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17 February, 2015

She's Baaaaack!!

Great news everyone!

Hayley Steward will return to Camp Ak-O-Mak this summer as Program Director for the final 2 week session!

Now that her maternity leave is finished, Hayley is free to follow her heart back to camp and re-acquaint with you wonderful girls.  Here's hoping that "Little Stunt" Hayden and Daddy Dan will join her, too!  We'll keep you posted on that detail as we get closer to camp.

So send her a message and join us as we welcome back Hayley Steward!!

Hayley is a lover of all things outdoors! She could stern a canoe before she learned how to ride a bicycle and could scale a rock face before she was old enough to learn how to drive. Her Ak-O-Mak journey began in 2006 when she joined The Brantford Aquatics Club on a training weekend to run the high-ropes course and she immediately fell in love its traditional camp feel  breathtaking campus. After spending years at various other day and residential camps there was something in the air that kept Hayley coming back to Ak-O-Mak, until she was offered the position of Program Director in 2009. She brings a diverse background of experiences to her role as Program Director. From implementing a creative education day-camp program at Wilfrid Laurier University, teaching rock climbing, facilitating high and low ropes courses, refereeing volleyball, lifeguarding, and teaching swimming, to working as a counselor in the USA for children with social, emotional and developmental disorders, Hayley has developed a passion for teaching and learning. Her zany, creative program ideas were quickly adopted at Ak-O-Mak as new camp traditions.

Hayley’s passion and enthusiasm for exciting programs and creating a healthy-active lifestyle expands beyond the age group of Ak-O-Mak campers.  During the year she is the Director or Recreation at a retirement residence or “residential all-year camp for Grannies and Grandpa’s” as she calls it. 

As a child she wore out a t-shirt that said, “Yes I’m a girl, Yes I’m an athlete, Yes I can kick your butt!” and has adapted this as her personal camp mantra. Her enthusiasm and excitement for camp and empowering young girls is witnessed every day she is at camp.  She strongly believes in the powerful and positive experience of summer camp in a child’s life.


After spending four summers at AK-O-Mak as the Program Director a two summer hiatus, seems like an eternity and Hayley is beyond excited to bring her new family to her second home at Ak-O-Mak as the Program Director for the Two Week Session!

23 January, 2015

Happy New Year from Camp Ak-O-Mak!

New Year's News Flash!!...Camp Ak-O-Mak is now a Not-For-Profit organization.

Ak-O-Mak "Not For Profit" News Flash!

Camp Ak-O-Mak is pleased to announce that we are now officially a Not-For-Profit Corporation, "Camp Ak-O-Mak for Girls".  This means that Ak-O-Mak will no longer be taxed on your generous donations (whether monetary or gift).  As the Camp Ak-O-Mak Executive, we appreciate and respect your gifts and always direct funds back into Ak-O-Mak's facility and programming, endeavouring to maintain Camp Ak-O-Mak's status as North America's premier sports camp for girls.

Although most of North America remains in the icy grip of January, we have turned our focus squarely ahead to the warm days of SUMMER...summer 2015!

The Christmas lights and holiday decor have come down and the camp office has ramped up as Dianne and Catherine make preparations for the 2015 season.  The printer has been humming non-stop signalling the arrival of resumes from hopeful camp counsellor candidates and registrations forms from Early Bird Campers!  Keep them coming, gang!

In a couple of weeks, Dianne, Catherine, will attend the annual Ontario Camps Association Conference in Toronto.  This gathering of camp owners, directors and various suppliers is a key event for industry members to keep abreast of new government regulations, developments and trends in camping.   We are so proud to represent Camp Ak-O-Mak and our completely unique program at this largest Canadian camping conference. There simply is NO other camp in North America doing what Camp Ak-O-Mak has been doing for decades!

 Ontario swimmers, keep your eyes peeled for the Ak-O-Mak information table at swim meets over the next few months.  We love having visitors and encourage you to share your camp experience with your team mates by showing them the camp videos and pictures on display.

2014 was an amazing summer and our goal is to make 2015 even better!  We continue to build on our programming, invest in equipment and seek exceptional staff members whether in our kitchen, cabins or canoes, but we cannot do it without YOU!  Tell your friends, reserve your bunk and get ready to pack your bathing suit and towel.  Summer will be here in no time.

Please know that we appreciate hearing from you, our campers, families and alumni.  We value your feedback so drop us a line and let us know how we are doing.

Here's to a great camping season 2015!

Sincerely, Dianne and Catherine

23 December, 2014

Happy Holidays

Camp Ak-O-Mak wishing everyone peace and happiness this holiday season

10 November, 2014

Camp Ak-O-Mak At Swim International

Dianne and Catherine were once again pleased to host the Camp Ak-O-Mak information table at the Swim International Swim Meet in Brantford this weekend.

We were as excited as you were to catch up with our camper-friends after spending those fun-filled summer days together.  What fun to see so many of you at one meet!!

The highlight of our weekend was meeting a very special Ak-O-Mak Alumna, Sara Barber Jenkins, a member of TWO Canadian Olympic Swim Teams: 1956 (Melbourne) and 1960 (Rome) as well as the 1959 Pan Am Games.  "Sara Barber" (as she was known in her camping days) attended Ak-O-Mak for TEN years during the 50's and 60's and shared her memories of swimming under Matt Mann (senior) and Rosemary Dawson during her time at camp.  We are really hoping to persuade Sara to visit Ak-O-Mak next summer when she can share more of her stories with our campers!  We will keep you posted.

Finally, many thanks to the parents who stopped by our booth with such kind words of praise about your daughters' experiences at camp this summer.  It is encouraging for us to hear that camp made a difference in your child's life and it is exactly the reason why we give our time to Ak-O-Mak. So, "Thank you!"

10 October, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

One of the greatest things about living on the 45th parallel is watching the changing of the seasons and Camp Ak-O-Mak has to be one of the most beautiful places to witness this spectacle of nature.  This weekend Canadians celebrated their Thanksgiving holiday we would like to wish all our Canadian alumni and family's a Happy Thanksgiving

13 September, 2014

Close Up 2014

What a terrific summer we had at Camp Ak-O-Mak this year!  "Thank you" to each and every one of you, campers, counsellors, CIT's, Coaches and of course, our amazing Chefs, for making this the best year ever!  The weeks literally flew by, but now it is time to put our dear Ak-O-Mak to bed for the winter. 

You Know It's The End Of Summer At Ak-O-Mak When...

1.  The lane lines areoutof the pools and the nets removed from the fields and courts.

2.  The coaching docks are carefully stacked on shore.  Thefloating docksand diving tower are moved to the quiet waters by Sandy Beach.

3.  The sail boats are stashed in the lean-to for winter.

4.  The kayaks and war canoes are systematicallystoredin the boathouse.

5.  The cabins and HOPS are empty and cleaned.

6.  The orange and green canoes are nestled together in the Main House.

7.  The entire kitchen is deep-cleaned and everything wrapped in plastic.

8.  Every pipe is drained of water, every toilet bailed, and every washing machine winterized with anti-freeze for the winter.

But most of all, WE know it is the end of camp when....

1.  The belly-laughter, skinny-dip-screaming and splashing no longer echoacross the bayfrom the water polo dock.

2.  We no longer hear the"CREEAAK-SLAM"of doors along the cabin line.

3.  The Main House bell and the oogah fallsilent.


To us, Dianne and Catherine, when you girls leave camp,the ensuingsilence completely changes  Ak-O-Mak.  It's as though her very soul has gone for a time and camp is returned to the wilderness around her for safe-keeping, asithas been for 88 years.

A few days after you left, about 50 Canada geese flew in to claim their place on the grass by the Directors' Cabin and the tiny patch of beach by the boathouse.  The deer, too, migrated from the forest to the soccer field and all are enjoying the delicious grass, undisturbed by mowers, throwers or "rowers"!

