd     Amrita K.        1:10:00

3rd      Jolie M.            1:25:17

4th      Ana Sofia S.    1:25:39

5th      Itziar F.           2:08:20


11-12 girls

1st       Imane E.         57:11

2nd     Emma G.         1:01:20

3rd      Jessica R.        1:02:33

4th      Marion D.       1:03:52

5th      McKenzie O.   1:04:14

6th      Elana G.          1:04:58

7th      Robin C.          1:05:32

8th      Eugenia R.      1:08:35

9th      Maya G.           1:11:28

10th    Claire P.          1:12:05

11th    Kosi L.             1:13:06

12th    Isabel R.          1:15:07

13th    Teagan D.       1:18:35

14th    Sarah S.          1:23:33

15th    Abby H.           1:30:16



13-14 girls

1st       Abby H.           52:12

2nd     Emily R.          57:42

3rd      Samantha G.   59:11

4th      Marina D.       59:13

5th      Natasha L.      59:39

6th      Arianne C.      1:00:15

 7th     Paola M.          1:01:49

8th      Grace P.          1:02:15

9th      Rhya E.           1:03:27

10th    Wynn M.         1:10:34


15-17 girls

1st       Alexa M.          55:43

2nd     Charlotte E.    55:50

3rd      Elizabeth W.   56:18

4th      Madison H.     57:24

5th      Sarabeth H.    58:01

6th      Catherine G.   1:00:56

7th      Ursula M.        1:10:20



13 July, 2013

July 12th, 12K Race

It was an early morning for us here at Ak-O-Mak as the bell rang for an early light breakfast at 6:45AM so that the girls could get ready and paddle over to Chikopi in time for our 12K run race from Chikopi to Ak-O-Mak.  Once all of the canoes had arrived at Chikopi, our coach, Jocelyn Saunders led the girls in a warm up and a few cheers before the start of the race.  The girls and boys all ran an excellent race, giving it their all and finishing in some of the fastest times that we have seen in a while.  After everyone had completed the run and had a chance to cool off in the lake we had our awards ceremony and then Chikopi stayed at Ak-O-Mak for a delicious pizza lunch.   Everyone was in very high spirits and I’m sure the cheers could be heard from across the lake as the two camps competed in a little impromptu cheer off after lunch.  The boys then paddled back to Chikopi while the girls headed off to their cabins for a much needed rest hour.


It was a beautiful, hot and flat afternoon on the lake so we took advantage of the day by getting in a paddling practice for those heading to the Balmy Beach Regatta next week.  Everyone else enjoyed the afternoon canoeing, kayaking and even gunnel bobbing.  After a delicious dinner of fish and chips the campers headed down to the cabin line for a quick game of Smugglers and Spies before heading to bed to get some rest.  We cannot wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us!




