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2 August, 2015

August 2nd

It was a bit of a rainy and low-key day for us here at Ak-O-Mak to rest up after the busy week that we had.  It was a typical morning with the normal early bird, breakfast, inspection and then morning classes.  The morning was followed by lunch and then a long mandatory rest hour to allow everyone to catch up on some sleep.  By the end of rest hour the rain had started and everyone put on their rain boots and rain jackets to head up to the mainhouse where we were fortunate enough to have Laura Young, the author of “Solo but Never Alone, Swimming the Great Lakes”, here to talk to us about her book.  Laura gave a fantastic talk about her experiences writing her book and interviewing numerous famous swimmers who have completed crossings of the Great Lakes, many of them Ak-O-Makkers, including our very own Jocelyn Saunders.  After the talk everyone enjoyed a “cookout” in the mainhouse due to the rain before heading down to the cabins to prepare lip syncs.  We are all looking forward to campfire tomorrow when we will get to see all of the dances performed.  

1 August, 2015

August 1st

It was an early morning for us here at Ak-O-Mak, with a 6:15am breakfast before we loaded the buses and were on the road to Barrie for the Kempenfest swim by 7am.  Once we got to Barrie all of our swimmers got ready for the race.  We had an impressive group of 82 swimmers and everyone had a fantastic race!  The water was a little colder than usual but the girls all handled it well and swam fast to beat the cold!  It was a fast race and all of our swimmers finished it with a smile on their face. 

After the race and awards everyone got money for lunch and headed out with their counsellors to explore Kempenfest.  Once everyone had finished exploring we loaded the buses and headed back to camp.  On our way back we made a quick stop at Dairy Queen to end off our day with some ice cream. 

Once we got back to camp we ate dinner and then headed down to the waterfront to bathe before an early bed.  Meanwhile, some of the campers staying at camp for longer sessions went into Magnetewan for some square dancing before bed.  It was an exciting day for everyone and the girls are all nice and tired, ready for a good sleep before a normal camp day tomorrow!   


1 August, 2015

 Wondering about calling your daughter?

Phone calling starts on August 2nd 2015

Just a few reminders:

Each camper is only permitted one telephone call, if you would like to have further contact sign up for BunkNotes or send some snail-mail. Remember, if you send them 3 pieces of mail they get to sing a song in front of the Main House and 5 pieces of mail meeeaaaans….IN THE LAKE!

Phone calls are limited to 5 minutes. We have lots of campers who are anxiously waiting to hear from their loved ones as well, so in order to give everyone a chance at the telephone we ask that phone calls are kept to 5 minutes.

Calls are only taken during meal-times:

Breakfast: 8:30 am – 9:05 am

Lunch: 1:00 pm – 1:40 pm

Dinner: 6:00 pm – 6:40 pm

If we do not answer the telephone it is because we are out of camp for that meal, try again the following meal. On Sunday evenings we are not in the Main House for dinner because we have a barbeque on Sandy Beach.

We are also not in the Main House for special events like events with Chikopi.


The Camper telephone line is 705-387-1919


This is the only line that you will be able to reach your camper on so please do not call our business line.
If no one answers that is because there is currently a camper on the line, please be patient and call back again. We are in the woods with old phone lines so the phone may ring on your end even if a camper is on the line, please keep trying.


31 July, 2015

July 31st

What an exciting day to be at Ak-O-Mak as it was our first annual Colour Run with Chikopi!  After lunch and a short rest hour Chikopi paddled over to Ak-O-Mak and we began the Colour Run.  Everyone was looking good in their white shirts, sunglasses, colourful accessories and painted faces as they took off for the 5km run where they got coloured powder thrown at them.  As the campers arrived back at camp for a dance party everyone was covered in blue, pink, yellow, orange, and purple paint from head to toe.  Once everyone had finished the run each person got a cup of powdered paint to throw up in the air all at once!   It was a very exciting afternoon, filled with tons of laughter, paint throwing and dancing. 

Once all of the paint had been thrown the group headed down to the waterfront to clean off before dinner.  It was then time for a delicious dinner before starting the annual soccer game.  In the end the Chikopi boys pulled ahead and won the game but it wasn’t without a fight from the girls.  It was a great game and our cheer section did a fantastic job encouraging our players.  Now it’s time to get a good sleep before we head to Barrie tomorrow morning for the Kempenfest swim!

30 July, 2015

The Invasion of "Castle-Mak"

'Twas a full moon that night.  All was quiet  at Castle-Mak as its inhabitants were lost to a deep and abiding slumber.

The moon illumined the naked branches of the aged spruce tree which reached out like the gnarly fingers of an old crone.  'Twas an eerie omen of impending villainy against noble Castle-Mak.  The stillness of the night was disturbed by neither wind nor breeze and the humid air hung heavily over the inhabitants' huts. 

Cloaked in the shadows, a stealthy approach was made to the Main House...

The maleficent band systematically scaled the West Wall and secured their position on the 'Table of the Lost and Found'.  As The Novice kept watch, the largest and most experienced of the marauders went to work, deftly slashing screens, breaching the long-standing defenses of Castle-Mak.  The evil-doers hustled through the opening one by one, as disciplined and quiet as a group of Navy Seals. 

It was The Novice that inadvertently raised the alarm.

As the careless criminal crossed the sill of the window, a wooden artifact was knocked to the ground.  The din awakened Princess Rosemarie who had been slumbering in her upper chamber.  The princess hurried down to the Great Hall to investigate and was filled with horror at the sight that lay before her.

The "Masked Bandits of the Clan Raccoon" were plundering the treasure chest of Castle-Mak!  The feeding frenzy was frightening!   Hissing and snarling and gnashing of teeth filled the air.  Teeth were bared against each other as the looters fought over the choicest plunder, their blood-shot eyes filled with greed.  The sight confirmed what Princess Rosemarie feared most:  the masked villains were looting the childrens' treasure trove of skittles, popcorn, cheese-its and crunchy-ee-o's.  It was a veritable blood bath of red licorice.  'Air-Heads' were decapitated.  Lollies lay popped and dens of gummie bears were devoured en masse. 

The carnage was devastating.  Yet, Princess Rosemarie, caring more for the childrens' happiness than her own well-being, sprung into action, suppressing her own terror.  She grabbed the royal broom that stood in the corner.   With a "broom-chick-a-broom" she broom-broomed the evil entity from the Main House.

Forever banished, the Masked Bandits of Clan Raccoon retreated to the dark forest from whence they came, never to be seen again.

At daybreak, the noble children of Castle-Mak stoically accepted the news that their treasure trove had been forever fouled by the beasts.  In celebration of Princess Rosemarie's bravery in the face of overwhelming danger, they hoisted the lovely princess on their shoulders and shouted, "Let us give a Castle-Mak toast!"




Dear Well-Meaning Parents and Friends,

Please do not send candy and food packages to Camp Ak-O-Mak.  We simply do NOT have the ability to securely store the ENORMOUS volume of loot sent to campers. As a result, the racoons have become a nuisance, forcing us to prohibit all food-containing packages. 


30 July, 2015

July 30th

The water has been so nice and warm lately that we decided today was a perfect day for our Monster Rock swim!  Plenty of campers decided to do the mile swim and it was a very fast swim even despite the water being a little more choppy than usual.  After the campers swam, most hopped into canoes to paddle and cheer on their counsellors who then completed the swim.  It was a great morning with fast swimming and lots of cheers while laying out in the sun!

Monster Rock Results

Erin B.                   22:02

Marion D.            22:41

Robin C.               23:01

Sarah S.                 23:05

Elana G.                23:08

Cassie G.              23:18

Charlotte B.        24:06

Emma G.              24:19

Anushri P.           24:27

Isabella C.            24:51

Neve V.                 24:54

Lauren A.             25:03

Lucy M.                 25:08

Victoria B.            25:13

Madeleine Y.     25:21

Gracey S.             25:23

Dianna P.             25:31

Marina D.            25:45

Grace P.               25:50

Aislinn M.            25:50

Ayden R.              26:07

Samuelle F.         26:20

Natalie K.             26:28

Mackenna A.     26:37

Frankie D.            26:45

Rachel P.              26:52

McKenna M.      26:59

Maya G.               26:59

Gabby E.              26:59

Emma C.              26:59

Gabby C.              27:36

Noelle Y.              27:36

Amanda M.        28:18

Catrice B.             29:05

Sangavi M.         29:23

Cameron P.        29:40

Kiera M.               29:40

Paola M.              30:00

Alina A.                 30:04

Calla T.                  30:05

Natasha L.           30:09

Charlotte R.        31:08

Elyse T.                 32:09

Maggie M.          33:35

Elisha P.                33:40

Rebecca R.          35:28

Carly M.               36:08

Casey M.             36:14

Carmella Y.          36:14

Marianna V.       36:59

Mia R.                   36:59

Isabella B.            38:01

Amrita K.             38:05

Effie L.                  38:22

Itziar F.                 40:21

Sydney C.            40:22

Jenna S.               42:10

Aitziber F.            48:23

Annika W.           50:32

29 July, 2015

July 29th

Our morning started out with an early bird of biking, running and swimming on a perfectly flat lake.   It was a very fast morning and many of the swimmers and runners went best times.  After early bird, breakfast and inspection, the sailing team headed back up to the main house for a sailing meeting and then an early lunch.  Once their lunch was finished they headed down to get their boats ready before heading out onto the course for a little practice.  Eventually the boats all headed to Chikopi to begin the race.  It was an awesome race with a perfect amount of wind!  The girls were fantastic and did a great job racing against the experienced Chikopi boats.  After the race we all gathered on shore for awards and cookies before sailing back to Ak-O-Mak for dinner.