At least not untilwe gather again next summer!



27 August, 2014

August 27th

Another fun day at Ak-O-Mak with morning classes of swimming, tennis, kayaking, rugby and volleyball to name a few. A little cooler day but the lake was calm so after lunch we ventured out for an afternoon paddle over to Ahmic Lake Lodge for some Ice Cream (always a favourite). Along with swim and play in the rapids and a visit with the animals in the petting farm.

 After a delicious dinner and much singing, I am sure our voice carried across the lake, we headed to our evening activities of Barbarians followed by a much needed dip in the lake before bed. Looking forward to more fun tomorrow.

26 August, 2014

August 26th

Camp Ak-O-Mak was pleased to host alum Colleen Shields for the past couple of days. Colleen successfully crossed Lake Ontario 2 weeks ago at the tender age of 62 and came to camp to share her story with the girls.  After helping with the Ahmic Harbour Swim yesterday, Colleen   was delighted to swim Early Bird this morning with 8 year old Isabel L. for her first one miler! 

After such an action-packed day yesterday it was nice to have a "regular day" at Ak-O-Mak with classes in the morning and Team Comp in the afternoon with all of us appreciating the balmy temperatures in spite of the greyish skies.

Tonight it is the "Counsellor Fashion Show" for evening activity!  Imagine the joy of being "decorated" in wacky costumes by your 12 exuberant campers!  Our counsellors are terrific sports indeed!

24 August, 2014

 Wondering about calling your daughter?

Phone calling starts on Tuesday August 26th

Just a few reminders:

Each camper is only permitted one telephone call, if you would like to have further contact sign up for BunkNotes or send some snail-mail. Remember, if you send them 3 pieces of mail they get to sing a song in front of the Main House and 5 pieces of mail meeeaaaans….IN THE LAKE!

Phone calls are limited to 5 minutes. We have lots of campers who are anxiously waiting to hear from their loved ones as well, so in order to give everyone a chance at the telephone we ask that phone calls are kept to 5 minutes.

Calls are only taken during meal-times:

Breakfast: 8:30 am – 9:05 am

Lunch: 1:00 pm – 1:40 pm

Dinner: 6:00 pm – 6:40 pm

If we do not answer the telephone it is because we are out of camp for that meal, try again the following meal. On Sunday evenings we are not in the Main House for dinner because we have a barbeque on Sandy Beach.

We are also not in the Main House for special events like events with Chikopi.


The Camper telephone line is 705-387-1919


This is the only line that you will be able to reach your camper on so please do not call our business line.
If no one answers that is because there is currently a camper on the line, please be patient and call back again. We are in the woods with old phone lines so the phone may ring on your end even if a camper is on the line, please keep trying.


25 August, 2014

August 25th

Today, the girls woke up to beautiful sunshine for their 3 mile Ahmic Harbour swim against the Chikopi boys. The water was calm and warm, a spectacular day for a swim. Olivia A set a new swim record for the 3 mile Ahmic Harbour Swim this morning.

After the race, the Ak-O-Mak girls and Chikopi boys walked and paddled back to camp. After a delicious lunch both camp were ready for Water Day activities and open waterfront.

After dinner, Cabin 1 and the counsellors teamed up to play a fun game of kickball against the rest of camp.

25 August, 2014

Ahmic Harbour Swim - Monday 25th August


1st place              Alanna O.                           1:14:21

2nd place             Clarke M.                            1:54:14

3rd place             Abigail O.                            2:15:33


11-12 Girls

1st place              Abby H.                               1:00:02

2nd place             Emma S.                             1:00:03

3rd place             Renee L.                             1:02:39

4th place             Evelyn H.S.                         1:02:40

5th place             Emma L.                             1:07:10

6th place             Katya T.Y.                           1:08:16

7th place             Antonia G.                          1:12:25

8th place             Caroline M.                        1:14:28

9th place             Carly A.                               1:14:40

10th place           Sarah W.                             1:15:04

11th place           Elke O.                                1:18:28

12th place           Ashley M.                           1:25:46

13th place           Lola C.                                 1:26:11

14th place           Aleksandra K.                     1:26:13

15th place           Marit K.                               1:30:26


13-14 Girls

1st place              Madeleine M.                    54:18

2nd place             Hailey N.                             56:16

3rd place             Anna D.                               56:23

4th place             Lianna G.                            57:37

5th place             Marion D.                           58:53

6th place             Jessica C.                            59:58

7th place             Emily S.                               1:00:32

8th place             Olivia O.                              1:00:53

9th place             Kathryn A.                          1:02:17

10th place           Sarah M.                             1:02:21

11th place           Marni G.                             1:02:38

12th place           Reagan M.                         1:02:45

13th place           Chiara D.                            1:03:27

14th place           Annie R.                              1:03:47

15th place           Carmina C.                         1:04:48

16th place           Maya G.                              1:07:43

17th place           Olivia L.                               1:09:37

18th place           Olivia H.                              1:12:20

19th place           Mary M.                              1;13:40

20th place           Morgan B.                          1:13:41

21st place            Alicia C.                               1:14:15

22nd place          Reaghan G.                        1:14:29


15-17 Girls

1st place              Olivia A.               48:08

2nd place             Vanessa G.          50:14

3rd place             Kate A.                 54:17

4th place             Alexis B.               55:17

5th place             Lauren S.             56:02

6th place             Mary-Kate J.       58:59

7th place             Ashlynn M.          1:02:34

8th place             Erin A.                  1:02:49

9th place             Dana S.                1:00:03

10th place           Adelle Y.B.           1:03:02

11th place           Emily M.              1:07:40

24 August, 2014

August 24th

Another beautiful day at Camp Ak-O-Mak! The campers woke up to beautiful sunshine. This morning, the girls had a choice to either swim, run or bike for early bird.

For morning classes each cabin had swimming, diving, volleyball, small boats and self dense class with Rosie and Ashlynn. The girls enjoyed their morning and learned some new self defense techniques.  After lunch we had team comp the girls worked together as a team to complete challenges and answer trivia questions. We finished off our evening with a cookout at the campfire along with roast some marshmallows, Yummm!

Our very special guest Colleen Shields, former Ak-O-Maker and oldest person to swim across lake Ontario talked to the campers this evening at camp fire about marathon swimming and told her story about her successful crossing a few weeks ago. What an inspiration to all, the girls are now off to bed in preparation for the 3 mile Ahmic Harbour Swim and Water Day!

23 August, 2014

August 23rd 

The sunshine has officially returned to Ak-O-Mak! The girls had a great early bird this morning, lots of fast times. After breakfast, the girls headed to morning classes sailing, softball and diving to name a few, Cabin 6 even went on a hiking adventure today!

This afternoon, Sensei Rosie (4th degree black belt) and Ashlynn (1st degree black belt) lead the entire camp through a self defense workshop including instruction and demonstrations. All of the girls had a fantastic afternoon were able to try out some of the techniques throughout the workshop. The sun was shining and it was warm. Rosie and Ashlynn will be teaching the campers again tomorrow. The girls had open water front to cool off.

Lots of laughter and fun as the girls enjoyed backfield games in the evening. Looking forward to a sun filled day tomorrow.