1ST     AMRITA K.     1:10:39

2ND    LUCY M.          1:16:49

3RD     MARIA Y.        1:33:45

4TH     JOLIE M.          1:41:35

5TH     ITZIAR F.        1:41:35

6TH     ANA SOFIA A. 2:04:40


11-12 GIRLS


1ST     IMANE E.        1:01:33

2ND    JESSICA R.      1:02:55

3RD     MACKENZIE O.1:02:56

4TH     KOSI L.            1:07:15

5TH     EMMA G.         1:12:15

6TH     ELANA G.        1:15:20

7TH     ROBIN C.         1:16:40

8TH     TEAGAN D.     1:24:57

9TH     POPO H.          1:25:57

10TH  ISABEL R.       1:25:58

11TH  MARION D.     1:29:13

12TH  CLAIRE P.       1:29:14

13TH  MAYA G.         1:40:09

14TH  ATIRA G.         1:49:26

15TH  SARAH S.        1:50:13

16TH  EUGENIA R.    2:04:41

17TH  ABBY H.          2:10:16


13-14 GIRLS


1ST     INDIANNA S.  59:56

2ND    RHYA E.          1:00:45

3RD     SAM G.                        1:03:57

4TH     NATASHA L.   1:04:48

5TH     ABBY H.          1:07:20

6TH     GRACE P.        1:09:54

7TH     ELIZABETH W.1:10:49

8TH     PAOLA M.       1:13:41

9TH     EMILY R.         1:25:55

10TH  LUCY W.         1:25:59

11TH  ELANA W.      1:37:57

12TH  AYODELE L.   1:40:03

13TH  ARIANNE C.    1:40:05

14TH  OLYMPIA C.    1:49:25



15-17 GIRLS


1ST     BROOKE S.      56:05

2ND    MADISON H.   56:33

3RD     CHARLOTTE E.57:27

4TH     MARINA D.     57:29

5TH     MJ C.                1:08:22

6TH     LILLIE W.       1:09:12

7TH     SARABETH H.            1:10:41

8TH     ALEXA M.       1:10:44

9TH     URSULA M.     1:18:03

10TH  JOYCE S.          1:24:59

11TH  RACHEL L.      1:25:56



1ST                 JOCELYN S.     51:50

2ND                EMILY C.         55:22

3RD                 RACHEL M.     59:24

4TH                 BRIGETTE C.  1:03:35

5TH                 ROSIE T.         1:05:07

6TH                 MOLLY L.        1:06:19

7TH                 MEGAN P.       1:18:36

7TH                 ARIELLE F.     1:18:36


12 July, 2013

July 11th, 2013

It’s not everywhere that would count windy summer days as blessings… but here at camp we do!   We have been able to take advantage of the wind by offering campers the opportunity to participate in sailing classes!  Fun on the water in our sail boats is a favourite for many campers and we are grateful that the weather has cooperated for us.   Some of the other classes the girls spent the morning participating in included fencing, golf, self defense, tennis and of course swimming!  This afternoon should be fun with the entire camp competing in a camper versus counsellor kickball game!


11 July, 2013

July 10th, 2013

We are happy to report that everyone enjoyed another adventure filled-fun afternoon at camp yesterday.  The team competition tribes were officially called on by their leaders, “The Great Goatsby Tribe” to find all 50 items needed by the goats in order to survive the remainder of the summer.  The tribes had to use all the creativity, strength, resourcefulness and originality that they could be muster to find or create each and every item on the coveted list.  Imagine… camp filled with found, created and makeshift rafts, tiki torches, SOS signals and countless other survival necessities.  Once all of the tribes had found all their items they were challenged to create a skit using each and every item.    Everyone gathered for a delicious dinner of greek pork, rice, veggies and salad after which each tribe presented their wonderful skits.  As you can imagine camp was filled with squeals of laughter as we enjoyed the creativity and fun that makes Ak-O-Mak the special place it is for us all.  It was such a lovely summer evening, waterfront was opened and enjoyed before campers headed off to bed to get the necessary rest before embarking on yet another exciting day here at Ak-O-Mak.


8 July, 2013

The Knoephfli Mile

There is nothing quite like the sleep you enjoy after a camp day filled with activity fresh air and fun.  The girls enjoyed a special sleep in before heading up to the dining hall to feast on a delicious breakfast of eggs, bacon, muffins and fruit salad.  Everyone was excited as the hustle and bustle began in preparation for our race against the boys.  Together we loaded the canoes and of course the war canoes and we headed across the lake to Chikopi.  When all counselors were in canoes ready to paddle for the swimmers our racers got into the water for the start.  It was a race day for the books!  We are pleased to announce that for the first time in many years our girls dominated with six out of the top ten finishers being Ak-O-Mak girls!  When the race was finished, everyone walked back to Chikopi where we enjoyed a yummy lunch.   Following lunch we had the awards ceremony.  To round out the morning the girls paddled back to camp.  It was a packed, but fun morning with our brother camp from across the lake!


Once back at camp the girls enjoyed a well deserved rest hour before gathering at Sandy beach for a team competition surfboard relay!  The Skittles Tribe prevailed and returned their surfboard and all of their tribe members to the beach first!  Hungry after a fun filled afternoon we gathered for a lasagna dinner.  Following dinner some of the girls choose to head down to the waterfront for some paddling 


7 July, 2013

The Midland Triathlon

Well dull isn’t a word that would describe our day for staff or campers.  The 39 campers that we had competing in the Midland Triathlon awoke extra early to fuel up before loading the bus by 6AM so that we could be on our way to the tri.  Once there it was a whirlwind of activity and the day absolutely flew by.  We had Ak-O-Mak’ers competing in every race! We loved being acknowledged over the loud speaker and of course shared our excitement to be there with our now famous  cheers being heard all over the course, perhaps all over Penetanguishene.  We are excited to report that it was indeed a very successful and fun-filled day for all.  After burgers and bonding time we boarded the bus for to head back to camp.  In celebratory spirit we stopped on the way home for ice cream.   Once back at camp we settled in for our weekly cookout and campfire, always a favourite way to wind down our week.  A yummy barbeque was enjoyed by all and of course what would a cookout be without roasted marshmallows.   In true Ak-o-Mak tradition we gathered around the campfire to share stories about our wonderful and exciting day.    Laughs were enjoyed by all as many funny stories were shared.  What a great way to end another excellent week at camp!



