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20 February, 2017

February, 2017

Sunny, snowy Canada

Hello fellow Ak-O-Makkers!

For so many of us, Camp Ak-O-Mak is an integral part of our childhood, teen and young adult memories.  A group of us have begun thinking about our alumni community and have begun working towards a reunion at camp for the 90th anniversary in 2018.  We are trying to get the word out to as many people as possible, so PLEASE pass this along to your camp buddies.  Post a message on your facebook page and get people back in touch with the rest of us. We are building a database now to ensure everyone gets a formal invite!  A new camp website will be launched in April and we will be able to post alumni info there.




Ak-O-Mak 90th Reunion– Labour day weekend - Sept 1-3, 2018

No early arrivals but late departures possible.

Bookended between last “after-camp” and swim club camp rental.

Fees will be charged to cover food costs. Accommodations on site in the cabins or bring your tent. Possible to book offsite local motel for those who wish/require upgrades! A committee is currently getting together to begin program planning – tell us what you would like to do while at camp.


Other opportunities exist to visit - and help camp:


1) Ak-O-Mak Volunteer Work Weekend– May 19-22, 2017 (with some wiggle room on either end as travel plans require.)  Adults only.

Accommodations on site and meals provided. Work is cleaning and general camp readiness but minimal, if any, heavy lifting. Long sleeves, long pants, work gloves and sturdy shoes as well as bug spray. "First One In the Lake" competition, etc!



2) Adult Training Camp – Wed, June 14th to Mon, June 19th, 2017

Camp is launching an Adult Training Camp in mid June.  Jocelyn and Blair Saunders are leading!! All levels are invited to join in – see the announcement and details on the camp webpage -


3) Visits while camp is in session are possible but must be arranged with current Executive Director, Dianne Young, to ensure that people are there – lots of off site competitions nowadays!  Camp is not able to provide housing when in session. Welcome to join in for meals at a nominal cost/meal.

Ideas, comments, skills are always welcome.  Tell us what you want to contribute or attend!

Best Regards,

Liisa Tikkala and Beth (Harrison) Steel

Co-chairs Alumni/ Reunion committee

7 February, 2017

Welcome to Camp Ak-O-Mak's Premiere Adult Training Camp!


Grown ups have been telling us for YEARS that they, too, want to come to camp!  So, by popular demand, we are proud to introduce our Ak-O-Mak Adult Training Camp!


Gather with like-minded women and men who love great food, sport and the outdoors for an unforgettable 5 days in beautiful northern Ontario.


We have something for everyone....


  • · World Class coaching in all aspects of triathlon training whether novice or experienced.
  • · Video analysis.
  • · Life-guarded open water swimming in beautiful Ahmic Lake.
  • · Hone bike skills on roads with little traffic.
  • · Mountain bike or Run on forested camp trails.
  • · Free time to: read in a hammock, hike, play, sunbathe or run on a woodland trail.
  • · Other sports/activities such as Sailing, canoeing, kayaking, War Canoe, Yoga, Stretching, Beach    volleyball, Tennis, Badminton, Basketball, Archery, Self defence, Ping Pong, Championship Croquet.
  • · Camp fires, laughs, camaraderie
  • · Guest speakers:  Nutrition, training, motivation, mindfulness.
  • · *Massage therapy available*


The camp may be "rustic" but the food is 5 Star!

Enjoy nourishing, freshly prepared meals by Chef Samson.

Wine included with dinner.  (B.Y.O.B for other libations.)

Snacks / fruit / hot beverages available all day.


Lots to do...or little...the choice is yours.


So come and "jump start" your summer season and return home refreshed and motivated.


· Massage therapy by appointment with added cost.

· Adults only 19 years and older.


For more information or to REGISTER: contact Dianne Young, Executive Director,

Camp Ak-O-Mak,, P: 416-427-3171


Camp Dates: Wednesday June 14th to Monday June 19th, 2017




2 January, 2017

Ak-O-Mak Remembers Myles Biggs

It is with profound sadness that we have learned of the sudden, accidental passing of Myles Biggs.

Many of you will remember Myles as camp's beloved "maintenance man" for 3 summers, 2010 to 2014.

With his golden retriever, Bailey, forever at his side, Myles kept our dear old facility running day to day.  He loved working outside, tirelessly moving from job to job.  When not fixing or building something, Myles could usually be found regaling someone with his litany of "groaner" jokes and redneck-one-liners.  He LOVED to get that raised brow or roll of the eyes from us before responding,

..."What?!...I'm justa guy!"

Myles...Another colourful, Ak-O-Mak character who will not be forgotten.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Biggs family at this time.


4 December, 2016


Lakers Experience Filled with Memorable Moments for Molly Sipprell

Having skated with the Nipissing Lakers since their inaugural season, Molly Sipprell’s career has run parallel to an exciting era of growth for women’s ice hockey in the North Bay region. With each season, the Lakers have improved on their win-loss record, while Sipprell’s development as a leader is one of the programs cornerstones.

Among the first recruits in Lakers history, the journey towards donning Lakers green involved a unique transition. With North Bay becoming Sipprell’s second home, Having starred with the PWHLs London Devilettes, she was part of a recruiting class that also included teammates Mariah Fell and Stacie Vink. The chance to continue their careers together certainly serves as a Lakers career highlight for Sipprell,

“Of course it’s always nice to play with girls who have had the same experience with previous programs as me. We always talk about our past memories and girls we’ve played with and where they are now.”

Recognized as the Lakers Female Athlete of the Week on November 23, 2015, it was a milestone that added to another proud achievement; OUA All-Rookie Team recognition in 2014. With over 75 career appearances, the Lakers have enjoyed a .714 win percentage whenever she logs at least one point.

Of note, the 2015-16 season saw Sipprell achieve career high in points, including the milestone of her first career game-winning goal. Said goal took place on October 17, 2015 vs. the Brock Badgers. In the 2-0 final, Henshaw scored on the power play past Stephanie Loukes.

Sipprell’s ascension to one of the team’s key leaders and cornerstone represents one of the great feel good stories in OUA women’s ice hockey. Since their opening face off, the Lakers have added to their win totals in every successive season. The fact that Sipprell has been part of every season in program history is a strong point of pride, having contributed to such a magical time,

“Obviously everyone wants to win and be the top team in Canada, but it’s a great experience that we’ve come so far in such little time. Our program only started four years ago and within the last two years we’ve managed to clinch a spot in playoffs; last year we almost made it to the OUA finals, that being only our third year with this program.

It is definitely a sense of pride to be part of such a skilled and well developed program that our coaches have created for all our Women Hockey varsity athletes in the past four years, and I hope we keep on improving and getting better every time we step on the ice.”

While Sipprell has contributed towards several Lakers milestones, there was a proud yet personal milestone that definitely helped set the tone for her fourth fantastic season. Considering that the OUA published an E-magazine (OUA Uncovered) chronicling the achievements of its athletes, the women’s hockey preview issue saw Siprrell land on the coveted cover with the text Northern Uprising, testament to the Lakers growth and its continued ascension towards elite status.