22 August, 2014

Knoefphli Mile Swim


Friday 22nd August 2014

Girls 10 and under

1st place              Alaina O.                              27:42

Girls 11 and 12

1st place              Renne L.                              24:18

2nd place             Emma S.                               24:20

3rd place              Evelyn H.S.                           25:56

4th place              Abby H.                                 26:18

5th place              Elke O.                                  26:41

6th place              Katya T.Y.                            26:44

7th place              Emma L.                               27:01

8th place              Antonia G.                            27:27

9th place              Jordan S.                              27:34

10th place           Caroline M.                           27:53

11th place           Carly A.                                 29:33

12th place           Sarah W.                              30:16

13th place           Marit K.                                  32:25

14th place           Lola C.                                   35:12

Girls 13 and 14

1st place              Madeleine M.                     22:09

2nd place             Hailey N.                             23:08

3rd place              Haley S.                              23:20

4th place              Anna D.                               23:27

5th place              Jessica C.                            23:46

6th place              Olivia O.                               23:47

7th place              Marion D.                             24:05

8th place              Liana Grace                         24:55

9th place              Reagan M.                           25:04

10th place           Emily S.                                 25:05

11th place           Marni G.                                25:38

12th place           Annie R.                                25:46

13th place           Alicia C.                                 26:15

14th place           Olivia L.                                 26:16

15th place           Sarah M.                              26:21

16th place           Chiara D.                              26:23

17th place           Kathryn A.                            26:34

18th place           Carmina C.                           26:37

19th place           Olivia H.                                27:43

20th place           Reaghan G.                         27:54

21st place            Morgan B.                           28:52

22nd place          Mary M.                               28:55

Girls 15-17

1st place              Olivia A.                                20:04

2nd place             Vanessa G.                          20:45

3rd place              Alexis B.                               21:49

4th place              Kate A.                                 21:53

5th place              Lauren S.                             23:00

6th place              Adelle Y.B.                           23:14

7th place              Dana S.                               24:50

8th place              Mary Kate J.                        24:58

9th place              Erin A.                                 25:01

10th place           Ashlynn M.                           25:02

11th place           Alex W.                                 25:03

12th place           Alicia G.                               25:43

13th place           Emily M.                               27:44

22 August, 2014

August 22nd


Today there was no early bird as the girls were getting ready to race the Knoephfli mile followed Chikopi field day! The morning started out a little wet with a light "British Isles" drizzle but the girls pulled through and all swam a fantastic race! Between the Ak-O-Mak girls and the Chikopi boys there were 87 swimmers in the race! We are very proud of Olivia A from Cabin 1 who came first overall with a time of 20:04 (A NEW Knoephfli mile swim record for the Ak-O-Mak girls!).

Five girls make the top 10 overall:  Olivia A, Vanessa G, Alexis B, Kate A, and Madeleine M! Fantastic! The Ak-O-Mak girls then enjoyed a Chikopi lunch before being assigned to mixed teams for the zaney Field Day activities.

Soon it was time for us to paddle home just in time for candy store and rest hour.

Many thanks to Chefs  Peter and Samson who prepared a delicious Chinese- food dinner tonight after which  we were re-energized for evening activities!

21 August, 2014

August 21st 2014

Our day started with early bird! It was a perfect day for a run or swim! After breakfast, the girls had morning classes! Lots of fun classes were offered including swimming, aerobic yogalaties, ultimate frisbee, lacrosse, self defense, basketball and tennis! After lunch, it was raining and pouring over Ak-O-Mak.

The girls had rest hour and prepared lip syncs for evening activity. The girls dressed up and put on their dancing shoes! Everyone had amazing performances, some good laughs and great times! The counsellors even had a lip sync number! What a show! After all of the performances, it was early bed time for everyone as the girls prepare for the Knoephfli mile swim and Chikopi field day!

20 August, 2014

August 20th 2014

Our day started out with a nice drizzle but the sun eventually came out for a good part of the morning! The girls had the choice to swim, run or bike for early bird! What a perfect way to start off the morning! Morning classes today included: fencing, bootcamp, basketball, kayaking, zumba and swimming!

We also had a Cabin 1 VS Cabin 2 game of ultimate frisbee! What an exciting game! After lunch, we paddled over to Ahmic Lake Lodge for some ice cream and tasty treats. The girls even got to play in the rapids! After dinner, the girls played a game in the backfield for evening activity! Such a fun day for everyone!

19 August, 2014

August 19th

Another warm day at Camp Ak-O-Mak! Early Bird was the event to see; lots of best times, first times and a new 2 mile Ak-O-Mak swim record!

Olivia A broke the previous 2 mile record going 30:40! What a swim!

After breakfast, it was off to classes! The girls did biking, canoeing, self defence, field hockey and soccer! Cabin six even went on a kayaking adventure! We had a great afternoon with our NEW Team comp activity: "The Amazing Race!". All of the girls worked together to complete the relays and challenges! Lots of cheering and good times! After dinner, we had evening activity in the backfields! It was a great day!

18 August, 2014

August 18th

Another exciting day at camp today full of sunshine!

The girls had the choice to either swim or run for early bird! The day continued with a fun morning schedule including: biking, canoeing, swimming, tennis, self-defence and ultimate frisbee!

After lunch, the girls had rest hour and took advantage of the sunny afternoon through afternoon classes! A variety of classes including kayaking, canoeing, softball, biking, kickball and war canoe! We then had open water front to cool off! We ended our exciting day with a campfire and our Paddle Picking Ceremony! Everyone was in good spirit and cheer with camp songs and marshmallows by the fire! Yum Yum!

Now it's off to bed, to rest up for another beautiful day in the sun!

17 August, 2014

August 17th

What a fantastic first day at camp! We started our morning with a walking tour of our beautiful camp and some of the new running trails! The girls then had inspection morning classes including: badminton, tennis, biking, canoeing and swimming! Despite the chilly wind this morning, the bright sun made a great appearance in the afternoon heating up the day!

After lunch, the girls all did a running clinic lead by our speedy marathon runners, Rosie and Emily! We then finish off the afternoon with Team Comp. The girls all worked together, put on their thinking caps and came up with creative team names and skits to represent their teams! There was lots of laughter, cheer and team spirit! Now it's time for bed to prepare for tomorrow's fun activities!

16 August, 2014

Welcome to Camp Everyone!

It was a wet arrival at Ak-O-Mak today but the dark, grey skies and pouring rain did not dampen the spirits of our campers. Everyone was excited to set up their bunks and begin learning the names of their cabin mates.  As everyone headed down to their cabins for "cabin bonding" the black clouds were giving way to blue skies across the lake, revealing the sun for the first time today!  Yeah!...Tomorrow will be a great day!

14 August, 2014

August 14th

Here it is the day after all of our campers and some of our counsellors have gone home.  The weather has definitely turned with Mother Nature giving us a preview of October it seems, so we are very glad to know that you are all in your cozy nests with Mom and Dad!

As the last car drove under the Ak-O-Mak gate headed for home, those of us remaining breathed a collective sigh.  Although sad to see our friends depart, we are comforted by the memories made during these amazing seven (or three) weeks spent together.  My goodnesswe LAUGHED A LOTfrom doing "DUMB STUFF!" just as Jan so eloquently said in her last campfire talk to us last year.

10 August, 2014

August 9th and 10th

What a great weekend we had in Barrie!  On Saturday we ate an early lunch and then loaded the buses.  Once we arrived in Barrie we headed right to Kempenfelt Bay where we picked up our race kits and walked the triathlon course.

After everyone felt confident about transitions, where to rack their bike, and the rest of the race course we headed to dinner at The Market.  It was a delicious all you can eat buffet and the girls had an awesome time!  Once everyone was full we headed to the hotel to get all settled in and have a swim in the pool before bed.

We woke up nice and early on Sunday to have a quick bite to eat for breakfast before heading to the race.  Once there we unloaded all of our bikes and set up our transition areas.  It was then time for our youngest campers to race while the rest of the camp cheered them on.  As the races went on throughout the morning everyone at the race got to know whom Camp Ak-O-Mak was because the cheering never stopped. 

It was an awesome day of racing for us with many of our campers and counsellors placing in the top of their age groups and other campers completing their first ever triathlon!   