5 July, 2013

July 5th

Yet another beautiful, fun-filled day here at Ak-O-Mak!  Our day started with early bird where the girls worked up an appetite as they swam, ran, biked and paddled further and faster than they did yesterday.  After a delicious breakfast of blueberry pancakes and sausages the girls headed down to their cabins for inspection!  Everyone is now enjoying the sunshine in their sailing, canoeing, kayaking, waterpolo, volleyball and basketball classes.  We are all excited to see what the afternoon has in store for us!


July 4th


Happy Fourth of July to all of our American friends! 


The girls had an excellent and busy afternoon here at camp!  After lunch and rest hour everyone set off on a team comp adventure.  Turns out the Ahmic Lake Goat Tribe had taken one of the tribe leaders from each of the four tribes at camp during rest hour!  It was up to the remaining tribe members to use the three boats they had to paddle out to Cherokee Point to find the missing tribe leaders and safely transport them back to camp!  Once all of the tribes had successfully arrived back at camp it was open waterfront and bathing time until dinner!


After dinner some of the campers decided to head to the back fields for a game of Garbage Collector while the others headed down to the boat house for some war canoe and small boat practice until bedtime!  The lake was gorgeous and flat and the sight of the sun setting over the water made it an absolutely picturesque paddle! 



3 July, 2013

July 3rd

Today the girls woke up pleased to see that the sun is shining and the lake was calm!  The girls had an awesome early bird of swimming, running and biking – some of the girls in cabins 5 and 6 (our youngest two cabins) even learned how to ride a road bike this morning!  The girls then headed to a tasty French toast breakfast before going back to their cabins for inspection.  For classes this morning each of the cabins had a fun filled first period of kayaking, small boats, soccer and softball.  After that we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and flat lake and have the whole camp swim one mile to Monster Rock and back.  After that the girls were able to practice their paddling and paddle for the counselors who wanted to do the swim afterwards.


After a yummy lunch and a shortened rest hour the girls all piled into canoes to paddle across the lake for an afternoon trip to Ahmic Lake Lodge!  While there the girls got to pet the goats, eat ice cream and play in the rapids.  Everyone had an awesome afternoon and we cannot wait to see what this evening has in store for us!


2 July, 2013

July 2nd

After an awesome fun filled day of paddling, swimming, biking, war canoe and softball the girls were all excited to see what we were going to do for evening activity.  They were then divided into four different “Houses”, each given a different colour and were told to meet up on the soccer pitch.  Once everyone was there they found out that Harry Potter had come to camp to challenge the girls to a quidditch match!  It was quite the match as the girls raced to catch the golden snitch and score as many goals as possible all the while flying on their broomsticks!  In the end the Water House prevailed and the golden snitch was caught!   What an excellent day at camp!



1 July, 2013

July 1st, Happy Birthday Canada!

Today was quite an exciting day for the girls as it was Canada Day!  After our routine early bird and a delicious breakfast a group of girls cycled to Magnetawan while the remainder of the camp loaded the bus and headed to the Mag for the Canada Day parade.  What an honour to participate in the parade carrying of course our Canadian Flag and the flags of all the countries that we have represented at camp this summer- United States, France, Mexico, Spain, China, Ireland and the United Kingdom.  Everyone looked amazing decked out with with maple leaves and Canada painted on their faces.   You could hear our favourite Ak-O-Mak cheers all along the parade route. Such fun!


After the parade we enjoyed lunch.  Canada Day festivities wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the ice cream store for a cold treat.  Once we had our fill of every flavor under the sun, we headed down to the Magnetawan waterfront where four of our youngest campers, Olivia K., Amanda J., Jolie M., and Carly A. raced in the cardboard box boat race. They represented Ak-O-Mak very well even though both boats were quite water logged forcing the girls to kick them in to the finish.  The girls then had the opportunity to swim for a while and check out all of the Canada Day festivities in the park before heading back to camp.