Meanwhile back at camp the girls enjoyed regular morning classes of swimming, diving, synchronized swimming, volleyball and lacrosse.  After classes, lunch and rest hour the girls all headed down to the boathouse for an afternoon of paddling.  Everyone got to both war canoe and practice in a small boat.  It was a new experience for many of our 3 weekers and everyone seemed to enjoy learning a new skill. 

After a delicious stir fry dinner we had a soccer practice in preparation for our game against the boys while everyone else played softball, got their strokes corrected by Jocelyn, our fantastic athletic director, or headed out for a mountain bike with Blair.    

27 July, 2015

July 27th

It was yet another beautiful, hot, sunny day here at camp!  We started the day off with a sleep in until breakfast and then everyone headed down to the waterfront. The campers then warmed up for the 3 mile Ahmic Harbour race against the Chikopi boys or jumped into canoes with the counsellors to paddle for the swimmers.


The lake was completely flat and very warm – which was awesome for the race and the girls dominated!  8 out of 10 of the top campers were girls!  It was the perfect race to show the boys what Ak-O-Mak girls can do! 


After the race everyone paddled or ran/walked back to camp for open waterfront and then awards, followed by a delicious lunch with Chikopi.  Once we finished lunch Chikopi paddled back home and we had a nice rest hour out of the sun before an afternoon of sailing, road biking, canoeing, kayaking and diving.


It’s now time for the soccer team to practice for their upcoming game against Chikopi while the rest of the camp plays Smugglers and Spies on the backfields before a dip in the lake to cool off before bed.    





10 and under girls

Tori B.                        1st place          1:06:53

Amanda J.       2nd place         1:10:13

Catrice B.        3rd place         1:15:38

Charlotte R.    4th place          1:25:21

Carmella Y.     5th place          1:31:02


11 – 12 Girls

Diana P.          1s t place        1:06:23

Emma C.         2nd place         1:06:55

Alanna C.        3rd place         1:07:13

Gracey S.        4th place          1:08:36

Lucy M.           5th place          1:10:03

Alina A.           6th place          1:10:53

Frankie D.      7th place          1:10:55

Gabby C.         8th place          1:11:27

Camryn P.       9th place          1:11:33

Elyse T.           10th place       1:16:15

Aislinn M.       11th place       1:16:43

Ayden R.         12th place       1:21:54

Lauren C.        13th place       1:22:18

Aditi P.            14th place       1:26:26

Casey M.         15th place       1:26:22

Noelle Y.         16th place       1:30:44

Isabella B.       17th place       1:31:40

Itziar F.           18th place       1:46:21

Sarah L.          19th place       2:12:27


13-14 Girls

Erin B.             1st place          54:56

Trinity Z.        2nd place         57:26

Marion D.       3rd place         57:27

Robin C.          4th place          57:53

Sarah S.          5th place          57:59

Jessica R.        6th place          59:28

Emma G.         7th place          1:01:49

Lauren A.       8th place          1:02:15

Cassie G.         9th place          1:02:26

Charlotte B.    10th place       1:03:46

Anushri P.      11th place       1:03:53

Gabrielle E.     12th place       1:05:18

Amber P.        13th place       1:05:19

Madeleine Y.  14th place       1:06:22

Neve V.           15th place       1:06:43

Eva S.              16th place       1:06:50

Sloanne C.      17th place       1:07:35

Maya G.           18th place       1:09:57

Amanda M.     19th place       1:13:42

Keira M.          20th place       1:16:46

Sangavi M.      21st place        1:17:10

Teagan D.       22nd place       1:30:27


GIRLS 15-17

Arianne C.      1st place          59:29

Wynn M.         2nd place         1:00:06

Abby H.           3rd place         1:04:05

Grace P.          4th place          1:06:18

Samuelle F.     5th place          1:07:09

Marina D.       6th place          1:08:54

Mackenna A.  7th place          1:09:14

Abby H.           8th place          1:12:01

Paola M.          9th place          1:12:18

Olivia D.          10th place       1:13:19

Isabella C.       11th place       1:18:32

Mariana V.      12th place       1:29:24



Erin B.             1st  place         54:56

Trinity Z.        2nd  place        57:26

Marion D.       3rd  place        57:27

Robin C.          4th place          57:53

Sarah S.          5th place          57:59

Jessica R.        6th place          59:28

Arianne C.      7th place          59:29

Kyle S.             8th place          59:49

Wynn M.         9th place          1:00:06

Grier K.           10th place       1:00:50           

25 July, 2015

July 25th

It was quite an extreme day for our campers today with over 50 of them competing in the Xterra off road race in Parry Sound.  We woke up nice and early and had a light breakfast before loading the bus and heading to the race.  Most of our campers competed in the 5km trail run – running up a rock wall, up and down plenty of hills, and even through mud and streams.  It was a fantastic run with lots of challenges and excitement.  All of the campers did a great job and it was made even better because of the supportive cheers that could be heard all throughout the course from the campers and counsellors who did not run.

After the trail run, the Xterra triathlon started!  Ak-O-Mak had eight relays complete the sprint triathlon and one camper, Elisha P. completed the whole race on her own.  It was a tough course with a difficult mountain bike and a hilly run but all of the campers did a fantastic job!  In the end our very own Blair Saunders (resident mountain bike coach at camp) came first overall in the sprint triathlon!  It was a new experience for everyone and one that we will definitely do again next year!  The races really showed that Ak-O-Makkers are TOUGH ENOUGH! 

Once we ate lunch at the race and then stopped for some celebratory ice cream on the way home all of the tired campers headed to their cabins for a rest hour before some open waterfront until dinner.  After dinner campers had the choice of yoga or a hike before bed.  Meanwhile, a group of our seven weekers headed into Magnetewan for an evening of square dancing.  It was an exciting and tiring day for everyone and all are sleeping well tonight!   


24 July, 2015

July 24th

It was another perfect day here at camp, the sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky!  We soaked up the sun during our morning classes of swimming, war canoe, mountain biking, soccer, softball, and archery. 

After a scrumptious taco lunch and a rest hour the girls enjoyed the beautiful weather and the warm water and spent half of the afternoon in our racing small boats, canoes, paddle boarding, playing waterpolo and learning to dive. 

Later this afternoon storybook princesses and witches descended upon Ak-O-Mak as we began a fairytale themed team-comp! The girls came up with some creative team names and cheers and after dinner they presented team skits. Over the next three weeks the teams will work together through challenges in order to defeat the villains and earn points in order to win team comp.   

22 July, 2015

July 22nd and 23rd

The past two days have been hectic but quite fun with some beautiful weather!  Yesterday was an exciting travel day with over fifty campers arriving by car, plane and bus.  Camp was filled with excited squeals and hugs as campers reunited after the year and others arriving for the first time got to meet their counsellors and fellow cabin-mates.  We then had a delicious stir-fry dinner in a very full mainhouse, followed by singing tons of our favourite songs.  That evening each of the cabins got to do some cabin bonding activities so that everyone could get to know each other.

This morning we awoke to the bell for an early bird of swimming, running, and biking for all of the returning campers while the new campers went on a full camp tour.  We then had a yummy breakfast of egg mcmuffins and fresh fruit before inspection.  The girls are now busy in their morning classes of swimming, soccer, softball, archery, tennis, and mountain biking.  We are all excited to take advantage of the beautiful weather this afternoon by participating in some of our favourite activities on the water.   

22 July, 2015

Phone Calling


Yesterday there were bittersweet "Goodbyes" said to our friends leaving after the 4 week session.  It is always sad to see camp friends depart but we are happy to be left with such WONDERFUL memories!  Until we meet again next year, girls!....

