28 July, 2014

July 28th

July 28th

It was quite a windy day here at camp!  We were planning on doing the 3-mile Ahmic Harbour swim against the boys this morning so we had a sleep in and an early breakfast.  However, the waves were too large in the lake so we had to postpone the race to later in the week.  Instead the girls spent the morning practicing soccer for the upcoming game against the boys, mountain biking, playing volleyball, or road biking.  Everyone then played a game of “Flabbergaster” in the backfields to try and win some points for their team competition team.

This afternoon after a delicious lunch and rest hour Chikopi came over for an afternoon of volleyball, kickball, rugby, basketball, and even some square dancing before dinner!  We then had a yummy lasagna dinner with the boys.  Once Chikopi was on their way back home all of the girls gathered in the backfields for a game of capture the flag before bed.  It turned out to be a very fun day with our brother camp and we are all looking forward to seeing them again for the swim race later this week! 

27 July, 2014

July 27th

July 27th

Yesterday was a very exciting day for us as we had a photographer here from Our Kids Go To Camp magazine to take some pictures of camp and the activities we do here. 

We began the day with an early bird of running, swimming, biking, and paddling with many campers going best times and pushing themselves to swim and run further than they have before.  It was then time for breakfast and inspection, after which everyone enjoyed classes of war canoe, small boats, rugby, kickball, fencing, and of course SWIMMING … YAY!

It was then time for a delicious lunch and a well-deserved rest hour.  Once rest hour was over everyone headed to an afternoon of mountain biking, road biking, self-defense, volleyball and even a diving class taught by a guest instructor Carlos who has been diving for years.

Since it was Sunday everyone put on their warm clothes and headed down to the campfire for our cookout dinner of hamburgers, hotdogs, and salad.  We topped off the evening by roasting marshmallows and singing some of our favourite songs around the fire.  It was a very fun day and we are all looking forward to many more fun days here at camp! 

25 July, 2014

Cabin 6 Rendition of Happy

Cabin 6 Rendition of Happy

This morning while on the inspection rounds, Dianne and Megan were greeted by the youngest campers in Cabin 6 with a beautiful song they wrote to the tune of “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.  It was so awesome that we wanted to share it with all of you.

Cause I’m happy and I’m happy as I’ll ever be.

Happy, happy, happy, happy camper!

And I’m happy that I’m at Ak-O-Mak and in Cabin 6!

We’re so happy to be with you Megan!

Happy to be doing everything!

We love swimming, biking, running and every other sport that there is. 

Food is great and early bird is never too early!

And that is awesome!

25 July, 2014

July 25th

July 25th

This morning began with early bird as usual with girls swimming, running, and paddling.  Many girls went best times or swam the mile or 2-mile for the first time!  It was a morning filled with accomplishments for everyone, and all before breakfast!

After a delicious breakfast of crepes and fresh fruit everyone had a quick inspection and then headed down to their classes.  The campers all enjoyed their morning of swimming, canoeing, kayaking, tennis, volleyball, and basketball.

This afternoon after lunch and rest hour the girls got to choose between mountain biking, road biking, playing volleyball, or trying out for the soccer team.  After the period of activity everyone met down at Easter Island Head rock for the start of our Candy themed team competition!  The “Gummy Bear Generals” told the campers that the boy’s at Camp Chikopi have been eating too much candy, leaving none for the Ak-O-Mak campers!  It is up to us to come up with candy themed groups to help replenish the candy stocks at camp and stop the boys from taking it!

We then had dinner and after dinner the teams all showed us their team cheers, flags, and skits.  It was then time for a quick open waterfront before bed.

It was yet another awesome day here at camp and we are looking forward to opening up camp to many alumni tomorrow as we host A Celebration of the Life of Jan Moldenhauer.

24 July, 2014

July 24th

July 24th

It was a beautiful day here at camp and we took advantage of it spending the day in the sun by the waterfront.  We had a great early bird this morning as the campers who are new to camp took a camp tour while the returning campers swam, ran, and biked. 

After a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs, homefries, and fresh fruit, the girls all headed down to their cabins to finish unpacking and clean for inspection.  Once inspection was over it was time for morning classes.  All of the girls had a great time swimming, canoeing, and playing tennis and volleyball. 

Once classes were over we enjoyed a yummy lunch of make your own chicken burritos.  We then headed to the cabins for rest hour before meeting at the waterfront for the afternoon’s activities.  The campers enjoyed an afternoon in the sun paddling in canoes, small boats and the war canoes.  Other campers sailed, practicing for our sailing regatta.  We then had our first soccer tryout and our team is looking good so far!   Everyone was then hungry for dinner and afterwards we all headed down for some open waterfront.  The girls spent time jumping off the tower and playing around in the water.  We’re all excited to see what tomorrow has in store for us!  