Once back at camp the girls had a much needed rest hour after such an exciting day away from camp.  Before dinner Coach Jocelyn lead the girls in a running clinic to help prepare them for the next triathlon we are racing in this coming weekend.  After dinner the girls had a chance to finish preparing their skits before heading to bed.  Everyone is excited to see what tomorrow has in store for us!


30 June, 2013

Team Comp June 30th

Today has been a fun-filled day so far at camp.  The day began with early bird where the girls ran, paddled and swam.  There were some new best times and many girls pushed their limits to run and swim farther than they had have so far this summer.  After breakfast and inspection the girls headed to their morning classes which included cabin versus cabin volleyball matches, small boat practice, basketball and self-defense. 


This afternoon team competition began as the Ahmic Lake Goat Tribe paid camp a little visit to see just how tough the Ak-O-Mak girls are.  Just like that the girls were split into four tribes and set off to make up tribe names, a flag, cheers and a skit for the Survivor themed team competition this session.


Everyone is looking forward to a cookout for dinner, followed by a campfire of course with rousing verses of our favourite campfire songs.  Not to forget of course the mandatory marshmallows to roast over the fire.



29 June, 2013

June 29th North Bay Triathlon

What a great day we all had yesterday!  The bell rang at 7:15 and we changed things up a bit, instead of heading down to the water for early bird we all made our way up to the main house for an early breakfast.  Yummy waffles hit the spot for breakfast and then the thirty-five campers competing in the North Bay triathlon grabbed all their gear and loaded the bus.  The Kids of Steel race was first so the older campers worked with the younger girls to get their transition zones set up and after a few Ak-O-Mak cheers the race was on its way.  The girls swam, biked and ran their hearts out while the others cheered them on.  After the Kids of Steel triathlon was over we all enjoyed lunch and then the older campers and counselors who were competing in the Try-A-Tri pre-rode the course and got ready for their own race.  Before the race our cheers, “AK-AK-AKOM-OM-OM-OM-AK, AK-O-MAK, AK-O-MAK, WOO!” echoed all over the course.  The cheering did not stop there though, and once the Try-A-Tri had begun the younger campers could be heard cheering on every section of the course.  After an amazing race from everyone who participated we headed off to the awards ceremony. Followed closely by loading the bikes and the bus and headed for some well deserved ice cream at a nearby ice cream shop!  What a treat after a busy race and cheering day!  Once back at camp we enjoyed a late dinner and headed down to the cabins for an early bed time!


TRY-A-TRI GIRLS 15 and under


Alessandra M., 38:46

Elizabeth W., 40:55

Samantha G., 41:35

Grace P., 42:41

Abby H., 43:21

Paola M., 44:02

Ursula M., 44:20

Gillian K., 46:38

Lili-Anna M., 47:05

Wynn M., 55:00


TRY-A-TRI GIRLS 15 and over


Brooke S., 34:26

Madison H., 36:06

Katie P., 36:17

Sarabeth H., 38:13

Solange M., 38:36

Rachel M., 39:13

Catherine G., 39:19

Alexa M., 39:33

Charlotte E., 39:55

Emily C., 43:26

Riley W., 45:09

Molly L., 53:00


27 June, 2013

June 26th and 27th


With the safe arrival of all of our campers it is safe to say that Camp 2013 has officially begun!  Yesterday the staff waited anxiously for all the campers to arrive and move into their cabins.  The girls settled into their cabins, played some games and enjoyed swimming in the lake until dinnertime.   After a delicious dinner of lasagna and ceasar salad the girls had one more chance to take a quick jump in the lake to cool off before heading to bed. 


When the bell rang this morning for early bird the girls sprang out of bed ready to start the first full day of camp!  The new campers went on a full camp tour while the returning campers swam, ran or biked and then headed to the main house for breakfast.  As I type the campers are busy in their morning classes playing tennis, volleyball, soccer and of course SWIMMING … YAY!  We are all excited to see what fun things the afternoon will have in store for us!


18 June, 2013

Hey Akomakkers!


We have record numbers of you participating in the various triathlons, at ALL levels, this summer!

Coach Jocelyn has suggested some equipment items you may want to bring with you, IF YOU ALREADY OWN THEM...otherwise, NO WORRIES, Camp Ak-O-Mak will cover the basics.


In order to remember what you will need, think:  "Head and shoulders, Knees and Toes!"...