Today the sun is shining and we are giving Ak-O-Mak a tidy-up to welcome parents and their campers arriving for the 3 week session!  We will have a "full house" by dinner time and we can't wait to "raise the roof" with those extra singing voices! 

Calling On The Telephone...

There is good news and there is bad news. 

First the 'bad' news:  Out of respect for the newly arriving campers who need time to work through missing home, there will be NO phone calls for the next 10 days.  Parents of 7- Weekers, we appreciate your understanding with this policy as it is difficult for a child struggling with first-time-homesickness to see other campers jumping up to receive a call from home. 

The 'good' news:  Phone calls will resume on Sunday, August 2nd! 

Phone calls are only taken during meal times except Sunday nights when we are out at campfire.  The camper number is (705) 387-1919.  The phone "rings" when it is busy, so keep trying if you do not get through.  

20 July, 2015

July 20th

It has been a great last day of camp for our four weekers.  The day started with a normal early bird of swimming and running before a yummy French toast breakfast.  After breakfast and inspection everyone headed down to the water for SWIMMING … YAY!  For periods two and three a group of campers and counsellors road biked to Ahmic Lake Lodge for a bit of ice cream.  Meanwhile back at camp the girls went to classes of synchronized swimming, water aerobics, ultimate Frisbee and hiking adventure. 

We then had a delicious lunch of homemade pizza before a rest hour filled with packing for those leaving and napping for our seven weekers.  After rest hour we are having a counsellor versus camper game of kickball before some open waterfront to cool off and bathe before banquet tonight.  What a fantastic end to the four week session.  We still can’t believe how fast the summer has gone by and are looking forward to being joined by the three weekers on Wednesday! 

18 July, 2015

July 17th and 18th

It was quite an exciting weekend for all of us!  On Friday morning the girls all had a normal early bird and then a delicious pancake breakfast before loading the buses to head to Ottawa.  That afternoon, once we arrived in Ottawa the girls all enjoyed a fantastic buffet meal before heading out in their cabin groups to explore.  We got tons of awesome pictures by parliament and everyone enjoyed walking around and looking in the little shops downtown.  That evening everyone settled down in the hotel and went for a swim, watched some TV and many took advantage of the hot water and enjoyed long showers!  It was then time for an early bed so that everyone could rest up for the regatta bright and early Saturday morning.

We awoke on Saturday, put on our green and orange paddling singlets, and ate breakfast at the hotel before heading to the paddling venue.  Once at the Carelton Place Canoe Club we unloaded the boats and the races began.  It was a superb day of racing, with our girls paddling their hearts out!  We had numerous boats place in the top three, which is quite an accomplishment considering that we just started paddling together a few weeks ago.  After all of our races were finished we all enjoyed some pizza, loaded the boats back up and hit the road back to camp.  It was a tiring few days but the long drive was well worth it!   

17 July, 2015

July 17

Today we are off to Ottawa, Canada’s national capital, for our second regatta of the season.

15 July, 2015

July 15th

We had an extra special day at Hog-O-Mak because it was the Tri-Wizard tournament.  After a normal early bird of swimming, running and biking the girls then enjoyed a delicious breakfast of eggs benedict before two normal morning periods filled with swimming, field hockey, tennis and hiking.   During third period the tournament began with the first task – a quidditch tournament with all of the houses.  In the end it was Long John Long Bottoms who won the quidditch tournament and defeated the fifth horcrux. 

After lunch and rest hour the second task was a mini treasure hunt, where the houses all had to solve riddles and trivia questions to find the golden egg and defeat the sixth horcux.  Dobby’s Socks and Sons were the quickest to find the egg and took home the gold in the second task.  Finally, the tournament ended with the third task – a game of barbarians!  It was an intense match but Beasts of the Forbidden Forest ended up winning by one point, defeating the seventh and final horcrux, Harry Potter himself.

Finally, after a long day of wizarding for team comp everyone headed up to dinner to see that the mainhouse had been transformed into the Great Hall at Hogwarts.  The girls all enjoyed a celebratory dinner with their teams after a fantastic Tri-Wizard tournament.   

14 July, 2015

July 14th

What an adventurous day!  Everyone awoke this morning for a 7:30am breakfast so that we would have enough time after breakfast to swim and or/paddle to Magnetewan and back before dinner. 

We had 10 swimmers depart around 8:30am for the 9-mile swim.  The swimmers were Wynne M., Abby H., Jessica R., Robin C., Abby H., Arianne C., Marion D., Samantha H., Erin B., and Sarah S.  All completed the swim in under 4 hours and had a tiring but fantastic time.  Meanwhile, everyone else had a great time paddling the 9-miles while listening to music and singing along.

Once everyone had arrived at Magnetewan we ate a lunch packed by the kitchen and then everyone got some money to get ice cream before paddling back to camp.  The paddle back was definitely an interesting one since the wind picked up as we were about 2 miles away from camp.  A few boats were able to paddle hard and make it back to camp while the rest ended up getting shuttled back.  All of the girls had some hilarious stories of their adventures and we all enjoyed laughing while hearing the stories after dinner.  It was then some cabin bonding before bed and an early bedtime to rest up for the Tri-Wizard tournament tomorrow at Hog-O-Mak! 

13 July, 2015

July 13th

Today at Ak-O-Mak, the girls were busy with activity!  This morning we were excited to host the annual Chikopi Ak-O-Mak Triathlon.  The girls suited up and prepared for the big event by doing a warm-up paddle or swim for Early Bird.  After a light breakfast and a quick clean of the cabins, we headed down to Sandy Beach to start the race and BEAT THE BOYS.  The race included a short swim to Orange Rock and back, a run from Ak-O-Mak Road down a kilometer and back to camp, and a solo paddle in a dazzling green and orange canoe from Sandy Beach to Monster Rock and back.  The girls demonstrated they are TOUGH ENOUGH and did an outstanding job.  After awards and a delicious lunch, the girls rested up for a fun afternoon of choice periods.  The periods included water aerobics, volleyball, badminton, synchronized swim, sailing, diving and croquet (no brightly colored flamingos harmed in this game!) For evening activity the girls got in a bit of war canoe and small boat practice before an early bedtime, due to an exciting camp tradition happening tomorrow!  

Chikopi-Akomak Triathlon Results



Amanda J.                1st place        51:14

Abigail G.                 2nd place      57:08

Jolie M.                     3rd place       57:55

Naila K.                     4th place       1:09:05

Aitziber F.                5th place       1:10:38

Veronica S.              6th place       1:15:37

Regina A.                 7th place       1:18:26

Jenna S.                    8th place       1:20:21

Jacqueline C.           9th place       1:23:40

Georgia B.                10th place    1:36:28


11-12 Girls

Regina D.                 1st place        54:32

Lexi S.                       2nd place      56:04

Florence M.             3rd  place      1:01:00

Itziar F.                     4th  place      1:03:15

Claire W.                  5th place       1:03:46

Ximena D.                6th place       1:16:10


13-14 Girls

Claire S.                    1st place        43:11

Robin C.                    2nd place      44:13

Trinity Z.                   3rd place       44:57

Erin B.                       4th place       45:57

Jessica R.                  5th place       48:08

Kadia B.                    6th place       48:38

Marion D.                  7th place       53:29

Teagan D.                 8th place       53:40 (CHIKOPI)

Kosi L.                       9th place       54:34

Sarah S.                    10th place    57:36

Maya G.                    11th place    58:33

Samantha H.            12th place    58:38

Hunter A.                  13th place    59:22

Atira G.                      14th place    59:31

Abby H.                     15th place    1:09:11


15 + GIRLS

Jocelyn S.                 1st place        40:54

Abby H.                    2nd place      45:22

Marina D.                 3rd place       46:53

Carly M.                   4th place       48:58

Paola M.                   5th place       54:03

Arianne C.                6th place       56:11

Natasha L.               7th place       57:12

Andrea B.                8th place       59:46

Mariana V.              9th place       1:02:19

Wynn M.                  10th place    1:05:02



Mario M.                   1ST                  39:56

Jocelyn S.                 2nd                  40:54

Kyle S.                       3rd                  41:48

Claire S.                    4th                   43:11

Charlie N.                  5th                   43:14

Jorge B.                     6th                   43:41

Robin C.                   7th                   44:13

Bronis M.                  8th                   44:51

Trinity Z.                   9th                   44:57

Jake S.                     10th                45:10


Abby H.                    11th                45:22


11 July, 2015

July 11th

Today the girls woke up for an 8:30am breakfast after a sleep in for early bird.  We then loaded the buses to head off to North Bay for our first paddling regatta of the summer!  What a successful day we had!  Our races all went smoothly and the girls paddled their hearts out!  We had a bunch of boats place first, second and third and everyone seemed to have an awesome time both paddling and cheering on their teammates.  We could not have asked for a better day with the sun shining and not a cloud in the sky. 

