Camp Update: August 25-28, 2022

In the morning of August 25th, we held our Monster Rock swim! The campers all raced the mile to Monster rock and back during their swim practice. It was inspiring to watch all of the swimmers attempt this feat. Many swam best times and those who had the goal of completing a mile in the open water achieved this feat! In the afternoon we had the cabin lip sync competition! The lip sync competition is many of our campers’ favourite part of their time at camp. They really brought it this year, this session’s showcase of lip syncs was the best yet! Cabin Two emerged victorious with their lip sync to a high school musical song, Cabin One was a close second with their spunky moves to Mambo Number Five, and Cabin Five came in third place with creative use of props to Jailhouse Rock.


For early bird on August 26th the campers had the choice of swimming, running, and war canoeing. For classes in the morning Cabin One had small boats, Cabin Two had golf, Cabin Three had tennis, Cabin Four and Five played each other in a game of basketball. In the afternoon, we had another spirited round of team comp in a spirited game of challengia! Challengia is a camp game where each team spins a paddle to determine whether they are completing a challenge or answering a trivia question. The competition was fierce among the teams.

On August 27th we had our annual Ahmic Harbour Swim. The swim into Ahmic Harbour is three miles long. The swimmers line up at the start parallel to the diving tower and follow the line of canoes all the way into Ahmic Harbour. It was amazing seeing the draft lines and camaraderie out on the water. Completing the Ahmic Harbour swim is a huge accomplishment for all that chose to take on the challenge. After the swim, the campers have the choice to paddle in the canoes or walk back to camp. It is a lovely morning full of spirited competition. That afternoon we had choice periods for the campers! They could choose between diving, golf, water polo, and paddleboarding. After the choice periods, we all had a self-defence class with Rosie. The campers love self-defence and we are so lucky to have a teacher as lovely and talented as Rosie.

On August 28th we took our camp pictures and had a swim practice in the morning. The campers are working hard to develop their open water swimming skills and Jocolyn is giving them plenty of opportunities to practise. In the afternoon, we all headed to Ahmic Lake Lodge for ice cream! The campers had the option of paddling, swimming, or road biking to the lodge. We thoroughly enjoyed our ice cream, swimming at the lodge, and basking in the lovely sun. What a relaxing day!

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