“Honestly it was totally unexpected; I knew that a picture of me was probably going to show up somewhere in the near future because I attended a photo shoot with many other athletes from Nipissing this past summer. Usually, the athletics at Nipissing doesn’t get a lot of attention compared to the other universities such as Western, Queens, and Guelph etc., because we are a smaller school, so I thought it was great that the OUA was able to recognize and promote our school in such a big way.”

Adding to the jubilation of such recognition was a moment that only helped strengthen the bonds of friendship and teamwork among the ladies that don the Lakers colors. As Sipprell and her Lakers teammates look to this fourth season with the hopes of new milestones and more glorious outcomes, the potency of such an emotional moment served to enhance the teams culture. With a Pink at the Rink event, which is a staple among so many teams, Sipprells part in the ceremonial faceoff was given more significance by the beloved presence of her mother.

Adding another aspect of sincerity to the ceremony was the fact that teammate Kaley Tienhara also joined Sipprell at centre ice, both adorned in their special edition pink ribbon jerseys. With both players’ mothers participating in the ceremonial faceoff, centre ice became a circle of friendship and admiration on this cherished day.

The experience simultaneously served as an uplifting source of pride for Sipprell, who was honored by the Lakers empathic compassion that resulted in a moment of silence honoring the passing of her brave father. Representing a proud sense of unity, it was a day that shall always hold a special place in Sipprell’s heart,

“It was such a special moment to be a part of. My family has had their ups and downs with cancer; my mom battled Leukemia for three and a half years and is now close to being 6 years cancer free, my dad fought Colon cancer for four years but sadly lost his battle four months ago. It was such an emotional experience especially with my mom dropping the puck at center ice, and having Kaley Tienhaara and her mom there with us as well.”    

“All quotes obtained first hand unless otherwise indicated”

Photo credit: Brian Doherty

Faceoff image obtained from Facebook


8 October, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

One of the greatest things about living on the 45th parallel is watching the changing of the seasons and Camp Ak-O-Mak has to be one of the most beautiful places to witness this spectacle of nature! 

Typically by October, Ontario is under the raw chill of fall with blustering winds and sideways rains, the kind that cruelly strip the colour from the trees and the "magic" from the forests.  This year, however, we have been basking in the warmth of a true "Indian summer".  Warm, sunny days have allowed us to defer the inevitable donning of hats and coats for a while longer.  Vibrant blue skies have provided a striking contrast to the explosion of yellows, oranges and crimson which have made the views everywhere at this time of year breathtaking!...the perfect backdrop as Canadians prepare to celebrate THANKSGIVING this long weekend.

Although we (Dianne and Catherine) will be missing Camp Ak-O-Mak this weekend, we are grateful for the memories of "Thanksgivings Past"...Thanksgiving dinners hosted by Buck and Rosemary in the Main House.  (Rosemary cooked the turkey in the big oven and we did the dishes!)...Hikes through camp trails, forests aglow with colour, painted by the Master's autumnal brush!  Olfactory memories of dried leaves, spruce trees, loamy earth and hardwood fires.

Once again, most of us will be irresistibly drawn to the outdoors to walk, play or work this weekend, wherever we gather to celebrate Thanksgiving.   There is something about mindfully experiencing nature, even for a moment, that can prompt gratitude in one's heart.  Isn't that precisely how we feel when we instinctively raise our faces heavenward to bask in the sun's warmth and deeply inhale the fresh scent of flora?

Over the years, Thanksgiving has become one of our favourite holidays.  It is not so commercialized and there are no presents to distract us from that which we are most grateful...the unwavering support of our families in the daily travails of running camp, truly wonderful friends, good health, a full other words "life abundant".

We also remain thankful for Camp Ak-O-Mak and, like the other things in life, have learned not to take her for granted.

It is a place that continues to inspire and challenge throughout the stages of one's life.  We are grateful for Ak-O-Mak's friends, new and old, who are drawn back to her like a touchstone and graciously give back with their energies and resources to help keep this grand dame alive!

To quote George Elliot, "We could never have loved the earth so well if we had had no childhood in it".


The same can be said for Camp Ak-O-Mak.

We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

Dianne and Catherine

31 August, 2016

August 31, 2016

This morning for Early Bird nearly half of camp went out to hit the trails on mountain bikes. The campers have been working on their cycling all session and even though it has only been two weeks, many campers have made tremendous progress in cycling. Instead of our usual three classes in the morning we had our camp pictures. Then we had the final events for the Olympics, basketball, soccer, and various gymnastics events. It was a bright sunny morning, perfect for the field sports competition. After the Olympic events concluded everyone had SWIMMING YAY! 
After an afternoon of treasure hunting it was time for a delicious dinner and Evening Activity. 
Cabin 1 had the opportunity today to organize and run evening activity. They chose the ever loved game of BARBARIANS! To make teams fair the campers played on their team comp teams. The objective of the game is to pull as many people over to your quadrant of the beach volleyball court and pull their sock from the back of their pants.

After everyone was covered in sand from head to toe they went down to the waterfront to bathe and then to bed. 

30 August, 2016

August 30, 2016

The girls awoke to the ringing of the bell and quickly started their Early Bird runs or swims or BOTH! 
Today the Olympics came to Ak-O-Mak! Campers were divided into teams and then chose a country to represent that isn't represented by campers. Uzbekistan, The Ivory Coast, Djibouti, Swaziland competed most of the day for Olympic Gold! The morning events were archery, tennis, and a full track and field meet.
Mother Nature seemed to have other plans, and rudely interrupted us with her rumbling. Campers spent the rest of the morning creating cabin lip syncs for the Olympic Closing Ceremonies. 
After rest hour it was time to continue on with the Olympic events! It was down to the pool for a swim meet, diving (both spring board and 3 metre platform), war canoe races, and synchronized swimming competition.  
Tonight was the cabin vs cabin lip synch closing ceremonies. Cabins scored points for creativity, costume, and routine. The winners would be awarded a second serving of the crazy delicious s'more square dessert. After routines of Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift x2, and other fun pop songs cabin 4 was named the winner! Everyone had a dance party together and then went to bed. 

29 August, 2016

August 29, 2016

This morning our oldest cabin took our youngest cabin out sailing for a double period! Other cabins had war canoe, solftball, Zumba and tried their hand at net ball - a new sport introduced by our British counsellors! And as a twist, all of the cabins had swim practice together. 
After Rest Hour today the whole camp had colour run! Chikopi came over for the colour run! It was a 5km run where coloured powder was thrown on you as you ran. Everyone came out looking very colourful and we had a dance party at the end. We all jumped into the water to clean off before dinner. It was a such a blast!
Tonight we had the finals in our tennis tournament and then off to the cabins for some cabin time before bed. 

28 August, 2016

August 28, 2016

It was still dark at Camp Ak-O-Mak when the bell rang at 5:30 this morning to wake us for an early breakfast.  It was Parry Sound Triathlon Day!  Before we knew it we were boarding the 2 school buses and following the big U-Hauls carrying camp’s bikes bound for Parry Sound.

