04 August, 2017

August 4th 2017

There was a twist on the schedule today! Due to the rain instead of staying on camp we loaded onto buses and headed to Parry Sound to hang out at the YMCA all day! After swimming or running for early bird we all headed up to breakfast before heading out to Parry Sound. When we got to the YMCA we split the cabins up into different stations of volleyball, floor hockey, bootcamp or weightlifting for the older girls, football, step class and boxing! The cabins rotated around the stations for half of the day and then we joined together as a group again. First one of our counsellors led the group in a rockin’ body workout! Then we had a camp wide basketball tournament and finished off with a round of dodgeball! It was a very busy and fun day, and it was a fantastic way to escape the rain at camp. We arrived back in time for a quick jump in the lake to cool off before dinner. For dinner we had fish and chips, with peas and salad. For evening activity one of Ak-O-Mak’s Alumni Sue Porter gave a talk about the power of positive thinking. The chat was the perfect end to a relaxing evening. Sue also led us in a guided meditation before bed, and everyone was very relaxed and ready for a good nights sleep.




03 August, 2017

Aug 3rd 2017

Our day started off with a busy earlybird of running, swimming, mountain biking and road biking. For breakfast today we had croissants with jam, bacon and fresh fruit. After fueling up for the morning the campers headed down to the cabins to tidy for inspection and then headed out for morning classes. This morning we had swimming, small boats, badminton, yoga, mountain bikinh, Zumba and ultimate Frisbee. Cabins 1 and 2 also finished off the tennis tournament this morning. After lunch we headed down to the canoe docks and paddled over to Ahmic Lake Lodge for ice cream! We also took 2 war canoes over and had a group of bikers meet us there. Everyone had a relaxing afternoon by the water, reading their books and playing in the rapids. We headed back to camp just in time for a delicious lasagna dinner. For evening activity we started preparing for the Barrie Triathlon with a running clinic. We learned all about the proper form for running to increase speed and to prevent injuries. After working up a sweat we had time to jump in the lake before bedtime!




02 August, 2017

August 2nd 2017

We had a peaceful morning for earlybird, and campers had the choice between running, swimming, road and mountain biking. After working up an appetite we headed to the mainhouse for breakfast sandwiches and fruit. After inspection our morning classes began. We had transitions, badminton, pilates, soccer, volleyball and swimming. For lunch we had sandwiches and salad. After a well-deserved rest hour everyone started off their afternoon with a choice period. The choices were strength training, basketball, waterpolo, pickleball and kayak adventure. Luckily the rain held off and we had team comp for the rest of the afternoon! Today’s game was Just Dance! Each team created a dance and then performed it for evening activity. They were very entertaining and everyone had a wonderful time. After evening activity it was time to head back to the cabins to rest up for tomorrow.




01 August, 2017

Ahmic Harbour Swim




1ST           Alicia Eisen                    53:10

2nd           Jessica Reibel                53:24

3rd           Robin Cruz Abrams     54:36

4th           Flora Haslem                55:12

5th           Gabby Eivers                 55:36

6th           Florence Millet             55:50

7th           Elizabeth  Shannon      56:36

8th           Alanna Casasanta         56:37

9th           Ayden Michaud            56:38

10th         Marion Denny              57:54





1ST           Isabella Howes             1:09:40

2nd           Abby Miller                   1:12:00

3rd           Kelly Mitchell                1:20:45

4th           Zoe Katona                    1:33:20

5th           Marleigh Howes           1:51:43

6th           Lauren Reeve                1:54:37

7th           Reed Errickson             2:10:10


11-12 GIRLS

1st            Tori Bibler                      1:01:53

2nd           Emmeline O’Kelly           1:02:03

3rd           Carmella Ylagan           1:03:07

4th           Cara MacDonald          1:03:08

5th           Charlotte Rooney         1:06:42

6th           Jolie Mosack                 1:07:59

7th           Amanda Jaffe               1:09:27

8th           Livie Shine                     1:17:10

9th           Lexi Asch                       1:21:45

10th         Candela Lespada          1:22:26

11th         Udaya Reddy                 1:22:27

12th         Aitziber Fernandez      1:51:58



13-14 GIRLS

1st            Flora Haslem                55:12

2nd           Florence Millet             55:50

3rd           Elizabeth Shannon       56:36

4th           Alana Casasanta          56:37

5th           Ayden Michaud            56:38

6th           Marit Kershaw              1:00:46

7th           Devon Smith                 1:00:50

8th           Karina Gruson              1:02:04

9th           Hannah Sweeney         1:02:05

10th         Chelsea Moore             1:02:12

11th         Emilia Blonkenfeld       1:02:15

12th         Frankie Dahinten         1:03:04

13th         Rachel Patten               1:03:09

14th         Anna Rowe                   1:03:39 (swam both ways)

15th         Claire Witting               1:03:55

16th         Ann Pelletier                 1:04:27

17th         Elyse Truebridge          1:10:35

18th         Casey Morris                 1:10:48

19th         Evelyn Cooper              1:10:52

20th         Aditi Pundit                   1:11:01

21st         Jenna Wall                    1:13:09

01 August, 2017

August 1st 2017

The water was calm and the sun was shining for our 3 mile Ahmic Harbour swim today! The girls had a sleep in before a filling breakfast of pancakes and fruit before the swim. Everyone met down at the main dock for the start of the swim and had a warm-up. All of the swimmers did an amazing job and even some of our littlest campers from cabins 7 and 8 completed the swim! Once we arrived at Ahmic Harbour there was fruit, Gatorade and hot chocolate waiting for the campers to refuel before the run, walk or paddle back to camp. We arrived just in time for a delicious lunch of perogies and salad, and then had an extended rest hour before afternoon activities. This afternoon we had classes of sailing, bushwacking, diving, kickball, small boats, fencing and more! After dinner we had open waterfront to enjoy this beautiful weather and warm water. There was also the option of stroke correction and stretching. The girls practiced their skills on the paddleboards, small boats and even tried gunwale bobbing! It was a very busy and exciting day.



