25 July, 2015

July 25th 2015

July 25th

It was quite an extreme day for our campers today with over 50 of them competing in the Xterra off road race in Parry Sound.  We woke up nice and early and had a light breakfast before loading the bus and heading to the race.  Most of our campers competed in the 5km trail run – running up a rock wall, up and down plenty of hills, and even through mud and streams.  It was a fantastic run with lots of challenges and excitement.  All of the campers did a great job and it was made even better because of the supportive cheers that could be heard all throughout the course from the campers and counsellors who did not run.

After the trail run, the Xterra triathlon started!  Ak-O-Mak had eight relays complete the sprint triathlon and one camper, Elisha P. completed the whole race on her own.  It was a tough course with a difficult mountain bike and a hilly run but all of the campers did a fantastic job!  In the end our very own Blair Saunders (resident mountain bike coach at camp) came first overall in the sprint triathlon!  It was a new experience for everyone and one that we will definitely do again next year!  The races really showed that Ak-O-Makkers are TOUGH ENOUGH! 

Once we ate lunch at the race and then stopped for some celebratory ice cream on the way home all of the tired campers headed to their cabins for a rest hour before some open waterfront until dinner.  After dinner campers had the choice of yoga or a hike before bed.  Meanwhile, a group of our seven weekers headed into Magnetewan for an evening of square dancing.  It was an exciting and tiring day for everyone and all are sleeping well tonight!   


24 July, 2015

July 24th 2015

July 24th

It was another perfect day here at camp, the sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky!  We soaked up the sun during our morning classes of swimming, war canoe, mountain biking, soccer, softball, and archery. 

After a scrumptious taco lunch and a rest hour the girls enjoyed the beautiful weather and the warm water and spent half of the afternoon in our racing small boats, canoes, paddle boarding, playing waterpolo and learning to dive. 

Later this afternoon storybook princesses and witches descended upon Ak-O-Mak as we began a fairytale themed team-comp! The girls came up with some creative team names and cheers and after dinner they presented team skits. Over the next three weeks the teams will work together through challenges in order to defeat the villains and earn points in order to win team comp.   

22 July, 2015

Phone Calling

Phone Calling


Yesterday there were bittersweet "Goodbyes" said to our friends leaving after the 4 week session.  It is always sad to see camp friends depart but we are happy to be left with such WONDERFUL memories!  Until we meet again next year, girls!....

Today the sun is shining and we are giving Ak-O-Mak a tidy-up to welcome parents and their campers arriving for the 3 week session!  We will have a "full house" by dinner time and we can't wait to "raise the roof" with those extra singing voices! 

Calling On The Telephone...

There is good news and there is bad news. 

First the 'bad' news:  Out of respect for the newly arriving campers who need time to work through missing home, there will be NO phone calls for the next 10 days.  Parents of 7- Weekers, we appreciate your understanding with this policy as it is difficult for a child struggling with first-time-homesickness to see other campers jumping up to receive a call from home. 

The 'good' news:  Phone calls will resume on Sunday, August 2nd! 

Phone calls are only taken during meal times except Sunday nights when we are out at campfire.  The camper number is (705) 387-1919.  The phone "rings" when it is busy, so keep trying if you do not get through.  

22 July, 2015

July 22nd & July 23rd

July 22nd and 23rd

The past two days have been hectic but quite fun with some beautiful weather!  Yesterday was an exciting travel day with over fifty campers arriving by car, plane and bus.  Camp was filled with excited squeals and hugs as campers reunited after the year and others arriving for the first time got to meet their counsellors and fellow cabin-mates.  We then had a delicious stir-fry dinner in a very full mainhouse, followed by singing tons of our favourite songs.  That evening each of the cabins got to do some cabin bonding activities so that everyone could get to know each other.

This morning we awoke to the bell for an early bird of swimming, running, and biking for all of the returning campers while the new campers went on a full camp tour.  We then had a yummy breakfast of egg mcmuffins and fresh fruit before inspection.  The girls are now busy in their morning classes of swimming, soccer, softball, archery, tennis, and mountain biking.  We are all excited to take advantage of the beautiful weather this afternoon by participating in some of our favourite activities on the water.   

