07 October, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving

Typically by October, Ontario is under the raw chill of fall with blustering winds and sideways rains, the kind that cruelly strip the colour from the trees and the "magic" from the forests.  This year, however, we have been basking in the warmth of a true "Indian summer".  Warm, sunny days have allowed us to defer the inevitable donning of hats and coats for a while longer.  Vibrant blue skies have provided a striking contrast to the explosion of yellows, oranges and crimson which have made the views everywhere at this time of year breathtaking!...the perfect backdrop as Canadians celebrate THANKSGIVING this long weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving

02 September, 2017

September 2nd 2017

Sadly another amazing summer at Camp Ak-O-Mak has come to an end. We made the most of our last day with a full earlybird of running, mountain biking and paddling. After a tasty breakfast of bagels and sausages with fruit we all headed to waterfront to start packing up camp. The campers were an amazing help and by the end of the morning the lane ropes were taken out, and the sail boats and boathouse was all packed up. After an early lunch we spent the afternoon doing Treasure Hunt! All the team comp teams raced around camp to find clues and the team that found the most clues won. This evening we had banquet to end off the session. Our chef Sam and his team made an amazing dinner, and afterwards we settled in for awards and a slideshow. After banquet was over we went to the waterfront to release our wish boats and sing some camp songs. It was a wonderful summer full of camp adventures and great friendships, and we are all looking forward to next year already!



31 August, 2017

August 31st 2017

The sun was shining for a wonderful earlybird of running, road biking, mountain biking and swimming. Afterwards we all met at the mainhouse to fill our stomachs with tasty breakfast sandwiches and fruit. After tidying their cabins for inspection the campers headed to their morning classes. This morning we had classes of lacrosse, archery, basketball, soccer, rugby and volleyball. Since it was a little chillier this morning we had a choice between swimming or dry land. After lunch and rest hour we all met at Easter Island Head Rock for team comp! The game we played is called Gold Rush, and each team has to look for and collect coloured rocks that are scattered around camp. They bring them all back and the team with the most rocks wins! After team comp we had two choice periods and we finished up the tennis tournament. We also had a group head into Parry Sound for the bike time trial. After a delicious dinner of cous cous, pork roast and salad the campers had a choice between fireside yoga or softball to end the day.




30 August, 2017

August 30th 2017

We had an early breakfast this morning at 7:30 am and then loaded the bus and headed to Buckwallow Cycling Centre for a day of mountain biking! When we got there most of the group headed out to bike on the trails while some of the group hiked or ran the trails for the morning. We headed back to the main site for lunch and then headed out for another ride in the afternoon! Buckwallow has trails that range from beginner to advanced, so it is a great place for everyone. We arrived back to camp for some open waterfront before dinner to cool off. After a delicious dinner of rice, beef and carrots all of the campers headed down to their cabins to practice for cabin lip syncs! We met back up at the mainhouse and each cabin presented their dance. They were all very creative and they loved watching the other cabins. It was a perfect ending to a wonderful day!



29 August, 2017

August 29th 2017

Today we held Olympic Day at Camp Ak-O-Mak! After a great early bird of running, road biking, swimming and mountain biking we all went to the mainhouse for some toast, scrambled eggs and fruit for breakfast. After inspection all the campers met at Easter Island Head Rock to divide into teams for Olympic Day. Each team picked a different country that wasn’t represented at Ak-O-Mak and divided their team into different events for the day. In the morning we had the swim meet and the afternoon was dedicated to the land sports. Some of the sports we did in the afternoon were tennis, basketball, soccer, softball, gymnastics, track and field and mountain biking. We finished off the afternoon with open waterfront to cool off before dinner. After a delicious dinner of chicken, pasta and vegetables there was a choice between fireside yoga and backfield games for evening activity. Everyone headed to their cabins afterwards ready for a good sleep after such a busy day!



28 August, 2017

August 28th 2017

We enjoyed a beautiful early bird this morning, with the choice of swimming, running, road biking or mountain biking. Everyone headed up to the mainhouse after for a delicious breakfast of blueberry pancakes and sausages before cleaning their cabins for inspection. In addition to our morning classes today we had the Sailing Regatta! Cabins 1, 3 and 5 had their regatta this morning and cabins 2, 4 and 6 had their chance in the afternoon. Some of our other morning classes included yoga, softball, tennis, lacrosse, netball and swimming. After rest hour and candy store we had choice periods in the afternoon. Some campers also went on a bike ride towards Magnetawan and back. The other choices included archery, paddle boarding, diving and hiking adventure. After a tasty dinner of chicken, rice and roasted vegetables we met at Easter Island Head Rock for team comp! During this game some of the counsellors hid around camp and the campers had to find them. Each counsellor gave them a specific task to complete and the first team to find all the counsellors won. It was a very exciting way to finish the day!



