Camp Ak-O-Mak girls hail from all over the world.  Regardless of age or nationality, "Ak-O-Makkers" share a special bond, born out if the shared experiences and challenges that transcend our differing generations....Early Bird...The Bell...The Mag Swim & Paddle..."Johnny Appleseed" before breakfast...Cabin life...War Canoe...Paddle across the lake for ice-cream...Team Comp...Rocky Reef...Old Man Barlow...Campfire.  

Camp Ak-O-Mak has been a life-changing force for many, instrumental in the making of strong, confident women out of uncertain little girls.

What is your story?

Hello fellow Ak-O-Makkers!

For so many of us, Camp Ak-O-Mak is an integral part of our childhood, teen and young adult memories.  A group of us have begun thinking about our alumni community and have begun working towards a reunion at camp for the 90th anniversary in 2018.  We are trying to get the word out to as many people as possible, so PLEASE pass this along to your camp buddies.  Post a message on your facebook page and get people back in touch with the rest of us. We are building a database now to ensure everyone gets a formal invite!  


Ak-O-Mak 90th Reunion – Labour day weekend - Sept 1-3, 2018

No early arrivals but late departures possible.

Bookended between last “after-camp” and swim club camp rental.

Fees will be charged to cover food costs. Accommodations on site in the cabins or bring your tent. Possible to book offsite local motel for those who wish/require upgrades! A committee is currently getting together to begin program planning – tell us what you would like to do while at camp.

 Visits while camp is in session are possible but must be arranged with current Executive Director, Dianne Young, to ensure that people are there – lots of off site competitions nowadays!  Camp is not able to provide housing when in session. Welcome to join in for meals at a nominal cost/meal.

Ideas, comments, skills are always welcome.  Tell us what you want to contribute or attend!

Best Regards,
Liisa Tikkala and Beth (Harrison) Steel
Co-chairs Alumni/ Reunion committee

Let The Games Begin!

Camp AkOMak
Camp AkOMak

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