Another GREAT summer spent at Camp-Ak-O-Mak!

We had another FANTASTIC summer camp season here at Camp-Ak-O-Mak! We were so pleased to see so many returning campers, and many new faces we hope to see for years to come. We enjoyed every single day together, and seeing happy messages like this make it all worth it – we wouldn’t want to spend our summers any other way or at any other place!

From a very happy Camp-Ak-O-Mak Parent:

“I just had to take a few moments to email and thank you for the wonderful experience my daughter had at camp. She attended the two-week camp from August 14th-28th and had an absolute blast! My daughter is a changed young lady. Her personality, confidence and entire outlook on life has taken a 180-degree turn. She has really been struggling with sports anxiety and has been seeing a sports psychologist for over a year but these two weeks have embedded a new sense of purpose in her. She was told about a mindfulness app from Brett and she has downloaded it and is using it daily.

The environment you provide for these young women at Ak-O-Mak is truly astounding. The supports in place with the amazing staff, sports and cabin mates is truly a blessing. I cannot thank you¬†enough for your amazing program. I feel like my daughter is more content with her body image and isn’t constantly obsessing over her phone viewing Tik Tok’s and Instagram. She already told me she wants to attend camp for three weeks next year:) She has taken her dad out on a few rides on her road bike and giving him tons of pointers:)
Once again, thank you for all your efforts as I cannot imagine running camp with the ever-changing protocols. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I have a happy child again:)”
See you next year!
– Camp-Ak-O-Mak 💚🧡

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.