Once at the tri, no time was lost donning timing chips and body markings and then all were off to cheer for our counselors and cabin 1 friends competing in the Sprint, Try-a-Tri or duathlon events.  Seeing their counsellors race (some for the first time) not only excited the campers but helped calm some of their nerves as well.

The ‘Kids of Steel’ events unfolded by age group and made for an exciting day!
Ak-O-Mak spirit was high and our team’s energy was infectious. Many people commented on how much they enjoyed the camp’s presence at this triathlon with everyone cheering for each other and singing songs.  Imagine 60 girls on the beach bursting into song with “Eye of the Tiger”… "dun, dun dun dun, dun dun duuuuuuuuun". After that I think we all felt like we could do anything!  The Ak-O-Mak girls were fantastic today and they should all be very proud.

With races finished the bikes were systematically stowed in the U-Hauls and the busses loaded for the return to camp. It wouldn’t be an Ak-O-Mak road trip without ice cream so a “pit stop” at Duck Rock satisfied a lot of tummies!

Tonight was campfire and barbecue cookout, a weekly favourite with campers and staff alike. It’s where the roasting of marshmallows is elevated to an art form. It was a special treat when the culinary staff surprised Rosie with a beautiful chocolate cake decorated as the flag of Trinidad and Tobago in honour of their Independence Day.

The sun was dipping below the trees as the campers shared their individual triathlon stories around the camp fire… stories about overcoming fear, friends helping friends and the pride felt in their accomplishments.

We then sang songs so loud they could probably hear us at across the lake! As the darkness of evening and the fatigue of the day crept in everyone was ready to head back to their cabins and crawl into bed for a well deserved sleep.

27 August, 2016

August 27, 2016

It was another exciting day at camp! This morning Early Bird was slightly modified as a thick fog had enveloped camp.  One camper said that it “looked like (she) was still dreaming”.  The swimmers swam in the pools while the runners and mountain bikers were ok to hit the trails!

This weekend we welcomed guest instructor Aisling Lynch, a first degree black belt in a blended style of martial arts called “Don Jitsu Ryu”.  Aisling assisted Sensei Rosie (who is a fourth degree black belt) in teaching outstanding self defense classes and demonstrating their advanced sparring techniques.

The Tennis Tournament wrapped up for the 10& Unders with Bailey O. taking the title!  The younger campers donned their masks and took up their “foils” for fencing while other campers learned a new sport from our British counselors, netball!

The afternoon was filled with a variety of activities: road biking in preparation for the Parry Sound Triathlon, self defense for the youngest cabin then diving or volleyball for the others.

The evening was rounded out with a celebrity guest speaker, Megan Neyer, from Atlanta Georgia.  Google Megan and you’ll quickly learn that she is a highly accomplished diver with myriad gold medals from US Nationals, is a World Champion, an Olympian and inductee to the International Swimming Hall of Fame.  Megan is not only a professional sports psychologist but a motivational speaker/team builder for both athletes and corporations. Megan spoke to camp about managing pre-race nerves, our different types of energy and concrete tips for developing and maintaining a positive mindset.

Camp Ak-O-Mak would like to thank Megan Neyer for taking the time from a busy professional schedule to encourage us with her words and advice…so timely on the eve of the Parry Sound Tri!  

26 August, 2016





1st                           Jessica Code                     56:21

2nd                          Olivia Luka                         56:29

3rd                           Marni Gray                        56:34

4th                           Emma Seawright               56:45

5th                           Maya Grantz                      58:10

6th                           Kali Metuzals                     58:16

7th                           Kathryn Atkinson               59:31

8th                           Anna Dahlgren                  1:00:04

9th                           Elke Ott                              1:01:17

10th                         Neve VanDaele                 1:02:07


10 and under Girls

1st                           Bailey  O’Regan                 1:09:39

2nd                          Ella Moustgaard                1:14:54

3rd                           Ema  Masic                        1:19:10

4th                           Abigail Odinocki                1:35:31

5th                           Maizi Moustgaard            1:47:08


11-12 GIRLS

1st                           Alana Odinocki                  1:07:47

2nd                          Riley Buckle                      1:08:48

3rd                           Abby Brousseau               1:08:50

4th                           Maddie Glowinski            1:09:40

5th                           Allison Low Ring               1:14:53

6th                           Macy Mullen                     1:14:55

7th                           Abby Sammut                   1:18:04

8th                           Silvie Kinanga                    1:18:42

9th                           Maxeen Mullen                   1:27:50

10th                         Katrina Wang                     1:27:41


13-14 GIRLS

1ST                          Emma Seawright              56:45

2nd                          Kali Metuzals                     58:16

3rd                           Elke Ott                             1:01:17

4th                           Lola Collin                          1:07:51

5th                           Caroline Martin                 1:13:04

6th                           Alexandra Lackovic          1:16:02

7th                           Aislinn Munro                    1:20:08

8th                           Kiera Masterson               1:20:12


15-17 GIRLS

1ST                          Jessica Code                      56:21

2nd                          Olivia Luka                          56:29

3rd                           Marni Gray                         56:34

4th                           Maya Grantz                       58:10

5th                           Kathryn Atkinson                59:31

6th                           Anna Dahlgren                  1:00:04

7th                           Neve Van Daele                 1:02:07

8th                           Annie Rutherford               1:06:20

9th                           Alicia Corbiere                   1:13:14


10th                         Emma Wheler                   1:13:16

26 August, 2016

August 26, 2016

Today started out a little bit different than the rest of the days so far at camp. Instead of waking up to the ringing of the bell at 7:00, there was silence. Campers and counsellors all got a sleep-in and then headed straight to the Main House for breakfast. 
After breakfast today campers went back to their cabins, got their suits, caps, and goggles on, and counsellors filed out one by one in our signature green and orange canoes. Today was a PERFECT day for the 3 mile open water swimming race to Ahmic Harbour. The water was lovely, the sun shone brightly, and the energy through the swimmers was electric! All the swimmers were cheering and dancing with each other before jumping into the water for the start. The route makes for a beautiful swim. Swimmers made their way out past Cherokee Point, around the corner and through the channel of lily pads. After the lily pads they swim straight for a while and then find their quickest route over a small rock obstacle, straight for a while longer and left into a fun pass, then right into the final channel to the finish line. Campers were told to sight for Coach Lou who was wearing a fluorescent orange shirt. Everyone was so proud of their own accomplishments and routed their fellow campers on! When our youngest camper to complete the swim - Mazie (9 years old) - swam toward the end of the race the entire camp cheered for her together. Chants of, "Mazie! Mazie! Mazie!" could be heard through all of Ahmic Harbour I'm sure. 
Once everyone had finished some campers and counsellors chose to swim back, while other campers and counsellors ran/walked back 5 km to camp, and others paddled in canoes. 
Once back at camp everyone was ready for lunch and rest hour. After rest hour our tennis tournament began with the U 10 bracket, and the 11 - 12 bracket. When campers weren't playing tennis they had the choice between diving, sailing, mountain biking, or intro to road biking. Campers could choose two classes to attend and then went down to the lake for open waterfront. 
After dinner the U 10 tennis bracket played their semifinal matches and we all headed to Easter Island Head Rock for awards from this mornings swim. Many campers had significantly beaten their time from the year before!
Once all of the awards were presented the whole camp went up to the tennis court to watch Bailey and Violet battle it out in the U10 tennis finals! It was a very evenly matched game but in the end, Bailey was our champion! 