*Bike Jersey

*Race belt

*Biking shorts


*Triathlon lace-locks

*Your own bike (if you prefer)


We are excited to announce that Camp Ak-O-Mak will be sporting some snazzy new ROAD bikes this summer, perfect for your training and race day!  


Remember, the great thing about camp is that the ONLY thing you MUST bring is YOU!


9 June, 2013

Arielle Joining Program Staff 

 Read on (or sing on) to learn more!...

(sing to tune of "The Little Mermaid's Part of Your World")

Look at this gal!  Isn't she neat?  
She makes the Ak-O-Mak Program complete!
Looking around here you'd think
Wow!...Camp's got everything!

Arielle Fewer has talents untold
How many ideas can one person hold?
And workin' with Megan you'll think,
Wow!...Camp's got everything!


She's got talent and beauty a plenty
She's got brains and humour galore
You want NEW singing songs...She's got twenty!
But so what...No big deal...there is more!

Arielle Fewer, we welcome you 
as Program Director for Session Six,
and Megan's helper for (what's that thing again?) The Schedule!!

As "artist in residence" we'll love your art
And your ideas keep us, singing, laughing,
Planning Team Comp and, what's that other thing?...Treasure Hunt!

Up where we walk, up where we run, up where we play all day in the sun!!
At Camp Ak-O-Mak
So glad she's back!
Part of our world!


7 June, 2013

May Volunteer Weekend

If you spent any time anywhere in Ontario this weekend, then you know we were gifted four beautiful spring days for this year's Victoria long weekend.  There was no better place to see how "spring had sprung" than at Camp Ak-O-Mak on the shores of Ahmic Lake. 

The weather was perfect to begin the enormous task of opening annual undertaking largely accomplished with the help of our wonderful volunteers!   

Spring was in full splendour at Camp Ak-O-Mak and a delight to the senses of everyone who worked.  The forest floor was a resplendent, polka-dotted landscape of delicate, white trilliums while the canopy above echoed with the music of birds chirping and singing their messages to each other.  The perfume from the lilac bushes and the scent from the cedar trees was Mother Nature’s “Febreeze”, wafting through the windows and on the air as we cleaned, raked, mowed and cleared fallen brush.

The only thing more inspiring than the beauty of the nature around us was the spirit of generosity demonstrated by our volunteers.  Just consider that each individual drives 4-5 hours north on a holiday weekend, to give their time, skills and energy to a camp that they themselves may never have attended! 

The Biggs Family, for example,(Aaron, Myles, Joanne and Glen) make the five hour trek all the way from Tweed, Ontario.  They have been great friends to Camp Ak-O-Mak over the years, showing up faithfully for the work weekends with tools, chain saws, winches and goodness- knows- what packed into their pick-up trucks, ready to “git’er done!”  Being a farm family, these guys and gal are handy at everything!...and Dianne and Catherine couldn’t be more grateful or appreciative for what they do.  Anything from repairing the lawn mowers, taking down suspect trees, and (thanks to Joanne) even the preliminary set up of our water treatment plant.

We are also grateful to Sandy Tod (Sunfield Renovations, Dundas, ON for donating his time from a very busy contracting business and horse farm each year to tackle a major project for Ak-O-Mak.   Sandy Tod and helper, Herb Denny (Rocky Reef) spent their weekend putting a new roof on the "lean-to" part of the boat house where our trusty sunfish sailboats live during the winter.

And did we mention the Puckering Clan?  Program Director, Megan and her parents Cheryl and Michael plus friend Nathan muscled out dead trees from the cabin line, cleaned HOPS and then shop-vac'd the Main House until it sparkled!  (Counsellors, you have a hard act to follow in keeping up that counsellor room now!!)

If anyone wants to see the living definition of “work ethic” then you need to see the Ak-O-Mak Volunteer group in action!

Of course ‘all work and no play’ is not healthy, so we always make time for fun!  The best part of the Volunteer Weekends is the time we gather to “eat, drink and be merry”.   There is nothing quite as entertaining as a group of adults with “gladdened” hearts and quick humour sharing great food and laughs at the end of the day!  Ok and maybe an impromptu dance party...and just a little karaoke...(wooden spoons make GREAT microphones!)...

This year the prestigious and coveted award for “First One in the Lake” goes to a brave GROUP of swimmers:  Megan, Nathan, Cheryl and Michael, Rosie and of course, Sandy Tod, who never misses the opportunity for a May plunge.