After all of our races wrapped up we ordered pizza, went for a swim and loaded the boats before having our dinner.  After dinner we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and headed to our favourite ice cream shop in North Bay to end off our fantastic day with ice cream at the marina.  It was an amazing first regatta and the girls are all looking forward to continuing to practice in their boats this week so that we can be just as prepared for our Ottawa regatta next weekend.  After our exciting day in the sun everyone is sure to sleep well tonight!    

10 July, 2015

July 9th


Yet another beautiful day here at Ak-O-Mak!  The sun was shining and the girls had a fantastic day!  The morning started out with an early bird of swimming, biking and running and then we had a delicious breakfast of egg mcmuffins.  After inspection everyone headed down for swim practice followed by a practice in our small boats.

That afternoon after rest hour Hogomak took over camp once again and the girls spent a few hours playing “Whistler”, where the houses were split into teams and had to follow the sounds of whistles from hidden counsellors to find them and collect a series of letters.  The houses then raced to unscramble the saying and then solve two riddles to regain their counsellors.  It was an awesome afternoon of swimming, running and paddling around camp and after the Golden Snitches succeeded everyone enjoyed open waterfront to cool off until dinner. 

We are excited to see what games the counsellors have planned for after dinner and are looking forward to another beautiful day tomorrow! 


8 July, 2015

July 8th

What a fantastic day spent in the sun!  After an early bird of paddling, swimming, running and mountain biking everyone headed into the main house for a breakfast of pancakes and fresh fruit. 

With our two week campers leaving this morning the campers remaining at camp said their goodbyes before everyone loaded the boats to paddle over to Ahmic Lake Lodge for the day.  Once we arrived the girls all had a swim practice and enjoyed using the water slides and trampolines at the lodge after swim practice finished.  Afterwards everyone ate lunch that the kitchen packed up for us and then enjoyed an afternoon eating ice cream and playing in the rapids.

Once back at camp we ate a delicious dinner before an evening of small boats practice for the regatta this Saturday and paddle boarding and gunnel bobbing.  It was a wonderful day in the sun and we are all hoping for some more beautiful weather this week!    

8 July, 2015

Knoephfli Mile Swim Results



Amanda J.                1st                   30:05

Gillian M.                 2nd                  32:31            (not AKOMAK)

Ella L.                       3rd                  32:44          (not AKOMAK)

Bailey K.                   4th                   32:44            (not AKOMAK)

Jolie M.                     5th                   33:53

Abigail G.                 6th                     38:40

Sophie W.                7th                   40:30

Naila K.                     8th                     50:27


GIRLS 11-12

Lucy M.                    1st                   25:42

Claire W.                  2nd                  27:33

Florence M.             3rd                  28:11

Lexi S.                       4th                   31:07

Abby M.                    5th                   31:13 (not AKOMAK)

Gabriela C.               6th                   38:45

Itziar F.                     7th                   44:37

Olivia K.                    8th                   51:01


GIRLS 13-14

Erin B.                      1st                   23:45

Robin C.                   2nd                  23:51

Jessica R.                 3rd                  24:27

Marion D.                4th                   24:42

Chloe S.                   5th                   25:09

Sarah S.                   6th                   25:25

Kendra L.                 7th                   25:43 (not AKOMAK)

Holly K.                    8th                   25:44 (not AKOMAK)

Abby H.                    9th                   25:57 (not AKOMAK)

Sarah M.                  10th                25:58 (not AKOMAK)

Ella R.                      11th                25:59 (not AKOMAK)

Samantha H.           12th                26:10

Kadia B.                    13th                26:47

Ellery P.                   14th                27:55

Claire S.                    15th                28:15

Maya G.                    16th                28:48

Eva S.                       17th                29:27

Alessandra A.           18th                29:31

Abby H.                    19th                30:13

Mya F.                      20th                31:15

Natalie W.                 21st                33:58

Hunter A.                  22nd               34:57

Teagan D.                23rd                38:42 (not AKOMAK)

Kate K.                      24th                38:43

Atira G.                     25th                45:26

Kosi L.                       26th                45:37

Mika H.                     27th                51:02


GIRLS 15 TO 17

Caitlin T.                  1st                   24:11 (not AKOMAK)

Arianne C.               2nd                  25:03

Elese T.                    3rd                  25:20 (not AKOMAK)

Wynn M.                  4th                   26:41

Abby H.                    5th                   27:39

Madeleine D.           6th                   29:11

Cassie C.                  7th                   31:23

Samantha G.            8th                   33:59

Paola M.                   9th                   34:08

Hana H.                    10th                34:34

Carly M.                   11th                39:47

7 July, 2015


It was an adventurous day here at Ak-O-Mak!  The day began with breakfast at 7:30am before loading the war canoes and pleasure canoes to head over to Chikopi for the Knoepfli race.  Once at Chikopi everyone did a few camp cheers before getting into the water for the one-mile swim race.  It was a great race and the girls all had an awesome swim and walked back to Chikopi just before the rain began.  We then ate lunch and had awards before a rainy paddle back home to camp.  Even the paddle was fun with the girls all singing some of their favourite pop songs while heading home.


Once back at camp everyone enjoyed rest hour and then we all headed up to the main house to watch the movie Bedtime Stories and warm up by the fire out of the rain.  After dinner everyone got dressed up in their craziest outfits and headed up to the main house for a dance party.  We all sang and danced our hearts out and had a fantastic time!  It was a bit of a different day here at camp but still tons of fun!   Everyone is looking forward to the sun coming out tomorrow for a day at Ahmic Lake Lodge.      

7 July, 2015

July 6

Great camp day at Ak-O-Mak, full day of archery, self defense, softball, mountain biking, swimming & our annual rode bike ride to the Cornball Store.

July 7

Today we are at Chikopi for our open water Knoephfi swim so we will not be in the main house until dinner, Go Ak-O-Mak Go!!

5 July, 2015

July 5th

Most of the girls woke up nice and early this morning to load the bus and head on our way to Niagara.  Once in Niagara a group of us headed down to the Maid of the Mist to take the boat trip under the falls.  Meanwhile everyone else spent time looking at the falls and grabbing some chocolate from the Hershey store.  After spending a while in Niagara we all loaded back on to the bus to head to everyone’s favourite destination … the Vaughn Mills mall!   The girls then had a fantastic afternoon shopping with all of their cabinmates.  After a dinner at the mall and armed with all of our purchases we loaded the bus one last time to head back to camp.  While on the bus the girls all had a great time, sharing everything they bought and had a mini fashion show from their seats.  It was a very long but fun day for us and we are all going to sleep well tonight!

Meanwhile, back at camp the girls who did not go to Niagara enjoyed a nice quiet day with a small camp group.   They all got to sleep in and then choose their own classes of badminton, volleyball and paddle boarding in the morning.  Then after lunch the girls paddled over to Ahmic Lake Lodge for ice cream and a swim in the rapids.   After dinner everyone was excited to be reunited when the buses returned to camp, and after catching up we all headed down for bed!  Everyone is looking forward to an early bird full of swimming and running tomorrow morning!   

4 July, 2015

July 4th

"Oh Say Can You See!"

Happy 4th of July to all of our American friends!

It was a beautiful, sunny day here Ak-O-Mak and our American campers showed their "spirit" by donning their red-white and blue "swag".  Funky glasses, sparkling boas, and stars'n stripes spandex accessorized many a camp uniform at breakfast and dinner.

A variety of activities were enjoyed such as soccer, volleyball and zumba and Molly's class in "Competitive Croquet" was a definite crowd pleaser!

In the afternoon we had our entire fleet of racing canoes and kayaks on the water.  The girls are practising their skills and drills in preparation for the upcoming North Bay Regatta on July 11th, a short week away!  With two cabins of 10 & Unders, we have discovered some impressive new paddling talent!

A cook out on Sandy Beach rounded out the day where we enjoyed home made burgers, sausages, salads and veggies.  The kitchen baked a fantastic chocolate-brownie cake and Chef Samson decorated it with spangled stars and stripes!

Happy Independence Day, USA!! 

3 July, 2015

July 3rd

Everyone was excited this morning to hear the bell ring for breakfast after they had a nice sleep in to prepare for the 10km run against the boys.  Chikopi arrived just after breakfast and after some stretching the race began!  Our girls ran there fastest while trying to beat the boys!  It was a perfect day for a run and everyone did a fantastic job and tried their best. 

After the race, the waterfront opened up and everyone enjoyed cooling off in the water and had a great time jumping off the tower.  We then had awards and lunch with Chikopi before they paddled back home. 