25 August, 2016

August 25, 2016

Another great day at camp has come to an end. 
This morning at Early Bird a record number of campers set new personal best times! 
The sun was out and the weather was perfect for being in the water. Classes this morning were diving, small boats, swimming, volleyball, self defence, gymnastics - by cabin request, and fencing. 
The spies(our team comp)had yet another challenge for the campers - to design and create a difficult obstacle course intended to challenge the other squad teams. Squad teams could use anything that they could find at camp to build the course, but they also had to complete the course they designed themselves. Teams would be timed while going through all four of the courses and the team with the shortest combined time would be deemed the winner. Teams did push ups, cartwheels, army crawled, passed medicine balls, and hopped over various things to complete their mission. They then cooled off in the lake before dinner at open waterfront.
Some campers headed into Parry Sound with Jocelyn, every Thursday late afternoon we head into town with the road bikes for a cycling time trial. 
Tonight's evening activity was camp-wide yoga before heading to bed. 

24 August, 2016

August 24, 2016

Here at Ak-O-Mak, every day's a great day and today was no exception! After a sunny Early Bird of swimming and running campers went for breakfast and then inspection. Inspection is highly competitive and a rather important part of camp life here. Each morning Hayley our Program Director and Dianne or Catherine head down the cabin line to inspect each cabin, we check their trunks to make sure they're neat and there's no wet clothes in them, we check if their beds are made, and if they have all of the things with them for their morning classes. Points are awarded for cleanliness and extra creativity and then a prize is given at banquet to the cleanest cabin. 
Following inspection campers had, swimming, self defence, archery, tennis, basketball, small boats (c4's, c2's, c1's, k1's), and triathlon transition practice. Here campers practiced some helpful skills that will come in handy at the upcoming Parry Sound Triathlon. 
This afternoon we had a shortened Rest Hour and then paddled or swam across the lake to Ahmic Lake Lodge for some ice cream and playing in the rapids. This was the campers first paddling trip out of camp and they paddled hard and strong, perhaps because they knew ice cream was waiting for them. After our afternoon adventure we headed back to camp for dinner and Evening Activity. 
We were visited again by spies, and this time campers had to make their way around the Main House balcony as quiet as possible whilst avoiding lasers. 
Everyone is now in bed and probably humming the Mission Impossible theme song to themselves. 

23 August, 2016

August 23, 2016

Tonight is so quiet at camp you can hear each breath from the birds. We had an action packed day today and most of camp seems to have fallen asleep as soon as their heads hit their pillows. 
Today started with a great Early Bird - girls are trying new sports and pushing themselves achieve athletic goals and personal bests. 
Morning classes were busy and exciting! Cabins 3, 4, 5 were divided into teams and played in an intense game of kickball. Cabin 1 and 2 joined up with each other to head out in some war canoes for the first time this session. There was another great swim practice with Coach Jocelyn and Coach Lou! And cabins also had archery and self defence. 
Self defence has become a great part of the Ak-O-Mak program. The girls are not only learning how to punch and kick, but the confidence to stand up for themselves. 
This afternoon some campers headed out on an all afternoon ride to Magnetawan. The rest of the campers had soccer drills and a game, a stretching and yoga session, and then open waterfront. The lake has been so warm, we practically had to pull everyone out when it was time for dinner. 
Tomorrow brings another day full of adventure!

22 August, 2016

August 22, 2016

The mist rose off the lake this morning as the whole camp started Early Bird together. Swimmers started off into the warm water strong, as runners feet pounded the paths, and cyclists wove their way through the trails around camp. 
Morning classes today included archery, rugby, tennis, self defence, croquet, and of course SWIMMING YAY! In swimming today the two youngest cabins learned how to draft off of one and other and headed out into the open water to practice their skills.
This afternoon campers had the choice of mountain biking, basketball, or boot camp. Here they had the opportunity to participate in an activity with girls from other cabins. Then, everyone made their way to the tennis courts for some whole camp games. These games were rudely interrupted by secret agents from A.K.O. Headquarters. These spys came to ask the campers for help detecting some undercover agents from M.A.G. that had infiltrated the camp. All of the campers were divided into four agent squads (teams) and needed to design a logo, come up with a code name, and present to the secret agents a cheer for their squad. Team Comp has begun!
After dinner the entire camp played "The Scream Game". A highly skilled game where you stand on a line, take a deep breath, and scream and run at the same time until you need to take a breath. Some of the campers made it longer than the entire length of the soccer field before they needed to take a gasp of air...or burst into laughter. 

21 August, 2016

August 21, 2016

Our first full day at camp. 
This morning as the camp slept the wind howled and rain poured down. As it was time to wake up for our first Early Bird the wind blew the rain clouds out of camp clearing the way for a beautiful swim, run, bike, or camp tour for first time Ak-O-Makkers. 
This mornings activities included rugby, archery, self defence, canoeing with our guest super woman Sarah Steel, 
After a full morning everyone was excited for a buffet lunch. With full bellies, it was onto rest hour and a busy, fun filled afternoon. Cabins went sailing, played softball, jumped and tumbled in gymnastics, learned the basics of tennis for our up coming tennis tourney, and a group was driven out past Ahmic Harbour to ride on the smooth road. The rain sprinkled for 5 minutes but everyone danced and played through the water. 
Tonight we had our Sunday night cook out at the campfire. But as we devoured our homemade burgers, veggie sticks, and salad the winds really picked up and threatened to carry our youngest campers to Oz. 
we moved up to the cozy Main House to roast marshmallows in the fireplace, sing along to pop songs, and watch the dances that cabins 4 and 5 came up with this afternoon. 
Right now all of the campers are glued to the amazing stories that Sarah Steel is telling us about fighting fires in Northern Alberta like the fire at Fort McMurry. Everyone is truly mesmerized, hanging on to every word about how these giant fires get started and the unbelievably hard work that goes into fighting and managing them. Many of the girls were inspired to hear that Sarah was the head of a crew! 

20 August, 2016

August 20, 2016

The first day of the two week session has come to a close, and what a great first day it was!
Quickly after lunch campers began arriving. 
One by one their new counsellors took them down to their cabin. The girls got settled into their cabins, found the comfiest bunk to call their own for the next two weeks, and met their cabin mates. 
Once anyone had arrived the waterfront was opened up for swimming, diving off the high dive, kayaking, and paddle boarding. Since the summer has been so warm the lake is nearly bath tub ready and the sounds of laughter and splashing echoed through camp. 
Open waterfront was followed by a delicious dinner, seated with campers from various cabins. Dinner tonight was chicken breast, steamed veggies, potatoes, and a fresh salad. Every camper (and counsellor) was excited when they saw the beautifully frosted carrot cake cupcakes arrive at their tables for dessert. 
Tonight, the girls had the choice between soccer, tennis, or nuke 'em for evening activity. Then back to the lake for one last dip before bonding time in the cabins before bed. 
Along the cabin line you can hear the quiet chatter of campers and counsellors ready for an awesome two weeks to come!