From Dianne and Catherine:  A heartfelt “THANK YOU” to each and every one of you for playing such an important part in getting this grand old dame, Camp Ak-O-Mak, ready for her 85th debut!


27 May, 2013

Update from Coach Jocelyn:  Required Swimming EQUIPMENT

Hey Campers!  It is really important that you bring the following equipment to camp so you'll have it for swim practises:

*  Swim Fins  (I prefer Speedo)
*  Pull Bouy
*  Paddles  ("Stroke Maker Paddles"  available in different sizes.)
*  Snorkel   (for stroke work.   I prefer "Finis" )
*  Mesh bag   (keeps your equipment together and aired out)

See you in the pool!

Coach Jocelyn


29 April, 2013

Welcome Megan

"Put On Your Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, Bang, Bang Paddles!  Make a Lot of Noise!"
One of the greatest pleasures of running a summer Camp is sharing in the lives of our wonderful campers, counsellors and staff.  We grow so fond of our girls as they "grow up" at camp and then move forward to take on the world!
It is with bittersweet pleasure that we congratulate and bid farewell to our much loved Program Director, Hayley Steward, as she moves on to the next phase of her life...settling down and starting a family of her own!  Camp Ak-O-Mak extends our warmest wishes to Hayley and Daniel as they begin their lives together!
Announcements!  Announcements!  Annou-OW-ncements!
Clouds may have a silver lining....but this one is pure GOLD!
Although Hayley will be sterning a stroller instead of a canoe for the next few years, she passes the "torch" of Program Director to MEGAN PUCKERING for 2013 and beyond!
Congratulations, Megan!  Megan has many camping years under her belt and has been a perennial favourite with campers and staff alike.  We invite you to read Megan's bio under the Staff section of the website.
Welcome aboard, Megan!


16 January, 2013

Wishing all our Ak-O-Mak families a Happy and Healthy New Year!

A quick reminder about our Early Bird Special, if you sign up and pay in full by January 31, 2013 you will receive 10% off the base tuition.

Please click on the “Register Tab” scroll down to find the Registration Form and the Early Bird Pricing. TO register complete the form on line and submit to take advantage of the Early Bird pricing.

We hope to see you on Ahmic lake this summer!!

Happy Camping,
Dianne Young


19 December, 2012

Happy Holidays from Camp Ak-O-Mak!

It’s the night before Christmas
Make a wish
Close your eyes
Dream again of sparkling Ahmic
Under sunny, summer skies
Remember laughter in the Cabin line
Fireside singing late at night
Mirror-like water at Early Bird
The silent heron taking flight
“I wish I may, I wish I might
I wish upon this star tonight…”
To return again to Ak-O-Mak’s shore
And find myself, my friends once more
To hear the Main House thunder in song
With beautiful voices
One Hundred Girls Strong!

Camp Ak-O-Mak wishes you and your family all the joy and peace of the holiday season.


12 October, 2012

Campers and Parents

Dear Ak O Mak Campers and Parents,

We hope that all our Canadian campers had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration, safe at home with family and friends, enjoying the cosy fall weather!

The last days of our main session in August flew by quickly, filled with fun, laughter and great memories!    On September 1st, the final goodbyes were said and with a tinge of sadness we watched the last of our campers and parents drive away.

However there was no time to relax, as camp had to be cleaned and the staff get ready to receive two more camping groups in the days that followed.   Around the lake cooler temperatures were setting in, and we were able to witness the gradual colour change of the leaves from the vivid green of summer to the riotous red, yellow and orange that herald the approach of autumn.


31 August, 2012

News Updates

We would like to thank you for following the new updates and appreciate your patience regarding the recent delays in postings.We have been having some technical difficulties with the website that have been worked on throughout the summer; however some of these issues still persist.

The last news updates had been posted but not updated onto the website. They are there now so you can catch up on all of the fun this week at Ak-O-Mak. Hold tight, because there are still a few more exciting things to come!

Thanks again!


29 August, 2012

Misty Morning at Ak-O-Mak

This is the beautiful scene that we woke up to this morning at Ak-O-Mak. It feels like we’re walking through the clouds in a dream. The mist is up to the top of the trees and orange rock can’t be seen.
By the time the girls got down to early bird the mist had cleared so the girls could have a great swim!

Today should be a BEAUTIFUL day at camp. The classes are rugby, tennis, volleyball, cabins are playing eachother in basketball, and of corse everyone has SWIMMING! YAY!

