Thank You Article May Volunteer Work Weekend 2023

It’s amazing how much you can accomplish with a little help from your friends!     It’s a mammoth task to get our old dame, Camp Ak-O-Mak, looking lively again after a long winter’s slumber.  There is so much cleaning, unpacking and setting-up to be done, one could be forgiven for thinking it impossible to achieve […]

Camp Update: August 25-28, 2022

In the morning of August 25th, we held our Monster Rock swim! The campers all raced the mile to Monster rock and back during their swim practice. It was inspiring to watch all of the swimmers attempt this feat. Many swam best times and those who had the goal of completing a mile in the […]

Camp Update: August 23-24, 2022

On Tuesday we had a lovely sunny day here at camp. We started off the day with an active early bird where the campers got to choose between swimming, running, and road biking. After breakfast, the campers all had their daily swim practice and continued working on their open water swimming skills. Cabin One went […]

Camp Update: Aug 20-22, 2022

Our last session for the summer began on August 20th. We had a beautiful day full of sunshine to welcome our new campers. It was so lovely to meet all of our new campers and reunite with those returning to camp this summer. All of the campers moved into their cabins and then enjoyed some […]

Camp Update: August 10-13, 2022

On August 10th we said goodbye to our two-week campers, we were sad to see them go and hope that they will come back and join us for some fun in the sun again next year! The campers that remained at camp had an activity-filled morning! Cabins One and Two went sailing, Cabin Three went […]

Camp Update: August 3-6, 2022

On August 3rd we had a rainy day at camp, instead of swim practice our campers enjoyed strength training in the pavilion with our new set of weights. The campers all learned the proper technique for deadlifting and were taught a few exercises they could do with the free weights. After our strength training session: […]

Camp Update: July 30th-August 2nd 2022

On Saturday July 30th we had another lovely sunny day at camp! In the morning Cabin One & Two had their first session in the racing canoe and kayaks. They were out in C4’s, K4’s and K1’s. It was awesome seeing them all try something new out on the water. Cabin Three had their first […]

Camp Update: July 27th-29th 2022

Our three-week session began this past Wednesday! The campers arrived throughout the afternoon and were greeted by the lovely counsellor staff who had been anxiously waiting to meet their new campers. We saw many returning campers and many new nervous smiles among the crowd. Once all the campers arrived they enjoyed a variety of field […]

Camp Update: July 17-20th, 2022

On Sunday, July 17th we had another wonderful Sunday at camp. We had our annual Ak-o-mak triathlon which consisted of the campers swimming in open water, running the trails, and then soloing a canoe. All of our campers participated and completed this event. It was inspiring to see their grit and determination while they competed […]

Camp Update: July 13-16, 2022

On Wednesday, July 13th we had to say goodbye to our lovely two-week campers. We enjoyed their energy and enthusiasm for camp and will miss them dearly. Our four-week campers have settled into a smaller camp and are enjoying the special activities that will fill their remaining two weeks. We all paddled over to Ahmic […]