Camp Update: July 27th-29th 2022

Our three-week session began this past Wednesday! The campers arrived throughout the afternoon and were greeted by the lovely counsellor staff who had been anxiously waiting to meet their new campers. We saw many returning campers and many new nervous smiles among the crowd. Once all the campers arrived they enjoyed a variety of field sports such as soccer, tennis, and volleyball. The campers unpacked, set up their bunks, and then we all convened in the main house for our first meal together. Dinner was chicken, broccoli, rice, and salad. The dessert was delicious brownies with caramel sauce – what a treat! After dinner, all of the campers received a camp tour from their counsellors and participated in some cabin bonding activities.


On Thursday, we began our day with an unconventional early bird that consisted of yoga, tennis, and kickball. The campers were allowed to select the activity of their choice and mingled with other campers from outside of their cabins. The morning activities consisted of swim practice, Zumba, spikeball, and archery. It was so lovely seeing all of the campers out enjoying the weather and getting to know one another. That afternoon was also jam-packed with activities! Cabin One practiced their canoeing skills, Cabin Two competed in the first round of the tennis tournament, Cabin Three played some pickleball, Cabin Four enjoyed basketball, Cabin Five also went canoeing, and Cabin Six went on a kayaking adventure. That evening we feasted on a dinner of pasta and meatballs with grilled zucchini on the side. The dessert on Thursday was scrumptious rice crispy squares. After dinner, we all headed out to the back fields for some well-spirited games such as Huckle Buckle and Partner Tag.


On Friday, we began our day with traditional early bird activities: swimming, running, and mountain biking. It is always a wonderful sight to see the swimmers on the water and the runners and bikers on the trails all before breakfast! After breakfast, the campers all participated in their daily swim practice as well as a host of other activities. Cabin One went mountain biking, Cabin Two played water polo, Cabin Three reset with some paddleboard yoga, Cabin Four went on a kayaking adventure, Cabin Five played a game of kickball, and Cabin Six splashed around during water aerobics. Laughter could be heard all around camp that morning! In the afternoon, we kick-started our road biking program. The experienced road bikers embarked on their first group ride for the majority of the afternoon while those keen to get out on the road participated in a learn-to-road bike session. For the campers who were not inclined to head out on a bike ride, they had the opportunity to play a game of soccer and paddleboard. What an active afternoon everyone had! We are loving the session and looking forward to seeing all of the campers grow in their sports and friendships – camp truly is a magical place!

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