This afternoon we took our camp and cabin photos quickly before an afternoon of war canoeing, paddling in the small boats, sea kayaking and paddle boarding.  After dinner the campers got a choice between archery, tennis and small boats.  It was an awesome but tiring day here at camp and everyone is sure to sleep well tonight!


10 km Race Results

Ten and under girls

Amanda J.         1st place                            44:45

Abigail G.          2nd place                          1:00:15

Sophie W.         3rd place                           1:06:26

Jolie M.               4th place                           1:06:34

Jacqueline C.   5th place                           1:06:51

Nailia K.            6th place                           1:09:16

Regina A.          7th place                           1:21:14

Jenna S.              8th place                           1:29:48

Veronica S.      9th place                           1:38:13

Aitziber F.        10th place                         1:38:14

Mariama K.      11th place                         1:40:51

Georgia B.        12th place                         1:48:52



11-12 Girls


Florence M.     1st place                            59:06

Alexi S.               2nd place                           1:04:03

Gabby C.            3rd place                           1:12:37

Itziar F.              4th place                           1:21:18

Hei-Yin G.         5th place                           1:30:21


13-14 Girls

Claire S.             1st place                            47:36

Regina D.          2nd place                           49:37

Natalia W.        3rd place                           49:47

Kate K.                              4th place                           50:43

Chloe S.              5th place                           52:01

Kosi L.                6th place                           52:04

Robin C.             7th place                           52:05

Jessica R.          8th place                           55:43

Erin B.                9th place                           55:46

Alessandra A. 10th place                         1:00:51

Hunter A.          11th place                         1:04:02

Teagan D.         12th place                         1:06:33

Mika H.              13th place                         1:09:26

Atira G.              14th place                         1:10:16

Claire P.             15th place                         1:10:55

Samantha H.   16th place                         1:11:19

Marion D.         17th place                         1:11:31

Sarah S.             18th place                         1:18:01

Ellery P.             19th place                         1:18:02

Eva S.                  20th place                         1:24:18

Abby H.             21st place                         1:43:23


15-17 Girls

Cassandra C.   1st place                            56:50

Madeleine D.   2nd place                           57:01

Abby H.             3rd place                           59:42

Carly M.             4th place                           1:00:12

Samantha G.    5th place                           1:07:10

Hana H.             6th place                           1:07:11

Paola M.            7th place                           1:09:56

Monica C.          8th place                           1:10:56

Wynn M.            9th place                           1:30:22

Hannah P.         10th place         


18 and over

Melissa              1st place                            41:43

Jocelyn S.          2nd place                           44:32

Brooke S.          3rd place                           47:20

Monica D.         4th place                           47:40

Brigette C.        5th place                           48:09

Jessica C.           6th place                           52:10

Lily A.                 7th place                           57:03

Rosie T.             8th place                           57:07

Krista S.            9th place                           57:18

MJ C.                    10th place                         57:21

Catherine M.   11th place                         1:00:11

Collette D.        12th place                         1:10:13

Molly S.              13th place                         1:11:32

Gillian T.           14th place                         1:40:01


1 July, 2015

July 1st

Happy Canada Day everyone!  We had such an awesome time today celebrating!  The morning began with a normal early bird of small boats, swimming and running.  After breakfast the campers all had a chance to learn some new stretching techniques taught by Jocelyn. 

After stretching everyone got all decked out in their red and white, grabbed their flags and we headed to Magnetewan.  While in Magnetewan we walked in a parade through the town.  It was an awesome experience as all of the girls got to hold the flag from their country while we paraded and sang all of our favourite camp cheers.  Once the parade was over the girls did a flash mob with our camp dance and we ate lunch and got ice cream!  Finally, before heading back to camp four of our youngest campers represented Ak-O-Mak in the cardboard boat race and took second place!

Back at camp Jocelyn led a running clinic for the campers and then everyone had a quick swim practice before dinner.  After a delicious dinner of roast beef, salad and roasted veggies we are now waiting to begin our counsellor fashion show!  

29 June, 2015

June 29th

Yet another great day here at Ak-O-Mak!  Everyone woke up this morning ready for an early bird of swimming, running, biking and small boats!  It was great to see the waterfront full of all of our racing boats practicing for the two regattas we will be racing in this summer.  After early bird and breakfast everyone enjoyed classes of zumba, softball, swimming, small boats, volleyball, tennis and bootcamp!


After lunch and a shortened rest hour we war canoed and pleasure canoed across the lake to Ahmic Lake Lodge for an afternoon of ice cream and playing in the rapids!  It was a great way to spend the sunny day, followed by a campfire and cookout once we returned to camp.  While around the campfire we all sang our hearts out to all of our favourite Taylor Swift songs.  We are looking forward to seeing what fun things tomorrow will have in store for us because here at Ak-O-Mak … every day is a great day! 

27 June, 2015

June 27th

What an exciting day for our campers!  Half of the camp left early this morning to head on the road to the North Bay triathlon.  The girls had an awesome day of racing and cheering on their teammates! All of the Ak-O-Makker’s did a fantastic job and raced their hearts out!  Stay tuned for the results.  After the race we all headed to the ice cream shop for a nice treat before our bus ride back to camp!

Back at camp everyone enjoyed a fun day of tennis, canoeing, softball, nucemball and a self-defense class taught by our very own black belt, Rosie!  Once the triathletes were home everyone headed down to the waterfront to bathe and jump off the tower before dinner.  We then had an awesome evening paddle in the war canoes.  After our busy day, everyone will definitely sleep well tonight! 

26 June, 2015

June 26th

Everyone woke up this morning to a beautiful, sunny day!  We enjoyed the weather with an early bird of both road and mountain biking, swimming and running!  After enjoying a delicious breakfast the girls soaked up the sun while in morning classes of tennis, archery, swimming, canoeing, kayaking and soccer.


We had a yummy lunch of homemade pizza and salad, followed by a relaxing rest hour.   We then spent the rest of the afternoon on the water in our small boats and war canoes!  Everyone is getting excited practicing for the two regattas we will be competing in this session. 


After dinner Harry and Hermione told everyone that Hogwarts was returning to Ak-O-Mak for a Harry Potter themed team competition!  Dumbledore and the sorting cap then sorted all of the campers into their respective houses/teams for the session!  Everyone is headed to bed now to get a good sleep before some of our campers head to the North Bay Triathlon tomorrow morning!  

25 June, 2015


Now that all of our campers have arrived, Camp Ak-O-Mak is back to normal again after a long winter!  It is so nice to see old friends reunite and new friends meet.  After the campers arrived and took a dip in the lake we headed up to the mainhouse for a delicious Greek themed meal.  After brownies for dessert everyone went back to their cabins to unpack and bond with their cabinmates.


When the bell rang this morning everyone hopped out of bed and the campers new to camp were lead on a full camp tour while the returning campers ran, swam and mountain biked for early bird.  During our breakfast of fresh fruit, eggs, and homemade muffins and croissants, the mainhouse was filled with laughter as the campers sang all of their favourite camp songs!  It is so nice to hear the mainhouse filled with song again!


Before lunch the girls enjoyed a morning of archery, kickball, kayaking, volleyball and of course SWIMMING … YAY!  After lunch the girls all got a chance to check out the store before heading down to the cabins for rest hour.  A little bit of rain rolled in this afternoon but we didn’t let that stop us and we spent the afternoon in the mainhouse learning our camp dance!  Once all of our moves were perfected and the sun was back out the girls headed down to the waterfront for a jump off the tower before dinner.  We are all looking forward to dinner and to see what we will get up to this evening! 

24 June, 2015

Meet some of our 2015 Counsellor Staff

Jessica Clark is going to be a third year Ak-O-Makker this year. She had never gone to summer camp until her first year as camp counsellor two summers ago. Like swimming in new waters, not knowing what to expect was a little scary. Despite this, the experience she got out of it was life changing.  



Jessica enjoys team sports, such as soccer, basketball, ultimate Frisbee and volleyball; she’s more of a land mammal. All throughout high school Jessica was on the school’s basketball team and even became team captain in her last year on the team. In grade 11 she joined the curling team. She also played soccer on a recreational team for 2 years during her high school years. Presently she’s part of an ultimate Frisbee league in Ottawa.

Jessica is studying Nursing at the University of Ottawa in French and is going in her fourth year of university but her third in her current program.  

My name is Riley Witting and I will be a sophomore at the University of Denver this fall. This is my sixth summer at camp and I am so excited to be returning. Camp has always been a huge part of my growing up and I am so lucky to be able to share it with all of your daughters! My favorite activities at camp are planning team comp, singing songs at meals and paddling at Early Bird! Get ready for an amazing summer! 


