25 July, 2017

July 25th 2017


Another amazing session of camp has come to an end! The past 4 weeks have flown by and we’re definitely looking forward to the next 3 weeks. We had an early breakfast this morning because the campers leaving by bus had an early departure at 8:30am. After breakfast we had inspection to get our cabins ready for new campers tomorrow and then headed down for swim practice! This was a unique swim practice, with some sprint races and relay races using the innertubes at the end. After swimming we played a game of Smugglers and Spies along the cabin line. To finish off a fun morning we had a water balloon fight in the backfield! For lunch we enjoyed yummy pizza and salad, and then we had a quick rest hour. For the afternoon we paddled, swam, ran or took the war canoe over to Ahmic Lake Lodge! We played on the water slide and water trampoline and enjoyed some ice cream in the sun. We got back to camp in time for dinner and then for the evening we had a movie night! We watched Moana and enjoyed some treats. As a fun twist the campers had a chance to stay in the mainhouse overnight if they wanted to! We can’t wait for tomorrow to meet all of the new campers.



24 July, 2017

July 24th 2017

1 more day of vacation… Sadly this is the 4 weekers last day of camp so we definitely made the most of it! We had a sleep in today due to the weather so the girls came to breakfast feeling very rested. After breakfast and inspection we had morning classes. Our morning classes consisted of pilates, boxing, self defense and rocktagon! Rocktagon is played in an empty cabin. All of the mattresses are lined on the floor and you put on a couple of lifejackets and wrestle. It is a lot of fun on a rainy day! After classes we had a filling lunch of perogies, chips and salad and then we had rest hour. For the afternoon everyone met back up at the mainhouse for team comp! The teams took turns playing Scuttlebugs and building a parachute that holds a tennis ball to fly off the second floor in the mainhouse. After activities everyone went back to their cabins to pack before dinner. Tonight was banquet, so we had a special dinner of mashed potatoes, stuffing, turkey, vegetables and gravy. After dinner we gave out all of the awards and watched the slide show! Then we headed down to the main dock to release our wish boats into the water. It was an amazing day to end off a wonderful session.



23 July, 2017

July 23rd 2017

What a successful weekend at the Ottawa Regatta! We left on the buses after early bird and breakfast Friday morning. We drove all morning and got to Ottawa in the early afternoon. After getting settled into the hotel we all headed out for dinner at Tucker’s Marketplace. They have a buffet dinner with lots of choices available and it is always a camper favourite. After dinner the campers had time to walk around the Byward Market in Ottawa and visit the Rideau Centre. We all headed back to the hotel after for an early bedtime to get ready for paddling! We woke up bright and early at 6:30 on Saturday morning to grab some breakfast before we headed to Carleton Place Canoe Club for the regatta. All of the girls did amazing in their races and had a lot of fun! The weather was sunny and beautiful all day. We had a pizza dinner at the regatta before heading back to the hotel. Saturday night we walked to Parliament Hill to see the light show! It is a show all about the history of Canada, and it is amazing to see the city at night. On Sunday we had a bit of a sleep in and then had breakfast at the hotel before heading to Tanger Outlet mall for a bit of shopping before heading back to camp. We arrived at camp just in time for Sunday cookout! The girls enjoyed burgers and sausages with cake for dessert, and marshmallows to roast in the campfire. We all shared our favourite stories from the regatta. It was a fantastic weekend and everyone is definitely ready for bed!




20 July, 2017

July 20th 2017

The lake was very calm this morning for a wonderful early bird of swimming, running, small boats and biking. After toast, sausages, hashbrowns and fruit for breakfast everyone headed down to clean their cabins and then headed off to morning activities. For first period we took out the 3 war canoes for one last practice before the Ottawa Regatta! For second and third period we had classes of badminton, archery, soccer and swimming. After lunch we had a bit of a longer rest hour to get all packed up for Ottawa. Then we all headed back down to paddling for a bit of practice in the small boats. Once we loaded all the boats onto the trailer the campers headed out for a choice period of volleyball, tennis and synchro. After a delicious chicken curry dinner we all met at the softball diamond for the camper versus counsellor softball game! The counsellors got all dressed up and it was so much fun to play. We had some open waterfront before bedtime to bathe before we head to Ottawa tomorrow!