Results are on the website click results and Barrie Triathlon

9 August, 2014

Balmy Beach Regatta 2014 

July 19, 2014

With camp being so busy it is often hard to put "pen to paper" in a timely fashion after an event.  The story of this race, however, was so inspiring that it needs to be shared.

"The Sweetest Revenge is Massive Success"

The next race was the 15 and Under Mixed War Canoe.  Fourteen paddlers and one cox in each boat.  While the kayak heats were finishing, the six competing war boats made their way up the sides of the Pan Am Flatwater Paddling course in Welland.  The paddlers were warming up muscles stiffened by the raw chill of rain that had been falling non-stop all day.  Experienced coxes  navigated their cumbersome crafts against wind and waves to their designated lanes.  Ironically, they would work very hard at a near standstill to "hold the boats" in anticipation of the start of this gruelling 500 meter race.

There would be two Ak-O-Mak War Canoes in this race and neither was expected to do well given the "high performance" designation of the regatta.  Their all-girl crews ranged in age from 10-15 and they could not have been more different from their competition!  The sunny-orange, over-sized singlets, bouncy pony tails and tanned, lithe arms paddling in unison were in direct contrast to the bulging biceped, black-shirted "man-boys" flanking them.  Their recipe for "mixed crew" was  12 parts "beef" and only 2 parts "sugar and spice"!

The war canoes worked their way into position, inching up to the starting line under the military commands of their seasoned coxes.  The goal:  to get off the line fast and get out in front to avoid the potentially perilous wash of the lead canoes.   

The energy approaching the start became more intense with every passing second.

"Six and Seven, back us down!...Rights, pull us over!  Draw one, two!", called Jocelyn, Ak-O-Mak's cox...."Eyes forward!  Listen to my voice only!...

 The words were no sooner said when the war boat of "man-boys" took their position in the next lane just a few feet away.  They were as experienced in their jeering as they were in their paddling.  "Yah, there's Ak-O-Mak....they just cheer loud, but no threat to us!"...

Jocelyn:  "One and two bring us up one!...Hold the boat!... Sit up!..."

"Paddles Up!!"....

WAHHHH!...The loud air horn blasted, signalling the start which was ferocious!  Water churned around the paddles like a shark feeding-frenzy. The rapid cadence of the powerful blades thundered through the water, causing the lead boats to leap out of the start. The inevitable wake created by the first three boats, all powered by man-boys, hit portside of the Ak-O-Mak war canoe causing it to list right then left then right again.  Jocelyn and her crew rode the waves, their bodies undulating with the large swells like a rodeo cowboy on a bucking bronco.  Surprisingly, everyone remained in stroke!

  Once the high-performance, lead canoe pulled out of the pack, it became obvious that it would be a tight race for second, third and fourth with the two remaining boats pulling up the rear.  The second Ak-O-Mak war canoe, coxed by Lilly, remained competitive and in-stroke, duking it out for 500 meters for fifth place.

Everyone on shore suddenly forgot about the cold, sideways rain, mesmerized by the race unfolding before them.  They were on their feet screaming and cheering, WILLING their energy to their sisters in orange who were paddling for their lives!  Could it be??...Jocelyn's war canoe was gaining on the boys-in-black, inching closer and closer with every stroke. 

Anyone who has competed in war canoe never forgets the feeling at the 200 meter mark:  muscles hardening with the strain of pulling so much water so fast and chests on fire in an attempt to suck more air.  A mind focused on the cox's commands and the stroke rate,  channelling their hunger to win into raw power!  We knew how our sisters in orange were feeling and worried about them. We knew that giving in to fatigue could lead to a missed stroke or a disastrous fall out of the boat!

The three boats were perilously close as they raced towards the finish line, the Ak-O-Mak orange the only ray of sunshine in a field otherwise "dark horses".  The girls were giving everything they had, but Jocelyn knew they needed more.  She could see that the bronze medal might just be within their reach...

"Give me 20!!...POWERRRR!!...ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR...LET'S GET THIRD!!...GET THIRD!  THIRD!  THIRD!  THIRD!  Jocelyn yelled.  Natasha, the stroke of the boat, picked up the cadence as fast as she could paddle, trusting her crew to follow in perfect time.

At the 100 meter mark Jocelyn screamed, "FINISH!!!....and with that somehow pulled her paddlers souls forth and into theirTHIRD!  THIRD!  THIRD!"

As the war canoes flew across the finish line, not even the athletes were sure of the placing.  With their pulses thundering in their ears the only sounds they heard were the gasps and wheezes of their spent team mates, slumped over paddles and gunnels, muscles trembling from the herculean effort. 

Then, as though from the heavens, the the booming voice on the loudspeaker announced, "...And in third place it is Camp Ak-O-Mak by half a stroke!  What an exciting race!"

With that, the entire Ak-O-Mak cheering squad of campers and parents lining the shore errupted in surprised joy...jumping up and down, screaming, hugging each other, double high five-ing everywhere.   "I can't believe it!  Holy Cow!!"...

At the finish, Jocelyn and her crew took a  moment to catch their breath and then it was back to business.

"Ok, way to go Ak-O-Mak.  Now, SIT UP!...PADDLES UP!...TAKE IT AWAY!...One, two, three..."

They paddled proudly together in a cadence of recovery.

And as that boat of fourteen girls in orange shirts and bouncy pony tails came alongside the now somber man-boys, they demonstrated the spirit that truly makes them beautiful.

"Good race, Richmond Hill".

8 August, 2014

August 8th

Today was a very active day for us!  We decided to take advantage of the gorgeous day and flat lake by doing the Monster Rock one-mile swim this morning.  After all of the campers had swam the campers got into canoes and paddled for the counsellors while they swam. 

We then had a delicious lunch of chicken sandwiches and salad before rest hour and candy store.  After rest hour everyone headed down to the bike shed for our annual mountain bike race led by our coach Blair!  Everyone enjoyed the afternoon riding the one-mile course at Ak-O-Mak on our new fun cross trail system.

After dinner all of the girls went down to the U-Haul to load their bikes for the Barrie triathlon before spending the rest of the night jumping off the tower and bathing in the lake.  We are all very excited to head to Barrie tomorrow for the Barrie triathlon!