Happy Camping!
Hayley & Yukki


29 August, 2012

Off to the Polo Matches!

Box seats Well we have been having the most random weather up at camp! Hot, hot, hot, days which is making the water almost warmer than a swimming pool, and cool evenings for sleeping. Then we end up with cool rainy days…coincidently whenever “Princess” leaves camp. He must have an internal weather device.

As soon as there’s sunshine the girls hit the water and we can’t get them out!

We have been out in the war canoes and the racing canoes and kayaks, surf boards, paddle boards, and obviously SWIMMING!
Of course with the lake so lovely, swim practices have become a highly anticipated part of each day. Joni, Lou, and James have had the girls in for some great practices, and they have been going through the swimmers 1:1 stroke-correction.
Today we were visited by Prince William and Kate to take a break in the search for the Queen’s crown jewels. They came to Ak-O-Mak for a polo match!

Now of course we do not have horses at Ak-O-Mak so we have had to improvise with a PIGGY-BACK POLO match! As I type the girls are constructing their “box-seats” for the match and getting their game-faces on!

Happy polo!

Hayley & Yukki


27 August, 2012

On Your Mark. Get Set….nevermind

Sunday night the girls went to bed after campfire with the anticipation of the 3 mile race ahead of them the next morning. Bedtime on the cabin line was quieter than usual as girls dreamt of the quickest to get through the lily pads en route to Ahmic Harbour.

At 8:30 when the bell rang, calling the campers for breakfast. Monday being race day obviously called for a much appreciated

When we all poked our heads out of the cabin to see what clothes we would need for after the morning evens our vision was greatly obscured by the golf ball sized raindrops falling from the sky. The race would have to be postponed until Tuesday, we crossed our fingers for great weather.

To keep warm and dry for morning classes they took place indoors or on the porch of the Main House. There were energetic zumba/aerobics classes in the Main House, self-defense classes by Rosie on the porch and deep in the depths of the cabin line, way down in cabin seven there was a royal rumble in the ROCKTAGON! Campers took the form of sumo wrestlers with their lifejackets on as sumo pants and tried to belly bump their way to dominance against their cabin-mates.

This afternoon heralded another team comp event! Simon Cowell, super-model Twiggy, and Harry Styles from One Direction challenged the campers to compete in Ak-O-Mak’s very own round of X-Factor…somehow this would surely bring back the Queen’s crown jewels…maybe they respond to dancing and singing.

Each team put on an amazing performance! It was quite tricky to determine who the winners were. Of course I can’t tell you now or it may give away the rankings in Team Comp. You’ll just have to wait for the results at banquet!

After dinner we played tons of crazy games on the back field. The girls have headed off to their cabins for another restful night, hopefully tomorrow will bring us some sunshine! Cross your fingers and toes for us!

Sweet dreams and happy camping!
Hayley & Yukki


25 August, 2012

Knoepfli Mile Swim

Yesterday we went across the lake to our brother camp, Camp Chikopi for the 1 mile swim to Knoepfli.
It was an early breakfast so that we could make it over to Chikopi for the start of the race.
When we arrived the girls made their way to the starting line. While waiting the girls burst out in cheers, “AK, AK, AKOM, OM,OM, OMAK, AK-O-MAK, AK-O-MAK, WOOOO!” echoed through Ahmic Lake.
“BANG”, the starters pistols went and the race had begun. From the very start two Chikopi CIT’s looked strong and took the lead, but hot on their heels were two Ak-O-Makkers, Samantha S. and Gillian T. They all stayed together for the entire race and out of nowhere Vanessa G. popped into their wake. The race was great and finishes were tight!
Joni, Lou, and James have had the girls in the lake practicing their open water swimming and it certainly showed in their results. All of Ak-O-Mak completed the race in less than 45 minutes!

After the race we went back to Chikopi for lunch and the afternoon’s events of Field Day. The sun camp out and it was a beautiful afternoon. The field was full of shrieking and laughing as the campers from both camps played traditional field day games like, toss the wellie (it’s exactly what it sounds like…throwing a boot), the plank walk, dizzy-lizzies, and trying to catch soccer balls in bed sheets. Some Chikopi campers may have been missing their bedding last-night. The teams had to try and go to as many stations as possible to accumulate the least amount of points. The winning team gets to pick a mystery prize out of the “dark bag” and obviously earns bragging rights between both camps. At the end of all of the games eveyone headed to the lake to cool off. Then Chikopi presented awards and we headed back to camp for dinner.

