Camp Update: August 3-6, 2022

On August 3rd we had a rainy day at camp, instead of swim practice our campers enjoyed strength training in the pavilion with our new set of weights. The campers all learned the proper technique for deadlifting and were taught a few exercises they could do with the free weights. After our strength training session: Cabin One had a spin class, Cabin Two played spikeball, Cabins Three and Four had a Zumba class while Cabin Five and Six had a class where they learned about triathlon transitions. After our activities, Sheryl held a mindfulness chat where we learned about the different parts of our brains and the benefits of incorporating mindfulness into our daily routines. In the afternoon the rain continued so we decided to hold the much anticipated Lip Sync Competition. The Cabins spent the afternoon preparing their performances and the show was held after dinner. Cabin One emerged victorious! Their creative performance to Total Eclipse of the Heart impressed the judges and earned them bragging rights.

On August 4th we had Olympic Day here at camp! The Olympics is a whole day event. The campers compete in land sports in the morning and a swim meet and other water sports in the afternoon. It was amazing to see the competitive spirit alive and well here at camp.

On August 5th we had our Ahmic Harbour swim. The swim is 3 miles long and began right after breakfast. The majority of the campers completed the swim and those that decided not to swim enjoyed paddling for the swimmers with the counsellors. It was a wonderful day for the swim, the lake was flat and the sun was shining. A few tenacious campers decided they would also swim the 3 miles back to camp, which means they swam 6 miles before lunch! The rest of the camp either paddled or walked back to camp from Ahmic Harbour. After our busy morning, we decided to have a peaceful afternoon at camp. Cabin One went out in the small boats, Cabin Two went sailing, Cabin Three had archery, Cabin Four went gunnel bobbing, Cabin Five had a diving class, and Cabin Six flew kites.

On August 6th we had a regular morning of activities, all of the campers were thankful for swim practice as it was quite hot here at camp. Cabin One and Two also played golf, Cabin Three went on a kayaking adventure, Cabin Four and Five played volleyball, and Cabin Six played tennis. Since it was such a hot day we decided it would be the perfect day to head for ice cream! Some campers road biked over to the lodge, some swam, some paddled in the war canoe, and the rest paddled in the pleasure canoes. We all enjoyed our ice cream cones at Ahmic Lake Lodge and swam at the beach there. We all headed back to camp just in time for dinner. With the hot temperatures, we decided to have an open waterfront for evening activity to cool down before heading to bed. We are thoroughly enjoying the session so far and cannot believe how fast it is flying by!

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