Monster Rock Swim


Alicia E.                       21:26

Vanessa G.                  21:50

Arianne C.                   21:52

Sarah S.                       21:53

Jess R.                          21:54

Robin C.                       23:24

Elizabeth W.                23:32

Trinity Z.                      23:34

Abby H.                        23:57

Abby S.                        24:16

Abby Hunt                   24:17

Ashley Stewart            24:56

Diana P.                       25:17

Isabella C.                   25:20

Neve V.                        25:21

Maya G.                      25:22

Samuelle F.                 25:25

Angelica G.                  26:27

Frankie D.                    26:28

Alina A.                        26:30

Grace P.                      26:35

Jessie W.                     26:34

Gracey S.                     26:25

Mackenna A.               26:23

Natasha L.                   26:25

Hannah P.                    28:37

Mackenzie O.              29:25

Siena G.                       29:26

Calla T.                        30:00

Amrita K.                     31:02

Emily M.                      32:30

Hailey L.                      32:31

Elisha P.                       33:00

Ana Sofia D.                34:34

Elyse T.                        34:45

Mariana V.                  36:39

Sophie W.                    37:45

Erin M.                          39:16

Amelia C.                    44:34



Karolyn M.                  22:29

Denise H.                     23:15

Alexa M.                      24:18

Molly L.                       25:32

Blair S.                         25:54

Riley W.                       26:23

Sarabeth H.                 27:34

Kiran P.                        31:10

Larissa D.                    31:30

Lily E.                           31:32

Monica D.                   33:50

Emily C.                       38:40

Erin A.                         39:01

8 August, 2014

AK-O-MAK Mountain biking race - Friday 8th August


1st place              Alina A                  5:18

2nd place             Elaina H                7:52

3rd place              Luisa V                  8:14



1st place              Trinity Z                5:34

2nd place             Amrita K               6:04

3rd place              Frankie D             6:05

4th place              Robin C                6:20

5th place              Diana P                7:02

6th place              Angelica G           7:39



1st place              Elisha P                 5:10

2nd place             Maya G                 5:15

3rd place              Siena G                5:16

4th place              Mackenzie O         5:20

5th place              Ana Sofia D           5:34

6th place              Alicia E                  5:43

7th place              Amelia C               5:46

8th place              Samuelle F          5:57

9th place              Sarah S                6:00

10th place           Jessica R              6:30

11th place           Arianne C            6:40

12th place           Isabella C             6:46

13th place           Neve V                 6:52

14th place           Mackenna A         7:16

15th place           Abby S                  7:24

16th place           Sophie W             7:32

17th place           Marianna V           7:57

18th place           Abby H                 8:35



1st place              Vanessa G           5:01

2nd place             Ashley S               5:11

3rd place              Jessica W             5:12

4th place              Grace P               5:17

5th place              Elizabeth W        5:29

6th place              Abby H                 5:45

7th place              Hannah P             6:04

8th place              Natasha L            6:38

9th place              Erin M                   6:58

7 August, 2014

August 7th

This morning we awoke to great conditions for early bird, and many of the girls got best times both in the water and on the trails.  After a breakfast of crepes, fresh berries, and oatmeal everyone headed down to their cabins for inspection.  The girls then spent the rest of the morning swimming, playing tennis and water polo, doing some Zumba dancing, and practicing their transitions for the Barrie triathlon.

In the afternoon the girls all met at sandy beach for a beach adventure.  All of the cabins competed against each other in sand castle building, limbo, paddleboard races, and a few relay races in the water.  In the end it was cabin one that was victorious with cabin three not far behind.  It was an awesome afternoon in the sun!

We then had a delicious dinner of stir-fry, spring rolls, and salad.  After dinner the girls played a game of sardines and then scuttle-bugs before bed.  A group of campers also spent the evening at the biking time trial in Perry Sound.  We are all looking forward to the mountain bike race tomorrow that Blair is putting on for us! 

6 August, 2014

August 6th

Sadly today we said goodbye to our two week campers, but those here for our three week and seven week sessions still managed to have an awesome day.  After early bird and breakfast the remaining campers all piled into canoes to paddle over to Ahmic Lake Lodge for the day. 

Once at the lodge the campers enjoyed a fun swim practice and even got to use the lodge’s water trampoline and slide!  The girls also went on a short hike on the trails around the lodge before we ate the delicious wraps and cookies that the kitchen packed us.  After our lunch everyone got a chance to get some ice cream from the store before paddling back to camp.

Back at camp everyone enjoyed a rest hour.  After which a thunderstorm rolled in so each of the cabins created a skit that they presented after dinner.  All of the skits were quite hilarious and after they were presented we all had the privilege of learning some self-defense moves from Olympic wrestler Pete M.  What an awesome day here, we are all looking forward to tomorrow!


5 August, 2014

August 5th

It was another gorgeous day for us here at camp and we took advantage of it this morning by spending time in the sun doing classes of swimming, kayaking, self-defense, lacrosse, bootcamp, and hiking. 

We then all had a delicious lunch of Caesar salad and homemade pizza and before going down to the cabins for rest hour.  After rest hour everyone gathered in their team competition teams for an afternoon of searching for clues and solving puzzles to reveal the next task for the team to complete.  The Peeps won today’s competition followed closely by Oompa-Loompa’s Candy Confectionary Agents.

After dinner all of the teams met up to practice the skits and cheers that they came up with this afternoon and then presented them to the rest of the camp.  It was a great end to a perfect day here at Ak-O-Mak!  

3 August, 2014

August 3rd

It was a picture perfect day here at camp; the weather was gorgeous with nothing but blue skies and sun all day.  We started our day off with an early bird of running, swimming, mountain biking, and road biking.  Many girls pushed themselves to run or swim further than they had before and many others went best times.

After early bird and a delicious breakfast everyone cleaned their cabins before spending the morning in classes such as swimming, sailing, waterpolo, tennis, softball, and self defense. 

It was then time for lunch and after lunch everyone had a short rest hour.  After rest hour we all met down by the canoe docks for an afternoon paddle to Ahmic Lake Lodge to get some ice cream and swim in the rapids.  It was an awesome afternoon in the sun. 

Once we got back to camp everyone put on comfy clothes and headed down to the fire pit for a cookout dinner of hamburgers, hotdogs, salad, and brownies for dessert.  The girls then enjoyed roasting marshmallows and singing some of our favourite camp songs by the fireside.   


3 August, 2014

Kempenfest Bay Swim results

Saturday 2nd August 2014

10 and under

1st          Alina A                                 31:24

2nd        Gabby C                              39:08

3rd         Ashleigh M                         39:52

4th         Catrice B                             43:06



1st          Trinity Z                            30:14

2nd        Charlotte B                        30:22

3rd         Robin C                               30:23

4th         Jacqueline S                       30:23

5th         Diana P                               31:21

6th         Kadia  B                               31:31

7th         Gracey S                             31:40

8th         Angelica G                          32:20

9th         Erin K                                   33:49

10th       Kelly Marie                         33:59

11th       Ashleigh J                           36:25

12th       Amrita K                              36:58

13th       Ayden R                              37:03

14th       Amanda M                         37:22



1st place              Alicia E                                26:29

2nd place             Marion D                            27:42

3rd place             Sarah S                                27:49

4th place             Jessica R                             27:50

5th place             Arianne C                            27:51

6th place             Kendra L                             28:27

7th place             Isabella C                            30:32

8th place             Lauren A                             30:34

9th place             Neve V                                30:58

10th place           Maya G                               31:20

11th place           Abby S                                 31:20

12th place           Natalie K                             31:29

13th place           Mackenna A                       31:29

14th place           Jillian S                                31:31

15th place           Siena G                                31:51

16th place           Samuelle F                          32:50

17th place           Paola M                              33:40

18th place           Abby H                                35:35

19th place           Calla T                                 36:53

20th place           Mackenzie O                      36:56

21st place            Elisha P                               41:15

22nd place          Marianna V                        44:25

23rd place           Ana Sofia D                        44:26

24th place           Sophie W                            45:58

25th place           Sahar J                                46:08



1st place              Vanessa G                          24:46

2nd place             Lauren S                              26:47

3rd place             Elizabeth W                        27:03

4th place             Abby H                                29:54

5th place             Alexa M                              30:05

6th place             Ashley S                              31:01

7th place             Grace P                               33:10

8th place             Natasha L                           33:14

9th place             Hannah P                            33:14

10th place           Hailey L                               33:50

11th place           Megan G                             35:10

12th place           Larissa d                             35:25

13th place           Emily M                              36:40

14th place           Ursula M                             36:41

15th place           Monica D                            38:53

16th place           Monica C                            40:44

17th place           Martha d                            41:21


18 +

1st place              Brooke S                             25:57

2nd place             Heather M                          27:40

3rd place             Denise H                             28:36

4th place             Molly L                                28:36

5th place             Jocelyn S                             28:54

6th place             Riley W                               31:11

7th place             Kiran P                                 36:09

8th place             Blair S                                  36:09

9th place             Lilly E                                   37:58

10th place           Erin A                                   47:50

2 August, 2014

August 2nd

It was an early morning for us here at camp with a 6am breakfast before loading the buses to head to Barrie for the Kempenfest 2km open water swim.  Thankfully most of the girls used the two-hour bus ride to catch up on any missed sleep.

Once we arrived in Barrie all of the swimmers grabbed their caps and timing chips and headed to the water for the swim while those of us not swimming went to cheer our team on.  It was a great race for everyone who competed and Ak-O-Mak had a great showing with over 70 campers and staff completing the swim!

