20 February, 2017

February 2017

For so many of us, Camp Ak-O-Mak is an integral part of our childhood, teen and young adult memories.  A group of us have begun thinking about our alumni community and have begun working towards a reunion at camp for the 90th anniversary in 2018.  We are trying to get the word out to as many people as possible, so PLEASE pass this along to your camp buddies.  Post a message on your facebook page and get people back in touch with the rest of us. We are building a database now to ensure everyone gets a formal invite!  A new camp website will be launched in April and we will be able to post alumni info there.

07 February, 2017

New Adult Training Camp

Typical Daily Schedule

7:30 Wake up

7:45-8:45 Early bird - choice of swim, swim/run, trailing run or paddle

9:00 Breakfast

10:30-12:45 Choice of activities include: road bike, mountain bike, swim  practice, video analysis, small boats (kayaks, c boats, war canoe), archery,   tennis, additional sports available.

1:00 Lunch

2:00-2:30 Tea and Coffee on porch, reading in hammocks

2:30-6:00 choice of activities: road bike, video analysis, sailing, yoga, diving, beach volleyball, badminton, Zumba, self defense, additional sports available.

6:30 Dinner

7:30 Yoga and wine

Inspirational videos

Inspirational talks, mindfulness, meditation, massage therapy, stretching,   bonfire, happy hour

02 January, 2017

Ak-O-Mak Remembers Myles Biggs

It is with profound sadness that we have learned of the sudden, accidental passing of Myles Biggs.

Many of you will remember Myles as camp's beloved "maintenance man" for 3 summers, 2010 to 2014.

04 December, 2016

Counsellor Molly Sipprell

Having skated with the Nipissing Lakers since their inaugural season, Molly Sipprell’s career has run parallel to an exciting era of growth for women’s ice hockey in the North Bay region. With each season, the Lakers have improved on their win-loss record, while Sipprell’s development as a leader is one of the programs cornerstones.

08 October, 2016


One of the greatest things about living on the 45th parallel is watching the changing of the seasons and Camp Ak-O-Mak has to be one of the most beautiful places to witness this spectacle of nature! 

31 August, 2016

August 31, 2016

This morning for Early Bird nearly half of camp went out to hit the trails on mountain bikes. The campers have been working on their cycling all session and even though it has only been two weeks, many campers have made tremendous progress in cycling. Instead of our usual three classes in the morning we had our camp pictures. Then we had the final events for the Olympics, basketball, soccer, and various gymnastics events. It was a bright sunny morning, perfect for the field sports competition. After the Olympic events concluded everyone had SWIMMING YAY! 

30 August, 2016

August 30, 2016

The girls awoke to the ringing of the bell and quickly started their Early Bird runs or swims or BOTH! 

29 August, 2016

August 29, 2016

This morning our oldest cabin took our youngest cabin out sailing for a double period! Other cabins had war canoe, solftball, Zumba and tried their hand at net ball - a new sport introduced by our British counsellors! And as a twist, all of the cabins had swim practice together. 

28 August, 2016

August 28, 2016

It was still dark at Camp Ak-O-Mak when the bell rang at 5:30 this morning to wake us for an early breakfast.  It was Parry Sound Triathlon Day!  Before we knew it we were boarding the 2 school buses and following the big U-Hauls carrying camp’s bikes bound for Parry Sound.

27 August, 2016

August 27, 2016

It was another exciting day at camp! This morning Early Bird was slightly modified as a thick fog had enveloped camp.  One camper said that it “looked like (she) was still dreaming”.  The swimmers swam in the pools while the runners and mountain bikers were ok to hit the trails!


Let The Games Begin!

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