20 July, 2015

July 20th 2015

July 20th

It has been a great last day of camp for our four weekers.  The day started with a normal early bird of swimming and running before a yummy French toast breakfast.  After breakfast and inspection everyone headed down to the water for SWIMMING … YAY!  For periods two and three a group of campers and counsellors road biked to Ahmic Lake Lodge for a bit of ice cream.  Meanwhile back at camp the girls went to classes of synchronized swimming, water aerobics, ultimate Frisbee and hiking adventure. 

We then had a delicious lunch of homemade pizza before a rest hour filled with packing for those leaving and napping for our seven weekers.  After rest hour we are having a counsellor versus camper game of kickball before some open waterfront to cool off and bathe before banquet tonight.  What a fantastic end to the four week session.  We still can’t believe how fast the summer has gone by and are looking forward to being joined by the three weekers on Wednesday! 

18 July, 2015

July 17th & July 18th, 2015

July 17th and 18th

It was quite an exciting weekend for all of us!  On Friday morning the girls all had a normal early bird and then a delicious pancake breakfast before loading the buses to head to Ottawa.  That afternoon, once we arrived in Ottawa the girls all enjoyed a fantastic buffet meal before heading out in their cabin groups to explore.  We got tons of awesome pictures by parliament and everyone enjoyed walking around and looking in the little shops downtown.  That evening everyone settled down in the hotel and went for a swim, watched some TV and many took advantage of the hot water and enjoyed long showers!  It was then time for an early bed so that everyone could rest up for the regatta bright and early Saturday morning.

We awoke on Saturday, put on our green and orange paddling singlets, and ate breakfast at the hotel before heading to the paddling venue.  Once at the Carelton Place Canoe Club we unloaded the boats and the races began.  It was a superb day of racing, with our girls paddling their hearts out!  We had numerous boats place in the top three, which is quite an accomplishment considering that we just started paddling together a few weeks ago.  After all of our races were finished we all enjoyed some pizza, loaded the boats back up and hit the road back to camp.  It was a tiring few days but the long drive was well worth it!   

17 July, 2015

July 17th, 2015

July 17

Today we are off to Ottawa, Canada’s national capital, for our second regatta of the season.

15 July, 2015

July 15th 2015

July 15th

We had an extra special day at Hog-O-Mak because it was the Tri-Wizard tournament.  After a normal early bird of swimming, running and biking the girls then enjoyed a delicious breakfast of eggs benedict before two normal morning periods filled with swimming, field hockey, tennis and hiking.   During third period the tournament began with the first task – a quidditch tournament with all of the houses.  In the end it was Long John Long Bottoms who won the quidditch tournament and defeated the fifth horcrux. 

After lunch and rest hour the second task was a mini treasure hunt, where the houses all had to solve riddles and trivia questions to find the golden egg and defeat the sixth horcux.  Dobby’s Socks and Sons were the quickest to find the egg and took home the gold in the second task.  Finally, the tournament ended with the third task – a game of barbarians!  It was an intense match but Beasts of the Forbidden Forest ended up winning by one point, defeating the seventh and final horcrux, Harry Potter himself.

Finally, after a long day of wizarding for team comp everyone headed up to dinner to see that the mainhouse had been transformed into the Great Hall at Hogwarts.  The girls all enjoyed a celebratory dinner with their teams after a fantastic Tri-Wizard tournament.   

14 July, 2015

July 14th, 2015

July 14th

What an adventurous day!  Everyone awoke this morning for a 7:30am breakfast so that we would have enough time after breakfast to swim and or/paddle to Magnetewan and back before dinner. 

We had 10 swimmers depart around 8:30am for the 9-mile swim.  The swimmers were Wynne M., Abby H., Jessica R., Robin C., Abby H., Arianne C., Marion D., Samantha H., Erin B., and Sarah S.  All completed the swim in under 4 hours and had a tiring but fantastic time.  Meanwhile, everyone else had a great time paddling the 9-miles while listening to music and singing along.

