The Remedy Kids Need Now

By Geoff Davies Summer camp has been a tradition and a training ground for generations. For many, it’s the time of their life. It’s often the time that defines their life, too. Camp experiences, in all their forms, give young people opportunities to learn social skills, gain independence, and tap into a new inner confidence. […]

How Much Does Summer Camp Cost?

Summer camps are one of the best ways to keep children engaged and entertained during summer break. With countless variations of summer camp out there, finding one that your child is sure to love is easy. However, one of the biggest concerns parents have when choosing a camp is the cost. While there is no […]

2023 Volunteer Work Weekend

It’s amazing how much you can accomplish with a little help from your friends! It’s a mammoth task to get our old dame, Camp Ak-O-Mak, looking lively again after a long winter’s slumber.  There is so much cleaning, unpacking and setting-up to be done, one could be forgiven for thinking it impossible to achieve before […]

Another GREAT summer spent at Camp-Ak-O-Mak!

We had another FANTASTIC summer camp season here at Camp-Ak-O-Mak! We were so pleased to see so many returning campers, and many new faces we hope to see for years to come. We enjoyed every single day together, and seeing happy messages like this make it all worth it – we wouldn’t want to spend […]

August 19-21 Update – jam packed with fun events and athletic endeavours!

We have been enjoying some unseasonably warm weather here at camp! Throughout this heatwave, we have been making full use of the waterfront to stay cool. On August 19th, cabin four and cabin two practiced their canoeing skills, cabin five and cabin one went on kayak adventures, while cabin three had a synchro competition. That […]

August 18th update – COLOUR RUN DAY!

Today was a wonderful and action-packed day at camp! We had a full morning of activity. Cabin One played an intense game of volleyball, then a badminton match, followed by their swim practice. Cabin Two completed their first round in the tennis tournament, then they went to volleyball, and finished the morning with their swim […]

August 15th Update – Welcome to our final two-week session!

August 15 We were overjoyed to welcome the campers yesterday, our final two-week session has just begun! When the campers arrived they headed down to their cabins to pick their bunk and unpack their belongings. After making their beds and settling in, we jumped right into activities. By the afternoon the majority of campers had […]

A busy and eventful final week of the three-week session!

We have had a busy and eventful final week of the three-week session. The Ak-o-Mak Regatta was held last Thursday and the whole camp participated! Each race began out at orange rock and ended at the diving tower. Campers had the option of racing in C1, K1, C2, and K2 boats throughout the morning session. […]

Self-Defence classes, Olympic Day, Paddled Boarding – Another GREAT week at Camp!

We have enjoyed another beautiful week here at Ak-o-Mak! On the weekend we were all treated to a special self-defence class with Rosie. Campers learned practical defence techniques and practiced using their strong voices. We had another spirited team comp activity where the campers created alibi’s for the mystery of ‘Brett’s Missing Bike’ – the […]

First Week Recap

Our first week of camp is nearly complete, the time has just flown by! We were overjoyed when the campers arrived and moved into their cabins. We have four cabins this session and each has brought something special to our camp community. New friendships have been blossoming all over camp, the hammocks are alive with […]