31 July, 2017

July 31st 2017

Another beautiful day at Ak-O-Mak! We started our day bright and early with swimming, running, mountain biking or road biking for earlybird. After enjoying French toast with fresh fruit for breakfast everyone headed down to their cabins to get their cabins clean for inspection. Our morning classes consisted of mountain biking, transitions, croquet, diving, Zumba, badminton and swimming. For lunch we had chili with cornbread muffins and then back to the cabins to rest up for the afternoon. This afternoon we played an awesome game for team comp. It was called Mario Canoes, and each team had to fit 3 or 4 people into a canoe and then race to Monster Rock and back with some obstacles and water balloons to throw at the other teams. It was a blast to watch and everyone had a great time! After team comp we had a choice period of fencing, kickball, small boats, volleyball and gymnastics. For evening activity we had a choice between yoga, stroke correction and speed ball in the backfield! Everyone headed to the cabins nice and early tonight to rest up for the Ahmic Harbour swim tomorrow!



30 July, 2017

July 30th 2017

Today was a very special day here at Camp Ak-O-Mak because we had our annual Olympic Day! Camp is divided into 6 different teams, and each team chooses which country they would like to represent. Then each camper chooses the sports that they are best at and they compete against the other teams. This morning was spent by the lake for all of our water sports. We started out with diving and a swim meet, and then moved on to war canoe, waterpolo, synchro, K1 and paddleboard races. After lunch and rest hour we met up at Easter Island Head Rock for our afternoon of land sports! We divided into teams for tennis, badminton, volleyball, soccer, softball, basketball, track and field, mountain biking and cross-country. It was an awesome day and there is a different sport for everyone to excel at. After a full day of Olympic games we headed to the campfire for Sunday night cookout! Everyone enjoyed their burgers, salad and chips before roasting some marshmallows and having cake for dessert! We read the results of Olympic Day at campfire and then sang some songs before heading back to the cabin for a well deserved early bedtime.



28 July, 2017

July 28th 2017

We started off today with a sleep in before breakfast. When the bell rang everyone headed up to the mainhouse for some toast, sausages and fresh fruit. We had a longer inspection today to allow extra time to unpack and clean up and then everyone headed out for morning classes! This morning we had archery, volleyball, soccer, netball, tennis and more. The beautiful weather held up all day and everyone enjoyed the sunshine. After lunch we had candy store and rest hour, and then headed out for afternoon activities. We had swim practice this afternoon, and everyone had canoeing class as well to practice our paddling skills. Some other classes this afternoon included water polo, self-defense and Zumba. For dinner tonight we had delicious pork, cous cous, steamed broccoli and salad. After dinner we played some back field games for evening activity! We played Hucklebuckle and partner tag, and then everyone had a chance to jump in the lake before bed. Everyone headed for an early bedtime to rest up for our first earlybird tomorrow morning!



28 July, 2017

July 28th 2017

We had our first earlybird of the 3 week session this morning and everyone seemed to enjoy it! The girls chose between road biking, mountain biking, running or swimming. After earlybird everyone headed to breakfast nice and hungry and enjoyed bagels, scrambled eggs and fresh fruit. After inspection we all headed out for a full morning of classes! It was a windy day but very sunny so everyone enjoyed their classes of yoga, mountain biking, soccer, sailing and of course swimming, yay! For afternoon activities we started Team Comp! The theme for this session is video games, so Ak-O-Mak has been called to help rescue some counsellors that have been sucked into the gaming world! The campers have to complete various levels to help save the counsellors. Everyone got to work right away making a team name, flag and skit. After Team Comp there was a choice period of yoga, softball, ultimate Frisbee and soccer. To end off the afternoon we all had a chance to cool off in the lake during open waterfront. After a wonderful dinner of fish and chips we all went on to the backfield to play Capture the Flag! We divided the camps into 4 teams and everyone had a shot at stealing the other teams flags. It was a very busy but great day!



26 July, 2017

July 26th 2017

Today we welcomed all of the new campers to camp! After early bird and breakfast this morning our 7 weekers headed out for a fun morning of swimming, war canoe, tennis and Zumba. Our new campers began arriving around lunch time and our counsellors greeted them and brought them down to their cabins to settle in for the next 2 or 3 weeks. Once everyone arrived we went for a hike of the trails and then back to cabins to get ready for dinner. We had chicken, zucchini, roasted potatoes and salad for dinner tonight followed by vanilla cupcakes for dessert! After introduction of the staff team everyone headed down to their cabins to finish unpacking and get to know their cabin mates. We can’t wait to see what the next session brings!




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