Once everyone had arrived at Magnetewan we ate a lunch packed by the kitchen and then everyone got some money to get ice cream before paddling back to camp.  The paddle back was definitely an interesting one since the wind picked up as we were about 2 miles away from camp.  A few boats were able to paddle hard and make it back to camp while the rest ended up getting shuttled back.  All of the girls had some hilarious stories of their adventures and we all enjoyed laughing while hearing the stories after dinner.  It was then some cabin bonding before bed and an early bedtime to rest up for the Tri-Wizard tournament tomorrow at Hog-O-Mak! 

13 July, 2015

July 13th, 2015

July 13th

Today at Ak-O-Mak, the girls were busy with activity!  This morning we were excited to host the annual Chikopi Ak-O-Mak Triathlon.  The girls suited up and prepared for the big event by doing a warm-up paddle or swim for Early Bird.  After a light breakfast and a quick clean of the cabins, we headed down to Sandy Beach to start the race and BEAT THE BOYS.  The race included a short swim to Orange Rock and back, a run from Ak-O-Mak Road down a kilometer and back to camp, and a solo paddle in a dazzling green and orange canoe from Sandy Beach to Monster Rock and back.  The girls demonstrated they are TOUGH ENOUGH and did an outstanding job.  After awards and a delicious lunch, the girls rested up for a fun afternoon of choice periods.  The periods included water aerobics, volleyball, badminton, synchronized swim, sailing, diving and croquet (no brightly colored flamingos harmed in this game!) For evening activity the girls got in a bit of war canoe and small boat practice before an early bedtime, due to an exciting camp tradition happening tomorrow!  

Chikopi-Akomak Triathlon Results



Amanda J.                1st place        51:14

Abigail G.                 2nd place      57:08

Jolie M.                     3rd place       57:55

Naila K.                     4th place       1:09:05

Aitziber F.                5th place       1:10:38

Veronica S.              6th place       1:15:37

Regina A.                 7th place       1:18:26

Jenna S.                    8th place       1:20:21

Jacqueline C.           9th place       1:23:40

Georgia B.                10th place    1:36:28


11-12 Girls

Regina D.                 1st place        54:32

Lexi S.                       2nd place      56:04

Florence M.             3rd  place      1:01:00

Itziar F.                     4th  place      1:03:15

Claire W.                  5th place       1:03:46

Ximena D.                6th place       1:16:10


13-14 Girls

Claire S.                    1st place        43:11

Robin C.                    2nd place      44:13

Trinity Z.                   3rd place       44:57

Erin B.                       4th place       45:57

Jessica R.                  5th place       48:08

Kadia B.                    6th place       48:38

Marion D.                  7th place       53:29

Teagan D.                 8th place       53:40 (CHIKOPI)

Kosi L.                       9th place       54:34

Sarah S.                    10th place    57:36

Maya G.                    11th place    58:33

Samantha H.            12th place    58:38

Hunter A.                  13th place    59:22

Atira G.                      14th place    59:31

Abby H.                     15th place    1:09:11


15 + GIRLS

Jocelyn S.                 1st place        40:54

Abby H.                    2nd place      45:22

Marina D.                 3rd place       46:53

Carly M.                   4th place       48:58

Paola M.                   5th place       54:03

Arianne C.                6th place       56:11

Natasha L.               7th place       57:12

Andrea B.                8th place       59:46

Mariana V.              9th place       1:02:19

Wynn M.                  10th place    1:05:02



Mario M.                   1ST                  39:56

Jocelyn S.                 2nd                  40:54

Kyle S.                       3rd                  41:48

Claire S.                    4th                   43:11

Charlie N.                  5th                   43:14

Jorge B.                     6th                   43:41

Robin C.                   7th                   44:13

Bronis M.                  8th                   44:51

Trinity Z.                   9th                   44:57

Jake S.                     10th                45:10


Abby H.                    11th                45:22



Let The Games Begin!

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