2021 Season in Full Swing!

Hello Ak-o-Mak Families!

Our 2021 season is in full swing, and camp is full of laughter and song which warms our hearts. Today we had our first rainy day of the season and with much anticipation, we were able to fully utilize our lovely pavilion. For the first time in Ak-o-mak’s history, every cabin was able to participate in classes indoors. We had a spike ball game in one corner, Zumba in another, bootcamp upfront, and yoga on the porch! There was plenty of space for all four activities to occur simultaneously in the pavilion. The flow of the morning was seamless, and the laughter echoed all around us. The pavilion made all the difference!

This afternoon we began team comp! This activity is a camp favourite and the pavilion provided us with shelter from the rain while the campers channelled their creative energies into hilarious skits and songs. The rain came down around us, but we were able to stay warm and dry. The pavilion is an amazing addition to camp, and all our campers truly enjoyed being able to continue the program despite the weather. We are so grateful for what the pavilion adds to our camp.

As we sit here listening to the rain we want to thank all those that contributed to the building, your impact was felt immensely today!

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.