Camp Update: Aug 20-22, 2022

Our last session for the summer began on August 20th. We had a beautiful day full of sunshine to welcome our new campers. It was so lovely to meet all of our new campers and reunite with those returning to camp this summer. All of the campers moved into their cabins and then enjoyed some field sports as they waited for the rest of their cabinmates to arrive. Once all of the campers had arrived, Cabin One went canoeing, Cabin Two went paddleboarding, Cabin Three also went canoeing, Cabin Four went kayaking, and Cabin Five tried out the log roll! Afterwards, the whole camp convened on the main dock for their first open waterfront of the session. The campers enjoyed swimming laps in the 25-yard pool, jumping off the tower and doing some funky dives off of the coaching dock. For dinner that night we enjoyed some pasta, chicken, green beans, and broccoli. For dessert, we had freshly made brownies. It was a wonderful start to camp. We are so excited to make the most out of the last two weeks of the summer.


On Sunday we started off the day with an early bird! The campers had the choice of swimming two miles, swimming a mile and running back, running or doing a yoga class in the Pavillion. Early bird is the best way to start the day and a unique camp experience. For morning classes Cabin One and Two had line dancing, Cabin Three had tennis, Cabin Four and Five played a game of volleyball. All of the cabins also had their very first swim practice of the session. Our coach Jocolyn was very impressed with all of the swimmers and is designing a training schedule to challenge them during their time here. We cannot wait to see what these athletes accomplish! After lunch and candy store we had an activity-filled afternoon. All of the cabins had an opportunity to go mountain biking and enjoyed their introduction to the trails. The campers also had the opportunity to choose between golf, soccer, and kickball for a period in the afternoon. Just before dinner, we had another open waterfront! For those that did not want to attend open waterfront, we gave them the option of strength training. The strength training program has really taken off this summer with all of the new equipment in the Pavillion. We have squat racks, free weights, resistance bands, and much more available to the campers to utilize during strength training. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate in the evening so we had our cookout indoors and postponed our campfire to another evening this week when the sun would be shining.


On Monday we enjoyed a delicious breakfast of freshly baked croissants – what a treat! That morning all of the campers enjoyed a swim practice that focused on open water swimming; the campers practiced sighting and drafting off of each other. FoCabin One had a spin class, Cabin Two played spikeball, Cabin Three had a bootcamp class, Cabin Four had line dancing, and Cabin Five had gymnastics.  In the afternoon, the whole camp completed a strength training workout and then gathered in the Pavillion for the introduction to team comp! Team comp is a much-loved part of camp. The whole camp is divided into three teams and they compete in a variety of challenges over the course of the session. The theme of this session is “Despicable Me”!

Mark your calendar

Make this their best summer yet.