I am Mónica Delgado Salgado. I am Mexican. First year as a counselor, 4th year at camp. I love practicing sports in general but running is one of my favorite ones. Camp Akomak is like a second home to me, my favorite place on earth. I really enjoy getting to know people from all over the world which are a particular characteristic of camp. My goal as a counselor is not only to be a good role model for youth but also for my campers to have a memorable summer filled with fun experiences and new friends as well as getting reunited with some old ones.

My name is Molly Sipprell, I am 20 years old. I just finished my second year at Nipissing University for the Bachelor of Physical and Health Education. I am a member of the Women’s hockey team at Nipissing, and have attended camp for five years.

Megan Jessome attends Mount Saint Mary’s University in Los Angeles, California. She is majoring in Nursing and hopes to someday become a Paediatric Nurse Practitioner. Megan was a camper at Ak-O-Mak for three summers and was a competitive swimmer for eleven years. Megan loves swimming, canoeing, watching baseball, making friendship bracelets, and writing in her journal! 

Hello! My name is Emma Puckering and I am so excited to be coming back to camp.  I was a camper for 4 years and now I am returning after a few summers away to be a counsellor. I am currently studying animal biology at the University of Guelph. I love animals and being outdoors.  My favourite sport is rugby, and I also love to swim and paddle.  I am looking forward to this summer, and I can't wait to meet everyone!

My name is Hannah Puckering and this is my sixth summer at Akomak but my first summer on staff. I'm going into grade 12 at St. John's College in Brantford, Ontario and I play on both the rugby and volleyball teams. I was a competitive swimmer for 10 years and I also enjoy running and cycling and participating in a number of triathlons each year. Camp is my favourite place in the world and I'm so excited to be a CIT at Akomak this summer. 


Hi! My name is Vanessa and I’m so excited to be on staff for Camp Ak-O-Mak this summer! I’m originally from Toronto and I’ve just finished my third year at Laurentian University where I am majoring in French and Philosophy. During the school year I swim for the Laurentian Voyageurs and coach the Sudbury Special Olympics Swim Team. While I’ve gone to and worked at various summer camps this will be my first year at Ak-O-Mak and I can’t wait to meet everyone!   

My name is Elizabeth Witting and this will be my seventh summer at Ak-O-Mak! I am super excited to transition from camper to counselor and experience new adventures. My favorite activities at camp include early bird, the Chikopi Tri and team competition. Camp has always been an important part of my life and I can’t wait to share my love of camp with all of you.

"My name is Catherine and I am from Melbourne, Australia. I currently work with young children and my dream job on return to Australia is kindergarten teaching. I have a chocolate labrador named Ollie who is my sun and stars. I throughly enjoy traveling; I like new experiences and exploring new places. I have grown up with sports and various other exercises and am most at home outside. I enjoy a good book and cooking hearty food. This is my first camp and my first time in Canada; so I am thrilled to be coming over for the beginning of a new adventure."

I am 22 years old and this will be my fifth year at 7 week camp and fourth year at 2 week camp. I have recently completed my bachelor degree in Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa. I will be continuing my education by pursuing a Master's Degree in Occupational Therapy at McMaster University this September. My first year at camp was 2009, and I am very excited to be returning after taking a two year break. During those two years I was the Director at the Ottawa Lions track and field day camp. I was a member of the Track and Field team at Ottawa for four years and competed in the Triple jump and Long jump. I also coached the youth junior development middle distance track group. Throughout high school I was involved in a variety of sports such as volleyball, basketball, hockey, cross country, badminton and track. I am looking forward to a fun and exciting summer at this amazing camp! 


25 May, 2015


2015 Volunteer Work Weekend

The "May Long Weekend" is always a fun time to be at Camp Ak-O-Mak and this weekend was no exception.  Afterall, who doesn't love any excuse to be at beautiful Ahmic lake when all of nature is in spring's first bloom?!


Dianne and Catherine are immensely grateful for our hearty group of friends who travel 4-5 hours to donate their time and expertise in order to ready Camp Ak-O-Mak for opening day.

Aaron Biggs travelled the farthest again this year.  His pick up truck was chalk a block full of tools, gadgets, chain saws, you name it.  He was equipped for any job, from sharpening chef knives to cutting down old trees.  Thanks to Aaron, all of the motorized vehicles/lawn mowers, etc at camp have been meticulously tuned up and are ready for action.  Our "backs" are especially grateful to Aaron for bringing his ATV all the way to camp.  Nothing like an ATV and a trailer to facilitate the hauling of brush and transporting the fleet of canoes!

Kudos to Sandy Tod (of Sunfield Renovations) and his helper, Herb Denny, for their work in building a roof extension over the outside sinks at Hop #1.  Campers, you will now remain dry whilst brushing your teeth and there will be no more leaves and berries dropping into the sink from the tree overhead!

Team Puckering 2015 consisted of Megan, her parents Cheryl and Mike.  Megan's beau, Nathan, also made the journey and all were invaluable in brush removal, canoe-shlepping and spring-cleaning tasks.

Rosie Thomas may be our office manager during the summer but this weekend she was a veritable "Picasso", painting the kitchen with Catherine.  Dianne acted as chief foreman keeping us all organized and focused (always a challenge).

Sandy "Counsellor" Wilder from Toronto rounded out the 'muscle' required for heavy lifting, gardening and countless other jobs.  Sandy's perpetual companion, Donzie the black lab, enjoyed swims in the lake, chasing the ATV on trips to the brush pile, then sleeping it off with friend, Winnie the Schnauzer.  It really is a dog's life. 

One of the best parts of Volunteer Work Weekend is always the grub!  This year we completely spoiled to have professional chef, Samson Mudavanhu, giving his time and talent to keep the troops well fed. 

THANK YOU, Friends!...We couldn't do it without you!

12 May, 2015

First Weekend At Ak-O-Mak

The first of May is always an exciting weekend for us at Ak-O-Mak.  It is the time when we usually make our initial road-trip north to check on camp and see how the buildings, docks and trees, etc have come through the winter.

The lake ice is now history!  It "went out" by the end of April and the scent of thawing earth and spring is everywhere.  This weekend (May 2nd & 3rd) we were blessed with wonderfully warm temperatures.  "Sunshine" was the forecast and Mother Nature delivered 100 %.  

It was a perfect day for a 'walkabout' camp.  As we inspected the bay from the dock at Buck's Cabin, a pair of beavers swam towards us from shore.  They were as curious about us as we were about them!  Did you know that beavers vocalized?  Well, they do!...As "June and Ward Beaver" (yes, we named them), swam their circuitous path to our dock, they hummed repeatedly to each other.  After checking us out briefly, they continued their little 'love swim' all the way to Sandy Beach.  What a treat to see them up close like that.

On the baseball field, deep, hoofed divets in the moist earth were evidence of a moose's recent visit to camp. Jennifer (from Rocky Reef) reported seeing the moose by Rosemary's bench last week while out walking her dogs.  We were not so fortunate, however, but we will keep our "eyes peeled" just in case.

Camp wintered very well and everything appeared to be ship shape.  While Dianne made her list of "chores to be done" on our Annual Volunteer Work Weekend, Marion Denny and Cole Scheffel. (both of Brantford Aquatic Club) decided to test the waters...literally.

Marion was determined to snag the award for "First One In The Lake 2015".  She might have succeeded too but as Marion waded in up to her ankles, Cole had a strategic burst of bravery!  He galloped past Marion and plunged head first into the water, snagging the title!  Congratulations Cole Scheffel...the winner of "First One In The Lake 2015!"

5 April, 2015

Greetings from Camp Ak-O-Mak

Shhhh!...Word has it that our beloved Ak-O-Mak continues to sleep under a heavy blanket of snow...

Herb Denny and Sandy Tod (of Sunfield Renovations) visited camp the last weekend in MARCH to check things out and visit friends, John and Jennifer, of Rocky Reef. 

They reported that they were able to walk for MILES upon the thick, lake ice. The windswept face of Orange Rock was visible rising beyond the drifted snow as though stretching toward the sun.  The brightness of the day belied the frigid temperatures and the "lakescape" was a frozen desert of white.  The only sounds heard were the crunching of snow underfoot and the gusting wind whistling past their ears.

  It is hard to imagine that this icey world, our very Early Bird route, will soon begin its perennial metamorphosis into the sunny, warm Ak-O-Mak that WE know so well!  This deserted, frozen tableau will quickly come alive with sunshine, movement, colour and song!


So girls, please don't let the dreary days of April dampen your drive to get back to camp!  It's time to SPRING into action!  Don't risk spending a summer in the city as a  "texting-couch-potato" when you could be beating the summer heat at "open waterfront" or roasting marshmallows at campfire!