20 August, 2016

We Welcome you all to our camp.... Our first night


18 August, 2016

August 18, 2016

Ak-O-Mak in their Downtown Magnetawan wear....

16 August, 2016

August 16. 2016

Another amazing session has come to an end here at Ak-O-Mak. Tomorrow we have to say goodbye to our 7 and 3 weekers, after a wonderful session full of swimming, running, biking, paddling and more. For our last day we had Treasure Hunt! Team Comp hides clues all over camp and you and your team have to determine what the clues mean and where to find the next one. Even with the rainy weather we had today everyone had great spirits and was having a ton of fun. After lunch the girls had a chance to pack and rest before banquet. Cabin 1 did a beautiful job of decorating the mainhouse for banquet. We gave out many awards and watched a fantastic slideshow. Afterwards we headed to the main dock to release our wish boats and sing some goodbye songs. It was a wonderful last day and everyone is very sad about leaving tomorrow! 



15 August, 2016

August 15, 2016

It was the perfect day for the 9 mile Mag swim! We woke up at 7am for an early breakfast and the swimmers were off with their paddlers by 8am. The rest of the camp followed at 9am and caught up in time to cheer the swimmers in. We had a record number of girls swimming and a record time was set by our counsellor Brett! All of the swimmers did amazing and kept their spirits up the whole time. When we got to Magnetawan we had lunch and everyone had a chance to get ice cream or candy before heading back. The paddle back to camp was great, with very little wind. We got back to camp in time for a jump in the lake before dinner. After dinner we had a choice between speed ball and yoga. It was a fantastic day!

14 August, 2016

August 14, 2016

What a wonderful day at camp! It's getting very busy here as we reach the final days of the 7 and 3 week session. We had a longer inspection after breakfast so everyone could start getting ready to pack. For morning classes we had lacrosse, archery, fencing, bushwacking, swimming and more. After a delicious lunch we had rest hour and then everyone headed to the tennis courts for the tennis finals! Our special guests Gordon Ramsay and his personal yoga teacher came by at the end to play the winner, played by our chef Sam and alumni Lolly.  After tennis we had the mountain bike races! Everyone went through the short course a few times to work on best times. Tonight was our last campfire and cookout, and everyone enjoyed singing camp songs and sharing favourite memories from the summer. We all headed to bed after to rest up for the 9 mile Mag swim tomorrow! 

12 August, 2016

August 12, 2016

Beat the boys! Today was the softball game against Chikopi. The weather looked questionable but the rain held off until later in the evening. We started the day with early bird at 7am, with the choices of swimming, running, mountain biking and softball practice. For the morning the girls traveled around to different classes such as archery, fencing, soccer, zumba and swimming. After lunch we paddled over to Chikopi for the softball game. Ak-O-Mak beat the boys and we all had a great time! Everyone played extremely well and they worked great as a team. After dinner we paddled back to camp and settled into the mainhouse with our comfy clothes and blankets to watch the 2013 Ironman movie. It was the perfect relaxing way to end the day. 

11 August, 2016


August 11, 2016

It was a great but very hot day at camp! We spent a lot of time in the water to stay cool. Our softball team had a practice for early bird and everyone else had a choice between running and swimming. We had a delicious breakfast of pancakes before morning classes. The classes consisted of synchro, water aerobics, paddle boarding, tennis, rugby, zumba and swimming. For the afternoon we continued the tennis tournament! For those not at tennis, we had choice periods of paddling, diving, ultimate frisbee, volleyball and more. We also had a group head into Parry Sound for the weekly time trial bike ride! The day ended off with a Willy Wonka themed Quidditch game for team comp! Everyone was exhausted after such a busy day and ready for bed.


August 10, 2016

Today we had to say goodbye to the girls staying for 2 weeks unfortunately. We are already looking forward to seeing them again next year hopefully! All of the campers staying headed out on bikes and canoes to Ahmic Lake Lodge for the day! As soon as we got there the girls jumped into the water for an open water swim practice and they had a chance to play on the water trampoline at the end. We had lunch there and then got ice cream! After everyone was finished eating we played in the rapids for a bit and some girls relaxed listening to music and reading books. We headed back to camp and had rest hour before dinner. After a delicious lasagna dinner our softball team had a practice and the girls 12 and under started their tennis tournament! We also had a relaxing yoga class and everyone got to practice headstands and fun inversions. After a great day everyone headed to bed, excited for a fun day tomorrow! 

9 August, 2016

August 9, 2016

Today started out with a twist! This morning instead of putting on their caps and goggles for swim practice, the girls pulled on their camper uniforms and put on their best smiles for camp pictures. Afterwards the girls headed out to rugby, paddle board yoga, self defence, diving, syncro, and more. During rest hour the girls who are leaving us tomorrow packed their bags. Since it was a beautiful day out on the lake, all the girls dove in to to swim our annual Monster Rock mile swim. We had some of the fastest times ever for the swim! After all the campers came in they hopped in canoes to paddle for the counsellors. We wrapped up the afternoon with some open waterfront before heading up to the mainhouse for a yummy dinner of curry and the girls favourite dessert... smores! We wrapped up the team with another softball tryout and a fun team comp game. It was then time for bed after a busy day!

9 August, 2016

 Wondering about calling your daughter?

Phone calling starts on Wednesday August 10th at Dinner Time

Just a few reminders:

Each camper is only permitted one telephone call, if you would like to have further contact sign up for BunkNotes or send some snail-mail. Remember, if you send them 3 pieces of mail they get to sing a song in front of the Main House and 5 pieces of mail meeeaaaans….IN THE LAKE!

Phone calls are limited to 5 minutes. We have lots of campers who are anxiously waiting to hear from their loved ones as well, so in order to give everyone a chance at the telephone we ask that phone calls are kept to 5 minutes.

Calls are only taken during meal-times:

Breakfast: 8:30 am – 9:15 am

Lunch: 1:00 pm – 1:45 pm

Dinner: 6:00 pm – 6:45 pm

If we do not answer the telephone it is because we are out of camp for that meal, try again the following meal. On Sunday evenings we are not in the Main House for dinner because we have a barbeque on Sandy Beach.

We are also not in the Main House for special events like events with Chikopi.


The Camper telephone line is 705-387-1919


This is the only line that you will be able to reach your camper on so please do not call our business line.
If no one answers that is because there is currently a camper on the line, please be patient and call back again. We are in the woods with old phone lines so the phone may ring on your end even if a camper is on the line, please keep trying.

Please Note we are out of camp at events Friday PM and all day Saturday.