27 August, 2017

August 27th 2017

The bell went off bright and early at 5:30 am to have breakfast before heading to Parry Sound for the triathlon! The day started off with the Try-a-Tri, Sprint triathlon and the Duathlon. Once those races finished the Kids of Steel races started! It was wonderful being able to cheer for everyone, and the campers and staff both did amazing! It was some campers first tirahlon ever and we were all very proud of them. We ended the morning with a pizza lunch, followed by a trip to get ice cream before heading back to camp. Once we got back we had rest hour and open waterfront before our final campfire of the summer! We had delicious burgers and sausages with salad and chips for dinner, and cake for dessert. We ended off the day by roasting marshmallows and singing camp songs around the fire.

For Results See http://www.chiptimeresults.com/chiptimepublic/results.php?rty=results1


25 August, 2017

Ahmic Harbour Swim



1ST             Olivia Luka                    55:18

2nd              Alyssa Forbes               55:35

3rd               Elke Ott                         55:56

4th               Kali Metuzals                56:40

5th               Alana Odinocki             56:44

6th               Emma Seawright          56:49

7th               Bailey O’Regan             58:37

7th               Madelyn Glowinski      58:37

9th               Allison Low Ring           58:41

10th            Abby Brousseau           1:00:24

                   Moira Bujak                  1:02:35



1ST              Julia Denes                   1:14:56

2nd              Emily Cescon                1:15:15

3rd               Madison McDermott   1:17:50

4th               Sophia Soulliere           1:32:56

5th               Maizie Moustgaard      1:33:44


11-12 GIRLS

1ST              Bailey O’Regan             58:37

1st               Madelyn Glowinski      58:37

3rd               Allison Low Ring           58:41

4th               Moira Bujak                  1:02:35

5th               Ella Moutsgaard           1:04:42

6th               Victoria Phillips            1:07:19

7th               Abigail Odinocki           1:07:21

8th               Sana Hussain                1:08:54

9th               Amaris Peng                 1:09:23

10th            Ema Masic                    1:09:46

11th            Victoria Raymond        1:11:28

12th            Nikola Darvill Kaiser    1:13:09

13th            Keira Ball                       1:14:36

14th            Madison Russell           1:14:41

15th            Emma Lee Jacques       1:15:07

16th            Vivian Yuan                  1:15:32

17th            Sadie Partridge             1:17:00

18th            Taryn Fenton                1:17:06


13-14 GIRLS

1ST              Elke Ott                         55:56

2nd              Kali Metuzals                56:40

3rd               Alana Odinocki             56:44

4th               Abby Brousseau           1:00:24

5th               Isabelle Monaghan Chow     1:02:58

6th               Tina Beason                  1:03:32

7th               Abby Marshall              1:06:30

8th               Melinda Novelletto     1:06:53

9th               Lola Collin                     1:06:59

10th            Audrey Lacey                1:08:52

11th            Clarke Morrison           1:09:26

12th            Aislinn Munro              1:1052


15-17 GIRLS


1ST              Olivia Luka                    55:18

2nd              Alyssa Forbes               55:35

3rd               Emma Seawright          56:49

4th               Anna Dahlgren             1:02:54

5th               Carmen Caires              1:04:40

6th               Caroline Martin            1:09:24

7th               Alicia Corbiere              1:09:27

8th               Kiera Masterson           1:11:05

25 August, 2017

August 25th 2017

We enjoyed a nice sleep in before breakfast due to the 3 mile Ahmic Harbour swim this morning! After breakfast we met at the main dock ready to swim and paddle. All of the swimmers did an amazing job and we had some very fast times this year! The paddlers also did a wonderful job of keeping the swimmers safe and on course. We got back to camp in time for a yummy lunch of perogies and salad. The campers enjoyed a nice rest hour before heading out for classes this afternoon. Some of the classes we had included sailing, ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, soccer and synchro. We also started the tennis tournament this afternoon! After a delicious dinner of fish and chips with peas and salad we met on the soccer field for the counsellor vs camper soccer game! The counsellors came out dressed in wild clothes, and the campers rotated on and off the field. It was an awesome game and the counsellors came out victorious this year! The campers had a chance to cool off in the lake before heading for their cabins for bedtime.




24 August, 2017

August 24th 2017

Another beautiful day on Ahmic Lake! We started off our day with a choice of swimming, running, road or mountain biking for earlybird. We all met up at the mainhouse for a delicious breakfast of scones with strawberries and cream and banana muffins. After tidying the cabins for inspection everyone headed to their morning classes. Some of the classes include sailing, softball, tennis, yoga, badminton, paddle boarding and swimming. Our afternoon started off with a fun team comp game! Everyone gathered down on the main dock and each team was given 3 spoons and a tea cup. They had to use the spoons to bring water from the lake up to the mainhouse to fill up their tea cup. It was a blast to watch all of their concentration so they wouldn’t spill the water! After team comp a group of campers headed out to the Parry Sound bike time trial! Everyone else at camp had 2 choice periods of soccer, kickball, ultimate Frisbee, diving and basketball. After enjoying pork chops, cous cous and salad for dinner we played Barbarians for evening activity! Barbarians is played on the volleyball court, and each team tries to steal tennis balls from the other teams. It is very intense, and everyone had a chance to jump in the lake and clean up before bed.




Let The Games Begin!

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