Registration is a BREEZE!  You'll find all of the forms "on line" on the Camp Ak-O-Mak website, including the packing list!  If you have any questions just give Dianne Young a call in the camp office @ (416) 427-3171 and she'll help you out.


Stay tuned and we'll keep you posted with regular updates as we begin opening up Camp Ak-O-Mak in May.  We can hardly wait to start pulling out the summer "toys" again....(along with a few NEW surprises!) and let you know the winner of the annual "First One in the Lake" contest over the May long weekend.


Think SUMMER.   Think AK-O-MAK!

17 February, 2015

She's Baaaaack!!

Great news everyone!

Hayley Steward will return to Camp Ak-O-Mak this summer as Program Director for the final 2 week session!

Now that her maternity leave is finished, Hayley is free to follow her heart back to camp and re-acquaint with you wonderful girls.  Here's hoping that "Little Stunt" Hayden and Daddy Dan will join her, too!  We'll keep you posted on that detail as we get closer to camp.

So send her a message and join us as we welcome back Hayley Steward!!

Hayley is a lover of all things outdoors! She could stern a canoe before she learned how to ride a bicycle and could scale a rock face before she was old enough to learn how to drive. Her Ak-O-Mak journey began in 2006 when she joined The Brantford Aquatics Club on a training weekend to run the high-ropes course and she immediately fell in love its traditional camp feel  breathtaking campus. After spending years at various other day and residential camps there was something in the air that kept Hayley coming back to Ak-O-Mak, until she was offered the position of Program Director in 2009. She brings a diverse background of experiences to her role as Program Director. From implementing a creative education day-camp program at Wilfrid Laurier University, teaching rock climbing, facilitating high and low ropes courses, refereeing volleyball, lifeguarding, and teaching swimming, to working as a counselor in the USA for children with social, emotional and developmental disorders, Hayley has developed a passion for teaching and learning. Her zany, creative program ideas were quickly adopted at Ak-O-Mak as new camp traditions.

Hayley’s passion and enthusiasm for exciting programs and creating a healthy-active lifestyle expands beyond the age group of Ak-O-Mak campers.  During the year she is the Director or Recreation at a retirement residence or “residential all-year camp for Grannies and Grandpa’s” as she calls it. 

As a child she wore out a t-shirt that said, “Yes I’m a girl, Yes I’m an athlete, Yes I can kick your butt!” and has adapted this as her personal camp mantra. Her enthusiasm and excitement for camp and empowering young girls is witnessed every day she is at camp.  She strongly believes in the powerful and positive experience of summer camp in a child’s life.


After spending four summers at AK-O-Mak as the Program Director a two summer hiatus, seems like an eternity and Hayley is beyond excited to bring her new family to her second home at Ak-O-Mak as the Program Director for the Two Week Session!

23 January, 2015

Happy New Year from Camp Ak-O-Mak!

New Year's News Flash!!...Camp Ak-O-Mak is now a Not-For-Profit organization.

Ak-O-Mak "Not For Profit" News Flash!

Camp Ak-O-Mak is pleased to announce that we are now officially a Not-For-Profit Corporation, "Camp Ak-O-Mak for Girls".  This means that Ak-O-Mak will no longer be taxed on your generous donations (whether monetary or gift).  As the Camp Ak-O-Mak Executive, we appreciate and respect your gifts and always direct funds back into Ak-O-Mak's facility and programming, endeavouring to maintain Camp Ak-O-Mak's status as North America's premier sports camp for girls.

Although most of North America remains in the icy grip of January, we have turned our focus squarely ahead to the warm days of SUMMER...summer 2015!

The Christmas lights and holiday decor have come down and the camp office has ramped up as Dianne and Catherine make preparations for the 2015 season.  The printer has been humming non-stop signalling the arrival of resumes from hopeful camp counsellor candidates and registrations forms from Early Bird Campers!  Keep them coming, gang!

In a couple of weeks, Dianne, Catherine, will attend the annual Ontario Camps Association Conference in Toronto.  This gathering of camp owners, directors and various suppliers is a key event for industry members to keep abreast of new government regulations, developments and trends in camping.   We are so proud to represent Camp Ak-O-Mak and our completely unique program at this largest Canadian camping conference. There simply is NO other camp in North America doing what Camp Ak-O-Mak has been doing for decades!

 Ontario swimmers, keep your eyes peeled for the Ak-O-Mak information table at swim meets over the next few months.  We love having visitors and encourage you to share your camp experience with your team mates by showing them the camp videos and pictures on display.

2014 was an amazing summer and our goal is to make 2015 even better!  We continue to build on our programming, invest in equipment and seek exceptional staff members whether in our kitchen, cabins or canoes, but we cannot do it without YOU!  Tell your friends, reserve your bunk and get ready to pack your bathing suit and towel.  Summer will be here in no time.

Please know that we appreciate hearing from you, our campers, families and alumni.  We value your feedback so drop us a line and let us know how we are doing.

Here's to a great camping season 2015!

Sincerely, Dianne and Catherine

23 December, 2014

Happy Holidays

Camp Ak-O-Mak wishing everyone peace and happiness this holiday season

10 November, 2014

Camp Ak-O-Mak At Swim International

Dianne and Catherine were once again pleased to host the Camp Ak-O-Mak information table at the Swim International Swim Meet in Brantford this weekend.

We were as excited as you were to catch up with our camper-friends after spending those fun-filled summer days together.  What fun to see so many of you at one meet!!

The highlight of our weekend was meeting a very special Ak-O-Mak Alumna, Sara Barber Jenkins, a member of TWO Canadian Olympic Swim Teams: 1956 (Melbourne) and 1960 (Rome) as well as the 1959 Pan Am Games.  "Sara Barber" (as she was known in her camping days) attended Ak-O-Mak for TEN years during the 50's and 60's and shared her memories of swimming under Matt Mann (senior) and Rosemary Dawson during her time at camp.  We are really hoping to persuade Sara to visit Ak-O-Mak next summer when she can share more of her stories with our campers!  We will keep you posted.

Finally, many thanks to the parents who stopped by our booth with such kind words of praise about your daughters' experiences at camp this summer.  It is encouraging for us to hear that camp made a difference in your child's life and it is exactly the reason why we give our time to Ak-O-Mak. So, "Thank you!"

10 October, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

One of the greatest things about living on the 45th parallel is watching the changing of the seasons and Camp Ak-O-Mak has to be one of the most beautiful places to witness this spectacle of nature.  This weekend Canadians celebrated their Thanksgiving holiday we would like to wish all our Canadian alumni and family's a Happy Thanksgiving

13 September, 2014

Close Up 2014

What a terrific summer we had at Camp Ak-O-Mak this year!  "Thank you" to each and every one of you, campers, counsellors, CIT's, Coaches and of course, our amazing Chefs, for making this the best year ever!  The weeks literally flew by, but now it is time to put our dear Ak-O-Mak to bed for the winter. 

You Know It's The End Of Summer At Ak-O-Mak When...

1.  The lane lines areoutof the pools and the nets removed from the fields and courts.

2.  The coaching docks are carefully stacked on shore.  Thefloating docksand diving tower are moved to the quiet waters by Sandy Beach.

3.  The sail boats are stashed in the lean-to for winter.

4.  The kayaks and war canoes are systematicallystoredin the boathouse.

5.  The cabins and HOPS are empty and cleaned.

6.  The orange and green canoes are nestled together in the Main House.

7.  The entire kitchen is deep-cleaned and everything wrapped in plastic.

8.  Every pipe is drained of water, every toilet bailed, and every washing machine winterized with anti-freeze for the winter.

But most of all, WE know it is the end of camp when....

1.  The belly-laughter, skinny-dip-screaming and splashing no longer echoacross the bayfrom the water polo dock.

2.  We no longer hear the"CREEAAK-SLAM"of doors along the cabin line.

3.  The Main House bell and the oogah fallsilent.


To us, Dianne and Catherine, when you girls leave camp,the ensuingsilence completely changes  Ak-O-Mak.  It's as though her very soul has gone for a time and camp is returned to the wilderness around her for safe-keeping, asithas been for 88 years.

A few days after you left, about 50 Canada geese flew in to claim their place on the grass by the Directors' Cabin and the tiny patch of beach by the boathouse.  The deer, too, migrated from the forest to the soccer field and all are enjoying the delicious grass, undisturbed by mowers, throwers or "rowers"!

At least not untilwe gather again next summer!



27 August, 2014

August 27th

Another fun day at Ak-O-Mak with morning classes of swimming, tennis, kayaking, rugby and volleyball to name a few. A little cooler day but the lake was calm so after lunch we ventured out for an afternoon paddle over to Ahmic Lake Lodge for some Ice Cream (always a favourite). Along with swim and play in the rapids and a visit with the animals in the petting farm.