After the swimmers were all in and the awards ceremony wrapped up the girls headed off with their counsellors to grab some lunch and walk around the festival.  Once everyone had their fill of ice cream and Tim Hortons we all loaded the buses to head back to camp for dinner.


We had a delicious dinner of mashed potatoes, vegetables, meatloaf, and fresh rolls.  After dinner everyone went down to the waterfront to gunnel bob on the canoes, paddle around in kayaks, and jump off the tower.  Then it was off to bed for everyone after a very tiring but fun day!  

2 August, 2014



10 and under

1st place              Alina A              1:14:51



1st place              Trinity Z                 1:07:00

2nd place             Robin          1:08:12

3rd place              Abby S                  1:11:30

4th place              Diana P                1:13:05

5th place              Kadia                 1:14:14

6th place              Charlotte B              1:14:45

7th place              Kelly Marie B         1:17:35

8th place              Frankie D             1:18:18

9th place              Angelica G              1:18:35

10th place           Amanda M              1:24:34

11th place           Erin K                    1:24:45

12th place           Amrita K                  1:30:07

13th place           Lauren C                1:33:33

14th place           Darya L                     1:41:58



1st place              Alicia E                      56:23

2nd place             Marion D                  1:00:27

3rd place              Arianne C                      1:00:28

4th place              Jessica R                     1:00:40

5th place              Sarah S                    1:02:25

6th place              Lauren A               1:04:25

7th place              Abby  H                        1:07:41

8th place              Isabella C           1:08:05

9th place              Samuelle J      1:08:18

10th place           Maya G                      1:08:20

11th place           Neve V                1:11:46

12th place           Mackenna A           1:13:01

13th place           Sloane C                   1:14:30

14th place           Jillian S                1:14:32

15th place           Paola M                  1:14:34

16th place           Olivia D                   1:14:50

17th place           Mackenzie O              1:17:47

18th place           Casuarina F           1:24:46

19th place           Natalie K                1:25:07

20th place           Ana Sofia D           1:36:27

21st place            Mariana V                  1:40:19



1st place              Vanessa G                    54:35

2nd place             Lauren S                 57:40

3rd place              Elizabeth W              58:16

4th place              Abby H                     1:04:00

5th place              Ashley S                 1:06:39

6th place              Natasha L                   1:14:23

7th place              Hannah P           1:16:09

8th place              Grace P               1:16:17

9th place              Hailey L                   1:16:33

10th place           Ursula M               1:22:14

11th place           Megan G               1:25:06

12th place           Monica C               1:33:33

13th place           Erin M                    1:39:21

1 August, 2014

August 1st

It was a perfect, sunny day for the Ahmic Harbour swim today!  After an early lunch all of the swimmers headed down to the main dock for some stretches and a few cheers before the race.  All of the swimmers then jumped in, lined up and they were off!  It was a great race with all of our swimmers doing an amazing job!

After every swimmer got to Ahmic Harbour and warmed up with some hot chocolate both camps either paddled or ran back to Ak-O-Mak for awards and dinner.  Once everyone was full each of the soccer teams and their cheering sections headed out to the field for the game.  It was a very intense game, with both teams fighting hard for the win, but in the end Ak-O-Mak was victorious!  When we won the girl’s cheers could be heard from across the lake!  What an exciting night to be an Ak-O-Makker! 

After soccer it was off to bed for everyone because we have an early morning tomorrow as we head to Barrie for the Kempenfest 2km swim race. 

31 July, 2014

July 31st

After a very rainy morning of early bird and then swimming, tennis, volleyball, zumba, self defense and fencing for morning classes the weather cleared up for us this afternoon.

We had a delicious lunch of fresh bread, spinach salad, and chilli and then everyone went to their cabins for rest hour.  After rest hour the girls enjoyed a choice period of transition practice for the upcoming Barrie triathlon, tennis, badminton, or war canoe.  Once the choice period was over everyone gathered in their team competition teams for a game of Challengia, a big board game filled with both challenges and trivia questions.

Meanwhile fourteen of our campers on the sailing team ate an early lunch and then sailed over to Chikopi for our annual sailing regatta against the boys.  It was a nice windy day making for a very quick race.  The girls all did an excellent job and raced their hardest against all of Chikopi’s boats.  Once the race was over we all gathered at Chikopi for awards before sailing back to camp for dinner.

After dinner everyone headed down to the soccer field for a camper versus counsellor soccer game to help prepare the soccer team for their game against Chikopi tomorrow.  Campers were victorious in the end and the campers not on the soccer team came up with some awesome cheers for tomorrow’s game!  We are all looking forward to having the Ahmic Harbour swim race tomorrow.

29 July, 2014

July 29th

Today started out with a great early bird of road biking, mountain biking, swimming, and running with many best times!  After early bird and a breakfast of fried eggs, toast, sausages, and fresh fruit the girls headed down to inspection.  They then enjoyed a morning of swimming, kayaking, fencing, volleyball, zumba, and soccer.

This afternoon after lunch, rest hour and candy store both the soccer and sailing teams had practices while everyone else went road and mountain biking, or stayed on camp playing softball, lacrosse, and ultimate Frisbee.  We then all gathered in the main house once the rain started for a quick team competition game of counsellor trivia. 

We then had a yummy dinner of pasta, garlic bread and Caesar salad before everyone went down to their cabins to prepare for cabin lip syncs.  After an hour of practice all of the campers met up in the main house in their costumes, ready to perform their dances.  It was a hilarious way to end an awesome day here at Ak-O-Mak!  

28 July, 2014

July 28th

It was quite a windy day here at camp!  We were planning on doing the 3-mile Ahmic Harbour swim against the boys this morning so we had a sleep in and an early breakfast.  However, the waves were too large in the lake so we had to postpone the race to later in the week.  Instead the girls spent the morning practicing soccer for the upcoming game against the boys, mountain biking, playing volleyball, or road biking.  Everyone then played a game of “Flabbergaster” in the backfields to try and win some points for their team competition team.

This afternoon after a delicious lunch and rest hour Chikopi came over for an afternoon of volleyball, kickball, rugby, basketball, and even some square dancing before dinner!  We then had a yummy lasagna dinner with the boys.  Once Chikopi was on their way back home all of the girls gathered in the backfields for a game of capture the flag before bed.  It turned out to be a very fun day with our brother camp and we are all looking forward to seeing them again for the swim race later this week! 

27 July, 2014

July 27th

Yesterday was a very exciting day for us as we had a photographer here from Our Kids Go To Camp magazine to take some pictures of camp and the activities we do here. 

We began the day with an early bird of running, swimming, biking, and paddling with many campers going best times and pushing themselves to swim and run further than they have before.  It was then time for breakfast and inspection, after which everyone enjoyed classes of war canoe, small boats, rugby, kickball, fencing, and of course SWIMMING … YAY!

It was then time for a delicious lunch and a well-deserved rest hour.  Once rest hour was over everyone headed to an afternoon of mountain biking, road biking, self-defense, volleyball and even a diving class taught by a guest instructor Carlos who has been diving for years.

Since it was Sunday everyone put on their warm clothes and headed down to the campfire for our cookout dinner of hamburgers, hotdogs, and salad.  We topped off the evening by roasting marshmallows and singing some of our favourite songs around the fire.  It was a very fun day and we are all looking forward to many more fun days here at camp! 

25 July, 2014

July 25th

This morning began with early bird as usual with girls swimming, running, and paddling.  Many girls went best times or swam the mile or 2-mile for the first time!  It was a morning filled with accomplishments for everyone, and all before breakfast!

After a delicious breakfast of crepes and fresh fruit everyone had a quick inspection and then headed down to their classes.  The campers all enjoyed their morning of swimming, canoeing, kayaking, tennis, volleyball, and basketball.