8 August, 2016

August 8, 2016

Camp Ak-O-Mak was full of visitors today! After early bird and breakfast, paddlers from the North Bay Canoe Club joined us for a fun-filled morning. We did some paddling in small boats and war canoe, as well as volleyball, lacrosse and swimming. Everyone had a great time getting out in boats with some new paddlers and we learned a lot. In the afternoon Chikopi came over for the colour run! It was a 5km run where coloured powder was thrown on you as you ran. Everyone came out looking very colourful and we had a dance party at the end. We all jumped into the water to clean off before dinner. After dinner we had the soccer game against the boys! The girls played very well but unfortunately the boys beat us after a close game of 3-2. It was a lot of fun and we are very proud of our soccer team for all of their hard work. 

6 August, 2016

August 6, 2016

What a successful day in Barrie! We had a 5:15 am wake up call to get on the road and drive to Barrie from the hotel for the triathlon. We arrived and got set up in transition area to prepare for the races. The day started off with the youngest campers and went through all the age groups till it ended with the duathlon. Everyone had a fantastic race and Ak-O-Mak placed in most of our age groups! After the triathlon we had lunch and awards. We loaded back onto the buses to head back to camp in time for open waterfront before dinner. We had camp fire and cookout tonight and everyone had a chance to share their stories from the triathlon. Afterwards we had an early bedtime so everyone can rest up from the busy day. 

5 August, 2016

August 5, 2016

Today was the Chikopi Tri! We had an early breakfast before piling into canoes and heading over to Chikopi. It consisted of a swim, run and paddle. The rain held off for the triathlon and all of the 13 and overs had a great time. It was very windy for the 12 and under age group so they did a duathlon instead, consisting of the swim and run. It was a great morning and everyone did really well! We had lunch and awards at Chikopi and then we canoed back to Ak-O-Mak for rest hour. In the afternoon we had the camper-counsellor soccer game! All of the counsellors dressed up as campers and played against the soccer team and the counsellors won 1-0! Afterwards everyone had a chance to cool off in the lake before dinner. In the evening we packed up all the bikes for the Barrie tri, and had an early bed time to rest up.

3 August, 2016

August 3, 2016

Another great early bird today! The weather was beautiful and all the girls had the choice between swimming or running before breakfast. We had a shorter morning today because this afternoon we went to Ahmic Lake Lodge! For morning classes we had archery, tennis, softball, waterpolo and swimming. After an early lunch and short rest hour we all got into canoes to paddle across the lake to Ahmic Lake Lodge. We also had some bikers and a few swimmers. It was a gorgeous afternoon and everyone enjoyed their ice cream before spending the afternoon playing in the rapids and chatting with friends. We headed back to camp in time for dinner, and afterwards everyone got their bike organized for the Barrie Tri this weekend! For those not participating in the triathlon we had a yoga and stretching session to end off the night. 

2 August, 2016

August 2, 2016

We have been very lucky with the weather lately, it was another beautiful day at Ak-O-Mak! The lake was very still for early bird this morning, and a lot of the girls got best times for swimming and running. For morning classes today we had softball, diving, water aerobics, biking, self defence and swimming. After lunch and rest hour Jocelyn led a running clinic to help the girls with their running form. It was very informative and helpful to learn new running techniques. After that everyone met for a team comp activity! We played Capture the Flag in the water so everyone could stay cool. It was a lot of fun and everyone enjoyed spending time in the water. They also had a chance for open waterfront before dinner. Some girls tried out the diving tower, paddle boards and even gunnel bobbing. After dinner the soccer team had a practice and the other girls had a choice between Barbarians and yoga. It was a great way to end off a fantastic day! 

1 August, 2016

Ahmic  Harbour Swim - August 1st 2016

Under 10 girls

1st                   Madison McDermott        1:15:01

2nd                   Livie Shine                      1:21:31

3rd                   Abby Miller                       1:26:15


11-12 Girls

1st                   Florence Millet                   55:08

2nd                   Alanna Casasanta             59:06

3rd                   Marian Cao Romero          59:23

4th                   Tori Bibler                           1:00:38

5th                   Gabby Casasanta               1:01:18

6th                   Amanda Jaffe                      1:01:19

7th                   Alina Armbruster                  1:06:00

8th                   Chelsea Moore                    1:06:18

9th                   Rachel Patten                      1:09:45

10th                 Jolie Mosack                        1:10:06

11th                 Claire Coombs                     1:10:58

12th                 Carmella Ylagan                  1:11:12

13th                 Udaya Reddy                       1:11:13

14th                 Charlotte Rooney               1:13:03

15th                 Noelle Young                       1:13:46

16th                 Casey Morris                       1:14:06

17th                 Sabrina Stavely                   1:15:08

17th                 Aditi Pundit                          1:15:08

18th                 Jenna Wall                           1:16:24

19th                 Allie Riihilouma                   1:15:37

20th                 Ann Peletier                         1:16:56

21st                 Abigail Greenberg              1:19:03

22nd                Anna Hermann                   1:19:04


13-14 GIRLS

1ST                   Robin Cruz Abrams            51:47

2nd                   Lucy Mitnick                         55:05

3rd                   Gabrielle Eivers                   55:40

4th                   Cassie Greer                        56:38

5th                   Marit Kershaw                     58:51

6th                   Madeleine Young                58:56

7th                   Emma Genautis                  59:04

8th                   Amber Pattern                    1:01:20

9th                   Ayden Michaud                   1:01:25

10th                 Elizabeth Shannon             1:01:42

11th                 Kadia Bielecki                      1:02:13

12th                 Claire Witting                      1:02:43

13th                 Trinity Zdunich                    1:03:08

14th                 Claire Steciuk                      1:06:06

15th                 Elyse Truebridge                 1:07:59

16th                 Anna Rowe                          1:08:09

17th                 Teagan Duenkel                  1:15:27

18th                 Anjali Tandon                      1:22:09


15-17 GIRLS

1st                   Jessica Reibel                       53:59

2nd                   Erin Brown                           54:04

3rd                   Marion Denny                      55:01

4th                   Sarah Shearer                     58:04

5th                   Wynn Maloney                    58:13

6th                   Elsa Palmer                         58:59

7th                   Maya Grantz                       59:33

8th                   Arianne Cole                        1:03:10

9th                   Amanda Mullin                   1:07:46

10th                 Mackenna Armitage          1:08:01

11th                 Samuelle Fortier                 1:08:44

12th                 Isabella Casasanta              1:08:44

13th                 Paola Mendoza                   1:09:40

14th                 Madeleine Dierickse            1:10:11

15th                 Abby Hunt                            1:16:02

16th                 Mariana Vega                      1:24:41


18 + Women

1st                   Rebecca Rooney                 1:28:22


1 August, 2016

August 1, 2016

What a beautiful day at camp! The girls enjoyed a sleep in this morning before the 3 mile Ahmic Harbour swim with the boys. We had beautiful weather for the swim and the water is nice and warm. Once they got to Ahmic Harbour everyone paddled or walked back to camp. For lunch we had cookout with Chikopi and we presented awards from the swim. After lunch everyone headed to their cabins for a well-deserved rest hour after store. In the afternoon we had team comp and we played the list game. You only have a couple of seconds to look at a list of items that need to be collected and then you have to run around camp to find the items. It was a very warm day so for evening activity we had a choice period of paddling, diving and stroke correction. Everyone had a great day and we were all definitely ready for bed!