 After a delicious dinner and much singing, I am sure our voice carried across the lake, we headed to our evening activities of Barbarians followed by a much needed dip in the lake before bed. Looking forward to more fun tomorrow.

26 August, 2014

August 26th

Camp Ak-O-Mak was pleased to host alum Colleen Shields for the past couple of days. Colleen successfully crossed Lake Ontario 2 weeks ago at the tender age of 62 and came to camp to share her story with the girls.  After helping with the Ahmic Harbour Swim yesterday, Colleen   was delighted to swim Early Bird this morning with 8 year old Isabel L. for her first one miler! 

After such an action-packed day yesterday it was nice to have a "regular day" at Ak-O-Mak with classes in the morning and Team Comp in the afternoon with all of us appreciating the balmy temperatures in spite of the greyish skies.

Tonight it is the "Counsellor Fashion Show" for evening activity!  Imagine the joy of being "decorated" in wacky costumes by your 12 exuberant campers!  Our counsellors are terrific sports indeed!

25 August, 2014

August 25th

Today, the girls woke up to beautiful sunshine for their 3 mile Ahmic Harbour swim against the Chikopi boys. The water was calm and warm, a spectacular day for a swim. Olivia A set a new swim record for the 3 mile Ahmic Harbour Swim this morning.

After the race, the Ak-O-Mak girls and Chikopi boys walked and paddled back to camp. After a delicious lunch both camp were ready for Water Day activities and open waterfront.

After dinner, Cabin 1 and the counsellors teamed up to play a fun game of kickball against the rest of camp.

25 August, 2014

Ahmic Harbour Swim - Monday 25th August


1st place              Alanna O.                           1:14:21

2nd place             Clarke M.                            1:54:14

3rd place             Abigail O.                            2:15:33


11-12 Girls

1st place              Abby H.                               1:00:02

2nd place             Emma S.                             1:00:03

3rd place             Renee L.                             1:02:39

4th place             Evelyn H.S.                         1:02:40

5th place             Emma L.                             1:07:10

6th place             Katya T.Y.                           1:08:16

7th place             Antonia G.                          1:12:25

8th place             Caroline M.                        1:14:28

9th place             Carly A.                               1:14:40

10th place           Sarah W.                             1:15:04

11th place           Elke O.                                1:18:28

12th place           Ashley M.                           1:25:46

13th place           Lola C.                                 1:26:11

14th place           Aleksandra K.                     1:26:13

15th place           Marit K.                               1:30:26


13-14 Girls

1st place              Madeleine M.                    54:18

2nd place             Hailey N.                             56:16

3rd place             Anna D.                               56:23

4th place             Lianna G.                            57:37

5th place             Marion D.                           58:53

6th place             Jessica C.                            59:58

7th place             Emily S.                               1:00:32

8th place             Olivia O.                              1:00:53

9th place             Kathryn A.                          1:02:17

10th place           Sarah M.                             1:02:21

11th place           Marni G.                             1:02:38

12th place           Reagan M.                         1:02:45

13th place           Chiara D.                            1:03:27

14th place           Annie R.                              1:03:47

15th place           Carmina C.                         1:04:48

16th place           Maya G.                              1:07:43

17th place           Olivia L.                               1:09:37

18th place           Olivia H.                              1:12:20

19th place           Mary M.                              1;13:40

20th place           Morgan B.                          1:13:41

21st place            Alicia C.                               1:14:15

22nd place          Reaghan G.                        1:14:29


15-17 Girls

1st place              Olivia A.               48:08

2nd place             Vanessa G.          50:14

3rd place             Kate A.                 54:17

4th place             Alexis B.               55:17

5th place             Lauren S.             56:02

6th place             Mary-Kate J.       58:59

7th place             Ashlynn M.          1:02:34

8th place             Erin A.                  1:02:49

9th place             Dana S.                1:00:03

10th place           Adelle Y.B.           1:03:02

11th place           Emily M.              1:07:40

24 August, 2014

August 24th

Another beautiful day at Camp Ak-O-Mak! The campers woke up to beautiful sunshine. This morning, the girls had a choice to either swim, run or bike for early bird.

For morning classes each cabin had swimming, diving, volleyball, small boats and self dense class with Rosie and Ashlynn. The girls enjoyed their morning and learned some new self defense techniques.  After lunch we had team comp the girls worked together as a team to complete challenges and answer trivia questions. We finished off our evening with a cookout at the campfire along with roast some marshmallows, Yummm!

Our very special guest Colleen Shields, former Ak-O-Maker and oldest person to swim across lake Ontario talked to the campers this evening at camp fire about marathon swimming and told her story about her successful crossing a few weeks ago. What an inspiration to all, the girls are now off to bed in preparation for the 3 mile Ahmic Harbour Swim and Water Day!

23 August, 2014

August 23rd 

The sunshine has officially returned to Ak-O-Mak! The girls had a great early bird this morning, lots of fast times. After breakfast, the girls headed to morning classes sailing, softball and diving to name a few, Cabin 6 even went on a hiking adventure today!

This afternoon, Sensei Rosie (4th degree black belt) and Ashlynn (1st degree black belt) lead the entire camp through a self defense workshop including instruction and demonstrations. All of the girls had a fantastic afternoon were able to try out some of the techniques throughout the workshop. The sun was shining and it was warm. Rosie and Ashlynn will be teaching the campers again tomorrow. The girls had open water front to cool off.

Lots of laughter and fun as the girls enjoyed backfield games in the evening. Looking forward to a sun filled day tomorrow.

22 August, 2014

Knoefphli Mile Swim


Friday 22nd August 2014

Girls 10 and under

1st place              Alaina O.                              27:42

Girls 11 and 12

1st place              Renne L.                              24:18

2nd place             Emma S.                               24:20

3rd place              Evelyn H.S.                           25:56

4th place              Abby H.                                 26:18

5th place              Elke O.                                  26:41

6th place              Katya T.Y.                            26:44

7th place              Emma L.                               27:01

8th place              Antonia G.                            27:27

9th place              Jordan S.                              27:34

10th place           Caroline M.                           27:53

11th place           Carly A.                                 29:33

12th place           Sarah W.                              30:16

13th place           Marit K.                                  32:25

14th place           Lola C.                                   35:12

Girls 13 and 14

1st place              Madeleine M.                     22:09

2nd place             Hailey N.                             23:08

3rd place              Haley S.                              23:20

4th place              Anna D.                               23:27

5th place              Jessica C.                            23:46

6th place              Olivia O.                               23:47

7th place              Marion D.                             24:05

8th place              Liana Grace                         24:55

9th place              Reagan M.                           25:04

10th place           Emily S.                                 25:05

11th place           Marni G.                                25:38

12th place           Annie R.                                25:46

13th place           Alicia C.                                 26:15

14th place           Olivia L.                                 26:16

15th place           Sarah M.                              26:21

16th place           Chiara D.                              26:23

17th place           Kathryn A.                            26:34

18th place           Carmina C.                           26:37

19th place           Olivia H.                                27:43

20th place           Reaghan G.                         27:54

21st place            Morgan B.                           28:52

22nd place          Mary M.                               28:55

Girls 15-17

1st place              Olivia A.                                20:04

2nd place             Vanessa G.                          20:45

3rd place              Alexis B.                               21:49

4th place              Kate A.                                 21:53

5th place              Lauren S.                             23:00

6th place              Adelle Y.B.                           23:14

7th place              Dana S.                               24:50

8th place              Mary Kate J.                        24:58

9th place              Erin A.                                 25:01

10th place           Ashlynn M.                           25:02

11th place           Alex W.                                 25:03

12th place           Alicia G.                               25:43

13th place           Emily M.                               27:44

22 August, 2014

August 22nd


Today there was no early bird as the girls were getting ready to race the Knoephfli mile followed Chikopi field day! The morning started out a little wet with a light "British Isles" drizzle but the girls pulled through and all swam a fantastic race! Between the Ak-O-Mak girls and the Chikopi boys there were 87 swimmers in the race! We are very proud of Olivia A from Cabin 1 who came first overall with a time of 20:04 (A NEW Knoephfli mile swim record for the Ak-O-Mak girls!).

Five girls make the top 10 overall:  Olivia A, Vanessa G, Alexis B, Kate A, and Madeleine M! Fantastic! The Ak-O-Mak girls then enjoyed a Chikopi lunch before being assigned to mixed teams for the zaney Field Day activities.

Soon it was time for us to paddle home just in time for candy store and rest hour.

Many thanks to Chefs  Peter and Samson who prepared a delicious Chinese- food dinner tonight after which  we were re-energized for evening activities!

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