This afternoon after lunch and rest hour the girls got to choose between mountain biking, road biking, playing volleyball, or trying out for the soccer team.  After the period of activity everyone met down at Easter Island Head rock for the start of our Candy themed team competition!  The “Gummy Bear Generals” told the campers that the boy’s at Camp Chikopi have been eating too much candy, leaving none for the Ak-O-Mak campers!  It is up to us to come up with candy themed groups to help replenish the candy stocks at camp and stop the boys from taking it!

We then had dinner and after dinner the teams all showed us their team cheers, flags, and skits.  It was then time for a quick open waterfront before bed.

It was yet another awesome day here at camp and we are looking forward to opening up camp to many alumni tomorrow as we host A Celebration of the Life of Jan Moldenhauer.

15 July, 2014

A Celebration of the Life of Jan Moldenhauer

Please join us at Camp Ak-O-Mak as we celebrate the life of our friend and coach, Jan Moldenhauer.

Saturday, July 26th, 2014 at 11:00 am in the Ak-O-Mak Main House.

Lakeside at 12:15 pm:  Commitment of the Ashes to the Lake

Buffet Luncheon will follow the service at 1:00 pm. (Due to the potential number of guests expected, please RSVP and a discretionary meal donation of $10.00 per person would be appreciated).

After lunch, we invite our alumni and visitors to enjoy and participate with our campers in a variety of activities until 4:00 pm....War Canoe, Kayaking, Swimming at Sandy Beach, Tennis, Beach Volley Ball, Pleasure Canoeing, a jump off the tower, etc.


25 July, 2014

Cabin 6 Rendition of Happy

This morning while on the inspection rounds, Dianne and Megan were greeted by the youngest campers in Cabin 6 with a beautiful song they wrote to the tune of “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.  It was so awesome that we wanted to share it with all of you.

Cause I’m happy and I’m happy as I’ll ever be.

Happy, happy, happy, happy camper!

And I’m happy that I’m at Ak-O-Mak and in Cabin 6!

We’re so happy to be with you Megan!

Happy to be doing everything!

We love swimming, biking, running and every other sport that there is. 

Food is great and early bird is never too early!

And that is awesome!

24 July, 2014

July 24th

It was a beautiful day here at camp and we took advantage of it spending the day in the sun by the waterfront.  We had a great early bird this morning as the campers who are new to camp took a camp tour while the returning campers swam, ran, and biked. 

After a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs, homefries, and fresh fruit, the girls all headed down to their cabins to finish unpacking and clean for inspection.  Once inspection was over it was time for morning classes.  All of the girls had a great time swimming, canoeing, and playing tennis and volleyball. 

Once classes were over we enjoyed a yummy lunch of make your own chicken burritos.  We then headed to the cabins for rest hour before meeting at the waterfront for the afternoon’s activities.  The campers enjoyed an afternoon in the sun paddling in canoes, small boats and the war canoes.  Other campers sailed, practicing for our sailing regatta.  We then had our first soccer tryout and our team is looking good so far!   Everyone was then hungry for dinner and afterwards we all headed down for some open waterfront.  The girls spent time jumping off the tower and playing around in the water.  We’re all excited to see what tomorrow has in store for us!  

23 July, 2014

July 23rd

It was a busy day with all of our campers for our three-week session arriving, but now that everyone is here we are ready to start the new session and continue with the summer fun!  We had a fun afternoon with campers playing rugby, tennis, kickball, soccer, and some even went for a run on our trails.  After the great afternoon of playing everyone had open waterfront until dinner to cool off.

We had a delicious dinner of pasta, salad, and garlic bread with blond brownies for dessert.  After everyone was full and we sang a few songs all of the girls headed down to the cabins for some cabin bonding before bed.  Everyone now is all tucked into their beds to get a good sleep before an awesome camp day tomorrow!  

22 July, 2014

Camp Ak-O-Mak a Good Neighbour to Ontario Ornge

There was lunch time excitement today when the Ontario Air Ambulance used Ak-O-Mak's field as a landing pad.  Our open field and sturdy docksprovided a safe access for the EMS to transfer a patient who was injured at the other end of the lake.  

While awaiting the arrival of the EMS boat, the air ambulance crew showed the girls the magnificent air craft while the Chef packed them chicken salad sandwiches.  We all gathered at a safe distance on the hill to watch the big orange bird take off.

Our wishes to this unknown patient and family for a speedy recovery.

22 July, 2014

July 22nd

It has been a beautiful day here at camp so far!  The girls all got a great sleep last night after our four week banquet and everyone was excited for an early bird of swimming, running, cycling, and mountain biking this morning.

Once we finished early bird and breakfast we had a big camp clean up and gave the campers leaving a chance to pack and then as the four weekers left the rest of the camp headed down to the waterfront for swim practice.  After swim practice everyone got to choose their favourite water activity to do until lunch.  Girls went paddle-boarding, gunnel bobbing, canoeing, kayaking, and diving.

After a delicious lunch everyone headed down to the cabins for a quick rest hour before paddling and biking over to Ahmic Lake Lodge to take advantage of the gorgeous day with an afternoon filled with ice cream and playing in the rapids.

This evening all of the seven-week campers are looking forward to having a movie night cuddled up in the mainhouse with our favourite movie treats.  We cannot wait for the new session to start tomorrow and all of the new campers to arrive!


17 July, 2014

July 15

It is hard to believe that our four-week session only has one week left!  Today we awoke to overcast clouds and a little rain, however that did not stop the girls from having an exciting day! After early bird and a delicious breakfast most of the cabins enjoyed classes of Zumba, self-defense, softball and of course swimming … YAY!  

This afternoon after lunch and rest hour the cabins got together and created their own lip-syncs! Thankfully once each of the cabins presented their dances the sun began to shine! The softball team had a practice while the rest of the camp had a choice between a period of mountain biking or water polo! After dinner the softball team got together again for another quick practice and the other campers had a diving lesson or went for a mountain bike ride.


July 16

This morning we had a surprise sleep-in courtesy of Cabin 1 taping the bell! After a breakfast of poached eggs on English muffins and fresh fruit the girls enjoyed morning classes of fencing, rugby, softball, and swimming. 

After a delicious pierogi lunch everyone headed down to the cabins for rest hour.  Once rest hour was over we played a team competition game called Flabbergaster.  It was a crazy game with flour and buttons flying everywhere!  Everyone had an awesome time!  After the game, the campers faced off against the counsellors in the camper versus counsellor softball game.  In the end the camper team came out on top.  We are very excited to try and beat the boys tomorrow in our softball match at Chikopi. 

Once the game was over everyone headed up to the mainhouse for a yummy dinner.  After dinner we all went down to the boathouse for an evening of war canoe practice for the regatta this weekend.   

14 July, 2014

July 14th


It was a great day with perfect weather for us here at Ak-O-Mak!  Our morning started out with an early breakfast so that we could all war canoe and C4 over to Chikopi for the Chikopi triathlon.

Once we arrived on Chikopi’s beach the cheering began and soon the race was underway.  Everyone swam, ran, and solo paddled as fast as they could in order to beat the boys.  It was a great race by all and a fun way to spend the morning.

After all of the racers had returned both camps gathered in front of Chikopi’s mainhouse for awards and then lunch.  It was then time for all of us to paddle back over to Ak-O-Mak for a well-deserved rest hour.

Once rest hour was over the softball team headed down to the baseball diamond for a practice while everyone else went to sandy beach for an afternoon of surfboard races and beach fun.

We had a delicious dinner of beef stew, potatoes, tomato salad, and a yummy apple crumble for dessert.  After dinner the softball team continued practicing and everyone else either had a diving lesson or went for a mountain bike ride for evening activity.  Everyone is now in bed getting ready for another awesome camp day tomorrow!