31 July, 2016

July 31, 2016

Today was a great day for early bird! The sun was shining as the girls headed out to swim, run or bike. After breakfast and inspection everyone headed to morning classes. We've started a new class of paddle board yoga and the girls are loving the new challenge. We also had classes of fencing, rugby, volleyball, archery, canoeing and swimming. Blair Saunders arrived just in time to teach us all about transitions for the upcoming Barrie triathlon! In the afternoon the girls rotated through classes of basketball, lacrosse, paddling and self defence. Tonight was camp fire and cookout! Everyone put on their comfiest clothes and headed to Sandy beach for dinner. We sang songs and our alumni gave an inspirational talk about how special camp is to them. Everyone headed to bed after a fantastic day to rest up for the Ahmic Harbour swim tomorrow.

29 July, 2016

July 29, 2016

It was a beautiful day on Ahmic Lake! We had a busy early bird this morning of swimming, running, mountain biking and road biking. After a delicious breakfast of french toast we had inspection. Everyone is all settled in now and enjoying all of the actives here at camp. For morning classes we had fencing, gymnastics, basketball, waterpolo, diving and of course swimming! In the afternoon a group of campers went on a bike ride to Magnetawan and back. Everyone at camp had a fun afternoon of sailing, softball and ultimate frisbee. We ended the afternoon with open waterfront to cool off. After dinner we had our second soccer try out. It looks like we'll have a great team this year to beat the boys! For those who aren't trying out there was a choice between paddling and Sardines, one of our backfield games. Everyone headed for bed after to rest up for early bird tomorrow! 

27 July, 2016

July 27, 2016

What a fantastic start to the 3 week session! We had a beautiful day as all of the campers arrived. For all of our 7 week campers we had early bird with the choice of running or swimming before breakfast. After inspection everyone headed to swim practice. After that we had paddling! We got a couple war canoes out, and some of our alumni visiting got to try paddling again! Our new campers began to arrive after lunch and they joined into basketball, tennis and soccer. After running around everyone was ready to cool down with a dip in the lake! We had open waterfront before dinner, and our new campers got to try paddle boarding and gunnel bobbing. After dinner everyone went back to the cabins to finish unpacking and have some cabin bonding. We have a great group of campers here and everyone is very excited for the upcoming session!

26 July, 2016

July 26, 2016


We sadly had to say goodbye to our 4 week campers today. For everyone who is staying we had a regular early bird and breakfast. After inspection we all headed down to swim practice. Today was a special day, after inspection we had an early lunch before heading to North Bay to see Finding Dory! It was a fantastic way to end team comp and everyone enjoyed some treats at the movie theatre. Once we got back to camp we had open waterfront to cool down before dinner. For evening activity we alternated between games of ultimate frisbee and soccer. Everyone is getting excited for the arrival of new campers tomorrow!

25 July, 2016

July 25, 2016

Time flies here at camp! Today was the last day of the 4 week session, and we are very sad to say goodbye to some of our campers tomorrow. Today we had a regular day at camp, starting with early bird of swimming, running and mountain biking. After breakfast we had inspection, and those leaving started to pack. For morning classes we had lacrosse, diving, paddle boarding and swimming. We also had our tennis doubles tournament this morning! After lunch and rest hour everyone headed to the waterfront for team comp. We played a great game that involved getting your entire team to orange rock on a canoe, on a paddle board and by foot. After the game we had the tennis finals before dinner. Our chef prepared a fantastic meal for banquet of turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and carrots. We presented all the awards and then watched the slideshow. After banquet everyone headed down to the main dock to sing some songs and send our wish boats into the water. It was a busy day and night at Ak-O-Mak! 

25 July, 2016

Ottawa Regatta

What a successful weekend in Ottawa! We left Friday morning after early bird and breakfast, and arrived in Ottawa at around 5:30pm. Everyone got settled in the hotel before heading out to dinner. We had a delicious buffet dinner and afterwards everyone had some downtime to walk around Ottawa and shop. We headed back to the hotel for an early bed time before the regatta. In the morning we woke up for breakfast at 7am and left for the regatta after that. Everyone had a fantastic day of racing and cheering on their fellow campers! The girls did amazing, especially for only practicing for about 3 weeks. After the regatta we had pizza for dinner, and headed back to the hotel to rest up for the light show that night! We headed to Parliament Hill to watch the light show about Canadian history. We had a sleep in on Sunday morning until 8am, before breakfast and shopping for a couple hours. We arrived back to camp in time for cook out and camp fire! It was busy but great weekend! 

20 July, 2016

July 20, 2016

Today was a busy day full of paddling to prepare for the Ottawa Regatta this weekend! For early bird we had some campers practicing their small boats, as well as mountain biking, swimming and running. After breakfast we had a visit from an Olympian Alex! He was in the 2012 London Olympics for open water swimming. He paddled with us a bit in the morning and then he coached swim practice. He taught everyone about drafting and gave us tips for open water swimming. It was great to have him here at camp to coach! After lunch we paddled over to Ahmic Lake Lodge for ice cream and some swimming in the rapids. We took war canoes as well as pleasure canoes over to practice. For evening activity we had the finals of our tennis tournament! It was a ton of fun to watch the different age groups compete to win. Everyone headed to bed afterwards, tired from a great day! 

19 July, 2016

July 19, 2016

It was a beautiful day on Ahmic Lake for the Sailing Regatta practice! After an early bird of swimming, running and small boats everyone headed to breakfast. The campers that were going to the Sailing Regatta had one class before an early lunch and then they were off. They all did amazing, and learned a lot from the sailers on the lake. Everyone else at camp had morning classes of swimming, self defence, zumba and diving. After lunch everyone caught up on sleep during rest hour before heading to the counsellor-camper kickball game! The counsellors dressed up and managed to beat the campers, but it was a close game! Before dinner all the cabins posed for the camp picture. After a fantastic dinner of chicken and fried rice the girls had a paddling practice! The wind calmed down and it was a beautiful night to be on the water.

17 July, 2016

July 17, 2016


After a busy day at the North Bay Regatta it was great to have a normal day here at camp. We started with early bird, and the campers chose between mountain biking, swimming and running. After a delicious breakfast of pancakes everyone headed back to their cabins to clean up for inspection. A few of the morning classes we had were diving, tennis, water polo, synchro, archery and rugby. After lunch and rest hour everyone headed to the team comp activity! We had a gold rush on camp, and the teams had to find all the coloured rocks around camp to get points for their team. We also had a paddling practice before dinner. Sunday nights are campfire and cookout, so everyone headed to Sandy Beach for delicious burgers and sausages before roasting marshmallows. Jocelyn and Rosie talked to everyone about advice they wish they knew when they were campers, and then we finished off with some songs before heading to bed. 