23 July, 2014

July 23rd

July 23rd

It was a busy day with all of our campers for our three-week session arriving, but now that everyone is here we are ready to start the new session and continue with the summer fun!  We had a fun afternoon with campers playing rugby, tennis, kickball, soccer, and some even went for a run on our trails.  After the great afternoon of playing everyone had open waterfront until dinner to cool off.

We had a delicious dinner of pasta, salad, and garlic bread with blond brownies for dessert.  After everyone was full and we sang a few songs all of the girls headed down to the cabins for some cabin bonding before bed.  Everyone now is all tucked into their beds to get a good sleep before an awesome camp day tomorrow!  

22 July, 2014

Camp Ak-O-Mak a Good Neighbour to Ontario Ornge

Camp Ak-O-Mak a Good Neighbour to Ontario Ornge

There was lunch time excitement today when the Ontario Air Ambulance used Ak-O-Mak's field as a landing pad.  Our open field and sturdy docksprovided a safe access for the EMS to transfer a patient who was injured at the other end of the lake.  

While awaiting the arrival of the EMS boat, the air ambulance crew showed the girls the magnificent air craft while the Chef packed them chicken salad sandwiches.  We all gathered at a safe distance on the hill to watch the big orange bird take off.

Our wishes to this unknown patient and family for a speedy recovery.

22 July, 2014

July 22nd

July 22nd

It has been a beautiful day here at camp so far!  The girls all got a great sleep last night after our four week banquet and everyone was excited for an early bird of swimming, running, cycling, and mountain biking this morning.

Once we finished early bird and breakfast we had a big camp clean up and gave the campers leaving a chance to pack and then as the four weekers left the rest of the camp headed down to the waterfront for swim practice.  After swim practice everyone got to choose their favourite water activity to do until lunch.  Girls went paddle-boarding, gunnel bobbing, canoeing, kayaking, and diving.

After a delicious lunch everyone headed down to the cabins for a quick rest hour before paddling and biking over to Ahmic Lake Lodge to take advantage of the gorgeous day with an afternoon filled with ice cream and playing in the rapids.

This evening all of the seven-week campers are looking forward to having a movie night cuddled up in the mainhouse with our favourite movie treats.  We cannot wait for the new session to start tomorrow and all of the new campers to arrive!


17 July, 2014

July 15th & July 16th

July 15

It is hard to believe that our four-week session only has one week left!  Today we awoke to overcast clouds and a little rain, however that did not stop the girls from having an exciting day! After early bird and a delicious breakfast most of the cabins enjoyed classes of Zumba, self-defense, softball and of course swimming … YAY!  

This afternoon after lunch and rest hour the cabins got together and created their own lip-syncs! Thankfully once each of the cabins presented their dances the sun began to shine! The softball team had a practice while the rest of the camp had a choice between a period of mountain biking or water polo! After dinner the softball team got together again for another quick practice and the other campers had a diving lesson or went for a mountain bike ride.


July 16

This morning we had a surprise sleep-in courtesy of Cabin 1 taping the bell! After a breakfast of poached eggs on English muffins and fresh fruit the girls enjoyed morning classes of fencing, rugby, softball, and swimming. 

After a delicious pierogi lunch everyone headed down to the cabins for rest hour.  Once rest hour was over we played a team competition game called Flabbergaster.  It was a crazy game with flour and buttons flying everywhere!  Everyone had an awesome time!  After the game, the campers faced off against the counsellors in the camper versus counsellor softball game.  In the end the camper team came out on top.  We are very excited to try and beat the boys tomorrow in our softball match at Chikopi. 

Once the game was over everyone headed up to the mainhouse for a yummy dinner.  After dinner we all went down to the boathouse for an evening of war canoe practice for the regatta this weekend.   

15 July, 2014

A Celebration of the Life of Jan Moldenhauer

A Celebration of the Life of Jan Moldenhauer

Please join us at Camp Ak-O-Mak as we celebrate the life of our friend and coach, Jan Moldenhauer.

Saturday, July 26th, 2014 at 11:00 am in the Ak-O-Mak Main House.

Lakeside at 12:15 pm:  Commitment of the Ashes to the Lake

Buffet Luncheon will follow the service at 1:00 pm. (Due to the potential number of guests expected, please RSVP and a discretionary meal donation of $10.00 per person would be appreciated).

After lunch, we invite our alumni and visitors to enjoy and participate with our campers in a variety of activities until 4:00 pm....War Canoe, Kayaking, Swimming at Sandy Beach, Tennis, Beach Volley Ball, Pleasure Canoeing, a jump off the tower, etc.



Let The Games Begin!

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