1st place                     Amanda J.                   1:07:12

2nd place                   Abigail G.                    1:12:53

3rd place                    Jolie M.                        1:14:36

4th place                    Keegan D.                   1:55:01


GIRLS 11 - 12

1st place                     Claire S.                      56:21

2nd place                   Elana G.                      58:28

3rd place                    Lucy M.                       59:01

4th place                    Robin C.                      59:54

5th place                    Madeleine Y.              1:05:00

6th place                    Alessandra A.             1:07:13

7th place                    Teagan D.                   1:07:30

8th place                    Sarah S.                      1:08:00

9th place                    Felicity C.                    1:16:00

10th place                  Olivia K.                      1:27:50



GIRLS 13 -14

1st place                     Indianna S.                 55:08

2nd place                   Isabella A.                   55:21

3rd place                    Jessica R.                    56:10

4th place                    MacKenzie O.             57:07

5th place                    Paola M.                      59:59

6th place                    Samantha H.               1:00:12

7th place                    Arianne C.                  1:03:32

8th place                    Marion D.                   1:03:37

9th place                    Maya G.                       1:04:05

10th place                  Carly M.                      1:05:01

11th place                  Ana Sofia D.               1:13:18

12th place                  Amelia C.                    1:13:58

13th place                  Abby H.                       1:16:40


GIRLS 15-17

1st place                     Abby H.                       54:03

2nd place                   Elizabeth W.               54:33

3rd place                    Natasha L.                  59:40

4th place                    Samantha G.               1:02:13

5th place                    Ashley S.                     1:06:59

6th place                    Gillian K.                     1:08:00

7th place                    Erin M.                        1:18:47



1st place                     Jocelyn S.                    49:56


13 July, 2014

July 13th

The girls woke up this morning to the breakfast bell, hooray for sleeping in! We all enjoyed toasted bagels, cream cheese, and fried eggs for breakfast.  The morning began a little overcast but it turned out to be a beautiful day as the girls practiced their small boats, enjoyed swim practice, played ultimate Frisbee, went mountain biking, and stretched their legs on a hiking adventure!

This afternoon after lunch and rest hour the camp gathered for a team competition favorite “CHALLENGIA”.  After the completion of the game, we all had another paddling practice. The war canoes, C4’s and other small boats are looking great and we can’t wait to show off our skills next weekend!

We had wonderful weather for our cookout and campfire tonight.  After eating some delicious burgers, hotdogs, and salad we had Colleen Shields describe her adventures regarding her time at camp and her experiences with open water swimming and crossing Lake Ontario.  The girls then went to bed early so that everyone is well rested for our race against the boys tomorrow in the Chikopi Triathlon.  

12 July, 2014

July 12th

It was another beautiful and sunny day here at Ak-O-Mak.  This morning the girls took advantage of the nice weather with an early bird of small boats, running, and swimming. 

After breakfast and inspection everyone enjoyed their classes of kayaking, lacrosse, hiking, bootcamp, and of course swimming.  It was then time for a yummy lunch of chicken Caesar wraps before a much needed rest hour.

Everyone then headed down to the boathouse to take advantage of the sun and continue practicing in our small boats and war canoes for the regatta that is now just one week away!  Everyone enjoyed practicing their strokes and starts and of course cheers!

After paddling the softball team had a quick practice and everyone else headed over to the main dock for a quick dip in the lake and jump off the tower before dinner.  It was a delicious pasta dinner and then we had the privilege of having Pete M., a wrestling Olympian speak to us about his experiences wrestling and at camp.  It was then off to bed for all of the girls.  We can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring! 

11 July, 2014

July 11th


This morning was a little different here at camp because our early bird was a light breakfast before the 10km run against Chikopi.  The boys showed up nice and early so that we could run the race before it got too hot.  After a few stretches and cheers the race began and everyone was off running to Ahmic Harbour and back. 

It was a tight race with Brett S. from Chikopi coming in first followed closely by his mom and our Athletic Director, Jocelyn who came second.  All of our Ak-O-Mak girls did a great job and many girls were in the top ten. 

After an awesome morning of running the boys joined us for a delicious lunch and some singing before padding back to Chikopi.  The girls then all went down to their cabins for a well deserved rest hour.

Once rest hour was over we all headed down to the boathouse to take advantage of the gorgeous weather with an afternoon of paddling practice.  Everyone had an awesome time practicing in their small boats and war canoes for the upcoming regatta.

It was then time for a dinner of roast beef, mashed potatoes, corn, and salad.  The softball team then had an evening practice and everyone else went for a mountain bike or played a few different backfield games.  After such a tiring but fun day everyone is now ready for bed and looking forward to another awesome camp day tomorrow!



1ST place                   Amanda J.                   48:51

2nd place                   Noelle Y.                     58:49

3rd place                    Abigail G.                    59:15

4th place                    Keagan D.                   59:37

5th place                    Jolie M.                        1:14:53

6th place                    Aitziber F.                   1:40:43

7th place                    Jenna S.                       1:44:09



11-12 GIRLS

1ST Place                   Claire S.                      44:25

2nd place                   Elana G.                      54:07

3rd place                    Felicity C.                    55:12

4th place                    Kosi L.                         57:56

5th place                    Maddie Y.                   59:34

6th place                    Alessandra A.             1:01:27

7th place                    Teagan D.                   1:06:41

8th place                    Lucy M.                       1:11:37

9th place                    Robin C                       1:19:05

10th place                  Itziar  F.                      1:27:08

11th place                  Olivia K.                      1:43:52


13 -14 Girls

1st place                     Isabella A.                   48:53

2nd place                   Mackenzie O.              52:44

3rd place                    Jessica R.                    53:16

4th place                    Carly M.                      57:22

5th place                    Indie S.                        57:66

6th place                    Paola M.                      1:04:08

7th place                    Samantha H.               1:10:03

8th place                    Amelia C.                    1:11:33

9th place                    Sarah S.                      1:13:08

10th place                  Ana Sofia D.               1:13:31

11th place                  Maya G.                       1:20:32

12th place                  Arianne C.                  1:20:43

13th place                  Abby H.                       1:44:29


15-17 GIRLS

1st place                     Natasha L.                  53:32

2nd place                   Samantha G.               57:16

3rd place                    Alexa M.                      58:06

4th place                    Gillian K.                     58:37

5th place                    Abby H.                       1:00:04

6th place                    Elizabeth W.               1:00:56

7th place                    Ashley S.                     1:00:57

8th place                    Ursula M.                    1:11:19

9th place                    Monica C.                    1:28:40




1st place                     Jocelyn S.                    43:13

2nd place                   Emily C.                       47:09

3rd place                    Monica D.                   49:05

4th place                    Molly L.                       49:08

5th place                    Martha D.                   50:29

6th place                    Brigette C.                  53:55

7th place                    Rosie T.                      54:13

8th place                    MJ C.                            54:50

9th place                    Jessica C.                     57:42

10th place                  Colette D.                    1:03:05

11th place                  Lily E.                          1:11:19



July 10th


What started out as a very foggy morning turned into a beautiful day for us here at Ak-O-Mak.  The girls who swam for early bird swam triangles in the bay because of the fog and the rest of the campers went for a run or a road bike. 

After early bird and breakfast the sun was out and all of the girls enjoyed their morning classes of swimming, mountain biking, kayaking, small boats, tennis, and felid hockey.

Once we had a yummy lunch and a relaxing rest hour everyone headed over to Ahmic Lake Lodge by war canoe, bike, or pleasure canoe.  A few campers even elected to swim over to the lodge.  Once at the lodge everyone enjoyed an afternoon of ice cream and playing in the rapids.

We all made our way back to camp for dinner and then had open waterfront until heading for bed to rest up to beat the boys in the 10km running race against Chikopi Friday morning. 


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