Girls 10 and under

1st place Caroline M. 29:47:18
2nd place Trinity Z. 33:53:03
3rd place Coco C. 37:53:03

Girls 11 and 12
1st place Aleska G. 25:10
2nd place Hailey N. 27:12
3rd place Madeleine M. 27:34
4th place Jessica C. 28:40
5th place Miryam G. 29:46
6th place Marni G. 29:49
7th place Annie R. 32:31
8th place Jillian A. 33:14
9th place Marion D. 33:34
10th place Olivia O. 33:57
11th place Kaitlyn H. 37:51
12th place Chloe S. 40:03
13th place Sabrina J. 40:06
14th place Cassie C. 42:03

Girls 13 – 14

1st place Vanessa G. 22:38:20
2nd place Rebecca N. 23:53:61
3rd place Alexis B. 23:58:03
4th place Allison M. 23:58:93
5th place Katy G. 24:06:68
6th place Jackie D. 25:06:56
7th place Kate A. 25:13:43
8th place Carolyn D. 25:15:25
9th place Sam M. 27:31:27
10th place Zoe M. 27:47:86
11th place Sarah E. 28:06:11
12th place Ashlynn M. 28:31:25
13th place Mary Kate J. 28:46:28
14th place Dana S. 28:50:50
15th place Brooke H. 28:52:25
16th place Jodie M. 29:49:41
17th place Samantha G. 32:48:47
18th place Samantha B. 33:13:68
19th place Kaitlyn L. 33:56:56
20th place CeeJay M. 34:04:21

GIRLS 15-17
1st place Samantha S. 22:27:20
2nd place Gillian T. 22:28:63
3rd place Isabella J. 23:55:86
4th place Yvonne K. 25:08:64
5th place Erin L. 25:19:56
6th place Elspeth C. 25:25:25
7th place Nina V. 25:44:28
8th place Elizabeth M. 26:46:26
9th place Garima K. 26:50:28
10th place Hailey M. 27:26:96
11th place Maggie P. 27:38:72
12th place Ainsley D. 27:40:46
13th place Ryleigh S. 28:05:56
14th place Jocelyn W. 28:21:64
15th place Sarah L. 28:40:18
16th place Paige H. 28:42:03
17th place Erin T. 28:46:53
18th place Celine C. 29:59:18
19th place Sarah W. 30:40:11
20th place Samantha G. 33:54:33

Happy Camping!
Hayley & Yukki


23 August, 2012

The British Invasion!

In the wake of the London 2012 Olympics a travesty has occurred! Through all the excitement and chaos in the past few weeks it appears that the Royal Guards became distracted by the commotion. Between protecting their dear Queen and watching all of the swimming finals they neglected to protect the crown jewels and now it appears that they have gone missing!
Some suspect Usain Bolt, 100 meters in 9.63 seconds is fast enough to snatch the jewels undetected. Others are suspecting that Michael Phelps is simply not content with being the most decorated Olympian of all time and wanted to acquire more “decorations” for his collection. The IOC is denying any involvement from any Olympic athlete or coach and have demanded that Scotland Yard be removed from the case! The Queen, very distraught by this news explored every option she had. After exhausting all resources throughout Europe and the Common Wealth she decided she only had one last option.
Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II, her prize winning corgie and her newly hired guards, “Union” and “Jack” ventured across the Atlantic to Camp Ak-O-Mak. She has recruited the help of all of the campers and counselors as well as a mix of British All-Stars to put an end to the mystery of her stolen jewels!
She divided the camp into 4 teams for better investigation efficiency. Each team was required to make a team name, flag, cheer, and – as the Queen is quite the lover of theatre – each team was also required to present all of this in a dramatic performance.
The four teams are, Groovy Baby, H Factor, The Spic(e)y Crumpets (spelling is not their strength, but that is no matter to Her Royal Highness), and Sherlock’s Spicy Mystery…something or other. Their name is so long and with the stress of her missing jewels the Queen simply cannot remember the rest of it. She is also a little shocked at the “Spicy” theme as to her British food has always seemed rather bland and beige to her, like the weather. Nonetheless she is quite certain that these teams will be able to solve the case and find her “bling”.
Happy Team Comp!
Hayley & Yukki


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