18 July, 2017

July 18th 2017

As an exciting twist today we all headed to Buckwallow Cycling Centre! After an early bird of swimming, running and small boats and a delicious breakfast we all hopped on the buses and left. It was a very busy day full of mountain biking, running and hiking the kilometers of trails at Buckwallow! There are many different trails, from beginner to expert level and they all differ in distance as well. It was such an amazing opportunity to get to try out our skills at mountain biking and everyone had an awesome time. After a couple hours of riding in the morning we stopped for a lunch break and then hopped on our bikes and headed back out for the afternoon. We arrived back to camp in time to bathe quickly before dinner. After roasted chicken, veggies and rice for dinner we headed back onto the water for a choice period for evening activity. The girls chose between sailing, paddle boarding, small boats and diving. It was a great way to cool off before bed.



17 July, 2017

July 17th 2017

Another gorgeous day here at Camp Ak-O-Mak! Our morning started off with an earlybird of running, mountain biking, swimming and road biking. After a filling breakfast of bagels, sausages and grapes the campers headed down to their cabins to tidy up for inspection. For morning classes today we had paddling and swimming! The girls worked on their small boats and war canoe to prepare for the upcoming regatta in Ottawa on Saturday. After a lunch of pizza and salad we all went to our cabins to rest up for the afternoon. This afternoon we did another period of paddling and then a choice period of diving, archery or paddle boarding. After dinner we all went to the volleyball courts for a game of Barbarians! During this evening activity the camp is divided into 4 teams and you have to try to get the other teams socks that are hidden on their backs. It is a very intense game and it is always a favourite evening activity! At the end the counsellors and cabin 1 play against the rest of the campers for a fun challenge. The girls then had some open waterfront before bedtime to clean all of the sand off of them.




16 July, 2017

July 16th 2017

We had beautiful weather for early bird today, the sun was shining and the lake was as smooth as glass. The campers enjoyed their run, swim or mountain bike and then headed up to the main house for a delicious breakfast of croissants, bacon, hash browns and fruit. After the girls cleaned up their cabins for inspection we headed out to morning classes. After first period the rain came so we all headed up to the main house for some yoga and self defense. The weather cleared out for last period so we all headed down to the lake for swimming yay! After lunch and rest hour we played an awesome game of Team Comp! Each team had to design their own obstacle course and then the other teams got a chance to run through them. It was so much fun seeing how creative each team was. After Team Comp the campers divided for a choice period of ultimate Frisbee, softball or tennis. For dinner tonight we had cookout! The girls had so much fun roasting marshmallows and chatting around the camp fire. It was a great day and we can’t wait for another week at camp!



15 July, 2017

July 15th 2017

A very successful day at the North Bay Regatta for Camp Ak-O-Mak! We had a couple campers leave very early this morning for their C1 and K1 races, and everyone else enjoyed a sleep in before breakfast. After eating we loaded onto the buses to head to North Bay! Everyone did an amazing job racing the war canoes and small boats. The beautiful weather helped to keep spirits high as we cheered for our fellow campers and counsellors! Everyone worked together to get the boats out on the water on time for each heat. It was wonderful to see the campers do so well in their races when they have only been paddling for a couple of weeks. After a full day of racing we had pizza and ice cream to celebrate! We got home just in time to put the boats away and head to bed for an early bedtime. Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep after such a busy day!



14 July, 2017

July 14th 2017

Everyone woke up bright and early this morning for early bird! There was the choice of swimming, running, mountain biking or small boats to prepare for the North Bay Regatta tomorrow! After pancakes, bacon and fruit for breakfast we headed down to the boathouse for one more war canoe practice. All of the boats are looking very strong and the girls can’t wait to race tomorrow. After paddling practice was over we loaded the boats onto the trailer, just in time to head to lunch. After candy store we had an extended rest hour so everyone would be nice and rested for tomorrow. In the afternoon the campers all picked a song and choreographed a dance for cabin lip syncs! All of the cabins made very creative and original dances and it was so much fun to watch. After dinner we all gathered in the main house again for a stretching and massage clinic led by Jocelyn! There are a lot of sore muscles due to all the paddling lately so it was wonderful to have a chance to stretch them out in time for the races. After stretching everyone headed down to their cabins to get a good night sleep for tomorrow!



13 July, 2017

July 13th 2017

Today was spent getting ready for the North Bay Regatta on Saturday! We had a regular early bird with the choice of swimming, running, road biking or mountain biking. After a yummy breakfast of scrambled eggs, toast and watermelon the campers headed down to clean their cabins for inspection. We had a special guest today at Ak-O-Mak, Bill Trayling! Bill was here to help us with paddling. We had only 2 periods this morning and the younger and older campers alternated between paddling and swim practice with dryland. After lunch and a sleepy rest hour the campers put their paddling gear back on for the afternoon! We took out the 3 war canoes again as well as small boats. In addition to paddling we also had volleyball, netball and tennis. We had a bit of a more relaxed evening activity, with the choice between yoga and softball. Everyone was definitely ready for a good sleep!





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