16 July, 2016

July 16, 2016

Camp Ak-O-Mak had a very busy and successful day at the North Bay Regatta! We woke up at 7am to load the boats onto the trailer and have one final paddling practice before heading to North Bay after breakfast. We started with the U13 war canoe race first, followed by the small boat races and the U15 war canoe races. Everyone had a fantastic day, and our hard work definitely paid off. We love seeing the other canoe clubs, and racing against them. All of the girls did amazing in their races, especially for the short time that we have had to practice. We finished up with dinner in North Bay, before heading to get some ice cream before the bus ride back to camp. We got back to camp just in time for bed, to rest up for early bird tomorrow. 



15 July, 2016

Knoefli Mile swim

Friday 15th July


Girls Under 10

1st        Lindsay Jaffe                                  48:42


Girls 11-12

1st        Florence Millet                               26:00

2nd       Elise Kim                                        26:54

3rd       Lexi Stewart                                    27:47

4th        Jolie Mosack                                  30:12

5th        Gillian Marshall                              30:13 (not AKOMAK)

6th         Amanda Jaffe                               30:15

7th        Abi Greenberg                               30:44

8th        Jenna Serotta                                44:00

9th        Veronica Simon                             46:54

10th     Jackie Coutts                                 48:18

11th     Lila Meflah                                       51:17


GIRLS 13-14


1st        Robin Cruz Abrams                         22:19

2nd       Marit Kershaw                                 25:08

3rd       Lucy Mitnick                                     25:31

4th        Jordyn Hunter                                  25:52 (non-AKOMAK)

5th       Sarah Shearer                                  26:01

6th        Claire Witting                                    26:58

7th        Willa Royce Roll                               27:02

8th        Trinity Zdunich                                 27:09

9th        Angelica Gordon                              27:10

10th     Kadia Bielecki                                  27:35

11th     Aberdene Marshall                           29:15 (Non AKOMAK)

12th        Claire Steciuk                                29:45

13th        Frankie Dahinten                           30:09

14th     Lauren Carroll                                 30:57

15th     Amrita Karia                                     33:10

16th     Teagan Duenkel                             33:43 (Chikopi)

17th      Olivia Kopeschney                         45:17

18th     Mika Halinski                                   47:11

19th     Kosi Lewis                                       47:18


GIRLS 15-17


1st        Erin Brown                                      23:15

2nd       Jessica Reibel                               23:17

3rd       Cailyn Eley                                      23:28 (non AKOMAK)

4th        Anna Warwick                                25:05

5th        Elise Legault                                   25:25

6th        Arianne Cole                                  25:26

7TH      Ellery Procter                                 26:46

8th        Wynn Maloney                                27:26

9th        Maya Grantz                                   28:30

10th     Isabella Casasanta                        30:04

11th     Paola Mendoza                              32:14

12th     Mackenzie Oliver                             32:37

13th     Abby Hunt                                       35:27


14th     Andrea Blanes                               38:07

15th     Mariana Vega                                43:11


18 +

1st        Erin Lee                                  24:26

2nd       Alexa Murray                          29:30

3rd       Vanessa Watt                          30:50

4th        Pam Rubio                             36:59                                                 

15 July, 2016

July 15, 2016

Everyone was up bright and early this morning for breakfast at 7:15 before we paddled over to Chikopi for the 1 mile Knoepfli swim! We took pleasure canoes as well as two war canoes out to practice for the regatta tomorrow. The weather wasn't the greatest, but the water was nice and warm for the swimmers. The campers walked or paddled back to Chikopi for lunch, and after that we canoed back to Ak-O-Mak. When we got back the girls had a chance to go to store and then we had rest hour. It was still raining in the afternoon so everyone headed to the mainhouse to watch Finding Nemo! It was the perfect relaxing afternoon to prepare for the regatta tomorrow. After dinner we played Scuttlebugs in the mainhouse. It's a really fun game where everyone has to sneak outside without being heard. The campers had an early bed time tonight so everyone is well rested for paddling tomorrow!


14 July, 2016

July 14, 2016

Yesterday was a busy day at Niagara Falls for most of our campers. After visiting the Falls and going on the Hornblower we drove to Vaughn Mills for some shopping. We headed back to camp just in time for a dip in the lake before bed. Today started out a bit cloudy but turned out to be beautiful. We had an early bird of running and swimming before breakfast. Instead of morning classes we switched it up and did paddling and swim practice. After lunch and rest hour our team comp leaders had planned a great afternoon for us. It was a sports tournament of soccer, basketball and kickball and everyone had a ton of fun! After a delicious dinner of chicken, potatoes and caeser salad we had a choice for evening activity. The campers chose between sailing, yoga and mountain biking. Everyone headed to bed after that to rest up for tomorrow!


12 July, 2016

July 12, 2016

It was an early start for the group of campers heading to North Bay for paddling. They had breakfast at 6:30 before heading off, and they spent the day training with the North Bay paddlers as well as taking some soccer breaks. They had a fantastic day and everyone learned a lot. They arrived back at camp just in time for dinner. The group of campers that stayed at camp enjoyed an early bird of running and swimming before breakfast. Afterwards they had a longer inspection so the 2 weekers had some time to pack before their departure tomorrow. We had morning classes of swimming, rugby, paddle boarding and a competitive game of soccer between cabins 3 and 4. In the afternoon after rest hour everyone participated in a camp wide obstacle course! It was a ton of fun to climb under benches, hula hoop, somersault and much more! It was a very warm day so the campers had a chance to jump in the lake before a relaxing yoga class. We opened up the waterfront for the campers before dinner to cool off. It was an eventful day for everyone, and this evening we gave the campers a chance to pack and bond with their campers on some of their last nights. Tomorrow a large group heads out to Niagara Falls for the day! 


11 July, 2016

July 11, 2016

It was a busy day at camp! The day started off with early bird, and the girls had the options of running, swimming and biking. After breakfast and inspection the girls got ready for morning classes. This morning we had two longer periods of swimming, dryland and paddling! We worked on war canoe as well as small boats to prepare for the regattas. The boats are looking great this year and everyone is improving quickly. After lunch everyone headed down to their cabins for a much needed rest hour before an exciting afternoon! The campers going to the North Bay Regatta had paddling practice, and there was a choice period of diving, synchro, volleyball and rugby for the other campers. Followed by our best run THE COLOUR RUN, great fun!!! After such a busy day everyone was ready for an early bed time and some cabin bonding. 

10 July, 2016

July 10th

Today we took a break from early bird and had a sleep in until 7:45 before the 10km run with Chikopi. After breakfast everyone got ready to run. The weather was beautiful and everyone had a fantastic run. Afterwards the runners headed down to enjoy open waterfront and get a chance to jump in and cool off. Before lunch we presented awards. After Chikopi left the girls headed down to their cabins for a well deserved rest hour. In the afternoon we had swim practice and stretching to help with sore muscles from the run. After that we had a  choice period of tennis, softball, diving, kayaking and paddle boarding. This evening was campfire and cookout, and the girls enjoyed burgers and cake before roasting marshmallows. Cabin 1 shared inspiring stories about overcoming obstacles before we got together to sing some camp songs. Everyone was ready for bed after a tiring but exciting day!

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